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Arsenal Fc Revenge Moments 2024 - Why they are the best

May 10, 2024
Good night everyone, so Arsenal come out of drag time playing as well as


have all season returning to Europe on the stage where early season dreams start to come true, moving towards battle in PTO as one of the favorites to win the Champions League. with Galo for PTO, last chance for them in the final, oh, what a goal, what a goal, sign of the celebrations on the court, well, it's an Arsenal team that came here in sensational form, but tonight


were defeated in Porto, good evening everyone, what a "The night we have booked at the Emirates tonight there is a great atmosphere here, a night when the Gunns can end a 14-year wait for a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but Porto have the advantage and are full of self-confidence at the moment, they really could." can't be set up any better good evening Ali McCoy this really couldn't be set up any better could this be good?
arsenal fc revenge moments 2024   why they are the best
Even Alberts is risking a rice among those who are in the box now to trace scored takeoff for Arsenal Leandro Trossard makes it one n on night one, all the aggregate, so Martin missed the Arsenal Captain to execute the first penalty and he scored an emphatically brilliant penalty and look at the celebration from Erard's little stutter. Great penalty. HTS against Costa, the Germans always score penalties. Oh, he saved him. DAV ryer saves him buries him absolutely buries him he got it, but he can't keep it that close saving another ice in his veins if David Ryer can make a save here Arsenal went on to save him d r saved him Arsenal goes on to the quarterfinals of the champions league 14 years of heartbreak and frustration but finally arsala back in the quarterfinals of the champions league and good afternoon everyone welcome to the round of 16 tie or at least that's what we hope and on a weekend that we didn't has given Too many big stories, we could have one here with one of the favorites and the biggest clubs falling at their first hurdle as recently as December 23rd.
arsenal fc revenge moments 2024   why they are the best

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arsenal fc revenge moments 2024 why they are the best...

Aral has lost the last two, there are three without winning, only one victory in the last six. but what about this great opportunity and Allison came back and got hit on the side of the goal? They didn't complain directly. Oh, you have a chance here. Another mistake from Liverpool and they got away with it for now. It's Ard. Oh he hit it too hard, Liverpool are still fighting blocked by Alexander Arnold and now he's away, how the hell did Arsenal not score? My goodness, Alexander Arnold, it is at this moment that Liverpool find a way and it is Leis Diaz who leads the way for Liverpool fans.
arsenal fc revenge moments 2024   why they are the best
I'm sure it's an own goal, you know, look at the purple shirts now and it's Lis Díaz and she sealed it by smashing the ball against the roof of the Arsenal net, she takes the One Touch, pushes it with her feet and shoots away and Ramsdale has had no chance, it gets in the back of the net for Arsenal, this is the one who had so many chances in the first half of the game in particular, that they couldn't take any of them. Imagine in the middle of this frenzy, imagine if Arsenal 20 years ago. last time, if Liverpool are looking for the utopian climax of Klo, if they could somehow achieve this, so yes, City stalk with Menace, of course they do it to lose points here, it will be to feel their breath hearing their step strong in the 2019 season. stian a season with me a season in marsill and then it really started oh god he's on his way here Allison stops him sa de stores forced and on his way here's ravenberg here's Diaz beyon liba and shotter watched him at other side of the line is a disaster of a goal this place has remained silent and still does not shoot on goal Liverpool is level bisar and let it bounce Martini showed interest and Mar came in curious and for Liverpool it is catastrophic how can that happen TR is free here free by Elliot Leandro has nison on the streets of north London dream their dream Arsenal are back in the thick of it all, suddenly once again Arsenal are a leading contender.
arsenal fc revenge moments 2024   why they are the best
Football night comes from St James' Park, where the big games keep coming for Newcastle United. Tonight it's Arsenal, big, big demands. expectations and a big night on the billing side when Newcastle United take on Arsenal. Watch us by Gary Neville and R have just won what is a difficult game so it gives Arsenal very little room to maneuver but they have worked it well here to martini and tripier away but Rice goes wide, works it very well on this side of the Little Triangle and it slides and then Willick keeps it and Gordon goes for it.
Joon tries to follow him and Anthony Gordon does so. There will be a check to see if the ball comes out the other side, I mean there is definitely a space between the white line and the ball, now they are looking at the foul. Stuart Atwell has just confirmed it and it is a goal and the goal given is a declaration of victory for Newcastle United, but they are serious players in the Premier League thank you Lindsy, good evening everyone, you returned from Porto with a smile and ready to play in the Premier League. The players are also ready for a match with huge implications in the Premier League title race.
It's saturday night. forget about Gladiators, the battle is here on TNT Sports between Arsenal and Newcastle Liverpool, who are skipping a league game this weekend, four behind whoever beat b, all the runs are going towards the neap, it's a free kick, and It's in, it's, it's, it's a goal, well, Gabrielle. was the player who got the ball with his head initially, he is the Arsenal player who is going to claim it, but it was very difficult to determine who got the last TS Newcastle, desperately trying to keep the ball out, just run forward, there is another excellent forward run by Martinelli from one side to the other and pulled it back is 2 N excellent Arsenal goal made by a wonderful run Andross by Martin Elli is a touch for Kai haerts and this is one way traffic in the Emirates for the Gunners not even half not even a Dr. pass to four guards fired by Dean rice HTS now to sacka pass with a lot in red and white sacka bursting turning and shooting at Kio saaka scores again a young man who cannot stop scoring in the Premier League everything he touches he becomes the key man here, let's see what rice can do from this near post, he left again, it's CL on him, it's another goal from a set piece and this time it's kibo who celebrates the architect again Dean Rice 19 goals counting from set pieces for Arsenal and they filter the Newcastle 4N, yes, excellent.
Arsenal's defenders and goalkeeper want to keep a clean sheet. Dan Burn can now take over and cut it back and they get one back. Joe Willik scored here. Newcastle fans are ecstatic to get the consolation goal for everything. 90 minutes and the full-time whistle blows, the manager's celebration of the AA hit high fives with his personal. Arsenal, 4-1 winners tonight. Ali, they have done their bit, yes, what a career we are going to get. far from where the first collision took place, the Gunners, including Dean Rice, who was one of West Ham's leading figures when they won their first trophy in 43 years in June, raising the trophy into the Prague night sky was their last act as a hammer. but they have used the money well, especially on winger G Mohamed, so this is the modern face of Arsenal against West Ham, the first collision in 1906 that Erson can and does deliver, and B might well have had a touch , he almost got another one and so he takes it at West Ham He takes the initiative at the end of a play that was not a work of art but was a model of perseverance War M Peno two what a great one-on-one and it's the former Arsenal def oh, that's a brilliant header.
They really are presentations for players who have become familiar with each other because it is the third meeting of these two teams in the space of four months and David Moyes has beaten his former Everton captain and Arsenal already beaten twice on the previous two occasions. by West. Ham this season could be running towards the middle, he is looking for it and Kibo puts his body in the way and then he moves forward while Rice receives the kick and they have put him in and it is William Civa who walks away celebrating, it is another corner . leading to another Arsenal goal Saka has made another run this time the flag stays down Bayo Saka is caught it is a penalty and what is the decision is a yellow card for the goalkeeper alons arola is Saka is 2-n Arsenal tightens its grip rice opened them up from a corner from the first and sweeps a dangerous free kick, it's another Arsenal oh cleaning the floor with West Ham here it's Gabrielle who has the third 3-0 and we haven't even caught up to halime erard Tred there are four Arsenal monopolizing the ball West Ham can't get close to them they play through them again and these Arsenal fans are watching in disbelief now erard is payo Saka is a double for sacka it's a humiliation for West Ham Arsenal have given them five passes, well he finds the gap between the middle and the left back Emerson and simply cuts that space, so now Gabrielle Martinelli is Ben White this time and hits brilliantly by who else Declan Rice, who is restrained in his celebration of a sixth goal for Arsenal, but it's very good. cut the cord with his former club now Arsenal Electrify the race for the Premier League title Arsenal completely dominated their opponents West Ham zero Arsenal six Arsenal have dropped more points in the last month than in the entire season prior to those teams who are going to win titles this is the type of game where they find a way to win toasu makes a mistake when scoring these are the standards a small mistake is emphatically punished while Kevin De Jacker the referee points to the penalty spot here I think so for the challenge maybe saaka scores he takes the burden of responsibility Give It Away from Gabrielle now Holland a view of gold gundan inside him Gish waiting Jack Gish scores Manchester City takes the lead for the second time in the game energy in these legs of the Manchester City Bruner Holland, tonight could be the first goal in four games for Earling Holland.
They are about to celebrate a very fun return trip to the North West, nothing short of massive, with this victory for Manchester City, who return to the top of the Premier League table in October. In London, disguised as July, autumn awaits its turn behind Arsenal City, the champions and those who dared to look them in the eye, as you already know, this is one of the extraordinary global competitions of the Premier League. The new problem for Senchenko is his regression. part of that, White got a little more jaser and wins only a quarter, well, without breaking, it's yasco cardiol, it's Phil foden, it's julan Alvarez, so Kai Havitz from his first basketball goal last weekend, Thomas P moved towards the habits of Tommy Yu and Kai and not in the, may it be Pinal, oh, that's it, how is it, the moment Arsenal have finally figured it out.
Arsenal has broken the city code. Etta has it on Guardiola. Everyone's night, what a privilege to be here tonight. L may not be one of the most successful clubs in France. but they are one of the


supported and this atmosphere is something else a city that has longed for this night for more than 20 years our referee tonight is Serat Marco Guida uh absolutely Adam good evening great atmosphere threat here with Gabrielle Jesus great finale so good He scored his first CER goal and took advantage of his opportunity brilliantly. He loves this competition. Gro looked like he belonged on the Champions League stage.
I think that's important towards wah and Thomasu is there L in the turns and V. The great sumers have done the business here and there, the final whistle and the historic victory, the Lance, good night, hasty, good night everyone, so Arsenal lead the way in the Premier League, they are flying high, two very different teams I would say, facing each other tonight, contrasting playing styles, Abel. Jesus with his head out and then he goes and it's him again the winner of the match at the weekend Z trying to get to that Gabrielle J SKS 2N Arsenal how well he took that good shot Albert with the pass now Martin they got a third can get a lot shifts from provider to goalscorer found it for Gabrielle Jesus wants it oh a brilliant goal, this time it's captain Martin ards absolutely brilliant job done and with a full time free game at the Emirates Arsenal six wins

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