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Arty Math! | Learn Colours and to Count | @colourblocks

Sep 11, 2023
one two and again one two your turn went like that come on wait looks familiar four four we are playing musical statues one painting one painting four I knew but what is that welcome? Welcome to my new sampling park, don't you mean? trampoline no no no look oh that was fun oh is you of course it's one two three four four blocks look around I'm going I'm still far away look at me I still have three oh not bad you think that's awesome you should look I did it the more blocks you have , more shapes you can make.
arty math learn colours and to count colourblocks
Oh, my turn isn't bad either, of course, they're not really different shapes, are they, it's the same shape, one up and one forward, oh, still, it's better. I see that's all a very exciting sheep compared to all of you are forgetting something one two three one plus one plus one plus one equals four each big shape is made up of many little ones so many little ones can make each big look what i can do, you did us all good and just in time for the grand finale, what better way to celebrate the opening of my new park than with fireworks.
arty math learn colours and to count colourblocks

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arty math learn colours and to count colourblocks...

Can I introduce you to heaven? Oh, you see one when we all work together. the limit what a nice day for a picnic, naturally, we can't have a picnic without some beautiful green grass and some red flowers. No picnic would be complete without a bright blue sky. Now where is the yellow? I'm here, look at everyone I have. most important of all a cool yellow picnic basket, this picnic blanket should be red hey, why is only part of it red? I think this blanket is supposed to be red and blue, huh, maybe we need help. green yellow hooray, this picnic blanket is a seamless pattern of red, yellow, green and blue, so some things can be many colors.
arty math learn colours and to count colourblocks
All these colors have made me very hungry. Can we sell the picnic now? Please happily, oh, strawberries should be red, mmm, naturally delicious, oh look, a beautiful bunch of yellow bananas, great what. If not, do you have yellow there? I've got some pears oh leave them to me green pears I think it's time for something blue how about a blue banana bananas in blue very yellow we should try it what color is a silly color why not? it will be funny blue blue bananas are so weird blue bananas are so much fun for you i think i'll stick with the yellow bananas at least they don't chase you i think it's time to color some more silly yeah let's see what other things we can color in a way different let's do it look im going to color these strawberries yellow oh boxing let's try some bright green clouds green wow silly color makes me happy thank you im hungry again have a picnic of this way ugh i'm glad it's a yellow banana i'm too hungry for a silly blue one it's nice to color things the color they're meant to be but it's also great to have a silly coloring time you never know what fun things can happen oh there we go again we go oh today seems like a good day to figure out some numbers and art is a great way to express yourself.
arty math learn colours and to count colourblocks
Oh, I personally like this sculpture. I prefer this painting. Art is about finding different ways of looking at things. Take my new exhibit, for example, the pattern wall. oh oh whatever shape you make with your blocks the pattern wall will be copied oh not bad. Can I get you a surprised cow? But now let's loosen those blocks and make some crazy shapes. Now let's find a clean piece of wall and see what we can do. octoblock personally one two three four five six seven eight tessellation oh let's try it Cross Square Cross Square Square Cross Square Cross cool, let's explore some patterns that you're both doing in the tens and ones pattern right now, like that's a good first step. it helps you see where you fit in the pattern of


ing numbers oh yeah i'm between 26 and 28 and i'm under eight and eighteen now let's see what shapes your blocks can make.
Rectangles are the simplest look. My 21 blocks can make seven lots. of three, look, so I fit the pattern of the family of Three between 18 and 24. oh, I can fit that pattern too. I'm three more than 24. well I'm part of the family of two, four, seven and four teams too, oh. lots of rectangles, now I'm part of the square family, maybe we'll be 27 squares. No, I guess not, although I can make three nine squares and every nine is three three, where are the three three three? Oh there are many patterns to explore like my favorite two three four five six oh let me try yes I'm seven blocks bigger than you 21 so I can also make a step shape one two three four five six and lucky rainbow seven so many patterns to play oh i thought myself out i'm 28 and i'm a Pioneer Square pattern with a hole chucky cross tower with windows come in hi 27 looking for something yeah i'm just not sure what's something i'm missing the art se try to explore new directions New directions That's it, three batches of three three can make three square nine and if you put us together in a new direction we make that cube.
I found out for myself. I am 27 years old and I am cute. Patenting is a lot of fun in any form. You look at it, so many rubber ducks, where do you think they come from? Blue, let's follow the trail and see, here's another and another, thank you, it was Blue, no, it wasn't me then who made that squeal, it comes from above. there let's take a look hello mr duck you're a cute yellow oh oh I am and you're a cute yellow too and we're all yellow together there you are Mr. Squeaky I'm not Mr.
Squeaky no this is Mr. Squeaky excited to meet you I'm blue it's great to meet you mix my friends yellow rubber duck Mr. squeaky queen Quack much doctor ducky we thought we were the only two colors in the land of colors we did so what does yellow do? Yellow is a great color. it's brilliant P you can find it in delicious things like yellow bananas look at these yellow lemons. I love it, but the best part is what it is, tell us. I'll show you the yellow. Sad, hey, you know what would go well with your yellow sand. blue look now it's the beach and how about a red um how about a blue sky oh your blue sky would look great with a nice yellow um oh look look at the red crabs oh you weren't looking oh look this starfish could be blue oh oh sunbeds these sunbeds can be yellow blue red oh how colorful the sunbeds can be different colors yellow blue and red oh im so happy oh i want to color something more right on the seashore hmm um this flag could be red but its not that great a color like the sand or the sea, the sun is starting to set, why don't you color the sky red?
Can this guy be red? Oh, let's find out how exciting I did. Good job. Red. Mr. Squeaky loves it now too. there are three colors in earth color red yellow and blue look what we can do welcome to Fun Times Square everyone is here one two three one two oh come here one two three three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve twelve twelve number spots I have many correct tiles, what would you like? It looks like four a cup one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, no, how many correct tiles do you need?
Look at it this way, how many cups are there? there are one, two, three, three cups and how many riders in each cup, four, so that's three sets of four, three times four, which is three times four, equals twelve, three sets of four, that's twelve chips and Ok, that was fun, looks like three to a carriage. this time three three times for tiles how many cars one two three four how many in each car three three so how many tiles do you need four times three equals twelve twelve tiles four lots of three let's go four groups of three twelve numbers now little guys are you ready for the fastest, most exciting, most in pairs please switch everyone aboard two two two now how many cars are there one two three four five six and how many in each car six times two equals twelve then you need 12 more oh, I?
I'm out of tokens oh look roll up and have fun there's a lot of tokens to win we need 12 tokens you'll earn one for every can you drop and there's one, two, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, six and twice. six equals two follow me we're almost there don't look red you'll ruin the surprise we're here open your eyes wow what is this yellow place just wait until you see inside welcome to the Print Zone the Print Zone that's right I'd like you to meet my friends, cyan and magenta, new colors and they are very bright.
Hi, I'm cyan. I'm pretty cool outside of the track because I live to run and you look a bit like blue. I am like blue. But I'm different, I'm cool cyan, oh yeah I'm magenta and I'm easy to spot. I'm always excited to fix things especially my racing cartridge ok I guess I'm a little reddish but I'm a different color I'm magenta you won't forget me quick wait a minute yellow how did you know about the Print Zone ? Yes, no, and we don't. Oh, I've been part of the printing team for years, traveling at full speed. my cartridge makes me super happy cartridge printing team let's show you how it's done magenta printing team let's do this overseas we need more color us yellow thank you team pink happy racing yellow thank you we weren't racing to win we were racing to create something exciting together, come on print team let's show 'em what we mean ok ok one two three what's going on come out and look who did that when we mix together we can make many colors in fact cyan magenta yellow can mix any color you want. like the possibilities are endless now we have our Pick 3 to top up our ink who's ready for another run thank you welcome welcome to my fantastic fun fruit factory where we serve fresh fruit all day wow how do they work?
Oh easy easy lemon squeezer obviously. just dumb broken things there are two oranges in there maybe if two try duh two equals one plus one two equals one then that's one Tada look two on top splits into one and one on bottom um i want fruit , it's my turn three equals one plus two delicious delicious delicious three equals one plus two oh where is three let's try this lever one plus two equals three whats up oh it works both ways oh hey those are mine three equals two plus one no there's two here and one there but three he doesn't get his bananas back two plus one equals three he's still hungry hmm look at apples Square apples equals two plus two Yum Yum Yum Yum no no no no machines silly poor three we need to find a way to make three apples look four new apples on top i know how to make three here i go equals one oh plus three no no no no no no five equals one plus four five is equals four plus one four plus one equals five equals two plus three plus three equals too fast i told you easy lemon squeezer today i colored a banana yellow today i call it tomato red exciting today i colored a banana yellow and a yellow duckling today i colored a red tomato and a red cube today i colored a yellow banana a yellow duckling and a yellow lemon today i colored a red tomato a red cube and oh what can i call it? yeah oh can i help red what is this it's an apple i think it might be a hat oh it's a ball whatever it is.
I'll be happier being yellow. No. Red is much more exciting. The Red. The yellow. The amazing thing happens when our colors mix. There's only one way to find out. Yellow and red. Mixed orange. Hello, you are the same color as this one. I am. It's an orange. It's a fruit. same name as me he's full of energy the basketballs are orange oh i want to play oh orange he's in the zone thank you orange orange orange orange orange orange orange orange lots of oranges orange i have an idea now check this one leg in motion oh not so easy as it seems yes, you can do it orange orange orange oh, playing makes me very happy oh, but i'm also tired oh no, it's ok i have something that will give you a lot of energy oranges feel the energy today i colored a red tomato a red cube and a ladybug red today i colored a yellow banana a yellow duckling and a yellow lemon and we both made a new friend orange ready to go again thank you thank you for coming to play my new great game.
Roll the dice to get started my friends this game is called how many tens six times equals 60 I'm 16 here to play 60 points hip hip hooray 60 six lots of ten is a new high score I'm six tens or ten sixes come on oh oh no oh no so dice game I'm sure you'll see those dice again this calls for another ten seven times ten equals 70 I have 70 your lucky numbers luckily I have seven tens so I'm also a mission, I see it, it's over there, but how can we get it back? Luck is in the air tonight.
Here comes another ten, eight times ten, equals 80. I have 80. It's very difficult to block it and come to the rescue, oh, secretly. I have eight tens, but this is a job for 10 eggs. Octonauts assembled from the octoblock forward. Dino octoblocks crush what is the greatest hero of all. Oh, there's always someone bigger. Look up at the sky, that's another 10. Nine times ten equals 90. I'm 90. You won't believe your eyes are square orNo. I can't say the grid is ten blocks by ten blocks, but I have one less column, oh, one row either way. I'm not completely square and it's a disappearing trick now, thanks. now you see us now you don't and what do we have here 10 20. 30. 40. 50 60 70 80 and 90. 90 have the highest score, but I wonder how long it will take you to look and come and see these Bruins.
I thought it was great. it's bananas it's a picture of seven bananas and they all need to be colored yellow oh they're not yellow bananas the curry beeps hmm I think this is some kind of puzzle, a coloring puzzle, let's try to color the other stripes now what's going between red and yellow? How about some red and yellow mix to make orange? I must be the next Blue hmm maybe the next blue but what is between yellow and blue hmm another mix of yellow and blue mixed bake green wow so we have red orange yellow green and blue that could be next is it here we have finally found a rainbow uh who are you oh I'm Indigo and I'm Violet and we're rainbow hunters but we've never actually seen one wow what is a rainbow is when you see colors in the sky together a little like that that's our puzzle but we're missing two colors every rainbow needs indigo and violet oh what's going on here purple I imagine you are oh new colors wait have I seen you before?
I am indigo. I like blue but a little more purple I'm like you purple but a little more blue oh and what is this a rainbow ah oh so I imagine it must be a rainbow liver oh clubs what's happening we have unlocked another puzzle I this will be Take us to a real rainbow, we will finally see one. I imagine everyone needs to stand on a rock, but we're missing two colors. We can't finish the puzzle, don't worry, we have friends who can help you mix the time. hello mix to make orange yellow and blue next to green may we need your help to solve this rainbow puzzle everyone stand on your stones orange yellow green blue indigo violet we have finally seen one, a rainbow okay Oh what a wonderful world it was that one, hello one two one two one oh what is that it's a fluffy thing I wish I had a fluffy one two two fluffy ones they won't stop tickling me tell the others come on look at me one two three three four of these could you look at that one? two three four five five floppy disks in five fingers Let's roll, yes, good luck, meet all of you.
I see you also met the furry ones, aren't we all? Lucky ones, come on, love, peace, seven furry seven, seven, I'm not ticklish, how lucky is that. oh, have you had enough tickling yet? Hey buddy you only make seven so how do I show you one and six the sick seven? oh that's better, oh that's better, three and four, three plus four equals ah, everyone has stopped, we're so lucky, what do we do? now oh hey don't be afraid oh the block is here one two three four five six seven eight tickles oh ah ready for more everyone oh what is it hmm I'm sure I've seen one before what do you think blue?
I think it's a lever, but what does it do? Let's find out everyone. Wow, what is it? It is a rotating and rotating wheel like a wheel with seats for four colors. It's a color wheel. Okay, everyone, have a seat. Blue Yellow Green Okay. Oh I thought it would go around and around and around and around maybe we're sitting in the wrong seats yeah what if the color wheel only works when we're in the right order hey yeah oh change first the yellow then the green and the blue worked oh colors looks like someone is having fun?
Look, it's something round, it's a color wheel, purple, any place for us, oh, I'm afraid it's not orange, there are only four seats, let's try to pull that lever, imagine that one, two, three, four, five , six, six seats, room for everyone, but we have to sit down. in the correct order, it's first again, the orange is a little red so I think it's me next and the orange is a little yellow so now I'm the one next. Green is close to yellow so naturally I sit here and green has blue in it so this seat is for me we have saved the best down to the last purple goes between blue and red red orange yellow green blue purple wow this is look bright yes it's cyan and magenta my printing team we love a spin room for two more let's go We need a bigger wheel, an eight color wheel.
Look, who wants to pull the next lever? We have to find the right places for magenta and cyan, like blue, so it should go, yeah, yeah, and dad looks a little red, so it should go here, okay? have a seat colors cyan blue violet magenta I hope the 10th will be back here soon I want to fly to the moon Ten's rocket rides are really waiting for it to take off we fly to planet seven where the skies are made of rainbows thank you ten I'm lucky to have a friend like you. It is a pleasure for me seven.
So who will be next? But only if you are not too tired. What if we all go at the same time? Then it will be just a trip. I guess I can try. Oh Blaster, I'm sorry, I need it. a break no more rocket travel for a while this feels like a job for step squad ten with a four step plan to reach for the stars let ten have a good stage step two build more rocket towers , step three, build more rockets, step four, take off. to the stars hooray great plan let me have the octoblock towers build one two three four five six seven eight build oh dear friend that should be enough now let's make rockets what one plus two plus three plus four is ten five you're next oh five plus six blades one block out of the frame i'll slide it down and start again one of me the next plus seven is eight plus eight is what's too high you got six blocks stuck on top slide them down for the next rocket plus nine is ten plus five my turn I feel so much better for that break yes five plus ten is ten and five could you look at those five rockets with five blocks left over together?
What do you have ten twenty thirty forty fifty fifty five the starship? Explore my tense admission of taking a bold step where no number block has taken a step before. Wow, how lucky we all joined a team of steps. Well think about it, start with addition on a line and you'll get step squats. every time the next number is the next step once you spot the pattern you can see each step is one bigger than the previous step you don't have to


you know it will be great team work and now let's do it with the Number one. plus two is three plus three is six plus four is ten plus five is fifteen plus six is ​​twenty-one that is seven is twenty-eight plus eight is thirty-six plus nine is forty-five plus ten is fifty-five crew standby for countdown ten nine eight seven six five four three two one thief waiting for spacewalk nine eight seven six five four three two one look at me this is one small step for the numbers one giant step squad for the number guy join in what's up welcome color blocks I guess you're wondering why I'm here, purple.
I have had an incredible idea. Everyone can help me decorate my castle gardens in a style fit for royalty. I've turned it into a little practice space for each of you to invent a wonderful new pattern, the one I like the most. I will use it to decorate my gardens. It's a competition. Let the pattern competition begin. Wait, what's the pattern? Look at this. Red and blue stripes. Stripes. I have an idea for a pattern. Hey? Green. I can make a pattern. This makes me happy. I'm doing a high energy blob pattern Hollow dot Hollow dot again not again oh I get it a pattern is the same over and over again doing something that looks good in a blob pattern you repeat the dots and on a wavy pattern you repeat the wave and so only the next line and the next repeat Stripes over and over again stripes repeat hmm everyone already has such exciting patterns what kind of pattern should I do red red no colon it's time to judge your patterns yes oh yes oh I like that one oh you followed the instructions well I have finally decided which pattern I like best my favorite pattern is all of them that's right they are all wonderful so why don't we put them all together to form a big super silly pattern? wow i think that's a great idea stripes you were right purple this really is the best pattern out there and there are so many more we can come up with so lucky i wouldn't miss numberland's first hat gallery opening for anything world, you and you, oh, I like it.
But where is the art? Ah, I spent so much time making shiny invitations. I forgot to get some. We can help? Thought you'd never ask. You're sure? You're sure? You are a rocket. You are full of colors. Fly through the museum. make art but not 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 For oh 10 11 equals 17. oh, now there's a surprise. I am 17 years old and I love painting portraits. Majestic cancerous rain. I can also paint portraits, but I'm already 17. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixty Seventeen look at me nice juxtaposition Sean painters like to paint blue birds in a beautiful nature scene why paint just a few words what happened Seventeen Ten and Seven Seventeen hmm some painters I like to paint apples in bright shades of green.
I can also paint apples, but I paint 17 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, nice juxtaposition. Some painters like to paint soup cans. I like a whole terrine. I paid for a lot of cans of soup. I paid 17. Nice juxtaposition. Some painters paint splashes. Some painters paint dots. My number is what matters. 17 is a lot of points. Oh, nice juxtaposition. Hold that pause. Some painters like to paint faces that appear to scream. I can also paint fish but I paid 17. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve 13 14 15 16 17. ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream wait I know what this gallery needs your art let your imagination fly play paint what You want, go your own way, the purpose of a piece of paper is to be a picture, someday you could be the greatest artist that ever lived, but why paint just one thing when you can play Seventeen?
Hey, I'm red and I'm ready to roll flower, I think you should be red too, flowers like me, oh, this flower is red and this one is red, red, red, red, red, more flowers, but they're not red, They're not even a little bit red, oh. thank you many things not red let's find where they come from that's not right that's not red that's not right blue cool blue like me whoa I haven't seen you before you're not red I'm not blue great to meet you me I'm red, I'm excited to meet you I thought blue was the only color in the world and I thought red was so what does blue do?
Blue is a cool color, you'll find it in delicious things like blueberries, oh um oh, it's in flying. creatures like redheads you can also get blue creatures like this blue butterfly ah my big boss is red oh now what else is blue oh how could I forget that the sky can be blue that's huge oh it's my turn uh I need something else to color red oh a parrot looks like it should be red oh red red oh I can't reach it maybe I can color her blue thanks to my blue balloon and I'm angry the parrot is blue huh that's strange only some of her turn blue oh you couldn't color everything the parrot, that means shame, the chief baits that color blue and Edge, oh no, I got a little lost, come here, Mrs.
Barrett, uh, there's an easier way to reach the red parrot. You could offer him something delicious like a blueberry, go ahead, red, the parrot has two colors, blue and red, oh, from above, don't worry, red, I know something that will cool you down, a dip in my cool paddling pool blue, the red It seems that there are two colors in the world and simply blue. a stick, huh, oh, um, if the map is correct, the Pattern Palace should be here. Oh, welcome to the Pattern Palace, where you can play all day, but first you must cross the paths of the patterns, be brave and jump like this, oh, what happened there?
The books are red. I like it so maybe I should go first red red red there the red red red red red red red pattern red unlocked colon oh my Ken Orange uh-oh the second one is red Orange red orange oh continue with the patterns oh red I mean red orange red orange red orange I don't know at last baby yellow oh no it's not red orange oh yellow oh red stop who's next goes red orange yellow red orange yellow red Orange hello tell me the pattern red orange yellow pattern unlocked now that's it what calls a pattern s I know exactly what to do here you will jump over the space oh green green Green jump over the space tell the pattern the pattern fills up Breeze then a space and repeat squeeze oh handprints I love hand hand and hand red hand stop one hand two hands three hands got it then comes four hands hand hand hand and then one more red and each time then red pattern we're in the center one two three four five six it's an unlocked cross my pattern paths well done everyone, Now come into my palacepatterns and let's all have fun. red yarn red ready to roll whoa what are you oh I love it but it would be more exciting if you were red um I'm going to call you um redora hey come back Radora I want to show you all the red things I've made oh fedora Radora oh where did you go? blue blue great perfect for a relaxing day eh oh hi I don't remember coloring you but blue looks good on you.
I'll call you bluesy wait here let me get you something to sit on blue here you go bluesy can you sit bluesy where did you go blazy where did bluesy go here bluesy bluesy bluesy bluesy gradera where are you oh hey blue have you seen my Dora Fedora? Who is that cutest little red thing? She is my new friend. Hey, I'm looking for my new friend too. Her name is Bluesy. You know, because she's blue. Since we're both watching, can we watch together? Oh, great idea, follow me, maybe this way. Pandora. Look, isn't it amazing? I call her Dora because she is blue.
Hey, Bluesy, there you are, but where did Rodora go? Oh, now she's red, huh, back to Blue, there you are. I've been looking for you everywhere, thanks for finding my new friend. You're a new friend, oh what's going on? Why does Redora keep changing color? Yeah, one minute, she's blue and then she hears, she's gone. Where she went? Where she went? Who was she? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Who are you looking for our new animal? friend, oh, have you seen her as an animal?, oh, I love animals, what does she look like?
Well she's small and cute and sometimes she's red, yes, but sometimes she's blue and other times she's yellow, small, cute and she changes color, you mean this little blue one you found? Blazy ah look she did it again oh she changed color yeah that's what she does sometimes it's to hide and sometimes it's to stand out and sometimes it's to show how she feels blue means she's relaxed okay if she always changes colors color, I guess I can' Don't call her Dora anymore oh bluesy either hmm oh how about ridora bluesy screaming green? I think she prefers to be called a chameleon, so that's what we'll do.
Call her red chameleon yellow chameleon blue chameleon red and yellow chameleon silence ten plus five equals 15. I'm 50 years old and I'm a super special step-shaped secret agent. I am a number with ambition I am a number on a mission with a talent you won't believe despite my size I am a master of disguise and I have a little trick up my sleeve oh help me my hibiscus has fallen into my milk this is a job for the step Squad five four five two one step Team, we will make the delivery better, even knowing that I was here.
Step one. Remove the milk now to begin. Step two. Remove the cookies and now we are on our way. Step three. Replace milk. Oh, don't be discouraged. Step four. replace the cookies while we give you a straw thank you and it goes away yum yum auto lock oh I have an octo boo-boo this is a job for step squad is here step one check out the boo-boo that will get you started look the doctor must be discouraged, go ahead, let's save the day while we make everything better, everything better now meow meow meow meow meow okay, don't be discouraged Squad Squad we'll do better and you I won't even know we were here I'm a number with ambition I'm a number on a mission with a talent that you will not believe despite my size I am a master of disguise and I have five friends, silence. hush blue yellow blue cool yellow blue okay oh red uh red means stop when you see a red stop sign like this you have to stop so we have to stop our game isn't cool oh sorry guys I can't help it red means stop it doesn't matter blue I'm happy to play something else oh look scooters yay yellow blue let's stop ah not again sorry sorry many of these to put today goodbye oh dear hmm it's time to put an end to Red, stop the aliens, it seems that We can't stop red, oh, well, huh, look what happened when our colors mixed.
Do you think we should mix who and yellow to make green? I wasn't expecting that and I wasn't expecting other colors, so tell us about the green. t grow things naturally I like nature all these plants are green oh and this frog green green red means for, nice to meet you I'm green, I'm red and this means for, I know it's green, which means it's a sign from go, green means go, go, frog, go, oh, you've given me an idea for a new and exciting game. Dream means it means stop hmm green means go green means go, go thanks hey, I found you there, she's hello, we're playing hide and seek, I want to join.
I'd love for you to hide and I'll get sick, you won't find us there, oh I don't know. I'm good at this game. I will find you and point out one, two, three, four. Vibe, ready or not here. continue with my book hey, are you making me where can I hide? I know that behind you, oops, four plus one equals five, ready, you're not here, I'm coming to look for you to find you, one, five minus, equals four, tell us that five was here, how? I am three Master of Disguise foreign two pause three three equals five ready or not here I will find you two I will find you three four five minus three equals two ah a pair of footprints pointing I found it but but how oh five you are here how Did you tell yourself it was good?
No, it's my turn to hide. My God. One Two Three Four Five. I found you amazing. Can you find me a game? Five minus four equals one. Come on, three plus two equals five. Thank you. Fantastic. Can you find me again? minus two equals three you you yours all find me can you teach us to be as good at playing hide and seek as you? I can sure try this welcome to the disco dance floor from DJ Ducky. I can see DJ Ducky, but where's the dance music and what? With the cool hats you'll see, everyone now finds their place on the dance floor.
DJ ducky says: go for the exciting color order. I'll go first in red, well I'm like you, red, so I'll go next. Orange and I'm like you, orange, so yellow goes here, this place has blue everywhere, naturally I go between you two because yellow and blue mix to make green. I imagine this must be my purple spot, the Royal Place between blue and red, oh we come together in one color. circle is like a wheel a color wheel oh who wants to be the first to dance in the middle? I will go first. I chose the color next to me.
Green. They go very well together. That's because blue and green are very friendly colors. similar colors oh me, next I will choose the color next to me too orange hello neighbor oh hello hello they also look good together that's because yellow and orange are close color friends and they also wear similar colors oh who will be next , obviously it will be me I'm next to the red round of the wheel and I have the best real dance moves, but the red is nothing like the green. Green is on the other side of the color wheel. Your opposites, green, is the opposite thread, but that's what I want.
Green, if you're sure. wow, your two colors really stand out they look so bold together they are opposite but they go well together oh it's time for the next opposite track oh I see, let's be similar oh yes, okay, yes, let's go opposite, similar and opposite if you want. sitting comfortably, then I will begin chapter 16. A six goes into a ten. Now is the time to present yourself an act. She knows how to make a scene and she gives up now for 16. um, here, let's get this p


started, it's nice to be here and here and here and here oh look at that, it's Square turning around hey, you know what Nine's favorite story is it's Goldilocks and the three squares and if you're looking for a square deal here I am I'm a square a square in the middle chapter 17 portrait of the artist at his best how 17 here today I'm going to show you how to paint a self-portrait here goes oh Dear me about of 17 yo-portraits, let's try again, I'm ten and seven, so if I pay ten and then seven, oh, 17 of each, oh, I'm never going to get it right, take a deep breath, that's it, stay there, I'm there, I am.
There I am Seventeen, which makes 117. Pretty as a picture Chapter 18 Full speed ahead Extreme forward 14 here reporting live and a cool attempt at being the fastest number ever rookie 10 ready to shoot two four six eight super fast, don't you're late then someone says speed 18 speed machine Sonic 18 18. Now you're okay that was fast Escape chapter 19 Bending skill I'm 19 when I try to make a rectangle I'm always a block away oh but who needs rectangles when? you can make shapes like these so many shapes so versatile the pot the lovely helicopter making us see the ten and the nine there magnificent finishing with the horse I want to follow my own path chapter 20. make friends hello I'm Ken, I'm another 10.
Let's be friends. I'm 20 and I'm good at making friends. I'm a 10-pack of two good night, sweet dreams to all. I'm red and I'm ready to explore, let's go. Hello chameleon, I'm on an exciting adventure. I saw this picture in a coloring book and now I will be the first color block to find the color castle. I'm going to color everything amazing and then it will be known. like Red Castle oh I don't want anyone else to find it first bye bye chameleon I found it so exciting now let's put those red blocks enjoying looking at my castle in your Castle anyway it's blue how to get here it took me a long time to get past the Green Forest I navigated in my little blue boat through the Blue Lagoon don't bother ah well I'm going to color the flag blue fossil cool red we can make this a game whoever colors the most flags will be able to name the castle six after three three red I have colored one two three three flags blue and I can't one two three three Flex red we both color the same number of flags that means whoever calls us the banner whoa that's what happens when our colors mix blue and red mixed purple cool, I'm sure you are, You don't see me everywhere you know, that's why I'm special, I'm a royal purple, I've had many adventures, imagine riding a crunchy octopus to the moon, oh wonderful, you found my castle. purple oh, it's your castle I thought the blue flags would make it blue and threaded the flags would make it a castle, it's your majesty hmm, they look quite wonderful.
I hereby decree that your fantastic flags will always hang in the purple castle now everyone will see that red and blue mixed to make purple very excited your highness mix red and blue purple great thank you

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