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??in Asl? - 29 Aral?k 2021 - Prof. Dr. Emin GŘrses - K?vanš Ízdal - Ulusal Kanal

Jan 14, 2022
Smart Kazakhstan is doing it with Russia, China, Turkey and Americans from all over the world allowed a company to do it there, because that geography has a large population, but Central Asia wanted to enter America, it was the biggest dream of this project. "He has been dealing with this since he died and was one of the behind-the-scenes mentors for us. He was also the stationmaster in Ankara. He uses Feto in the world. Although Russia shut it down, he didn't say that." . he was doing propaganda for Turkey, doing American propaganda. He was the first there because it housed American agents and it was him for me and him for me.
in asl   29 aral k 2021   prof dr emin g rses   k van zdal   ulusal kanal
We were detained at this Ergenekon police station. Do you see these schools of Fetus?" I said: "Let me go to Tbilisi, we went to Tbilisi. Atat├╝rk's Corner Turkish flags or something from the sky, he will talk to the man. a note away, this, then Ak├ža this, I went and our math teacher says my teacher in the Turkish school, all the important kids here The children study here and I am also a math teacher Of these children, even the teachers take out his information from the bedroom the child is talking to that teacher he is doing all the information he is doing to the children of these ministers 8 children are important they also collect ours the american goes to a large extent at the end of each month, he gives the information, I said this, there was a man with long hair now in jail, I said he was an athlete from here, or this is the policeman, the current police don't look like the police but now they look like the PKK.
in asl   29 aral k 2021   prof dr emin g rses   k van zdal   ulusal kanal

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in asl 29 aral k 2021 prof dr emin g rses k van zdal ulusal kanal...

I don't know why most of the brothers do it, so I said that the hair and beard are tangled, I said, I said this, I said this, I said, this green green pine tree in Ye┼čilk├Ây, it would have been from now on. He told me that now the darkest dungeon He said: "I'm going to throw you, I told you I gained four and a half kilos, but don't worry, I'm going to throw you out of the police station, I'll put you in this prison, I'm fed up of Almighty God God listen to me, I'm talking at half past two in the night dear I swear, my servant of your time, pray for me, I'll accept.
in asl   29 aral k 2021   prof dr emin g rses   k van zdal   ulusal kanal
Now I'm in jail, what's the point of watching?" So, I can't open, I can't, it's not the man who will miss it, but that's why I forgive the AK Party. Men like Zekeriya ├ľz, whom he allowed to escape, also acted as an intermediary, he did, in the future, these are in the records, so no one should think that there is no loss, all the records are there, it will not be known when they they will release, my master. 4-5 minutes in four minutes. I want to ask a question about Turkey's foreign policy. When asked by ├çavu┼čo─člu from the National Channel, at the year-end evaluation meeting, he became a sergeant and said that we will cooperate with everyone in the fight against terrorism without discrimination.
in asl   29 aral k 2021   prof dr emin g rses   k van zdal   ulusal kanal
When we say cooperation with Damascus in the fight, ├çavu┼čo─člu replied t he gave a message saying that we would cooperate with everyone without discrimination in the fight against terrorism, OK, this is exactly the message, Israel bombed again this time for the second time. Yes, he also decided to double the settlement on the Golan Heights. Of course, it is better for Turkey to act as a go-between here because the Jews in Israel were disturbed that their business was bailed out by the US and the Jews in Israel will live here every day in fear of bombing.
Do you live here in fear of bombing? bombs? There is no threat. The threat exists in the southern region of the league. There is a military unit joining there. Now give security from there. As much as day, but today was already Tuesday. Yesterday was Tuesday. on Tuesday. He went to Abbas on Tuesday. He met with the Israeli defense minister. Is it the first time since 2010? It is the first time since 2010. We see that Syrian relations in their countries have improved. He cannot perform, he has no social support, he is important and his voice will be found with Turkey Tea America chimed in.
He went to the wedding. There are some important ones. people in Turkey. He will meet them Tea and they were someone who knew me for a long time. It's finally over so with American instructions to you how long each America will hold you for breaking the fast there he he he held as you held it right? T cube talks about natural gas 77 trillion cubic meters and it's said to be More than that. Does anyone know what that means? You are a new danger zone, what will Turkey do here? You don't want to let them have your dishes, just like Kazakhstan, so you won't tell me that I will take twenty-five percent here.
That is why five percent of Turkey is enough. It is enough for Turkey. By making a deal with Egypt and Syria, you will already be telling a Syrian narrative. Let's go there. Let's go there. His voice is not under his control in Egypt. Agreement is the main problem. Is it possible from there? Yes sir, we have reached the end of the show, you have some latest information, we will see what a hot topic it is in 2022. It is good that they focus on the economy. Of course we do this. In fact, instead of giving the money with the interest more If we give this production to the cooperatives, their industries are related to agriculture, if we give them a really serious business, then it will not be necessary to say of the banks to the nation , that the interest of the bank, that the investor give loans with cheap interest, then you will have peace of mind, not the no, what do you do when the dollar rises, being able to include savings in production, inviting savings to production is not an easy, difficult task, it was a task easy.
Because our citizens had an interesting year, Eastern societies are not similar to Western societies. In Russia, in Turkey, China is more important than leather, it is important in Syria If it is important in those countries, Tayyip Bey would pd. Thank you, thank you, dear viewers. We have reached the end of the program together with our Professor Doctor Emin G├╝


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