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Arsenal latest news: Who starts vs City | Havertz or Jesus | Martinelli's fitness | Predicted XIs

Mar 30, 2024
that he would have gone home and would be ready for the start of the semester, so he went home, probably on Saturday or something, but we stayed until Monday and then I had to call the school on Monday, so yeah, both kids are conveniently ill knowing that the headteacher had seen us over the holidays, it was very cheeky but yeah that would have been very similar to what Gabrielle would have done to say I I mean fingers crossed it would be key for Arsenal if All three are in shape. I think Martinelli is the one who is out the most.
arsenal latest news who starts vs city havertz or jesus martinelli s fitness predicted xis
There are definitely more doubts about Martinelli. I mean, we all saw how bad it looks that he was on crutches after the Porto game. I know, it doesn't look very good, but as far as I know, Arsenal certainly aren't releasing it yet, so we'll have to wait and see, I mean, how important those three players are, I mean, obviously. That's a stupid question because they are all very important, but is there anyone who, if I had to say, let's do without one of them, the three of them, who would it be for the City game? You know, who could be left without it?
arsenal latest news who starts vs city havertz or jesus martinelli s fitness predicted xis

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arsenal latest news who starts vs city havertz or jesus martinelli s fitness predicted xis...

I would not do it. I want one of them to be honest, I mean, they obviously beat Manchester City without Baya Saaka in the 11th and Martinelli was, I don't remember the bench? Yeah, neither of them started that game, was it Jayus on the right and Trossard? on the left, I think, I guess, and we'll get into this more deeply as the POG progresses, but you can't help. I mean, Mikel Artetta won't set up his team this way. Mikel artetta will not allow his players to think like that. but you can't help that coming out of this, turning this game into a rubbish game that ends in a scoreless score, would be absolutely fine as far as Arsenal are concerned and therefore I think having a full defense probably matters a little more.
arsenal latest news who starts vs city havertz or jesus martinelli s fitness predicted xis
So the one I would definitely want is Gabrielle. I think I'd probably like to play it safe with Martinelli too because you know it's an injury that could cut your foot if you're going to play 90 minutes of football. Could you reopen no matter how well sewn it is and things like that? I think he would be the one I would apply more caution to and he will also be the one who could be most effective in the coming weeks against Bayern. Whoever they play at right back, especially if it's Joshua Kimick, you know, I'd like his pace to be so valuable in those games that it seems like he's the one that would be the bigger bet, so the one that you're more astute. to avoid messing with me but you don't agree no I don't agree I think Gabrielle is really very important I just don't think you want to mess with that defense you know Gabrielle and Cela with rice in front of them you can't just I want Rice and Georgino to be in front of them , you just want that in the yetti, I think and um, I would absolutely want Gabrielle there because if not, then you're moving into the territory of K coming to the Center along with CRA and then.
arsenal latest news who starts vs city havertz or jesus martinelli s fitness predicted xis
I hope Tommy or Zinchenko, whoever you go with, is fit enough at left-back and Gabrielle is absolutely crucial for me and as you said, Arsenal showed they can win without Saka, they can win without Gabriel Martinelli, so he would be , yes, Gabrielle is the one that I. I really have my fingers crossed that he makes it. I think he's really important. I'm talking about that partnership between Celeber and Gabrielle. You just know Arsenal built on that. It is not like this? They really are. They are so important to him. team yeah it's me if ARS I mean I know the goals have been breaking out in the last few months but I really think if Arsenal won a trophy this season I think the fans would remember it as Gabrielle CBA rice.
Rya's season is more necessarily than the goals they scored in February, it's that they discovered that they are the fundamental pieces, they are what make this team really great and, yes, it is what makes them so difficult to play against and suddenly. If you lose one of those vital cogs before such an important game where you know you're going to be under pressure and you can't afford to do anything wrong at the back, then yes, I think it would be a big blow. for Arsenal, if Gabrielle was lost and they have already shown this season, obviously, that they can beat City, the victory at the Emirates was big, they got the victory against them in the community, if you can call it that. a win obviously was a penalty shootout win but you know they were the ones celebrating at the end of the Manchester City W.
You know how important you think those two games are going to be in terms of Arsenal's mental state at EAD where we know. They have fought a lot in recent years, it has to be a boost, right? It has to be a push, but I'm always kind of a wonder when you show up and it's an environment that you associate with, even if Even if you think right with the opponent, we know we can, we know we can beat them, which is what everyone says , isn't that what they said after that game that came to the stadium?
Does that make that game in your minds? I feel like you know I've been to the Etihad a lot in recent years and although it's not a particularly special stadium, it's like the Emirates, it's like you take everything away from it, it's quite generic um. I think there is a bit of an aura that doesn't exist and I think there will be that aura for Arsenal. You can't tell me that some of those players won't go there and remember a few months ago, well, almost. A year ago I guess I traveled so full of hope, certainly not expectations, but hope and thinking that this could be the moment we win the title, we know we ended up this way and everything was horrible and that was the experience.
Almost every time they go to the Etti, most of the time it's not even good. You know, we gave a great impression of ourselves when Arsenal played City and when they were losing to City at the Emirates, it was still good. Consider this a sign of progress and then they would come to City's house and shout. Certainly, you'd rather have that in your pocket knowing you can win an attrition-type game, but I'm worried about the impact of that. The atmosphere it will have about these players and City at this time of year in their stadium, you know, it's the other way around, isn't it?
They just get a foot taller, um, I don't know, maybe that's the pessimist in me, right? being too pessimistic, I think you're okay, no I don't know, in a way, no, because you know City are City at the end of the day and they have the record that the yetti had and they are incredibly difficult to beat. or even get something, but I think you know about Arsenal, where when we went toad last season, me, we were sitting next to each other in the press box for that game, right? I don't know about you, but I had gone, I had gone there and I had accepted that Arsenal were going to be beaten.
I didn't really think Arsenal were going to win that game. The wheels had already started to come off. You had the you know, the Southampton, West game. Ham Liverpool and I just felt like momentum was everything with Manchester City and I just didn't expect Arsenal to get anything out of that game, it turned out exactly as I expected. I have a very different feeling heading into this weekend's game. moments with Arsenal, you know they've had an incredible start to the year in the league um, but they had an impeccable start to the year in the league, at the top of the table, you know they're the ones who just have They moved from the back to take the lead in this kind of final stage of the season, so I think the momentum is there.
I think they're going to go there full of faith and I think it's probably a very different mindset than what they had. They went there last season, although I'm sure Mel had them ready for the game last season. I can, in the back of your mind, you must have thought this was going to be really difficult. We are in a, we are not in. a great place here, the confidence is that gunshot injuries had taken their toe off. I don't think they'll get close to it. I think they'll go there this weekend and back each other.
I really believe that they will not have that fear in the future. In the back of their minds, I think they'll want to go there and they know what the outcome will be. I'm not saying they will get it, but I think it will be different. I would be very surprised if we see a similar game to what we saw last season. I think it will be very, very different. I think we will see a completely different Arsenal. It's another thing: having Sacka, at least Sacka and Gabrielle, and if you're stuck. In that tunnel beforehand we have seen those selections of tunnels.
You know, there's something very 0102 about those tunnel picks on that team. I feel like they'll be able to hold on. I would love to come back. I have not seen. Because I would do? I watch Arsenal One Man City 4, but I'd love to go back and see what those players look like in the tunnel before the game and then how they're going to come out on the etti HUD, especially if they're at full strength and they know, you know, they're looking at their teammates and they say, yeah, we have this, you know, we know how good we are, it's the other, it's the other part of the injuries that maybe we talk about less, it's not how it impacts you.
You know the specific player coming in, but you know how it affects the players around you that you can't know. If Celia is playing with Kier, he will know that Kier is a very good footballer, really reliable. You know, I'm sure he won't think he's a future Arsenal player, but he knows how good Kore is, but he doesn't know how to play with Kore like he knows how to play with Gabrielle and that gives you that peace of mind standing in the tunnel. thinking. Yes, he and I know what we can do to Earling Harland. We have this.
It would help a lot. It would really help AR a lot. I have mine in red yours in yellow I put yours like a 4-33 from the conversation we had a little bit, but I think you were saying that you know Georgin and Rice can play together because I chose like 4231 I'm going with Georgin and rice basically playing as a couple I think that's what I would choose not to say this is what Mel would choose is what I would choose I would have more than two and I would have odard playing as a standard 10 basically and then sacka Martinelli, if he is fit I would stay with hav as a nine uh obviously i expect a hit uh yeah assuming martinell will be fit if not i think he would.
Go with Trossard, but I'd be very tempted to do what you've chosen and have Jayus on the left. I think if Jayus had seen him play at full 90 recently and stuff like that, then he would definitely pick Jayus. I think for this game, but I'm not sure if he would start it yet, although he knows that he has been training, he has been fit for a while and he has been training all the time during the international break, so he wouldn't do it. . I'm against Jayus playing there, but I think he'll probably just go with Martinelli, so yeah, I've gone 4231, you've gone more of the 4-3, uh, 4-33 type, why would you go with Jayus? trossard if Martinelli is fit and I guess this is if martinell is fit he will go to your team yeah yeah if Martinelli is fully fit he will go to my team for St.
You know I usually don't like to talk about the guy of narratives and players who are for the games, but I don't think that Gabriel Jesús is not available for this game. I think he gives you a lot of work, work on the wings and in the middle wherever he has played, and that could be very, very valuable. No, I'm not saying no, I just think Jesus in this game will be ruined and I would really like to see that, obviously, that midfield three, I mean the joy of Dean Rice, is that we know that Arsenal can.
We'll basically deploy both, we'll basically play both formations, right without the ball? It'll be the kind of 442 42 3-1 where Rice goes down, but he's got such a motor that I think he'll pick his moments a lot more than against um, you know, pick a Newcastle Brenford team, whoever's played as a left eight, it'll be a lot more circumspect. I don't think he will rush into the box if there is a chance City could break through. away, but you know he's getting better and better playing as an eight and yeah, I mean the hard jayus truss is the really intriguing one if it's Martinelli, unless he's at 100%.
I also think there's great value to be had in bringing it. off the bench, yeah, we've seen him have really good games off the bench, so good that he won, won, won, the game on the bench he didn't, so if he was 100%, 100% fit, he'd probably do it. He would start, but you know if we see the team sheet and he is on the bench. I think he's an X factor that Arsenal have now, obviously City will have theirs, but it's quite rare. In fact, I think Arsenal have match winners on the bench and it would be very useful. to have one, it would be interesting if he goes with that 4-33, but he goes with, you know, against Liverpool when he had rice like six and he had georgin playing odard, I guess it was just for the type of mobility better than rice. he has and in terms of protecting the back four I wonder if he could do it again if he gets over 4-33 and plays well with Georgino, it worked very well against Liverpool.And you might know he's definitely an option for City , the best reader of a game I've seen in an Arsenal shirt since Messa Özil left, but there's a different type of game reader with Jinho.
It's as if Özil Özil and Cazola were magnificent at reading defenses and where spaces were going to appear. Zinho doesn't do it as well, but Jinho simply knows where he has his central eye to know where the ball is going to land. I like it. When you watch this game on Sunday, friends, if you can,if you can, the angles to just watch Joo out of possession and see how often he calls for the pass before it's been made, I'd even bet it will work against City, is a treat. and one day I'm going to make a game where I just watch Oo for 90 minutes, he'll probably get injured, so how do you see the game?
I was talking about it earlier, in my morning. show and, you know, some people say: oh, can Arsenal dictate this game? I see, no I don't see that, I think whatever happens, I can't see Arsenal going and dominating territory and possession like we've seen. him this season, I just think it's more of a fact that City will do what they always do and will have more of the ball than Arsenal and more will be played in Arsenal's half and Arsenal will be forced to play more. On the counterattack, not entirely, not during the 90 minutes, there will be moments when Arsenal will have fun with the ball, but I think we are going to have to accept that it will not be the same type of game that we are used to seeing in this season something like that, um, I have a question here, actually from Drew says: is it wishful thinking to imagine that Aral came to Manchester City in the same way that we had Newcastle during the first one?
I think it's definitely wishful thinking, but you? I think there is a chance that Arsenal can. Can you see Arsenal enjoying a lot of territory and possession in this game? No, but I don't necessarily see City doing that either. I think I think this game may end up being pretty stagnant. This is completely different from last season's game, isn't it? When City basically dominated from start to finish and you know, if it hadn't been for Ramale it could have easily been seven, eight and nine, they were that good, they had so many good chances, so it's not going to be that this season. no I dont think so.
I don't think you know because Staff City didn't respect the Arsenal staff's ability to play through the press to play, you know, to invite pressure and hit balls. the top or punch, you know, punch, passing triangles through the middle to get out. The


didn't fear it's really like you know. I know you're the same and I know many of our viewers won't be. It feels very cruel to do it effectively. Pin this on Rob holding, but a lot of it comes down to whether you have a player in your backline that you don't trust and I don't think he has any players in his backline, where that's the case now even in the team. that you don't trust to build from the back, then City will feel like they can attack you, they can go for that knockout blow and I'm sure you'll still see a really intense start for them, that's how they play what they want. win the game in the first 25 30 minutes and then pass it, pass you to death, kind of like Arsenal do, um, but I think both teams will be a little bit more distant and reluctant to commit too much, you know, push high and take the risk. of being passed and there you know that someone is face to face with the goalkeeper, but I don't want to say, you know I have to write about this tomorrow, but it's really hard for me to know because I mean, who knows.
What Guardiola could do. It's so unpredictable. Will he keep that really tight front three that he's been using since De Bruyne returned? It seems City are looking a bit stretched and Arsenal could fix that. they could do all those things and still stuff Harland could just score out of nowhere um but yeah I don't think this is like an Arsenal Liverpool uh sorry a


Liverpool that's kind of exciting from start to finish I just don't think these two teams are too similar and will match up quite well and when teams match up well they can often play some pretty rubbish football for the neutral, that's what happened at the Emirates, wasn't that the game that looked a lot like the Emirates? which was great, actually on the ground, I loved it, it was a very absorbing game, but you know the neutrals on TV didn't really enjoy that game much because they canceled each other out and the chances were so slim.
Yeah, I mean, all I can say is that it was a much worse version of City. I think it was a much worse version of Arsenal. Plus, we're just getting started. I mean, we've both already answered this with our 11 that we've picked, but KD says hello, Charles sending in a question from South Africa, who do you think should start as a nine against City personally? I'll go with him, he's in great shape, he's got that physical presence that none of our other forwards have and I've slowly been losing faith in Gabby. I'm not saying he's not a great striker, he's one of the best pressing forwards in the league, but he can get frustrated when he constantly drops to the ground and doesn't do the right thing. decisions when we are in excellent shooting positions now we have both chosen Kai HTS as our nine in our 11, right? um.
I mean, why are we ignoring Gabrielle J? I guess you actually put Jayus in anyway, yes it is, so why? We don't consider him as a striker at the moment now that he has been back for a long time since he has been training with a team throughout the international break, do you know why we continue maai? I mean, my answer is simply that I don't think he deserves it. losing his place in the team at the moment I think the team are playing very well with him in that role, obviously he scored for Germany during the international break playing that role as well and I think he gives Arsenal something a little bit different at the moment um, so I just reward him for his good form, so that's the main reason I do it, but I certainly haven't lost faith in Gabby.
I see Kae saying that little by little they lost faith in her. I still believe Gabby. Jay has a huge role to play between now and the end of the season for Arsenal and that could even come on Sunday, who absolutely knows, the thing is we talk a lot. He was talking a lot there about how you know Arsenal can get through. around City Press, but I think it'll almost be easier to open up those avenues if you also have the big guy up there that you can hit the ball to and you can win second balls, by the way, I mean, I don't know.
I don't know whose graph it is. I should have seen this before and this shiny thing floating around Twitter showing how good Arsenal are. They are by far the best team in the world, probably the best team, sorry, the best. Premier League team, but probably the best team in the world at winning second balls and in the Shield community. I remember in particular that Havs was just a headache for the City centre-backs and gave Arsenal the option of hitting the big guy. Um, you can't, you can't be worse off for having that. I mean, it's one of City's great strengths, too, is that they can work short or they can just go long and get second balls, so yes, they have suits. very good and as you say, even in the most important games you must respect the form that the players are bringing to these matches.
Havoc's form has been fantastic, yeah, when you talk about that too, I'm actually referring to City The Joy that they got. of Arsenal last season in that game against ET if they had basically gone wrong, weren't they so direct? They just hit the ball instead of trying to get through Arsenal's press, they just went over it every time. they and it was just Harlem they won bruyne's header they picked up the leftovers and bang they were away and they, um, they really enjoyed that and I think it could be quite a similar way to the way that Arsenal the two The two great aesthetic coaches of the Premier League they're basically going to play Joe Kir against Graham Taylor, 90s football.
I've got a couple here from Cathal and Pat, um, this is kind of an analysis of the left-back situation. Cathal says hello guys right? I think there's some chance Tommy Assu arrives on Sunday after Kio played a lot of minutes in high-intensity games during the break. I feel like we need to get Tommy Assu up to speed as soon as possible as we will need him to buy against their world class wingers and Pat says hello. Charles, great video on the city game, who would you have on the left side with K? 120 minutes. Could Tommy come in since Zin only played 30 minutes personally?
If K is okay, he would start with what do you think so? The left back is another key. decision that Mel faces now Kore obviously had 120 minutes last night he went all the way to penalties in his game against Wales, congratulations to him and Poland for overcoming it, by the way, I also had 90 minutes in the game, uh, I can't. I remember who they played against Poland in a sort of playoff qualifier, so yeah, it was some very intense football during the international break. Zinenko. I thought about the fact that in such an important match for Ukraine yesterday, Zinchenko was not starting after having played.
The previous game said a lot about where his


might be at the moment because normally that's the game you'd want to know if you're Ukraine, you're playing Tchenko if he's fit and they're not, so I think that says there are still concerns. about your physical condition and fatigue or whatever. I would stay with Kio. I just think he will be fine


-wise despite the intensity of that game last night in Wales, so he would be. I'm still with him, I just don't know if Tommy ASU would be up to speed yet. I mean, he only had four minutes out of 45 in that behind-closed-doors friendly against QPR.
You know, the party was an hour long and this was obviously planned beforehand, but just Tommy. I've got 45 minutes, um, which again suggests that maybe he's a little bit behind in terms of getting back up to speed, so look, I think if Timmy if he had them both completely fit right now and you know he'd be up to speed, he'd be . I'm going with Tommy ASU eh on Sunday, but not for me, Tommy, I'll stay with K, you, no, no, no, I'm not too worried about the 120 minutes he played yesterday, yes, exactly on Tuesday yesterday and he has until on Sunday.
It's really important that at least one of Tommy ASU and Zenchenko return soon and Cathl makes a great point about Bayern and those wingers who can go inside and out. It would be great to have Tommy Assu defending one of your flanks there, but you know it's 210 minutes in a fortnite, not that it's not a lot of football for k to play and he always hits me, keeps up his appearance, always looks go well, Nick and yes, congratulations to him and congratulations on the voice, yes, he did a great Guard at the end, were you watching that shootout?
Did I see it on the Welsh commentary on the way back from Wembley? I was doing I was watching it with the Welsh commentary on uh what's that channel? Something four s4c, yes, it was. I looked at it and I knew Dan James was going to miss that penalty, yeah, you just know, when you see someone's face when they're waiting for it, you just think this is, you're not going to score this. and uh yeah, not surprised it was a sure heartbreak for wales, but congratulations to kio and sinenko of course for ukraine. James, great content, as always.
I wanted to know your opinion on the whole Celba situation and will this hinder his running confidence, especially the Man City game? Do you think Arteta should make a public statement supporting the CBA responding to the comments on Day Chs' statements? I mean, I don't think he's going to make a statement unless he's asked about it in the press on Friday, but what did you make of Dechs' comments at the international? Did you see them about what he was saying about the dream? It was quite strange, I wasn't sure if it was a bit Lost in Translation, but I thought it was quite strange for an international coach to come out, especially before a game where he was going to start talking like that. which I just thought were quite strange comments, yeah, I mean, I think there's something about Desa and my colleagues who work, you know, you know that, but he would probably tell me quite often that Desan just doesn't like Celra very much. as a player, but I mean certainly the only side I'm not worried about is the impact he'll have on CA because no I'm not, you'd think if anyone by now was used to every word he utters. them or about them being put through a huge prism of Arsenal content, it would be William Cber and if all this stuff that happened before he came into Al's first team didn't affect him, I can't believe this will in the slightest. minimum, yes.
I mean sometimes you just have to accept that you know what the players at a club do and what their national managers need them to do can often be very different. I really don't understand, even with his abundance of riches, why Desa isn't like that. Yes, CBA is my first centre-back in the Sheet team, but you know he has a lot of wealth so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Yes, no, I'm not worried. Did you see the tackle he made right at the end of the game last night there was a tweet about it was good it was very good it was classic you know Cela You know, the attack we made on Mbappé when he was at Mars and Mbappé happened and there was one for Crystal Palace at the beginning of this season.
I remember Jordan, I think he passed and Celba did that and he just made a very clean tackle and did it. that and it was 3-2 stoppage time that the guy was going through without a doubt he would have managed to deflect the shot from him, it was a verygood piece of defense. I'm sure he'll do you a lot of good if you don't go. up in the day, your estimate after that I'm not sure he, uh, I'm not sure he ever will, there's one more here that we're going to end today's show with, he's walking away from the game of Man City.
Kinda funny now I haven't even had time. I put this together and thought, should I quickly research this before doing this? and I thought no, I'm just going to do it, we'll improvise it to close the program. The top six or the big six, well, this is what I don't know. I think it's me and you need to decide what we're going to do now. Will this be the kind of big six or Premier League top six? I think we'll go with the top six in the Premier League, yes, for now, with that because I don't want to talk about Manchester United or Chelsea, wouldn't it be exactly any of those teams hanging around the middle of the table?
So it's Dean's. says overtime Hi Charles, I love the show, my son and I listen to it every day. Thank you very much H. If you could pick one player from each of the other top six teams that you think would improve our current top 11, who would those players be? It would be difficult these days, so yes, we are using it as the Premier League's top six. um, oh, man United is in it. I didn't realize I didn't realize that Man United had six um okay so I'm. I am, we are GNA, we are going to Liverpool, Man City, Villa Spurs and United, we are going to take players from those, so we will go in order, so we start from Liverpool, who would you take from Liverpool?
It's that easy, easy, Allison. I hadn't even thought about that, but it's absolutely spot on. That's exactly who I would choose. I wasn't even thinking about that. She was probably thinking that Trent Alexander Arnold is certainly welcome, right? But you know, I see that contract expires, but. Allison is the one, yes I would absolutely 100% agree with that. I would go with Allison 100%, so that's relatively, relatively, I would, I wouldn't be, I wouldn't say no to Darwin Nunes, I have to. Say I love, I love Darwin Nunes, I think he's a good player, uh, Manchester City, you want to go first, uh, I, I can't, I mean, it has to be early in Harand, he's young, not old, he's still going to improve.
Arsenal. You need another stri, you can't, you can't look at Manchester City. I know they have brilliant players all over the pitch, but you can't look at that and see what Arsenal need and not pick early at Harland. I completely agree, you're absolutely right, just because people will say yes, but who wouldn't you cast if it wasn't Highland? Because that's too easy. I think it would be very fun to have a kind of Of course I am objective in my journalistic work, but when I take off my journalist hat I think it would be very fun to just enjoy watching Bernardo Silva with a little interest in favor of his team because he He's been one of my favorite players for the last decade or so, yes, a fantastic player, he would definitely fit in well.
I wouldn't say no to Phil Foden either, um Aston Villa, so you go first in this one, oh, like there's a lot of players. I don't know if there are any. I think I have to have it split a little between Douglas Lise and Ole Watkins. I would choose Douglas Louise because I feel like olle Watkin, yeah, olle Watkins wouldn't be the long type of person. -I would pursue period number nine, so I will choose Douglas Luise. Okay, I'm not going for either one. I'm going for Musa dii, since my forehand decided the backup hitting competition for Baya sacka, which is much needed in the team. so I would go, I would go for him, um, that group down the road, who I won't name, who would you go for, son, no, actually, um, yes, son, but I would never play it if it were me.
I'm doing this from a sort of Arsenal fan perspective, son, but don't ever use it. um no, she is his son and she would be your number nine in the Union. He is very good at scoring goals. He is a very good finisher. Uh, I don't really want any. to be honest, but I would probably go with my son. I already said before that Madison went to the Spurs. He wanted Madison at Arsenal. I still think they missed a trick by not hiring him. I still think I would play well in that left eight position and I would be a really valuable member of your assist for B really very smart very good very good so no, I'm not going son, I'm going to Madison.
I would have Madison. I think uh and then Man United, is there any player in man united, do you want in Arsenal Mayu, there you go, I go Mayu, you know, KOB. My editor was telling me this today because he said to me: I want you to write an article about why Kobe m is actually not that good. and I said no, he had left Wembley but I love him, I think he's great and then he said: he goes and looks at his progressive passes. Kobe May, who is Bri, completed fewer progressive passes in the Premier League this season than Thomas parte, who has played three games, is an 18-year-old who is learning in J.
I think he is a great long-term talent. I would choose Andre Onana. Oh, many of you already signed Edison, no, you already did. Allison signed, didn't she? You can't be one for yeah, um Club, if I take one for then I would go, uh, Kobe can, but if I wanted to pick one, keep it as one as a separate act from each one. I take Andreana well, although he is starting to show signs of uh yeah, fit now at Manchester United. I think that's a good place to end this, man, thanks a lot for that. I hope everyone watching or listening enjoyed it.
I'll be back tomorrow to do my regular show that you want to be on, do the usual stuff in the comments below with questions, comments, opinions, and yeah, we'll continue to get ready for that big game on the ety. I had Sunday, how are you?, uh, you go, you're in, yes, I'm in you, actually, I'll give you the lift, there's no change, friend plan, we're clear, you saved, you saved your job there, what are you going to train, uh no, me. I'm driving from the Midlands to pick up some wedding rings on Saturday when the big day is.
April 20th is the big day when we have the stag do on Good Friday, so unfortunately I won't be on Mel if I'm on the Melet press. The bachelor party conference went very badly or very well, right, um, yeah, it could be a very good weekend for me or it could be a terrible weekend for me, well, I hope it's a very good weekend. good for you, buddy, uh, yeah. Enjoy the bachelor party and I'll catch you up at the party on Sunday. See you and then goodbye. See you later. Thank you all. Bye bye.

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