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Arrogant Cops Finally Pay the Price!

Jul 21, 2023
Cops always seem to think it's their way or not, well no in this video today we're going to see some of these



paying the


for being bad people, let's get into this first, we have their time. officers harass an army lieutenant not only treated him with disrespect but sprayed him with pepper spray driver roll up window the only traffic stop put your hands down put your hands out the window turn off the vehicle put your hands out the window put your hands out the window window and turn off the vehicle he is not complying Jeff come to your side look at your hands how many occupants are in the vehicle what is happening how many occupants are in your vehicle it's just me while you take out your weapons what is happening in the door get out slowly open the door I'm not going to get out of the vehicle what's happening get out what's happening get out of the car now open the door get out of the car keep your hands out of the window keep your hands out of the window my hands are here what's up let's go , get out of the car now the car, what's happening, get out of the car now, I'm serving this country and this is how they treat me, guess what, I'm scared too, I paid, what's happening, what's happening. about what's going on, you're setting up Ride the Lightning, son, I'm sorry, what car now, what's going on now, get out of the car, sir, just get out of the car, work with us and we'll talk to you, get out of the car. car you received an order a band I'm honestly afraid to go out, can I?
arrogant cops finally pay the price
Yes, I have not committed any crime, you did not suffer tribal rape, you are not cooperating right now, you are under traffic arrest, okay, classic violation, I do not have to get out of the vehicle, you have not even told me why I They stop so hard now get out of the car, get your hands off me, yeah, get your hands off me, you know what? Keep your hands off me, keep your hands off me, can you do something? What they will do next is completely unacceptable. These


are definitely getting what they deserve. Candice, how are you going to treat me?
arrogant cops finally pay the price

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arrogant cops finally pay the price...

I didn't do anything, wait, wait, look at it. deployed, get out of the car now, get out of the car now, sir, just get out of the car. I'm trying to breathe, get out of the car now, that's really up there, yeah, oh, get out of the car and jump now, get them in. I don't. I don't even want to reach for it, get out of the car now I hear, my hands are out, please, really look, this is really fucked up, my dog ​​is choking, get out of the car, special offers, I'm reaching for my seat belt, okay, Take off your seatbelt and get out of the car. car straight to the ground straight to the ground let's go look around what's going on why are they treating me like this why don't you cooperate get on the ground why are they treating me like that it's really screwed up here's what the chief of police says he had to say it's a little background on Officer Crocker and Officer Gutierrez, um, although they are both new to the department within the last year, Officer Gutierrez is an experienced officer and was filling the role of a field training officer.
arrogant cops finally pay the price
Officer Crocker had just graduated from the police academy in October and was still in his field training phase and what we call the shadow phase. One of the things when watching the video is looking at Officer Crocker and if you've seen the video, you'll see it there several times in the video where Officer Crocker makes an effort to verbally deescalate the situation with his mouth, changes his tone, his demeanor. , um, that's someone there who has the qualities of being a police officer, that sees, understands that importance. I have known Daniel since he was 14 years old. He is a lifelong resident of the town of Windsor.
arrogant cops finally pay the price
He wants to serve his community and I have no doubt that with a little additional training and a few more years under his belt, he will continue to serve it. community well and as with everything, this is a teaching moment for us, this is a teaching month, you know, watch your favorite NFL team after every Sunday game, what happens, win or lose, whether good or bad, they all enter the building and appear in the movie. All in all, hey, what can we do better? What did we do well? What did we do wrong? Where do we need to make changes?
How can we be more efficient and more effective and do a better job? And that's the same thing we do. What we're going to do with this is we're in this, we know there are deficiencies there, we're going to work to address those deficiencies and move forward next week, yes sir, if the FBI came with the Virginia State Police. On Monday they asked for some access to things they were granted access to. They answered the questions they had and the materials they were provided did not. I'm glad it's okay. You know, at the end of the day I'm glad no one got hurt.
That situation ended. The best way possible. I wish I had fulfilled much sooner. I'm going to admit what we did wrong. I can't speak for him, but I'm going to earn what we did. My boys missed opportunities to speak verbally. reduce the intensity of that thing and change the outcome, then this happens, the officer was fired. Watch it with its own headline in the news. A police officer in Virginia has now been fired after pepper spraying a black and Latino military officer during traffic. Stop, the officer's name is Joe Gutierrez, you see him here on the left pepper spraying Army Lt.
Col. Karen Nazario and yelling at her to get out of the car. Nazario sued the Windsor Police Department earlier this month alleging that officers racially profiled and overused him. City officials say an internal investigation found that Gutierrez did not follow department policies. The second officer involved in the traffic stop is still on the force. The Army lieutenant ended up winning thousands of dollars in the court battle with this officer. Now we have the time it took an officer. on the stand at a council meeting with the mayor and I directly disrespected him. I would like to know the agreement between Khan Johnson and the city on how he will be paid when he is released from his job because you know they are going to pay him a lot of money.
I would like to know the selection criteria used to select Khan Johnson as city manager and who else was ultimately evaluated for the position because I will not be left for the other one. Management and Leadership Consultants agree. that it takes seven or eight years to achieve a cultural change, not one or two. I personally believe that we are in the midst of a positive cultural change with our two previous police chiefs and that our current police chief, Dr. Ford, is another positive addition to making this happen if you keep changing people keep making excuses for a bad job you, our city council is doing good, calm down, everyone calm down, but that's a dog whistle, a dog whistle, racism, an apologist for what is absolutely wrong, you want to get out right now.
Wow, I am sick and tired of being attacked by these people in this community, apologizing for the racism that is happening in this community, you are the problem, listen, listen, please can we have a break? Can we make sure everyone calms down? an officer named Rose Valentino was given the Judy desk after she went on a racist rant in her car with her body camera on, you gotta move ridiculous, this profanity-filled rant sent veteran Cincinnati police officer Rose Valentino, to the desktop. duty on April 5 he was at the District 3 station to fill out a report when he noticed vehicles lying in the street to pick up students from school, activated his lights and quickly became angry when they did not move the body and the video The dash cam footage CPD just released shows what happened next.
I hate it so much, I hate this world after rolling up the window of her cruiser, she uses the n-word. Valentino told investigators that a black student gave her the finger, which led to her outburst. She was one of wnwt's four deep officers and appeared on a national level show. reality show televised in 2011 cincinnati police women there's never a dull moment, you approach every situation as if it's the first time you know you've dealt with that kind of thing in Valentino's most recent performance review dated after the rant in the who was congratulated as a Worker, it was later learned that this happened two years before this incident.
In March 2020, she was arrested off-duty. Her sister and brother-in-law accused her of pushing and hitting them with a closed fist and of using an umbrella to repeatedly hit a vehicle. pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and a misdemeanor and was ordered to attend an anger management evaluation two years later admitted he had no control over his emotions here to hate him Valentino told internal investigations this is a difficult job and it was getting to a point. where she really affected me that, she had been there for 14 years. Then we have an officer who was so


that even you would want to slap him.
He also doesn't realize that he's not six feet tall. He can't come back here, man. on the public sidewalk and outside the park, this is not private property, this is our property, uh, it doesn't say anything about there being no pedestrians back here, although that's fine, only parking for police vehicles, so this state is parking only for police vehicles, the state does not say so. no trespassing that's not right that's right what's your name on that I don't care what you say Mr. Tom Sick 3831 okay so let's get two things clear number one this is our property okay whose property is it property?, this is Publix property, okay.
Who pays it? Who pays it? Where do you live? I'm not going to give you that information. Okay, I'm not required to do it if you're not a resident of Robin, so you don't pay for it, that's number one. I don't know if I am or not I just asked you you need I don't need the answer you answer me that's how it works please well then do your job correctly and I wouldn't have to see a normally good that's not correct So let's talk to the supervisor . My captain is there. You want to talk to the captain.
Yes, let's go look for it. This says it is a police vehicle parking only three. So what is the problem? You're not alone back here. There is no sign that says it. public property this says parking I'm not in a vehicle I'm not alone back here it's not trespassing you can't trust Pac on public property when I'm doing a story you can't do that what are you doing? I'm doing an investigative story on this Police Department, why are you investigating? I can't, I can't go into the details, oh okay, top secret FBI stuff, yeah, no, they didn't say that kind of James Bond stuff, no, apparently that's something that sucks.
I'm going to ask you to stay six feet away from me. I'm six feet well so everywhere close to six feet tall so I don't know how far away it is so I'm doing the best I can. I know you don't know what. six feet is fine, then the officer fixes the situation when he realizes that he is wrong, he was still humiliated online and over 300,000 people saw that he was extremely unprofessional. I said we are number one, so let's get the facts straight. now I, we, the audience, you cut Up The W, yes, I have to confuse it, I'm sorry, I know you have a hard time with a lot of words, sentences in English, your camera is on, it's three minutes 40 40. okay, okay, Do you have a business card with you I have a business card but it doesn't have my name on it like I told you Officer Tom is like three eight three one I should write down your name and uh and you uh I'll write it down for after you can't remember right .
I would like you to do it too. You have an idea that proves that you are a real police officer. Am I on my non-member plate? I just left the police department, what ID? Do you have there? Can you read that? Surely you can. Alright. Be blessed, Mr. AK, for all these children. So I'll come back here. I'm glad to come back here. I'm not going to damage anything. I would like to speak to your captain, please. I'll wait. I will not leave. Can I get information so I can contact him later? Sorry guys, I feel like an idiot, but I'm not going to allow it.
Sorry for my language and for losing my cool, I haven't gotten to this point.

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