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April Fools | Vontae Davis, Israel strikes Damascus amidst protests, Chance Perdomo, Key Bridge +

Apr 02, 2024
from him that blinds him anyway, the next day this happens and look at this Jeremiah 49, then Damascus is in three. places in the Bible Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Old Testament and then acts in the New Testament and again in the Catholic Bibles acts is the 49th book of the Bible, but today we have 49 dat numerology jermiah 49 about Damascus regarding Damascus, it is so if you know and that's also what's annoying, is that a lot of Christians who might recognize this parallel won't research this topic because they think knowing anything about numerology is bad and, again, that's where religious people annoy me the most. of time because I'm like you see these people just aren't very smart like God wouldn't care if you knew something if the point of knowing it was to prevent something bad from happening in the world again it's all based on intention if you're learning this knowledge. that you can sacrifice someone with blood and gain more power and wealth and the world that is evil learn about this to understand that there is a cabal that is manipulating us and lying to us and scaring us and taxing us and making us pay for these rituals learn that with the intention of to prevent that from happening in the world that is not an offense punishable by God and you know the average Christian cannot discern the two anyway a message about Damascus hamath and arod are dismayed because they have heard bad news they are disheartened, troubled like the restless sea Damascus has weakened she has turned to flee and panic has taken hold of her anguish and pain have taken hold of her pain like that of a woman in childbirth why has the city of renown taken hold of her?
april fools vontae davis israel strikes damascus amidst protests chance perdomo key bridge
The city in which I am staying has not been abandoned, surely its young men will fall in the streets all its soldiers will be silenced on that day declares the Lord Almighty I will set fire to the walls of Damascus it will consume The Fortress of Benh Hadad so that you know death destruction fire news by Numbers news air raid on Damascus on this day 49 date numerology April 1 typically The 91st day of the year acts 91 as the 91st day 91 beginning of the story of the conversion of Paul or Saul is fine, while while Israel is doing that, we are also having the largest protest against Netanyahu by people within his own nation today and notice I want to write to Benjamin Netanyahu.
april fools vontae davis israel strikes damascus amidst protests chance perdomo key bridge

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april fools vontae davis israel strikes damascus amidst protests chance perdomo key bridge...

I want you to see that his name is 177 forwards and 282 in Reverse Benjamin Netanyahu 177 forwards 282 unverse. today is 177 days after the war began on October 7 and the war began 282 days after he returned to power that October 7 was 282 days after December 29, 2022 when he returned, actually, before entering On this, I need to come back here and touch on the topic. something I almost forgot, okay, wait, are we going to go back to Palestine or not to Palestine, the bombings of Syria, by the way, this airstrike today killed two of Iran's top military personnel and one of those people was born on November 2.
april fools vontae davis israel strikes damascus amidst protests chance perdomo key bridge
In history, that is the day the bfor Declaration was written in 1917 which declared that they knew this future Zionist state that would be created before World War II. They had plans to potentially build the Zionist state in Palestine. They were debating the places they were watching from. From Ethiopia to Palestine, but anyway the word Zionist has the rank of 112, like November 2, you can write 112, the day the Zionist state was planned. This man who died today was born on that day, but today is also April 1st. 41, as a Zionist, is also 41 again. the bell tower for the declaration, if you don't know, look it up, the child Roth, who was assumed to have died at 21 days old, as if the state of Israel equaled 2011, like the Jesuit order, last Saturday there was a huge explosion in Syria in a very popular market and that was 2011 days after Bashar al-Assad's birthday, you know he had his birthday on 9/11, the day in history that two towers, the Twin Towers, became zero and were eventually rebuilt as a World Trade Center 2011. remember the Jesuit order, we just saw how Netanyahu got the front 177, the Jesuit order has them too, but it's 2011 backwards, just like the state of Israel in 2011 and again David Benan, who died, died in 2011 days after the anniversary of the establishment of the Illuminati order in Israel 2011 Adam. weop, who was a Jewish man, who was a Jesuit, died 2001 days after the anniversary of the establishment of the Illuminati, if you are new here, 2011, a big pattern with the Jesuits that we talk about all the time and again, this big bombardment in Syria before today's bombing. after Easter but before and after Easter Syria The biblical land is taking the brunt of it and you know you look closely at what's good between Syria and Iran, you know it's that place that you know from the early '90s onwards has been simply a punching bag for the West. and you know, what's sad is that all these wars, every time these wars escalate, the first thing that happens is that the museums that are still left have been raided and destroyed and things have been stolen, you just see how it all works and how the cabal works that You know creates chaos in the news and then how they use the chaos to make another exploit, steal history, destroy history, warp everyone's understanding of the world, make it so you just have to believe the authorities because there's no real evidence of anything anywhere, anyway, yeah, so you have the Damascus joke and then you have the protest and this doesn't mean that the people who showed up there aren't legitimately upset with Netanyahu and what what he is doing in his country.
april fools vontae davis israel strikes damascus amidst protests chance perdomo key bridge
Tell me, but what I mean is that it's still a high ritual, whatever organization brought all these people together to protest today, it's like they're part of it too, the people who rule, you have to control. the opposition, that's also the other part of the quote and they love pitting, you know, different divisions of society against each other, it's like when RFK Jr, who was educated by the Jesuits at Georgetown prep. I liked almost everything he said at the time of the pandemic. standing up for what was right, he published a good book about it, but then when he demonstrates against it, he does it on Georgetown's birthday as a Georgetown Prep Scholar.
Out of the entire calendar year, he chooses Georgetown's anniversary. establishment and again everything that RFK Jr is doing, you know, people think that he is the truth right now and that is what we need, yes, I agree that he is telling a lot more truth than anyone else, but he is also doing everything in an important Jesuit ritual, it's like you have to do it. control the opposition and you know that at the end of the day RFK Jr is not going to get in there because the elections are all rigged and I think at the end of the day it is just so that when voting day comes they can put the little graph down there that is getting 0.01% of the vote and everyone can feel like, oh my God, I felt like there was more support for him than that, you know, the same thing they did with Ralph Nater in 2000, so okay, and then this right here, uh. last survivors of the Tulsa race massacre, both 109 still want justice, keep in mind that 109 is the 29th and black equals 29.
I mean, this is the front page of CNN the morning of April Fools' Day, the only two people alive who remember firsthand the massacre of 1921. Both, 109 years old, are locked in a battle to obtain a reparation trial, come on man, but yeah, look at this, Tulsa Oklahoma. This is the news from April 1, right, 41 41 and I mean, Tulsa Oklahoma is equal to 41. Tulsa Oklahoma is exactly the same as skull and bones in the four ciphers for the record and skull and bones powerful secret society that placed the position of 41st president also placed his son George W.
Bush, born on July 6, 76, as well as Georgia's guidestones fell on his 76th birthday in 76 and his 41st dad was born on the day they remain 202 days in the year and 149 is the 35th Prime and we already talked about where vonte Davis fits in with that today, but you know, this whole reparations thing is just a big gimmick, more division in society. It's playing with people's hearts and minds, it's a bad joke, but the name of the first woman they put in the story, the first woman they talk about the two of them is Viola Ford Fletcher.
I just want you to see that her name has that 179 179 which is the 41st Prime, you can also see the 91 as the typical 91st day of the year today. You know who else is at 179, who is front and center today with the great game of him Angel Reese, who is also 91 like the typical 91st day of the year today. like acts 991 the story about the road to Damascus Paul's conversion people born for the world stage you know she uh Angel Reese big in Maryland Baltimore Baltimore 41 what they just did with the key Key Bridge equals 41 like Salvador's dream Dolly painting the broken


and the Broken Dream, by the way, that both women are 109 means that they are both in their 100th and 10th year of life and are seeking a reparations lawsuit.
The story of the reparations trial has that 110 and again like I said the 109 also matters because that's the prime number 29 and the black is 29 just jokes for days from these people um once again this


ritual they just did in Oklahoma just after the key bridge US 59 South is what the reflection was diverted at 95 Baltimore is equal to 95 Oklahoma City had the 95 attack on the federal building and again CNN one of the first people who had the day of applause of the bridge was the Oklahoma City lead investigator explaining why it was an accident and I, you know, pointed it out that day on the video.
I said, isn't it so strange that they brought him in and um, where this just happened in Oklahoma was at the Robert Samuel Kerr Reservoir uh and it just so happens that that guy was born in history on 9/11, Timothy McVey was executed. before 9/11, right after the country's first anti-terrorism bill, a bill that obviously came after 911 and also this man died on New Year's Day of '63 in the year that JFK was assassinated, but also 63 with Francis Scott Key dying at 63 and everything else we talked about that day with that number with the key bridge applause um again, the key bridge falling was also foreshadowed numerically in the Obama movie and again the new movie of Obama released on Netflix at the end of the year on the network falling um that movie was first released on October 25th in the world then it was released in some theaters on November 22nd the anniversary of JFK's assassination in 63 and then it came out in Netflix on December 8 128 as Bridge Clamps was 128 as the bridge fell on 128 in the morning 128 days before Francis gotot ke birthday anniversary on August 1 and fell on the day 128 the age of Biden and the others 128 in the Obama movie and what happened in Fern Hollow with Biden on January 28 another 128 and so on and so forth I also noticed that Robert S cerr the way they referred to his name here Robert skur Reservoir Robert esur equals 148 like Baltimore, as well as ritual things planned well in advance, look, look, uh, Robert S Cur, he served as the 12th governor of Oklahoma from '43 to '47, the bridge collapsed on his 47th birthday, essentially on his birthday.
Bridge number 47 was March 23, the day the Orioles owner died. Maryland equals 47 years and the owner died on the 83rd of the following year. The last time the Orioles won the World Series it was with 83 cheers, which is 83, but yeah, so the bridge falls and this explains to you what W really runs on CNN and why one of the first people The ones they dealt with was Oklahoma City's lead investigator when everyone knows that. It was a big cover up, a guy involved in the cover up comes to give us the talking points for another cover up and agenda.
That's what I mean, there are so many of us and the people who are in these agendas and who know the secrets and there are so few, that's why if Humanity woke up and worked together, this tyranny could end in one day, there would be new problems to solve, but the tyrant has to go first, okay, and then, if you missed this, we covered it yesterday.


per dermo dies in a car accident but it is not known in any article where he died in this motorcycle accident died at the age of 27 the high ritual number as we talked yesterday was best known for his character in La saprina the chilling story of Bas de la teenage witch Adventures of Sabrina the word that equals 27 like broom again if you're new here and the four ciphers which and broom are the same which broom identical in the four ciphers judge and hammer the same way but this guy is dead at 27 years of Sabrina the Teenage Wit Show and died exactly 162 days after her birthday, just like the name of the show equals 162 and then she dies right at the beginning of the baseball season, where you have 162 games, remember that the front 162 of Major League Baseball are 162 backwards. and then her name is interesting because you have the year of the 120 World Series and her name is 120 and again a broom like aBiden administration is close to approving the sale of up to 50 US-made F-15 fighter jets to Israel.
The United States and Washington make 50 in a deal that is expected to pay off. Jesuits, the plural is also valid. is equal to 50 and a deal is expected to be worth more than 18 billion remember that in Judaism 18 represents the meaning of life, so when you know you have your bar mitzvah you get denominations of money that are divisible by 18 and you can get $72 per Super Rich, you could get $7,200, you could get $144,000, according to three people familiar with the matter The transaction would amount to the largest foreign military sale from the United States to Israel since the country went to war with Hamas on October, meanwhile Iran accused Israel of killing two senior officials. commanders in an attack on their consulate in Damascus, Syria again the day after Easter, when Jesus was resurrected on the road to Damascus Saul, also known as Paul, converts to Christianity after interacting with the resplendent Risen Jesus tells why they persecute me , which is probably where the joke The show Better Call Saul comes from, Ton promised a decisive response to the attack.
The attack may be the most dangerous escalation outside Gaza since the start of Hamas' war against Israel almost six months ago, and I want you to think about how righteous you are. They are playing with people, right? Today they are having this big protest against Netanyahu. Now this big escalation happens. The people who are at that protest become even more polarizing because there are people in Israel who are really unhappy with that protest. In the US you know there are people who can't stand it well, there are always people who can't stand one side of the political aisle, but right now we have the most polarizing guy of all time, Donald Trump, he's a love him or hate him type. of sorts, it's the same kind of thing there with Netanyahu and a ritual like this takes place, it's just that again those big special numbers are an added mockery on a day like this, the Damascus joke.
Israel did not comment on the attack, but backed down and mineral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, questioned whether the building was a consulate, according to our intelligence, this is not a consulate and this is not an embassy, ​​he said that this is a military building. the cuds forces disguised as a civil building in Damascus disguised as a civil building something tells me that's what they just blew up a civil building for the ritual, but our intelligence said it wasn't really that and then another one, I mean, what? how many times has there been a story like this over 20 something years and they talk about how many people died in a school how many kids were blown up it was actually just a wedding you know and if you had looked you would have seen every time it was like some kind of sick, twisted, evil biblical ritual, that's the problem anyway, no one is investigating anything.
There is a new movie on Netflix to watch. I don't have time for this research. A 10-episode series just came out. I really want to see the return of my favorite team. You know, tonight I'm watching the women's tournament. I've never been so into the women's tournament, yes, you could also say it's day 178 of the war or 177 days after it started, either way, it's true that the Cleveland Guardians started the year 3-1, the women's championships in Cleveland, um, yeah, we. We're covering baseball on Patreon, this comment here about Grand Theft Auto 6 coming out in 2025, yeah, that's what I mean, like I'm doing a livestream about some video game update right now or something.
I would have way more people watching, I mean that's the world we're in now, if I was doing a livestream about my enthusiasm for Grand Theft Auto 6 we'd have at least 10 times the audience, so yeah, I mean, it's that's why we are. definitely, in tough times, all people care about is entertainment and you know, the TR truth is the truth of what's going on in this world, people just don't care, but they really should do it again. Another huge bill has just racked up for the American. Taxpayer, you know today's news will be more bills for the American taxpayer, more debt to pay with interest plus central bankers anyway, we can leave it at that.
Truth seeker, thanks again to everyone who hits the "Like" and "Share" button and um, let me, by the way, if you didn't know that the Easter Bunny has the same jamatri as the Jesuit order, that all of this from uh you know, Biden does what you know, he mentions transgender day for Easter and then you know the religious people. be outraged at overshadowing Passover with transgender again the deepest joke is kabbalah because in kabbalah God is male and female God is male and female and I'm not saying kabbalah is satanic but just think of the parallel with Church of Satan, right?
The symbol is Bamit, which is male and female, and again God and Satan have the gatria superimposed and remember two On in all the Jesuits, as well as in the history of this nation, because the Jesuits have been here from the beginning, but the Church of Satan has 2011 all over it. Also because Anton Le died 2011 days after his birthday, the founder, and he died 2011 days before the Pope's birthday, but yeah, the point I'm trying to make is who is really giving the orders to make these things exist in the Al line and conflicts. You realize that the reason conflict can occur is because people have gotten into different parts of the cultural programming, you know, the younger liberal generation has really embraced the transgender issue, while the more religious conservatives establishments oppose it and then you have homes like my sisters in Portland, where my sister loves Easter and everything transgender and then you know, I mean, they just have society in all these different segments, but um, they don't even , let's not even check, not even me.
Honestly, I haven't figured this out in this entire day of trans visibility. I just want to see what's behind this, but yeah, that was the big controversy in America over the weekend, it's like it's all here just for trans day of the divide. visibility well, one thing that is obvious is how 128 was everywhere in the news last week 128 was everywhere again the applause of the bridge was about 128 the broken bridge in the dream the name of that painting is 128 the Salvador Dolly painting synchronized with The Ritual again is that painting came out 79 years before the applause and Francis Scot Key died in 1779, but you can see how the bridges collapse is 128 and 79, so yeah, I find it funny that the 128 on trans visibility day 281 be the 60.
Prime we got again the next presidential election number 60 in 1860 Lincoln was elected and assassinated 1960 JFK elected and killed 6 fateful numbers we know what happened to Trump's ex-wife 60 weeks into the year of the Nation Jesu 97 is the 25th Prime Biden is 25 years old also Trump 97 and 25 are death numbers again trying to bring the nation to a fever pitch. I mean, that could end up being the story, it could be the story, who knows, they could do it on November 22, the anniversary of the JFK assassination. do it much sooner they could do it on the anniversary of the MLK shooting they could do it on June 5th the RFK anniversary is murder the way they do things on anniversaries and get away with it I mean it's like no People get accounts for this, but that could be the story that some person hated Biden for trans visibility day at Easter, they just found him so disgusting that they had to shoot him.
I mean, that could be a story they tell us in the future. It could be the other type, the orange, the oversized orange, a trans day of visibility, that 259 is another number of the Catholic Church. I'm not even going to get into that of course, uh, Tori Spelling's very Catholic Easter divorce, everyone's so caught up in the whole celebrity gossip why Diddy's Playbook won't work with the feds three young women accused of fatally beating a 64-year-old man caught on video come on, life-threatening invasive bacterial infections CDC sounds alarm I mean, everything, all day, every day, just divisive propaganda, fear, porn just decode every story and you'll see how it's all based on Numbers, like an artificial information matrix to keep you in the low V vibration, they want you screaming.
Goldberg Hamers asks about voters who are better off four years ago. Tell you what we just said. They get worse every four years that they advance under this criminal cartel where there is always more debt and more interest to pay and again when you think from that perspective that more and more as time goes by our wealth has to go to pay interest on the debt, no it's any wonder we get less return on everything else you knew before you knew that to pay Bill's bills bills from decades past is fair and new bills the way I bet a lot of people just bet that the Sheep last week saw the way the truth social actions soared on the day of inauguration in the big ritual oh me I'm going to ride the Trump train to the top, probably as high and just lose it all as stocks fall.
Total panic. People should look into the supported use of Weather Warfare to find out what is really going on with this extreme weather in the world. world, okay yeah, I think those are all the big headlines, so again, thanks to everyone who likes and shares, thanks to everyone who supports the work, if you want to support the work, in the description There are great ways to do it. To the people who sent, I received three items in the PO box, very kind. Someone sent a nice coffee mug and coaster for the sweet lady, that was very nice with a nice letter.
Thank you. Okay, we'll leave it there. for now TR Seeker R to vonte Davis and hopefully this year we will have a record low number of stories like this, maybe this year this will be the only one they need instead of the typical, you know, apparently close to 100 each year, I hope vonte Davis. it's the only one for 2024 and you know it would be the last one if the world woke up today if the NFL realized they had to stop doing this, the people who run these leagues because the world had realized them. They would stop, they continue doing it because no one blinks, no one stops coming to the stadiums, no one questions anything, no one calls the police station, say, how is it possible that they make a statement so quickly that there is nothing suspicious?
What do they mean by nothing? I suspect the death of a 35 year old athlete, this happens too often, yes, if you are new here, look up the song Police Murder By Numbers, read the lyrics to that song from 1983 because again, murder is 83, wait, guys. saying: did I see what CERN was doing on the day of the eclipse? Let me see. I didn't know CERN had a ritual for the day of the eclipse. The CERN that gave us the Internet. Here we go. Daily Mail. They always understood it. Let's see what they said. CERN will test the world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's solar eclipse to search for invisible matter that secretly powers our universe.
The world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator is scheduled to smash protons on April 8 to search for invisible particles that secretly power our universe. Remember how in the Da Vinci Code series, how in one of them, the part of the D Vinci Code plot about the Illuminati and the church, April 8, you can write 48 Illuminati equals 48, run it backwards, the DAT can be 84 Jesuits 84 Jesuit order 84 the Catholic Church is 84 Superior Generals 84 the leader of the Jesuits the first Jesuit was born in 84 date numerology all 84 who just fell in Catholic Baltimore with the key bridge which is also the um the mayor of Baltimore's birthday is the day of the last four, but yeah, it makes me think about that because the cern is part of that plot and don't forget Dan Brown, who WR wrote that book, he turned 56 in 2020 , the year when everything was 56, the year of the pandemic. by the Jesuits and again it was the Jesuit Adam wisopt in history who created the 17 mile long Illuminati tunnel, that's right, let's see first, it became operational on September 10, 2008, this accelerator at CERN is older than that , but this accelerator that they are using for that means that this year he will turn 16 later this year, he is 15 years old, but every once in a while, when you add 1 to 15, it equals 120, how the Illuminati was founded on the first day of the fifth month and the Illuminati do it. equals 120 big time 48 when you use numerology September 10 is the day that leaves 112 days left in the year April 8 of this year is the 99th day of the leap year so what is that 112 plus 90 is 202 plus nine plus is 211 so it is 21 days from the 10th anniversary of September 10, which is the47th Prime 47 is the 15th Prime So that's 15 years and 211 days France has that 47 Connection in light of it being in France, France and Switzerland, yeah, again, just a reminder about the ritualism of things in the world They have to do it that day.
I'm sure there's a lot more I'm overlooking right now. Let me close some windows here and remind myself about CERN. I know that CERN is 40 in the simplest encryption. 22 in a small way, let's look at it backwards, backwards, it has that old Infamous 68. I'll do a little more research into why it makes sense for them to do that on the day of the eclipse, but yeah, I appreciate the heads up. I did not realize. that that was happening even on the day of the eclipse, God Particle 56, imagine, yes, that's what they're looking for in the movie, right, the God particle Perdue has the big NASA connection among the final four again.
Perdue just earned his 40th and eighth tournament win overall. It's time to advance to the final four in the 48th state with the championship at 48 and Purdue outscoring its opponents by 85 points in the tournament again. Purdue has 85. Purdue University also has 85 like Phoenix, Arizona, which hosts the 85 tournament. NASA's most famous astronaut. went to Purdue Armstrong was born in 85 yes, CERN CERN definitely has the Shiva statue, right? We're talking about March Madness today on patreon, so feel free to join if you want that information, it's time to sign up right now, watch the stream before the game starts. at 1.5 playback speed, compress it again thanks to the people who support the work and not the people who ask for things they know we cover every day on Patreon for a very low price.
Could have had a spectacular day again yesterday at the almost perfect World of Sports missed one NBA game out of all those games yesterday only one hockey game to choose from was a big hit in the tournament and um baseball was a mix, although yesterday, but another great day support the patreon, literally do. pay to support patreon if you like sports and ask questions like zola um yeah who knows what they're going to do at the eclipse hopefully nothing will pass without incident but you know as long as the psychos are around inside. control, you never know, but we do know that the only thing we do know is that they carry out rituals that can make people uncomfortable on a large scale.
You know a great example will forever be the new city of New York on 9/11 and you know what just happened in Damascus as soon as today, but you never know when your next city will be, so as long as the tyrants are in power , an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of care, if they take down the power grid in your danger zone, you better not get caught with your pants down if you watch this channel I've been telling you for a long time just make sure you have water non-perishable food first aid uh flashlights candles things that could be very helpful if your power goes out I want to make sure I have water and non-perishable food, that would be crucial.
I'm GNA, I talk about the LSU game. Well, I talked about the connection to the deaths of Angel Reese and Tovon Davis. I talked about the LSU game on the old patreon today, so. As I was saying, support the patreon, that's where we talk again about sports predictions for Masters. You guys join the patreon, five of the last six Masters we've reached before the tournament started, we'll see if we can do it again this year. So okay guys, we'll leave it there and see you next time.

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