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Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?

Jun 09, 2021
bye big banner hey guys welcome back to my first


stream prerecorded and edited to put on youtube so I don't know if you noticed but a pattern has been developing lately and it's not a good one. it all started in january when this clip went viral of a


streamer raging at the thought of going a few minutes without making any money how do i need subscribers to make this stream work if you like the content blah blah blah how does that result in zero subscribers are there customers regulars here $5 per mod I bucks $5 to provide the content you're looking at look I have a wall of no subscribers this is really heartbreaking because it's like people don't really respect me. constant creaming, unsurprisingly, this sparked outrage on Twitter, people made YouTube videos about it, and despite the overwhelming majority of opinion that this girl was wrong to do this, it was probably the most attention it's ever gotten. had received.
are the twitch beggars baiting us
Which brings us to culprit number two, this one from last month. I'm unemployed so basically all my money goes to bills and food or I would support you. It's five dollars, like I'm broke. that doesn't really track what you mean is i'm so irresponsible with my money i can't support the entertainment i enjoy guys 5 bucks isn't that much money so i beg you but once again more twitter outrage more viral videos from YouTube on it and the internet unites once again to shame this self-righteous person as it should but the pattern continues 500 subscribers we have to get to 500 subscribers it's the only way I commit to a streaming schedule we are at 187 and not tell you nothing right now.
are the twitch beggars baiting us

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are the twitch beggars baiting us...

I'm beginning to suspect why Amanda Cerny, an internet veteran, makes the same mistakes as these other streamers. Is she not aware of the negative reaction they received or even if she misunderstood a bit how her words could have the same effect Is it true or is she extremely aware of it and that is the reason why she did this? . You see a lot of people. I have known Amanda Cerny for a few years. She was a former Viner turned Instagram comedian. now thanks to this clip and subsequent tweets about it i am not only reminded of the fact that she exists but i now know that she is twitch broadcasting a lot of people know that now all it takes is a trip to her social sheet to see how many people know that by now it might be that given the current internet climate the most effective marketing tool for your twitch stream is to do the exact same thing that is working for you so far and thank goodness if it didn't for this clip being skipped, I would have missed some of the best Red Dead 2 gameplay I've ever seen.
are the twitch beggars baiting us
I killed my now if we're going to take these three clips at face value and compare them, this is by far the most. defensible I can understand what you mean by saying your words were taken out of context I think maybe someone was asking you what your hours are and all you say is I want to have a consistent schedule but until this becomes a viable source of income for me, I'd be better off. use my time to make money in other ways which is a good feeling, it's more because of the way she came out, she has this exasperated feeling like the guys.
are the twitch beggars baiting us
I've been streaming for four days and only 187 people have agreed. to give me money for a lot of people to watch don't think you're lucky to be in that position people stream for years with no subscribers they just do it because they like it so when people like Amanda Cerny she's already a very rich person go on twitch and ask yourself why people don't throw their money at them right away he just seems entitled and out of touch you've only streamed like 10 times have you ever considered maybe you're not that good at it yeah ? it will take some practice before People want to reward you just for putting in the least bit of effort.
I feel like most people, especially creators already established on the internet, assume that streaming on twitch is the easiest thing in the world. No, you just sit and play video games all day. I could do that, but the streamers that people watch, the ones that I watch constantly, are really good at it, they're fun and entertaining, they put on a show or they're just extremely good at the game they're playing or have a skill that most people don't have that's fun to watch, maybe if you created a fun vibe or we're better at the game you're playing or even if you just interacted with your chat instead of looking at your phone every time a scene comes up.
I would see the value in spending money to support your stream. The quickest way to anger people is to act like you are entitled to their money by simply existing in front of them as if they are honored to be privileged with financial support. I also tell you what a big slap in the face for people who already subscribed like their support means nothing but the fact is if she meant to stir the pot or just did it by accident this is the best advertisement for her. ordinary than she possibly she could have asked for. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already doubled her goal of 500 subs now just saying something dumb about numbers.
I want to go back and talk a bit more about invader V who is also doing well despite saying much worse things that are so toxic especially when people are losing their jobs it really is a half apology later and his army of white knights continues to get stronger by the day even during that stream i was getting new subscribers left and now if you don't mind i want to go ahead and go through your apology because i think it's a real masterclass and to save face hello you guys are here now because you've seen a clip of me mm-hmm and you're so angry about what I said in that question what I said was deaf uh-huh insensitive uh-huh and stupid uh-huh the clip you saw doesn't represent my true feelings wait what i expressed opinions i don't hold at all i said things i didn't wasn't mean and they were vile ok wait you can do that you can go off on strongly stubborn tangent and then s I implemented to say, well, actually, that wasn't my opinion, that's why I said it because it wasn't what I felt that I said. you got it wrong in any context but especially in the context of a global pandemic so you then open up question time and then you struggle to answer any of them and just move on I want to talk to you I want to hear your voices I want to answer the questions what do you have with all due respect why didn't you apologize before the clip blew up okay um yo that's a hard question to answer i wish i could talk about it all day and answer every single one of your questions you came i wish i could give you a satisfying answer so you can see who I really am so do that but that's not what it's about this apology isn't about apologizing I'm going to BRB just give me a quick moment everyone and that's all the apology was like eight minutes of her saying she didn't really mean what she said and wants to take this opportunity to learn and grow so she will spend the next three hours ignoring p questions and acting like big names on the defensive in chat.
I all like to see the same five comments repeated. 800 times is so funny it took her like four days to apologize and then about ten minutes for her to get mad at everyone for bringing it up. I think this person's comment I saw sums it up perfectly, so at this point I was pretty much involved in the situation and had to dig deeper, especially when he said this, thank you vertical lion for understanding that a whole person cannot be summed up in a 30 second clip which is an important detail to point out that CV wants us to think that all his shit was contained in that 30 second clip that happened, however that is not true and I know because for some reason, the content of that stream is still on his channel you can still go watch the dont worry though you dont have to do that because i have nothing to do in my life and i already did it start small with some guilt trips not so subtle here and there.
It would be better if you dominate me. sometimes i just listen to them while i work dammit i hope as they work harder and get that money money money they throw me a substitute too thank you guys for sub thank you guys for being reasonable people but as it goes on he gets more and more manipulative well the streamers give hundreds of hours of content for free if you owe them anything they don't actually owe you anything no no that's not true, no one owes you anything. whatever people watch your stream are watching the ads b Before your stream they are boosting your stream like in the rankings simply by being there.
The more viewers you have, the more likely it is that other people will see that they don't actually owe you a subscription. Twitch is a free platform if you will. they can watch you for free, and what she said is especially untrue: on the other hand, it's like once people give you money, they're paying a subscription fee to let you make content you owe them now you owe them content they paid for , but as bad as that statement was it only gets worse that's so toxic especially people are losing their jobs it really isn't and if you think it is I guess you just don't understand how this platform works and I encourage more perspective how can someone be so wrong and condescending at the same time at this point even her fans the people watching right now started to question her logic but she didn't back down she wouldn't admit that maybe she's wrong, some people work and struggle and don't have $5.00.
Still, you're obviously not the person he was talking to, but you seem so self-centered that you thought he was talking specifically to you. to the group darling these are exquisite contributions to a very good conversation and these people in the chat making these comments don't look like immature kids like cheap exhaust at all they're just sitting there you're masturbating as hard as they can in silence. like they can because their parents are in the next room talking about how disappointed they are and wondering why they would pay for this when it's only allowed to be given away for free.
The best thing about that clip is what happens right after. she's just sitting there laughing at her own hilarious joke and stops to look at her phone and i think she sees a text from someone who's probably like a friend what the hell are you doing? Oh my God, that instant change in her facial expression. she n she is priceless but she doesn't affect her for more than a few seconds because she then she goes straight back into her echo chamber where she has no reason to believe she is saying the wrong thing most of the audience of she is not disturbed by this. she could probably be beating them to death with a shovel and they would still just comment on how good she is, i love you and those who defy what she says are outnumbered by people commenting on things like this which i have never seen. a person who is so nice to people who don't even know who you are so nice that we're watching the same stream doesn't matter though she's so confident in her ability to mentally dominate her loyal horde of simps that she can just blatantly contradict herself Well, I never said that if you don't have five bucks for me, you should be working.
Actually, I didn't say that if you don't have ten bucks, you probably don't have time to watch twitch because you should be working, but you said that no gamer is the worst ever. You definitely heard that, but that's not really what I said. You should be working. I didn't say if you don't have five dollars for me. You are irresponsible with your money. I'm so irresponsible. with my money i didn't say if you don't have five bucks from me you are irresponsible with your money if you don't have five bucks to subscribe to a twitch streamer you watch you are probably irresponsible with your money i could have just deleted it on the bot and i couldn't have edit it together but it's your fault his argument doesn't end there even though he really wants you to give him some money so he starts comparing his stream to cost. of other things to show you how valuable it is it's less expensive than a netflix account and you don't get stuck with a number of screens if you pay for a twitch subscription that goes against that it will carry over to all the platforms you want to watch twitch on sorry guys a second hang on i just got a heavy trip here somewhere sorry guys i was just trying to find the logic here your subscription is more valuable than netflix because people can watch it on multiple devices last time I verified that Netflix has like a billion movies, it doesn't ask me for money and there is no free version.
I can watch your stream for free now. This is what I know. I don't have to be as upset about this as I am and I really wanted to try and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I was. she just had a really bad day and she said something stupid because she was mad. I got mad and said stupid. I don't think that defines you as a person, so every other dayI would check to see if she was streaming and if she went like 20 minutes here and there just to get a feel for the body and my first conclusion was that she seems very smart, although she also likes to tell people that she is.
Do you know as much as how are you able to talk about so many topics and then they ask and you watch all these TV shows the answer is the same I think one of the reasons I can talk about so many different types of topics is because I don't spend a lot of time watching television, but I think he speaks very well. I think it does a good job of moving the conversation forward, especially considering that most of the responses are just plain bullshit and I actually felt myself starting to pull away from my frustration, but then a few minutes after one of the first live streams that I clicked on, he brought up the situation again and said that a lot of people were talking again about how I should get a job or should I work.
I thought it was pretty funny because a lot of the streamers saying stuff like that I've had more jobs than them I've worked harder than them a lot of them are just professional streamers who've been playing since they were 16 17 18 I've actually been working since that I was that age and I wasn't doing it in front of an audience, it wasn't some glamorous screaming job, trust me, okay, first of all, I scrolled through Twitter at the time. I didn't see any big streamer telling him to get a real job. Some pretty valid points so I don't know what you're talking about but wait I thought the whole reason for demanding subscribers was that you deserve people's money because you work so hard and streaming isn't as easy as people think . the more proficient you are at something the easier it seems but when other people have the same job as you for them it's just a glamorous word oh my god the hypocrisy it's amazing how you've tried to change the narrative here despite not Have a solid foundation to stand on. which makes me think this is all part of this too let's recap first she demands people give her money and they make a video that blows up so she apologizes to save face but welcomes all new viewers , some of them are just there to leave the comments for what he said, which is unfortunate, but of course, he uses it as an opportunity to play the victim, which leads to even more people donating and subscribing because they want to cheer her up and that completes the cycle well done V well done and guys I know I know if this was all bait I fell for it so much I'm like the dumbest fish in the world that ribeye stuck to a sharp object I'm not leaving to fall in love with it but i like to stay on the bottom line don't do this don't try to blame people for giving you their money and don't chide them when they give you a valid reason why they can if people want to support you and have the ability to support you e more often than not they're going to support you guys too seriously don't go and harass anyone i talked about in this video if you're mad i get it i'm too mad but i'm giving you an open invitation now to just vent in the comments but please don't go on someone's live stream and come to infl ammatory just to try and get a reaction out of them which is not great to end this video on a positive note.
I would like to mention some of my favorite streamers because I watch twitch almost every day. the number one Chris Mel burger is the goat in constantly entertaining Eddie Gus Jake in my opinion. They're all streaming pretty regularly now and I think they're making it through not just because they're my friends, although that's definitely part of it. Jenna and Julian are always great. Thomas Middleditch is on Twitch. now what the heck i love that guy too if you haven't gone watch his netflix special with ben schwartz it's the hardest month i've ever lasted there are so many wonderful people on twitch and i hate that bullies can lead people to think it's just a cesspool full of greedy when actually that's the minority, well with all this talk about money i think it's time i go ahead and pay my own bills in case the basketball hoop hasn't already made it obvious I have a lot of online shopping in my office and if there's one thing I've learned it's that the internet can be expensive, especially now that people are trying to charge you five bucks just to look at them, but if you'd rather save money online than spend it, then You'll probably be interested in today's sponsor, uh honey, it's a free browser extension that automatically scans the web for coupons every time you shop online and applies them right when you're about to checkout, not t has to do it. search for anything you don't even have to remember to activate it automatically pops up and clicks a button and finds coupons for it comes in handy all the time like maybe you're like me and eventually come to the conclusion that shoes are pointless now and then you realize it's time to stock up on slides, you might think you're already getting a good deal because they're on sale but then honey says oh wait I think I can save you even more money and they? three? dollars and forty five cents you would have spent if you hadn't installed honey you wouldn't even know you could have saved that money honey has already saved seventeen million users over two billion dollars in savings again just because they had it on their computer, it's literally free money, they currently support over 30,000 online stores, have over a hundred thousand five-star reviews on Google Chrome, and they just partnered with PayPal so you know they're trustworthy to download honey for the low price of zero dollars a click in the link the description that joins honey calm slash drew from there it's only two clicks to install and now your internet will make things cheaper for you for the rest of your life you're welcome thank you honey for sponsoring today's video and thanks to all the clouds outside that move around and make the lighting extremely inconsistent and thanks to hat for covering my hair.
I'm going to sit down again. I recorded that part three. days ago I don't know who I'm trying to fool thank you very much for watching today's video if you enjoyed it remember as always please PayPal me $1000 cash right now do it right do it I need it just kidding guys you don't owe me anything thank you very much for watching my videos you've given me a run just by looking at me that's seriously that's all you had to do i have a couple more videos coming out this month that will be more on the lighter side sorry this one was wilder and made you mad .
I like to do this kind of weather, but anyway, stay safe, good night.

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