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ARROGANT Cops Who Paid The Price!

Jul 21, 2023
In this video we are going to take a look at some police encounters where police officers crossed the line and were ultimately punished for it. Let's move on. A man was tying up his boat in front of his home in Rohnert Park, California when he saw a police officer driving through his neighborhood and decided to record him, the police officer stopped his car because he clearly did not appreciate being filmed even though the man had every right to do so, so you won't believe what the cop did next, yeah he actually started filming the guy too, you can't really make this stuff up.
arrogant cops who paid the price
The next thing you know, the police officer got out of the vehicle, approached the man and asked him to take his hands out of his pockets, okay, go drink. his hand out of his pocket no sir I haven't done anything I haven't done anything at all no the man refused to do it as he had done nothing wrong the police officer didn't take no for an answer and in fact pulled out his gun Actually, when the police officer called for backup, the guy took his phone and keys out of his pockets and placed them on the hood of the car.
arrogant cops who paid the price

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arrogant cops who paid the price...

At this point he was visibly shaken and warned the police officer not to touch him. Really Got a Gun don't touch me don't touch me don't touch me when I tell you to put your hand out I haven't done anything, no, when he asked the cop what he did, the cop acted all cocky and


. He said it was because I was filming him what have I done why did you get out of your vehicle are you taking a photo of me I'm taking a photo of you take a photo and leave I don't have to leave Me either, I told you to take your hand out of your pocket, I just want to make sure you don't have a gun, you know, I don't have a gun with me, okay, I don't know if you do that.
arrogant cops who paid the price
I'm completely clear Ron, you have your gun in your hand because you're a police officer, you're trying to intimidate me and this is going. Then he asked the guy if he was some constitutionalist or crazy while he intimidated him the whole time. with a gun, what's wrong with you? Your station is corrupt, okay, are you some kind of constitutionalist? At some point, the police officer finally realized that he had gone too far and can be seen walking away. Rohnert's mayor and city manager said they were conducting an internal review of the incident. A woman named Jacqueline Craig from Fort Worth, Texas, called the police after her neighbor strangled her seven-year-old son for littering.
arrogant cops who paid the price
She never thought the police would harass her. The video shows a police officer asking the woman why she didn't teach her son not to litter, to which she responded that the man had no right to put his hands on the child but it doesn't matter if he did or not. It doesn't give him the right to put his hands on her, it's because he died a long time ago. What do you mean if you keep yelling at me? The policeman, in a rather


tone, asks the woman why she keeps yelling at him. He then threatens her and warns her not to make him angry.
The woman's 15-year-old daughter comes between the police officer and her mother and that is when the situation escalates. The police. At this point he completely loses control, pushes the girl, pulls the Taser out of her, and throws Jacqueline to the ground. It is unclear whether she used the Taser or not. He then proceeds to arrest her, as well as her daughter and the woman filming the video for resisting her arrest. Thank you. you, but the cop also had to face consequences as Fort Worth police placed him on restricted duty. They finally suspended it, but only for 10 days.
As for Jacqueline Craig, she filed a lawsuit and the city of Fort Worth agreed to pay $150,000 outstanding to the Council. approval in August 2020 Dylan Puente, 22, was headed to his grandmother's house in Keller Texas when police stopped him for making a wide right turn. The body cam video shows Shamanic Sergeant Blake asking Dylan to get out of the car and then handcuffing him because he was acting suspiciously, he had a wide return and went from 1709 to 377. Get out of the car for me, face that kid from erection acting so suspicious, well, you only have one left, but I'm walking up.
At the scene for a routine traffic stop, nothing happens. Chiminek later explained in a report that he detained Dylan because he was concerned for his safety while the sergeant was handcuffing Dylan. The boy's father, Marco, stopped and stopped his car right in front. on the street the sergeant said he would also arrest him for blocking the road if he doesn't park and get out of the car you are about to be arrested for blocking the road if you don't park you can get out okay park there Marco obeyed the order and started filming the arrest of his son.
Sergeant Shimaneck didn't like that, so he ordered his colleague to arrest Marco and arrest him. We're blocking the road and the next thing you know the officers were trying to take him down. Sprinkle pepper on him and even take his phone. You can then see one of the officers pepper spraying the man. Put down your phone. Alright, put your hands behind your head. Hey Ross, I hope you got this on video. This guy is arresting me for being here and now. He's taking my phone away. You're afraid he's not even doing anything. In Marco's own words, it was a total fiasco and the officers got out of control.
Dylan eventually


the fine for his wide swing, but Keller Police Department leaders requested the use of force. and the arrest of Marco Puente was inappropriate. An internal affairs review found misconduct that led to Shamanic's demotion from his rank from sergeant to officer. On June 21, 2021, a convenience store manager called police because a man was panhandling in the store when Officer Matthew Cavender and his partner arrived at the scene and found 64-year-old Timothy Grant in a wheelchair. his name and they learned that he had five active arrest warrants so they proceeded to arrest him, there was a struggle but mainly because the man was in a wheelchair, he was not violent or anything like that and when he was on the ground, Officer Cavender He shot not once but four times.
St. Petersburg Police Department Chief Anthony Holloway says this use of force was unnecessary and that the Taser should not have been the officer's first choice and that is why he was fired. This phone video taken in Largo, Florida, shows a police officer, Brian Livernois, using profane and threatening language at a 17-year-old boy. turn it off, turn it off, you got a problem with me, you got a problem with me, a group of witnesses behind the camera can be heard repeatedly telling the teen to calm down, the officer can then be seen placing his hand on the teen's arm and leading him away. to the hood of the car don't resist one of the witnesses the boy's friend was telling him not to resist arrest which made the boy calm down and turn his back on the police officer but then the unimaginable happened the officer actually grabbed the boy by the neck, resist, Reggie, don't resist, as you can imagine, that action upset everyone around, they started yelling and a guy wearing a red shirt ran towards the officer to confront him, the officer then released the teenager and walked away. got into a shouting match against the guy in the red shirt and told him that he is going to jail because of this incident, the Largo Police Department conducted an investigation on the officer and determined that he violated police conduct, which got him fired if you enjoyed the video make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to our channel for more police encounters hit the bell icon so you don't miss anything until next time abroad.

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