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Aquascape Tutorial: Betta Sorority Aquarium (How To: Planted Tank Step By Step Guide)

May 31, 2021
thanks, so today I'm going to escape from this two foot cubic


that you can see behind me, but there are a couple of things we need to do, first, number one, I need to level it because it's nowhere near level and, number two , I want to put a black backing on it because I think it will look amazing with that and the design I have in mind, so leveling the


may seem like a very obvious and strange thing to start a video


with, but trust me, I set up full labels before I didn't.
aquascape tutorial betta sorority aquarium how to planted tank step by step guide
They had adjustable feet that weren't level after I checked and ended up fine to begin with, this one is technically not level although a lot of people don't do it because there is a little bit of flex in the desk it's not enough to be dangerous but you know it causes a bit of droop, doesn't matter, doesn't matter anyway, now how do we put the black backing on? It's so simple you just need a spray gun, a soft thing and the backing, black backing and of course a foreign razor blade, always make sure you tidy up your area and don't put hot coffee on top of where you're working, hey, but you know the absolute classic that says there's no point in crying over spilled coffee, so now you want to take your film and find out which side it really peels off from, so look in front of me now, the front side is the sheet of clear plastic to be removed, revealing the sticky part you now want. take it and put it on the back of the


with the non-sticky side first, okay, so the plastic part that we can peel off is now in front of me, the non-sticky side is now in the


, why the hell do we want that?
aquascape tutorial betta sorority aquarium how to planted tank step by step guide

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aquascape tutorial betta sorority aquarium how to planted tank step by step guide...

This is just so we can trim it to the correct size. Removing the front backrest jet discharges more of that soapy substance and then we turn it over, then it should slide in and fit perfectly, but first of all, now we can sort of. just get it even closer to the right fit, not because we want it to fit and then cut it all out, so does that make sense? Yes, I think so, there seems to be too much excess at the top. I could trim this down to kind of the finished size and then we can take off the back or the front and then flip it over, glue it on, yeah, weird, we do it that way so we don't have anything dirty or anything like particles on it. the sticky side.
aquascape tutorial betta sorority aquarium how to planted tank step by step guide
What we do is immediately spray it with that soapy substance, turn it over and that's it. There shouldn't be anything between the glass and the film, but you'll notice I left a little gap at the bottom because we don't want to. catches a tool at the base and you don't see that part of the tank anyway, so now we just need to remove all that foreign air. The next thing we need to do now is grab your razor blade and move on. from the edges, please, please, we're all set up and ready to go. I'll talk about the leak later when we get to that part, but first of all I have to put up the main piece of Hardscape.
aquascape tutorial betta sorority aquarium how to planted tank step by step guide
Do this right away because it's huge, let me show you, well, here it is, look, there's my foot against it, it's an absolute beast, so what I want to look for in Escape is like a tree. I want to be like a tree that goes up a bunch of roots coming out of it and then all the planting around those roots in the channels, if you like a little bit like a grow tank, like a plant grow tank, but also like a dutch style but with a big wooden part that doesn't Anyway, it doesn't make sense, you need to put this in that big outside tank, it looks absolutely amazing and the reason I need to put it in first is because obviously once I have all the dirt there, if I put it on top, it would be right on top, it would look a little silly, but I think it's almost perfect.
It doesn't look good with this plant next to it. The next thing I have to do is get some volcanic ore, which is basically like crushed. lava rock as a bottom layer that will really help with biological filtration. The outside has now given us a ton of additional media for biological filtration, so it will be colonized by bacteria along with what we put inside our filter. You can never have too much biological filtration, can you? I mean, you'll only get enough to account for the amount of ammonia in the tank anyway, but that's always the case, but you don't know what the leak will be in the future, who knows, so I.
I think a really cool clean look would be to add a little bit of stone border here and just give it a little sand accent in the foreground and the rest will be all dirt, so there's a lot of dirt in this one, but not completely, and the The rocks I am going to use are cereal stones. These things here are a little different because I've collected them over time. By the way, these things are from Aquarium Gardens. It is absolutely quality staff. You can order them online. I'll leave a link in the description, but yes, Aquarium Gardens actually supplies me with all the harder pastels I have to choose from here, so in this little bucket, here's all the other swamp wood I have to use, also foreign .
There is a very rough design that is not actually what it will look like because the earth will be in the back lifting these pieces so that they fall in the middle section where this piece and the back one are. Anyway, it won't be like that either. I placed it like this so I know roughly where they will be from the top view. Look, you can see that we have some kind of formation coming out of that point and the ground. It's actually going to come down towards the front as well and then I'm hoping to do that, hoping I don't know why I said it like that, hoping to make a little sort of decorative foreground as well to add a little bit of contrast. between the ground plants and you know it's just a negative area, sometimes a little negative space, maybe just this front corner here can look very, very good in Escape Foreign, so now I take care of the nutrients that I also added in the whole wall in the front here I did it spontaneously and the camera wasn't on, but you can see what I did.
Basically I created a perimeter where the dirt won't be able to pass through now there are gaps everywhere so we need to cover those gaps with little pieces of floss to filter and that will prevent the dirt that will be behind from passing through and keep the sand nice and clean . An idea just occurred to me: why don't I use some? of the crushed lava rock from the larva that I took out of the bags because I have a lot of them, right? I can put it on the other side of these rocks and then on this side of the rocks I can put my detail stones. which actually closes all the spaces in a nice, natural way, yes I will, thank you, so I hope you can see what I've done there, let me come in from the top so you can see all the edges there.
They are filled with lava rock. I pushed them right into all the cracks so that from below you can't see any gaps which is ideal because now it means that no dirt will leak into our decorative sand area, just a very small one on this I only want a little bit the rest will be lots of planting lots of stems oh, it will look absolutely brilliant, won't it? But now we can start laying out our Aqua soil and as I do that I'll pick up the pieces. of wood and place them on top so that they have more angle.
I put them like this now so we know where the weird stuff is really going to be. I'm going to put some finer things in that help kind of block out any plants you put in and I just need to increase the level of depth a little bit more in some of the areas. There's nothing worse than putting it all the way you have it there and it's time to plant and I already have like an inch to plant and it's not enough, the plants will still float, you need a couple of inches at least now most areas have that , but in this area here, oh, actually it's almost there, but I'll get over it.
Also raise the rear area a little more. You can see it's very low and that area is also a little low, so lift those back areas up and tidy up the foreground a little bit more with Fine Art aquasol I. I don't know why I'm walking backwards, the whole axis is done and Now it's time to tidy up that foreground with our decorative sand. First of all, I want to put the thicker stones close to the Stone series just to close them up. spaces even more and then our decorative sand also comes out, you'll see, you'll see what I mean, foreign, that is, all the spaces are now completely closed, now it's just the finer things in the foreground, which will be this uh Hugo kamishi. sand I've actually used it quite a few times, but I really like it.
It's not too thin to fly around, but it's not too thick to make it look big. You know what I mean? It's like a medium coarse gravel or should. I say medium grated gravel cost medium foreign here we go Full hardscape now before you start planting Now it's time to do a last minute depth check just grab something like a poker or whatever just push it in and just see so it goes, come on, there's a lot of depth there to plant a lot, yes, a lot there and a lot there, yes, we're fine, what's going on here?
This is the part I'm worried about, no, a good two and a half inches, okay? okay, we're good, let's check again, that's a little bit shallow in that back area, so I might add a little bit more there, on this one there's nothing underneath so it should be okay, yeah, we're pretty good there, right? OK? That section alone is why this is worth doing and here we go guys. Full hardscape that looks really good, really striking, a little bit different, more completely different than anything I've done before, so it looks good. I like it, so I'm not sure.
If I have already mentioned what fish are going to enter here, it will be the best tank in the brotherhood, as you obviously already know from the title and the thumbnail. I've been wanting to do one of these for a long time and some of the horror stories you hear about YouTube online, you know, Instagram, all of that has put me off doing it, but I noticed a trend of a lot of people saying this was a no-brainer. very complicated, if you like, apparently the key. To be successful in a better guild tank is to have tons of different hideouts, tons of escape sections and line of sight breaks and things like that so that females will dash in every direction if they lose a battle because there will be battles.
It'll just happen, but obviously if there's a space they can retreat to, then you can end the battle without them killing the other one because I don't think they want to kill each other, they just want to show their dominance and then you know. make the other one go away effectively so I've heard some good stories online people haven't kept them together for a pretty decent amount of time to be honest so in this aquarium I'm going to use about five and I think I'm going to provide even more areas, if you want, than five. I already have five channels of plants that will grow upwards.
I have the foreground and background area on either side of the main tree in the middle, so we have plenty of options or escape routes, if you will, for the female bets to come or go, so I think we're sorted as far as that aspect is concerned now as far as the planting is concerned. I have tons to choose from. I have lots and lots of these aquariums ready to go in different configurations, so there are some weird things, well not weird, but things I don't normally have. I have some, uh, no. I'll even try to pronounce all of this, you'll see when I put them up.
I have some tufts or something like bunches of pearl grass and things like that. You know, it's good to have some pearl grass and every The aquarium, I think, because A it's so vibrant and green and B it absorbs excess nutrients and prevents you from having algae and then we have a Cobar, we have the wig, we have Rotana green hydrophila in the back. So tons and tons of options in those and then if you follow me to the other studio, we have a lot in this kind of little greenhouse that I made, there are a lot of different cryptocurrencies in there and yeah, there are tons and tons.
We can take a lot of clippers from here, but not too many because this is this aquarium. I want this new one to be different. I have plants down there. I have plants there. I have plants in cubes in different areas. I have plants everywhere, so I have the plant next to the entire tank. I think it looks pretty good, so that's the first floor. The second floors. I bought three different varieties of Aces and thought they would look great cantilevered as well. but how are we going to put that near the tank? It's just small things.
I've put a small shelf in the corner at the back. It looks easy to do against the wall and you can put it on that shelf and they will go up easily. watered down but it also gives the impression of a backdrop and you know, it's kind of a cheat, but it's going to look really cool. I think a lot of times we focus solely on the tanks and forget about the surrounding areas that can really make it come to life and now it's time to move on to the aquatic and there's absolutely Cramer. No, no, no, doctor, doctor, here we go.
I think it looks amazing so far, we have a lot of tissue culture style. The plants in them mean that they are very young and will grow tall. Look at those ones over there, the ones in the middle and the ones over there, they will all grow very tall and they will be able tocut them regularly using other escapes, one of which will be really very red, this one is a little orange, pink, faint and really cool, and then some other colors too, but what I have to do now is put some set. stem plants to make sure there is cover for the best fish and also to make it look more mature and grown on the bottom, mainly what I'm talking about, but also some in this area here, as well as to do that, I'm going to use pearl grass, it's a brilliant plant, it absorbs nutrients into the water column because it grows so fast.
I think I have a good rotala there as well and then also some limbs, the feeler is quite large. one for the background, it just looks cool, it won't overtake the landscape if it's right in the back, so we'll put it on foreign, take it away, uh, it's time to fill it now, when you fill things up, do it slowly. I have a little contraption that hangs over the end and just drips it sideways, not like in any kind of hard direction. Let me show you this thing I'm talking about. Hooks at the end. The water reaches the bottom.
Hit. which, oh, we're in Focus, there we go, we hit the bottom plate and we go sideways gently instead of just high pressure spraying, you know, the decorative sand all over the dirt to keep everything tidy, strange, yeah, you can see there, look, look, so because I have this, this is just part of a filter, it was like the input for the filter. I just added that little section for you guys to join. That's just, I just sprayed a bunch of different parts on my old filter and um, yeah. It works to treat a small ball valve to open and close it if I want or reduce the flow if necessary.
I think it's much better than just a regular hose that you can force water into and move the things you need. I don't want to, so I find it's pretty cool, it's connected there by two types of male sockets with a male connector in the middle and that's just so I can let it go if I need to, grab it and put it away. but yeah, you can see it's just a little annoying, the stone is there and it doesn't hurt at all, but the water looks completely crystal clear. Now it's time to put in some water conditioner as well, so that's actually the highest I'm going to fill.
I don't want to go all the way to the top, remember that female


fish can still jump, look, that's a good gap, although that's that inch and a half to two inches, so they're not going to jump. I mean they are not high jumpers. Anyway, I don't think there is always the option to lower it a bit. I'm going to be monitoring everything to start anyway, so look how good this looks, oh I love it. probably the best landscape I've ever done, to be honest, a lot of color variation, the kind of subtleties of the roots if you like to go down the trunk of the tree and then you know I just winged it and just


it like I went ahead and what I felt it would look good.
Once you've done enough Scapes, you can imagine the end result while you're doing it and I knew that these, uh, anubias, Java phones were creeping up the tree and then. a little hint of this on this side would look really nice so I'm really glad I chose that and look at that ludwigy on the back, the red hinting there, there will also be a lot that will read an exhaust that, although all that La section of the Rotala HR will be properly red now this light is very bright and to be honest I will probably have algae problems if I don't change it but I can't go any higher with the gooseneck on and it doesn't have a dimming function because it's just an economical light during the day.
It weighs 50 pounds, which is equivalent to 57 59 US dollars, so you can't expect much from that, but its colors are really very good, aren't they? But what I do. I need to, what I can do, sorry, is unhook it from the gooseneck, it uncoils there and I can suspend it from the ceiling and just lift it up there, probably, well, no, don't focus on my hand, that's where I probably want it. I take one hand away and it'll probably be just the right amount of light because it's very bright if you look at that versus the mother aquarium oh the lights aren't on properly so for example there's nothing as close as a lot of brightness on those is that boom versus you know, I mean one is very faint, but that's because everything is blocked, but don't worry about that, this is the one we're paying attention to right now, but yeah, I'm probably going to love it a little bit.
I really like that it looks very nice and neat. There is a hidden surface skimmer. You can buy this stainless steel Outlet on Amazon. I'll leave a link in the description. Really nice, not cheap but I would do it. I'm also not saying it's that expensive given its quality, really very good, but we need to connect some pipes to that obviously otherwise the water won't go anywhere because currently look it just hangs on the back to connect the pipe. There was a really really good 250 filter, let me tell you why I love these filters. I've told you many before, but it's worth telling you because the built-in heater means we don't have to have anything inside. the aquarium, which doesn't look very good, does and it also has a pre-filter built in, so you unclip it here and here and then it pops up and inside this section there's a bunch of foams and all this, this filter has actually been used, which means it's all cycled and ready to go find the new fish right away, which is awesome, but yeah, look, you just slide each one in and clean them out and basically the inside of the filter stays almost perfect.
I've had these running for six months in them and they've been completely clean except obviously this part, this part needs to be cleaned regularly once a week, it clogs up pretty quickly but that's good because it means it doesn't go into the filter , you just have to follow the rhythm. in your maintenance with it, but really very good filter, this is just the smallest one they make, but it's not a huge tank so we don't need a huge filter, so inside we have four media trays, three of them have sponges . we have one on top, we have one below, one below again and then we have that kind of fun plastic stuff on the bottom, this all does the job, but I'm going to add some crushed lava rock and some bags of media just to give you a little extra filtration.
I think I'm going to take out one of these sponges and use a section for the Lava Rock, there we have a lot of space there so I think the tank looks really fantastic and guess what, now we're ready to put some fish in so we can catch some fish. right away, which is great because it won't do them any harm. I'll still add some beneficial bacteria. although just to make sure they're foreign here we go guys they look cool so look at that cool white oh they're really pretty and then it's got a purple a blue or two purples a blue and a red so there they are both. the red and the blue in the corner there's a purple one there and I think the other purple dot is dotted somewhere in the back, but that's okay, we'll let that settle.
The water looks very foggy right now, that's because there are so many of them. air bubbles because I just changed the water or filled it, you know what I mean, when you first put water in it, it looks like this, you can see here, look, I have made sure that the water level is not up to the top it is very unlikely that they can jump from that height. I mean, it's just little things, so yeah, that's a good level. I think it's foreign, foreign, foreign.

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