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Arcade Time! - Starcraft 2 - Livestream

Jun 11, 2021
okay do it foreigner hello hello hello everyone and welcome to another live stream thank you all for coming so early as we are just starting here I hope you had a great day and I look forward to seeing You join these lobbies because We're going to play some


games here tonight with plenty of room if you want to join in, so load up those games and I'll see you in a few minutes, just making sure everything's okay. nice and stable here for those who have been here waiting since before the stream started, congratulations, thanks for being part of the initial group, you'll know I had a bit of chaos but it seems like everything is fine.
arcade time   starcraft 2   livestream
Okay, then, let's get this party started. Shall we go to Starcraft camp? Nuclear launch warning detected. Well hello awesome Toyota coming up with the nuclear launch. Welcome back. Long


without nuclear weapons. How have I been? I've been. I've been good, I've been busy, I actually had a nice long day today. I have to do a little more, it worked at least I hoped it would work. Instead, I had to run wires and um drill wires, which for those who are familiar with that. minus that and more now I have fiberglass scrapes all over my hands, so it was an exciting


for moments I did throughout the day.
arcade time   starcraft 2   livestream

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I just got back a few minutes ago. Actually, I have to prepare a delicious meal for myself if you guys see a discord. I had a delicious dinner and it was much better than I expected considering how quickly I prepared it, but hey, can we love and shout for the amazing Toyota that comes with the first first support, the first nuclear launch of the live broadcast, they are 4? A.M. and you can't sleep well. I've heard that listening to this broadcast is a good way to fall asleep. Everything is on fire. Everything is always on fire.
arcade time   starcraft 2   livestream
Well hello banshee, hey, it's been a long year until they sold it. new badge I'm glad you really enjoy it I really think the one year badge is my favorite among many of them it's uh it's Kuwait it's pretty good what was the dinner? Well if you check the discord you can see in the discord what I posted warning that heavy code seems to be detected, you have a unique job with the amount of content you post. I thought you were a full-time YouTuber. I do side jobs when asked and I have time for it. I give priority to YouTube, but uh.
arcade time   starcraft 2   livestream
I still have side jobs sometimes, I mean, they pay well, like sometimes I can't say no, but yeah, you think the nuclear siren is a little scarier, a little more, more attention-grabbing, yeah, warning, a nuclear launch was detected, that's not what I wanted. it will be another nuclear launch coming from nish not even a message just showing that support thank you very much nish and hey twitch is live today if you remember the last stream we uh the twitch stream had to go which generated a lot of people are sad, but you know it's back today, your minecraft update? uh, today I'm not as tempted as I am to go into caves and cliffs, so now we should be able to do some good damage, oh, that's a lot more, never mind.
I'm not going to activate the latter here, I think with my teammate coming to save Phoenix we'll actually make it, but okay, we're pushing through the middle, that's what I want to see. Have I ever played Kerrigan Survival? Yes, yes I got it. uh that's pretty good, good phoenix league, I mean, Phoenix is ​​a good unit, I'm going to filter with something, you might as well filter with Phoenix, right, why is he walking up to melee range to hit, what are you? the mortal you have? range okay okay this is going to be a brutal breakout a brutal breakout yeah just erase the whole wave except Gary and that's how it ends beautiful so I want these up here you and then why that It costs money?
Yes, executor. they helped you with some of those videos the food looked very tasty oh it was oh very much so that thick cockroach doesn't come down thank you we're still hitting steadman which is good carrots chicken and potatoes uh yeah , there are many others. ingredients that would be included, but those are the main dishes, well, not really, it's not chicken or pork. The difference between pork chops was that you had Chinese food, it came from a place that has Thai in the name, that's worrying, it's like going to a butcher shop to get to get a salad like one of these things just doesn't belong here just clean up in the excellent way, uh, what do I need next?
Probably a couple more immortals just to make sure we clear the ground consistently a couple more depths and then, um. yeah i definitely gotta get airborne as the scout hero and probably the wielder versus muniz uh-oh it's super gary and now he's super dazed yeah it's not working very well enjoy your stalking pure ragers does everything really have a counterattack for Phoenix? um, I really don't know. Sabather has a hard time against Phoenix. He really has a hard time against Phoenix. As if they were good. They are building the. I imagine it is the best. The best option, but.
Still, it's still tough, my travelers just melt on adaptations, roaches melt on immortals and when I take out the warlike, even that devastating one, yeah, havoc would work decently well. The guardians know that the guardians do not work well, the scouts hit them very hard like in a game. finally hard i had so little hp it's still painful it'll be another wave of aoe in my face god talder and the immortal hero he's on is an immortal with splash damage like why who thought it was a good idea essentially to be great for This yeah, well, Phoenix entries are always great.
I just want to make sure I'm winning my wave. I have the right units I need first before I get them. I usually get one in front when I come back. You're glad to be at the top. school oh yeah congrats on the way the devs obviously that's fair although I don't think they're really taking the pvp into account when I did that thing about the mutas just melting down the ravagers who are having a hard time with it at least i tried to do it, what are your banks doing? I don't know my question, I would say I question, but I don't question, I don't think about it much anymore.
Looks like we need more warbearer action, it's that phoenix thing, getting better. one of his unit types to a stronger version of himself, more or less uh Phoenix gets a heroic version of all his units and the more non-heroic versions he has of that unit, the stronger the heroic version will be, so for For example, I have this Talus, who is simply an adept with double HP, does just double damage on his auto attack, and gains a special ability called Rookie Shake Glaive, which is an amplified glaive that bounces eight times and hits people. enemy units by 25 plus 20.
Each adept's damage increases this by 2.5 damage, so the more regular depths you have, the stronger this adept hero ability will become and yes, you can literally get enough depths with a single shot at all units or eight units every time it's cast, it's quite, it's quite quite good, it's the same with all units, each unit has an ability like that, oh yeah, the high temperature, it's strange to see high templars in these days, but hey, you know they were never terrible before, but now with the cost. The changes are actually quite good, they are really competitive compared to our disadvantages.
We are very tempted to mix a couple of disruptors. Let's get a couple of disruptors. An explorer. We will review all hero units. A pair of black hammers. versus that's not cool, well you know whatever makes him happy, I guess black hammers aren't very good versus anything here, uh, black hammers specialize in anti-air, specifically splash damage, anti-air, um , so I'm sure mojo will be good against the uh mutas. Yeah I got him, no we're not really worried about the mutes right now, I'll catch him eventually, but I'm handling the muta well enough that it's not an immediate concern, I think I'll catch him.
Next, although this is the only hero, I really don't know, he is the only hero that I don't really have to go with the proper Peru strategy. Hey hot glide welcome oh how was the uh bastion smash? Is there a metric that tracks chats and engagement? Yes Yes. I started playing new


games last month. Hey, I reviewed a couple of poker games that I still don't really like. Battle poker is pretty cool, not really new, just games I haven't played before. You have to fly. wntg fashion oh flying the big ones today you had between 20 and 25 bastions removed for the event oh my lord, I forgot how last time there weren't that many the last time it was like one two three four five six so it was like nine bastions last time It's time to play the fight tonight, I don't know if I'm that interested in the fight as it's not that interesting, a good one, all so bad for Phoenix Meghalatra, yes they can be a bit difficult to deal with to say the least, definitely.
I want to get rank plus here you are and uh what are we missing? Oh, we're missing you. I will make you know very well that I am not interested in you, but you enable Probius just to hide here, look at Probius, he is so. small, there were at least 25 teams participating, that's fair, that's a lot, that's a lot, a lot of players and a lot of stronghold events, they did about 60 Rotary Coyote esf kills, yes, that's a lot, that's a lot. funny, which is probably stability, probius has a passive ability, eh, he gains one more weapon damage per unit built, but otherwise he's literally a normal probe with normal probe stats, so right now he does five more 24 damage.
I'm going to make the mixer cry. Why are you such a bully playing probes versus ls today probes versus roaches is furious bait oh god no please I don't want theories leaking into my wave. Those fools are impossible to kill. I'm not interested in publishing engagement metrics at this time. Honestly, mostly because I forget where they are and have to look them up and it's also like an image format, it's not an easy spreadsheet to copy and paste, so I think I need to get a metric ton of immortals because I'm getting into ultra risks that They do terrible things to my wife.
I mentioned upgrades as I got to brutalist and one attacked him, that's how it works so you never get that powerful. These Phoenix units are a bit pricey. by virtue of being protoss wntg vs tndm ooh, crossing the continent, yes, crossing the lake, if you accumulate the omega ultras, the models just unlock. I'm here to do as much damage to that wave as possible. I'll get busy trying to do it. defeat him later if we ever come to that if I get that my real name is something that is known I don't like to go to great lengths to hide my personal information it's just not associated with the channel there are a lot of people You have are you aware that tndm is Emerald, what is my name.
I must be thinking of something different. I must be thinking of something different. It doesn't matter, thanks for correcting me, except for the century. Yes, the century doesn't really have a hero nor does it. The observer put another set behind. Players are always fine, but they are a situational unit, as icons are usually the best option. In fact, that's exactly what it is now as if they were a more common option now included in the game. what you did with one of your with your one of the you learned from the game with one of the broadcasts you did through dad, the giant robot game, speaking of which, my messenger five just got a big new update, came with a downloadable content as well as um uh release on Steam and Xbox and cross platform support, so it actually has a lot of new stuff, it's probably not a thing. sometimes he actually manages to participate, we can see it next time we go to battle, the altruists will murder him with that online queer.
I played Mechwarrior online so much that my core online was that guy who played it competitively. I had a team, it was great, it was a good time, why are we bringing it back? I don't know if giant laser giraffes are like owls, they just spin around as they see fit, do what they want, oh god now I have these leak inside me and there goes my oh actually mojo managed to survive just come on probius gets a zap oh we tried oh well the ground died oh well it's okay you tried it was brave I need a band or two that's a lot of ultras Okay I think after this it will be enough.
In fact, I need to get three, three, everything you currently had. on the channel where I played my warrior as a warrior online, you can search if you want to see me playing so many sky furies, let's do warrior five uh mechwarrior five, well, I recommend searching for it, it's a cooperative mech. Stepping game, you pilot a robot in a simulator style environment and you can step on things, it's a great experience all around, well flannel man, I'm glad you enjoyed playing a flute too. I haven't played my career with you in a long time. gaming presented a video about it, yes, if I remember correctly, Macquarier 5 was launched yesterday.
In fact, I dida big marketing campaign, so I wouldn't be surprised, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of bigger channels pick it up. The robots went downhill very quickly. They were robots. You know they tried. That's all I can say about it. The game has never been so good. The Mechwarrior series has been the cream of the crop for a long time. Bear Duel has a great mega warrior battle deck. channelIn fact, its timing is a bit difficult, since I joined a group of other guys. A rare duel might be a little difficult for my time zone.
I've played with him a few times, but he's killed me from behind once while I was running with him and he panicked because I was doing what I normally do with the lights and I was actually trying to take a lot of life off him, a lot. of lights to our off. from our main and he just like double ac 20 my leg from behind, I was like why are you like this duel on TV? Yeah, I used to uh I used to pair her quite a bit with the violet blue because she gives off a lot of light. neck stuff and I was always the light pilot, gathering a good pack of wolves is a lot of fun, Starcraft 2 arcade is a lot of fun, don't even play regularly anymore, you see, it's a very common feeling, horrible reviews on Xbox so far .
I have no idea, I haven't played it on Xbox, I can't say we are in our wolf packs, oh that's a nightmare for all wolf packs. Piranha wolf packs are not the most threatening, but they are pretty good. meme and they're actually strong enough that you can't, you can't ignore them. Regular Starcraft 2 seems stressful, it is, but hey, you know, that's half the enjoyment. I think we actually have enough immortals here to defeat the ultras. It doesn't matter, I'm so wrong, those mech ultras are very good, we almost defeated them all, we did a lot of damage to them but there aren't enough opinions on each mix, uh, they're not for me, I get it, they're just not mine. kind of mech, okay, I know I like light mechs and all, but that one isn't light, the one that pretends to be heavy, pretends like you're actually enjoying this relaxing voice, but it makes it hard to stay awake during the broadcast , well, if you want. to wake up, you can always press the nuclear button, you can always go to Lyran Scout Lance, done that a few times, what was it when I was doing the uh mic warrior, five live streams?
It's early, I could call him through the access release, there was the uh, I found a guy who was particularly good with max assault. It was a lot of fun to join them for the uh the quad atlas drops the fabs as they are the air superiority gap is extreme yeah Phoenix has a plane it doesn't have that big plane. but in some scenarios it might be particularly difficult to deal with 42 aoe damage on your intercept for attacks oh my god, the aoe uh, it drops like five bombs in a row or something, it's four times, yeah, four times, it's just disgusting. good old house scout spear steiner four atlas followed by four more affected eyes i don't even know how to do warrior five i tend to prefer lighter mechs like the uh still one of my favorites welcome back travis's game seems to be in a companion of steel Not very good gg, hello engine, come in and join the raid.
Congratulations, you just got access to all the beautiful emotes here on the channel, as well as the special access role on Discord. Welcome to the party imagining a 12 atlas. mwo, I mean, we used to do that kind of thing all the time, like getting into these competitive matches, it's pretty normal to see that the Twitch title is wrong, I wouldn't doubt it, it likes to update incorrectly, yeah, okay, thanks for let me know. I forgot to use this particular setting, it will update correctly when it goes live and then shortly after, in less than a minute, it will go back to what it was and I have to update it again after starting the stream and checking it, so it should.
Be good now, thanks Atlas just got super upgraded, it can actually twist, no I heard about that. Do I have any interest in games like Subnautica, the survival type games? I'm going to say yes, but it comes with the caveat every time I play. those games uh they're all gone which is great everything's on fire I'm happy to enjoy the games but all this mechanical talk you think we should start with the ppc puns again oh god that one It was a brutal period. You always like crazy people. cat for clans and warhammer or marauder for the inner sphere, that's probably the most average average opinion. timber wolf is extremely popular, but I'm doing any Dyson sphere, uh, not at the moment, not that it's not a good game, I just have others.
The games on the list at the moment the survival type games aren't really a loser for the crowd but you still like the therapeutic wandering you see that's what makes them fun it's fun to play Mad Cat mk2 it's strong Well, games you're playing today, probably some direct hit, probably some cat and mouse, probably some, uh, dungeon masters, timber wolves, just the iconic robot, yeah, they're, they're the ones. that everyone knows as satisfactory, almost didn't arrive on time, they get punched. away siege tank you are not welcome here it was carrick recently added to direct attack no character has been around in a long time wood is okay it is a bit overshadowed by hellbent and mechwarrior online yes this is the traditional splat cat everything is on fire why What do you always lose when you go to medevac spam.
I can't imagine why I wonder if the Knight of Chaos has heard of the corrupting lord and savior. How am I today? I'm doing very well, very good, very good, a little tired, I spent most of the time. the day I find something that works, I mean drilling wires and running wires through fiberglass, this is usually just throwing bodies to the other side so you win, it may look like that, but it is, it's a complete strategy. Think of it as if this game is a lot like rock, paper, scissors. I'm building, I'm building. I have all these units to work with and all these synergies I can build.
I'm selecting them very carefully for my opponent to do. Being defeated by the wave I'm launching. I'm trying to predict what my opponent will do and build accordingly. It also has the added effect of me having to worry about potential leaks. In this case, I mutate from my ally and I have to build. additional to account for the synergies of having little teammates that will potentially beat my way, you never see splat cats, they work on my warrior five, I mean, black cats work on mwo, they work on doing warrior five, microwave five, a bit. It's actually harder to get them to work due to ammo reasons.
Splat cats tend to have problems with ammo, so by putting them in a long marathon style game like my five warriors, they end up having worries and Tychus is stone paper. and scissors, yeah, and you just call white papers, this is a strategy game, this makes it a strategy game, start rock paper scissors, yeah, spread them out a little more, it's a big boy, yeah, the attack It's his chainsaw if you know how to build it, yeah, oh God. we are going to lose there is no help only there is only loss at least those mutas are too distracted with the base to be victorious here okay so when this happens I need to go to level three jk the immortals are a good unit, a 5d chest with a multiverse time travel, yes, adding flying creatures and mechs with the guns, rock paper scissors, I guess to make it a strategy game, that's the idea Phoenix recently added to Direct Strike.
No, Phoenix was not recently added to Direct Strike. Neither does the phoenix, oh sweet Jesus, it has corrupters, it is beautiful and they have many deaths. They all seem free, yes they are, if you want to make your rock paper scissors more interesting and tell your opponent that you are going to throw a rock beforehand. The amount of mental gymnastics they start doing is beautiful, yeah, what do you think about the new director of Phoenix Commander? I'm still thinking about the name change, why are you like this? Why didn't you win? This looks difficult. Immortals are a good unit, unfortunately. live long enough to make it to the end, okay, let me get this third one up and we'll be fine.
Is there anything that could be considered mirage bearer spam? A lot of things I've been to in Sandestin in Florida, I don't know. I don't think I've ever actually heard of that oh no, oh there go my skills, I needed them, okay, a few hours with very little hp, a peace, okay, break the dream, pick this up and then we need many more immortals, how does Carrick handle the mass? air like air swimming um mostly just dies kyrax doesn't have any splash damage or doesn't have any air splash there's character there yeah that's pretty much how it works I'm not even going to get invulnerability right?
I don't know the details, you just like to see the units attack and that's why we're here. I think the best thing I can do is get more immortals. Yes, do as much damage as you can before you lose everything. I returned it. You should go to Sandestin, Florida. I have lived in Florida. I highly doubt there is much difference between one beach and another. I've been to most of the beaches in almost all of the keys, from Miami Beach to Key West, even some beaches that are not public because that doesn't work for the government and they let you on those beaches if you work there because you have to work on the beach setting up a temporary facility and giving it internet, which is infested with iguanas like literally hundreds of iguanas, oh rip. banana bean or torn bottom I'm so sorry for you uh yes yes okay macro magician we will miss her uh that means there are a lot more tigers on the field which means I need a lot more annihilator uh that also means what else does that mean they lost, yes, a little there too many more gentlemen.
I've been to that little US post office, the beauty of Miami and Naples, maybe I have no idea at least now you can laugh at my carex, away from the Bermuda shorts, yeah, yeah, the havoc. They're being micrographed nicely, in fact, that's what happens when you play with tryhards who can tell he wanted to make you look good, it's got some nice beaches, uh, I have family that lives in Hawaii, they're pretty nice, okay, These are here like us. I'm about to get trampled again, that's my favorite beach in the world. Don't know. I'm not a fan of beaches most of the time.
To be honest, I'm not much of a beach person. Okay, let's prevent this from happening. Oh, you. I know I used that beam and it did a lot of damage and they still pushed us back, which is good to use that beam, otherwise we could be in big trouble. What happened here? Why biomass media for wind is good and? I think that's it, yes yes the immortals hit things but not enough for each of these immortals to kill one of their units and they still had extra units to beat the base, yes that was inevitable. I think, oh, there's a dungeon master right there, oh, there he is. a dungeon master right there we'll do the dungeon master oh, I said I saw that Windsor was playing something that could be dangerous, which made me want to play something elite dangerous.
I haven't reinstalled it, but I'm tempted hmm, you said build. two mega investors, what more do they want? I wasn't prepared at all, that's right, really the best, probably the best thing I could have done there, which is immortal spam, I think because either, I need immortals to deal with the tigers. and the immortals are going to do more damage to the air with their shadow cannon than anything else. It is a dangerous elite multiplayer mode, yes it is, although many people prefer not to play it, they basically prefer to unplug the internet cable when playing it. you can turn multiplayer on and off, Florida isn't spending tens of millions of dollars a year to import sandwich beaches because of how much they lose to the ocean.
Yes, it's great, isn't it? We have so little land that we have to import it from others. places to recover it because we are being swallowed by water on a similar issue. I remember my cousin from Hawaii always thought it was funny when people like Florida went to the beaches in Hawaii because the beaches outside of Florida tend to be a little different in Florida where people are used to going to the beaches and actually , on most of the east coast, the beaches could be shallow, is the word I'm going to use, you can just walk hundreds of meters. and I still have water up to my waist, up to my waist, uh, out there, whereas somewhere like Hawaii, on the volcano, on the volcanic lines, you go five feet out, you just fall off a cliff, you just you fall, he thought he always liked to just go to the beach and watch the tourists just come out and suddenly splash around as they dive into the abyss don't listen to his words anymore titanfall when I play titanfall regularly uh out of the stream just you know out of the current uh okay berserker down, let's worry about that well, this has gone well, yeah, asimply dumping all of his mana constantly into the scout has left the team a little slower than necessary.
The idea of ​​the pre-spec is based on the skill trigger, which is interesting rip uh it was him our uh who had our blessing faith spirit of prayer is in draco and richie and banana bean okay like four of us have it by the way so one two three yes four of us have it by the way which is definitely a mistake of course there is rank tmf no I don't have mana for that I don't think it's worth using it no matter how nice it looks right? What is this game?, this dungeon master, this is d and d, the video game right away.
You cut the gold mine every time you play this space, yeah I noticed it was happening, I definitely have mana issues, we definitely have mana issues that we don't really have, yeah we don't really have any kind of mana gain here, so this is Dungeon Master, uh. we're a group of heroes in a dota style control scheme uh playing against playing against the dungeon master but unlike unreal dnd uh the dungeon master is actively trying to kill us let's go to the campfire it's not the same with this yeah that sounds like what we should have, we should have a scout mixed in with this, a scout or really something that does real dps because can you imagine a scout with the guardian sitting at a campfire looks better?
I mean, I guess that's fair. it's constant right away, I don't want it, I like how I can cast this through my teammates, it heals them and kills things. I might play Evil Genius 2 again. I don't know, the game got repetitive really quickly. just close these portals here, I think of course, whatever you want, 55 damage, then just line this up twice, is there an easy and shadow pickaxe for the priest? I have no idea, oh my lord, the devil shot, okay, I'm completely out of mana, of course, can you? count snipe out on this, I mean, I probably don't see why not right away, I can't really heal that well, I think he's immune to healing while he's in the uh, while he's in the uh, I didn't expect to come here and I . i missed my shot what is it called ice block ice block is what I'm looking for thank you thank you craig I understood it well enough well we need to win it too well the reality is that when you have a lot of players doing this type of It's a little bit easier to deal with this type of mischief just because we all have the same vulnerabilities.
I don't think we should really worry about that. He feels that he has a lot of problems. Yes, he does a couple of mana burns. Dogs can burn mana. Can you imagine this with the ranger guardian and the druid, you just lay siege somewhere, of course, right away, yeah, the whole priest sounds like it's a bad time, I don't think, I don't think he needs more than one, maybe two . I'm your servant at least you're not damaged by priests uh that's true oh I mean that's what I would do I wouldn't be surprised if you were yeah the mage has low dps he's not he doesn't a lot yeah we can just attack of course make it come to us I don't know how many things you guys just destroyed but it's a lot why do I occasionally get plus six mana like what does plus six mana come ? de is from oh, it's this spiritual prayer, okay, so let's do this, okay, hey, sniper, not a dealer, I know, yeah, deImprove this game, it seems very easy, that's the case, you're just good , uh, no, uh, then the DM is extremely inexperienced and has no idea what he's doing.
I'm not going to say I have no idea, but he has no experience at all, so we just are. It's not an easy game mode but this is an asymmetric rts style isometric game where it's one player against ten, the ten have to work together to beat the one but if the one doesn't. We know what he's doing, so it doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we don't like to actively jump under a moving car or something, oh my gosh, right, he's got the stalker, which, honestly, I can't imagine, the new hero. there are no cars in this game, that's pretty much half the point, the new hero, the cunning traitor, could do very well versus this kind of priests protect the prisms, you have to attack the prisms like he's alone here and not getting slaughtered like there's no reason for that other than uh the DM doesn't know what he's doing which is fine like not everyone likes it you have to start somewhere you can't just okay well, that's a very long pole that gets 300 damage, it's true, it's 20 minutes and it's just stage one, so it doesn't like to make it terrible, but I think that's more, I think it depends more on us taking it with calmly and coincidentally this reminds me of next year's 40 resources. we can do that uh if we get a scout craig you want a scout where will vaughn grab him okay so now we have the mana bonfire keeper we sit back and shoot sure we're on the fifth day, but we have xp, don't do it.
I want to choose again you know what you're doing we're fine we're fine spawn of darkness yes he's made the water and it's the only place we can't get in trouble for that oh my lord are we doing this? Yes, for dps reasons, I don't want to use the big snipe, I just want to use this little snipe several times. I have run out of mana and have no means to handle this. It's okay, I don't have the means to do it. handling it, but the rest of the team does, oh yeah, so you hit the turtle, which is kind of impressive.
Some heels move. I suspect those gargoyles won't handle us very well. There is the great dragon. I didn't realize this really hits. Myself when I cast it because it seems like, oh there we go, we get huge mana gains right here, better than standing next to a well, oh yeah, and now we can go faster because we're standing next to the lord, he has blockades, let's bomb it. down so we have a wizard uh wizards do very well against structures because they can cause earthquakes of course rocks don't fall behind us. Interesting decision. Do you have chaos behind us?
This is understandable. Okay, the rocks have fallen on my teammate's head. I line up skillshot here we go you could tank everything yeah that's really tanking with the shield it's kind of a mana issue though scouting tech of course Mississippi drink is that good do you think that eight should be enough? I'm going to completely clear the map, stand here so we don't get caught off guard, oh my god, they're just healing the scout over and over again or shielding him, he can't take any damage, there you go, no damage, sniper count, Oh no. he leaves the gold mine now oh no I'm trying to remember where exactly the cow is because that's not a great target to attack we have a scout you can jump there oh well we have the nomad uh oh that's a lot of damage We hit both of them bosses and heal some teams.
Now I am fast with 25 stacks of preparation. I have fast priests. I'm going fast, of course, we have guardian, we just teleport right away and we can grab Gyarathos while we're here. The gold mine is dead, yes it is. The best part is you can probably get him there too, oh man that's a lot of damage output, this guy goes good right away, uh we can, the portal guardian should be able to access the portal, yeah we can't shoot from here, We could probably hit something just to mess with it, but I'm yours truly almost in range but still off branch, well there goes the portal, okay, I guess we'll leave right away.
Thanks, surprise, the game does not work with the number of classes you can have. Of them, some of them don't freeze, it was never a limited class, I imagine this wouldn't be a difficult strategy to beat, uh, it's just an inexperienced player, so we're kind of bullying right now, just we are having fun. with that right away, another good lawn played, that's a lot, uh oh, he's got a lot of things at his fingertips, that's what I'm saying, sure, if you're a terrible human being, I love it, this is a perfect place for him map danger. by the way, just stay here, he has nothing on us, snipers right away, so many mana, I see this really doesn't have much left, do we massacre everything oh, because he's the wizard?
It's a new broken class, we literally already beat it in this stream, um, what's next, get another one of these out, I already have the max, everything else, good lord, I just need men now, where's the boss?, oh it's right here I'm just going to little sniper has better dps ouch ouch ouch terrible human being richie why and a job thank you as you wish I'm your servant of course there are so many changelings that he has summoned a group of skeleton wizards the last one oh the shield is reflected in the earthquake uh a little more mana and congress if I don't get hit too hard okay okay um I'll kind of stay here right now that's a pretty nasty body block yeah okay oh , I'm back, just with some of these things. down real quick before I have to go down again if I can die wait I could get out of this with a little more mana and I'll be fine where's our guardian?
The equipment is there, let's get some fuel, thanks. um thank you thank you guardian guardian jumping into action right away I'm your servant oh that's bad oh he needs to go up next you have to pick up one of these wizards I'm not the wizard the priest if I can get in line this I can hit them both here we go hey richie oh rip guardian portal uh let's see he needs to get up he needs to get up welcome welcome we have a new portal guardian welcome back wizard uh who else is still down yeah, it's a little bit much, it does a lot of damage oh yeah, don't mind me, that's where it is the actual mana, yes we can legitimately just sit here and attack the boss at this point, it will only take another six casts of this we have, yes there are three. or four more yeah there are two more throws and one more throw to go because auto attack is a thing and there it is gg the ultimate sniper this is more sniping than the massive sniper strap we did last time oh my god what is this? a bit much, I must admit, but ladies and gentlemen, it's been a great


I have to go get some sleep. I've had a long day, very tiring, but hope everyone has a good time. I hope to see you. Guys, I'll see you later in the next video.

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