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Arkansas police chief arrested by State Police in his own backyard

Jul 22, 2023
gun were on him at the time and who made me come back see troy that was the guy the hidden guy yeah okay I'm going to talk to him because that's probably going to be a policy violation but that's not it don't try with us, this is the open beer that is there, he spilled it. I guess he probably spilled it and abandoned it, so I'm going to have a


ment for that, okay, you need it. to take pictures or anything since you released it, I mean, technically it's just a property related to them, I'm not really doing anything, so where did they go?
arkansas police chief arrested by state police in his own backyard
They are not so good. I need to talk to the underboss because technically I'm releasing it today joey is going to take it off and leave with it go get his ring back okay there's a sealed weapon going this is going to cause a conflict with me talking to him, but if I stop there it will probably make him more emotional. They came back here. He tries to accept. The thing is to do what you know. All that. No, he's talking about that. No, I'm talking about the guy who brought you here. Troy, you know, Troy's cat.
arkansas police chief arrested by state police in his own backyard

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arkansas police chief arrested by state police in his own backyard...

Yes, where is he? he from uh nathan, I think nathan, he's fine, what did he need to come in? My baby couldn't be driving here. I'll have to fix it. Get off, but get off, you think she'll probably catch it. What's likely is that I don't. We don't need to stop with him, that would probably make him a little more excited if it turns out that it seems like a security issue, don't worry, I'm not worried, but we can. Get his name if we can get my writing, so I can just put it in a report saying that he drove out that dragon and still caused it a little damage.
arkansas police chief arrested by state police in his own backyard
It was before or happened after three things. Okay, I'll take it. I'm going to take pictures of it and let me, uh, let me sort of circle around it all and see if they don't, what do you have? You don't have to wait, wait here, okay, we're leaving, I'm trying to Turn around, we're leaving right now, okay, I'll talk to you all for a minute, oh, we'll bring you down here. I hope I can move. I can't believe I have a drunk. in my


, you fell here to do what I need to pee, let's get out of here real quick, I think the emotions of your friends back there got the best of me, hell, that's my fucking house. there's quite a bit of shit, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, fair, fair, where's that road?, although you know, okay, it's a clear drought, oh, yeah, yeah, I'm not staying stuck now, follow the tracks, grab your legs, oh, what the hell, now, uh, go ahead. up here yes on the right I don't want one so rare yes that would be difficult a g10 where are you from uh 10 15 10 19 out of 10 32 to howard I will give you a 21 when this is over to give you information Hello friend, I'm from Hempstead for that hope, yeah, yeah, they were hitting us so hard with calls that I came to help another soldier and then they called me here from Hempstead because they were getting so many calls, oh yeah, yeah.
arkansas police chief arrested by state police in his own backyard
Sorry, it's just going to be a speed bump, we're going to get over it, it's just going to be a speed bump, we're going to get over it, 34 years old, I'm on full throttle now, yeah, I can be sure you can't take me home 34 years old I wish I could and honestly I mean, I just wish I could but there's a letter of the law there that I signed up for and there's an oath that I knew better, I knew better, I knew better. But I have a problem and I have to solve it Oh, you're good, I'm not stupid, I may be drunk, but I'm not here.
I knew better, I knew better, I knew better, I guess. I'm done, you know you do something and you know better than I've done it, maybe it's a good thing, come on, buddy, let's go to Howard Howard County ain't that like Howard County Well, he turned a good one, you know , Alright. that's it, it's supposed to be on that street, yeah well I just wanted to see if this house was still available, you don't want that house now, that house is good, I ever had a problem, I think everyone has to a certain extent point six and a year and a half ago I had weight loss surgery, yeah, and I held the gastric sleeve and my dad did that, yeah, yeah, I lost like 200 pounds, holy smokes and anyway, that's part of what caused my problem, your body once you do it.
It trains itself to absorb whatever you put in it 10 times faster like an idiot, that's where I am, that's the sad thing, spit, shoot, stab in the jaw, what happens when you're done, will you take me back home? I think you're your brother is going down hey yeah oh shit that's tough could you email me and text me 10 19 mi 1097 at my time 10 15 please so um


car? I've been doing this since I was 18 years old. Okay, I've got some music here a little bit. a little bit, be honest with you, I don't usually listen to it, I find it, although yes, I'm not dangerous, I'm not going to hurt you now, I'm not worried about training it, sharing the word of God, my brother got my pocket knife.
It doesn't mean that yes, sir, that nine millimeter and a nice, fun magnum in your back pocket and someone just sees them, I guess so, they're in Europe, they're in the unit, they're in their patrol car, okay. , yes, Start thinking oh hot country uh okay uh oh it's time please thank you um 10 to 30. oh, here yes, say that my brother came here yes, in the process I, eh, do you have a job, do you? Have you ever been addicted to something? I mean, I eat tobacco and stuff, but do whatever tobacco and stuff, there's the comedown, yeah, I can tell you today that I've been there and I quit in 2015.
I quit different things in June of '95, the first thing I I did. Have you ever killed this, yeah, you ain't no fun, I like it about a year, I'm in the fall, oh boy, it's okay, damn, they shot me, they shot me, they spat, I keep the job, I, myself all time, oh, and not you. Don't throw away your damaged cell phone, it is repairable whether it is a screen replacement or micro-soldering. M-Tec Electronics can repair, repair, and at the best price in town, call them today for your smartphone, computer, and game console repair. 2012 summer hill square texarkana the mustard seed spice market has over 300 spices and other things.
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