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Apple September 2023 Event - Last Minute LEAKS!

Sep 12, 2023
Just when we thought we knew everything about the F-150s, the Apple Watch series 9, and everything else about Apple's September 19


, more new


emerged over the weekend and if you're planning on getting a new iPhone 15, too I recommend you check out notion notion is the ultimate productivity app and I mean it. I've tried several and notion is by far the best and works on any device from an iPhone to a Mac and is something you should definitely try if you aren't already. I am using it both personally and at work with my team and it has made our lives much easier.
apple september 2023 event   last minute leaks
If you're curious why, check out notion for free using the link below and now come back. To watch the video, first of all, we just got our hands on some new iPhone 15 dummy units. We used to have some units in silver, but now we have them in all colors. Let's thank Sony Dixon for getting them for us and they are now available. even more precise than the previous ones, you can even see the super thin bezels on the Pro models, the camera modules are more detailed and thicker on the standard models, although still not as thick as on the 14 pros, and we can also see all.
apple september 2023 event   last minute leaks

More Interesting Facts About,

apple september 2023 event last minute leaks...

The new colors now for the standard models we have midnight and silver which look practically identical to the 14, then we have yellow which looks very pastel. I think the current yellow looks much better than the so-so orange. like a pastel pink which I think looks pretty good and then we have the blue which looks almost identical to the silver, it's like 0.5 blue so yeah I hope the retail units are more vibrant when it comes to the Pro models. the silver and the space gray are essentially the same as with the 14 pros and then we get the first two new colors so we get the new blue and the new gray the new blue this one also has a green tint so actually is different. from the iPhone 12's specific blue, while the gray is really unique and more similar to the space gray we have on MacBooks, then number two, the Apple Watch is apparently getting more changes than just a new chip, in fact, according to Mark German, it will be I got the new U2 chip and no, this will not come with a free YouTube album, but rather it will improve the find my features such as accuracy and speed, which were already excellent with the U1 chip that was originally introduced in the Apple Watch series 6.
apple september 2023 event   last minute leaks
Oh, and the iPhone 15 is set to receive this new U2 chip. In addition to this margarine, it also reports that Apple's series 9 will also receive a new heart rate sensor, which would be the heart rate sensor. Apple's fourth generation heart rate with the current one. The third generation was introduced with the Apple Watch series 6 when the oxygen level meter was added, we don't know if this quad sensor would bring any features or not, it is likely that it will simply be a more accurate sensor, although Apple looks at it. They're already one of the most accurate smartwatches on the market, and like the iPhone letter cases we mentioned in one of our latest videos, Apple is rumored to be discontinuing them to make them more eco-friendly. -Apple Watch bands with letters are apparently going away too, we don't even know if they will be replaced by another material or if the letter link and modern buckle will just be discontinued completely.
apple september 2023 event   last minute leaks
One thing we do know is that the collaboration with Hermes will probably come to an end when Hermes has removed the Apple Watch options from their website and if the Hermes bands are going away, I'd probably assume the other letter bands will go away too and Quite interestingly, the leaker kosutami claims that Apple will eliminate the It is also not clear if the silicone cases on the iPhones will be replaced by something else, since we already know that they are the thin fabric cases. We'll be replacing the letter covers, so there might be an alternative to the silicone covers too, maybe something that's biodegradable.
I would do it. Suppose, but this also implies that some Apple Watch bands, such as the sporty ones, the Solo Loop, and maybe even the braided Soul Loop, would also be affected now, aside from this leak on the silicone cases potentially going away, we have many more new iPhones. links more claims from the government and its latest reports that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be called 15 Pro Max instead of Ultra, as we have seen several times. Mark German also stated that the 15 Pros will be 10 times lighter thanks to the titanium. frame that doesn't sound like much but would actually make the 15 Pro the lightest iPhone since the iPhone 10 ends with a 15 Pro Max that now weighs almost the same as


year's 14 pro.
Things get strange when we talk about the According to new reports, the 15 and 15 plus cameras will have a 48-megapixel sensor, but it won't be the same as


year's 14 Pro. Instead, it would probably be a smaller sensor that will cost less to manufacture and we'll move on to the On the Pro models, it looks like the large near 1-inch sensor on the Pro Max is no longer happening and instead both the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max will get the exact same camera sensor that we had in last year's 14 Pro, which is. It's a bit disappointing as other manufacturers are already using much more advanced sensors and it looks like Apple will be left behind on this, but it's pretty interesting even though we won't be getting a new main camera sensor, the Pro models will apparently get a new one. .
Ultroid camera, one that still has the same F 2.2 aperture as the 14 Pro but with a high resolution of 13.4 megapixels instead of 12. This is a very interesting option since Apple could have opted for a 16 megapixel sensor or even more. Here I personally have not seen any 13.4 megapixel camera sensor, which tells me that Apple is using a custom sensor here, one that could bring us bigger improvements than we might think and the same goes for a telephoto module in The 15 Pro will apparently upgrade to a new 12.7 megapixel sensor instead of 12 that again has the same F 2.8 aperture. It's very likely that Apple is also using a custom sensor here given the rather unusual resolution, which is good as it means we should get some nice zoom improvements. even on the 15 Pro, even if those improvements are necessarily related to the Zoom but or like better low-light Zoom performance and we also get some new details when it comes to the Periscope module on the 15 Pro Max, so according to Mark German, this will actually be a 6X optical zoom module.
The 6X optical zoom module was previously rumored to be 5x or 6X and thanks to Mac rumors we now know it will be a 12.7 megapixel sensor, probably exactly the same sensor we have in the 15 Pro, only here we have a 6X zoom lens. rotten m3x and honestly I find this a bit disappointing as it means the zoom performance is unlikely to match that of the Galaxy s23 Ultra or even the pixel 7 Pro or many other smartphones that use a more optical zoom lens high, like 10x or higher. The sensor resolution as 48 megapixels on the positive side confirms that we will get 8 gigabytes of RAM on the Pro models, this is something that has been discussed before and some sources report eight while others report six.
Yes, I am very happy with this change. This change has also been confirmed by Trend Force and their latest reports will also state that apparently the 256 gigabyte Baseline upgrade on the Pro models will no longer happen and instead we will continue to get the same 128 gigabytes that Mark German has now. I didn't say anything about this in their reports, which makes me think the base storage could be 128 in the end and Mario Kerman also reports that the internals of the 15 Pro have been redesigned to match the revamped chassis of the 14 models regular. making the 15 Pro more serviceable, which last year was only the case with the non-pro models and it's not just the new iPhones that are getting USB type-c but the Max Saver 2 battery pack with reports that An updated model is being worked on.
The top of this marker claims that Apple is also working on a battery pack that has wireless charging on both sides, allowing you to, for example, charge two iPhones at the same time; However, it is unlikely to be ready by the time the iPhone 15s launches. as the updated USBC Pros airpods are the only new airpods we will see at the Apple


with the standard airpods and the europods Max will only be updated to USBC in 2024. This is probably because Apple is working on bigger updates for those who They haven't been updated in quite some time and in that case we would get more features than just the single switch type c DSP.
I also mentioned that there was a very slim chance that we could see the new iPad Air M2 at the Apple event. 2. Turns out that won't be the case at all and neither would the March or October events. Instead, Apple is apparently planning to simply issue a quiet press release in October, which also implies that there will be no October event this month. On top of this, the iPhone 13 mini is being discontinued and Apple was still selling it to this day, ending the sad story of small form factor iPhones that everyone thought they wanted but ultimately never bought, other than that, We're doing a live stream tomorrow of the event, so don't forget if you want to watch it with us and talk to us about all the new announcements and other than that, stay tuned for that secret reveal, that Zorothy reveal that we teased . on social media that will happen very, very soon.
I'm Daniel, this Museum of Technique, see you tomorrow, so Tech goes offline, foreign applause.

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