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Sep 05, 2022
and mothers when you explain something to them what you say versus what she understands the television has to put her up to speed that it is not only saying that when you have a vote that they let the negative part count with the positive ones, welding them in such a way that when you go out The registered ones notice that the electricity is flowing I am writing there are prototypes that I do not understand you explain to me very quickly but very well inside the television you are going to make sure that the red cable is not making contact and it does not assure you that the television is fixed You finally understood 616 when it was damaged I call it back mothers never have anything where it should be and no no no but I'm going to eat something else because it can't be that cookie they look good and soon I was watching the soap opera that I hope is important to me this song is where a crazy person has to be, through electrodes on the floor all day taken complaining all the time sorry I shouldn't have raised my voice that way but I just want ice cream and grandmothers and their mysteries how much 20 15 20 20 20 automatic I would tell you dollars last month is already good because my son here is a little dehydrated grandmother I don't have I know we are going to earn bone why Ah, it's true that I'll take the oil from you if the water because I don't see it, mothers, I saw the fridge or the fridge, I'm hungry for you with the fridge and food, don't talk to me, you know I'm not going to eat out, I'm not going to change because I'm hungry you must act like on the street little 5 and having so much food that rises and moments when to open the fridge and fame 5th knowing the ridicule that is heard saying this look don't bother me that I arrive tired ah battle channel for public but when your mother enters your room looking for a reason to fight not hamas to be able to combine your position that depended on yours the disaster for me but it's a sheet job don't talk to me add the room when your mother doesn't have patience something apathetic you have to go downstairs with the purchase more and come help me up the nothing okay I'll put the coat on and now I'm going to Greece but it's not going to be me everything he does on my own the parents don't speak mustache you think it's fair that It is 11 in the morning and for Goth he is still sleeping and now I say that there is the receipt for the water that I have been very expensive for and we are now at the bank I have three hours I do not take a position he sends me the voice mail I did not have a box function the call will be charged when finished after the following calls oh if your mother didn't see it you didn't do it either then whatever don't throw away the garbage throwing away the garbage I didn't see you at all don't avoid it the voice bed maybe it's fine for me if I'm running out, he's seeing me, not for me, one thinks of throwing out the garbage and when you give yourself the clothes in your room, oh, when you turn off the light, oh, look, people fell asleep with the light on, like he pays for the light, the reason why you sick according to your mother s taca taca taca is like this computer I don't say green pl it's going to give you this he's been feeling and that has to do with the tooth well the number that is on the hospital portals due to the appointment he had the other day and we're sorry about the scan news for the telephone but we feel that urgently tell you that a brand is growing within you which is marking little by little and you only have 24 hours left to live looking at how many times I have not told you that you have that is the evil tooth does not leave us anything good look at it there only made youth learn only from your mother when you are going to leave for where you had to go home in fact it is well done only two houses from here what is the name of your father and mother martha kind of blood and how am I going to know his type of positive personal identification number 00 15 428 90 and without a reference number of one thousand 829 59 5 48 75 something when was the last time he was here I told you cholo thanks you can go but now I was going there much to my brother and now where you are here where I am you know it's better I don't come to my room where your room is your mother when you are going out and she dreams of you we go where I am going to go out with a friend paco you You don't know that I dreamed that you were going out with these same pants and it's the same teacher and going down the stairs tun tun tun tun this threshold competes and it's not just downstairs, five criminals with a stick with a knife and one of those doctors are waiting for you that they steal your organs but your TV capable because I really liked it because I saw you it's not a friend of yours in the cart they ask for shelter but they didn't reach their destination because the car had a quality bed I don't know what else not your mother and the door of I'm not cooking in your room either, you've been here all day doing nothing, you don't want something to eat, no, mommy, it's fine, I have water, don't forget to open the door. juanpa portico what a pleasure to see My works I commit to girlfriend day but I have a better time with the game because it ends very disorganized Vote when we never go completely 5 dollars for me The five dollars that is intended returns charging but it is ungrateful the inheritance of the mothers and good credit is shown to me I was with my grandson look at the old one while I'm going to give you something that my grandmother's mother gave you my grandmother and my grandmother gave it to her today why
asi son las madres   young swagon

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