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Feb 27, 2020
Hi guys, how do you do? Hi, I have this old vintage gasoline powered pump that has been sitting around my house for a while. I don't even remember where I got it from. Possibly it was a garage sale or someone just might not. i need to send but i wanted to go check it out and see what it is as far as if the motors are good or not so worried about the pump i'm not really thinking i'll use any option any app but i would not mind having that motor for say a geek minibike or something like that i got one upstairs let's put it on the bench let's see if it comes back to life yeah those old motors are nice and light let's go check out a name tag here downstairs is to go clean up some of that good idea we were working on and it's also long the Marlowe


pumps Ridgewood New Jersey model 12 - and a serial number of - seven five looks like three one looking for a date I was hoping it had a date.
antique briggs stratton engine can it be saved
I'm going to guess mid ties they'll probably actually call it the other tag they make me say let's go clean the other tag not sure if we're going to go ahead or read it to scramble the serial number to find out what they are I think it's 65 and above in


it tells you the first two of the last two digits is the year it's me but that won't be the case here yeah just a MP i think it's a special lock it was like this boss wasn't normal just reminding us that the pump can be a problem for us if we use it on a minibike, will it be a problem in terms of being too far away?
antique briggs stratton engine can it be saved

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antique briggs stratton engine can it be saved...

I wonder ok let's go ahead first of all let's see if it spins what exactly does it say it has a vegan it just seems to spin freely no it's making some rally noises while we're fucking around I want to pull the pump off that's going to pull the plug and we'll throw some oil in there inside we'll let it push all hoops and these things don't have a lot of power in any of the two and a half three two yeah they've been out for a while uh I see some. I'm going to take an air pistol. air gun we'll blow it the shit out of here and then i want to blow into the cylinder.
antique briggs stratton engine can it be saved
In fact you might see some crap sitting and just below the spark plug hole, dude baby you just want to remove the plug. Tell him yes, just shit. literally sitting right on top of that, that's what's been there and if you can really see the center of the hole, there's some things sitting there. it would open up yeah and it was popping because the jacks weren't even there all that crap you saw from the back this is marble let's give it a little bump like i said i think it will end up having to remove the stock anyway most likely that the point of the valves is stuck we are going to improve but there is plenty to start we are going to drop we are going to let go we are going to remove the drain plug see we are going to see if some oil comes out what do you think something is going to come out? just pull here Wow I'm going to say yes but very little I hope it's not water it all depends on where it's stored indoors or outdoors is it ready yes pretty muddy pretty low I don't let it run for a minute what can we do while we wait we're going to start taking some of the hardware off the side of the pump, i'm going to pull the pump right out of it.
antique briggs stratton engine can it be saved
I'll also take a look to see how that works, give it a trash bomb or just a water bomb, you don't get a screen. a guy says something kind of gimme i just wonder if you're ready to fix it yet i can't figure it out i was almost like dude kennedy looks like come and edy why i'm not sure what it says on the bottom below and you i'm going to grab the paper might be someone's name, but won't it be maybe? I don't know very well the world that came. Outside of that that's like gear oil yeah I'd say this stuff hasn't worked in probably a good 60 years okay let's get that pump out of our way and start downsizing the


and see what we got. to work with if it's a good accounts receivable I think the face on that pump is off I think this is just for water let's figure it out okay it's got a broken one just so you know that thing is pretty useless except for similar valve covers it just doesn't have the balls on it I can ratchet them loose yeah yeah it pumps good it's got a little control or something on here yeah it's supposed to be a gate closing rotation for the turns there are back here yeah it's been a while since that's it huh nothing wrong with that right i think there's two bolts on the bottom going up and then four from the back.
I was wondering if we have a key? I hope not. I have a feeling we're getting that out of there if there's going to be a problem it looks like it has a nut right in the middle what's left of a nut in the middle you think it's likely to come off uh yeah yeah if it goes right over the end of the crank to get soaked. It might even be a trash pump so it doesn't look like it has a lot of free space for things, yeah I'm not going to plug it in. that 5/8 and 9/16 go whatever you want to go out chef Lowe's that's why I don't think that's the one that is supposed to be me and the fingers that do it go the one that will be two slices is going to be removed maybe no ah you like it we didn't see it coming yeah we got it we didn't see that it's going to come out of there but at least it comes apart so i think this might be screwed to the other side there are screws in the back here i don't i don't know if I'm going to need to remove them, let's go with the two on the bottom and if he can get them. here's four here's the ones he was talking about those I think works well for him grab that good let's try to get these four out and the two at the bottom and see if the thing I'll slide off of there you ever deal with you know you have a nut stuck in the socket and you're trying to push the focus sometimes it's good you just take a screwdriver or something that fits through there you let it sit up there and you want to let it touch the back wall if you drop it from a decent height sometimes it comes out like this you have to fight yes of course write it from its original size huh it was dark you can't see there very well it's like one on the other side i want to go in this one and it has a lot of drool someone i think was in front of us and remove that you can't get the other end not enough space to put a box in you should be easier more accessible you can get them if we have to do something for it now these are my junk drawers for four or wrenches these are the ones who know not all about some job there's sacrificial lambs so we've got half an inch we can tamper actually this one's already tampered maybe that one will go with anything else that's half from a Reb that same topic too material, let's take this one.
I'm this close, but not that close. Come on, it's going to round it off, although it's not. the next thing i was going to try was no one take the 12 point six by grinding the edge down so you can get around it but you don't need to have understood that I wonder if that was the last someone tried to take in a park you someone definitely tried to get that off of there and I wonder if they got a little frustrated and rounded it up and said that's it I'm not fucking with it anymore I think the engine has a key between the pump and that just depends on how rusty come on rusty that's what you know how much of that is the back in the last two and I see there's some pressure here when he says key reduction.
I see a big hump sticking out of the side here. I'm not sure I have a gear reduction. you think with a couple of taps it's going to go down immediately careful hitting that bowl probably whatever the game between that bomb flcs be able to get in there you got a pulley there no pulley a nice shooter kinda dry i don't want to hit those threads al end of that, I'm going to try to drive a wedge in the middle and see if we can separate that. I'm not worried about hitting this bridle again. I don't think we can. im going to use that pump again remember never to use the screwdriver as a chisel lever how about some big chisels and i'll take up some space huh let's put that one there one there is like one there are you seeing them they are breaking granny there we go yeah on a problem with a wrench let's see if that's no or the gear reduction still works let's try the magnet on the flywheel feel a little bit whining boot ok let's dig some more let's get rid of I want it the cylinder head it could also be this is pretty much all the way.
Anyway, we have a normal screwdriver, I even see, I can't even see and I'm going to take this to war. we got a job for the impact so you think we're gonna find i'm gonna say a bunch of crap and guess the valves that won't go down will be my assessment and wish the washer left with a can was read the label now camera ready, yeah a lot of crap around the valve all moving around that's a good sign on the other hand i said we cleaned that crap out of there again like when i was looking down the spark plug hole you can see that this crap was in there let's give it a go blow it up yeah it's got some slop I have a feeling we'll probably end up getting those valves out of there let's make sure they touch that valve it's not closing all the way it should close right there i'll spin it with my fingers yeah the bells have a problem it doesn't have the valve clearance it should be until the exhaust valve can grab it and it's a little bit locked up until the bore touches them first on the seat ok here we go this one won't close all the way now it's cleaning me up a bit ok maybe you know what's up unless it fell off there's no head gasket which could be a problem what You see when I'm missing something, it's like, I don't think so, that's metal.
Oh, liar, looks like it was. there isn't one there you didn't make it you didn't see it either i want to break it let's get a nice skinny spatula let's eat that here let me do the next thing i'm going to throw it a rope we'll give it a spin or put a drill in it. I highly doubt it has spark, but let's be nice. If I put this next to the stock and see if it works, if it doesn't, it will have points inside. I'm 95% sure they won't work for us. Just that so I was going to take that apart come on it looks like the magnets are hitting the flywheel so let's keep taking it apart just go see what the gas tank looks like huh I bet I've seen a lot. worse than that you see yeah let's buy that car it's soaked anyway so you want to take the carver role while we wait and then we can start cleaning the valves maybe that would be better where we're going there's a valve cover as a better term on a flat head behind the car back here and with a little trick and you can take off the valve covers and you can take the valve straight up and take it out of an old one and clean them I'll do that leave the muffler alone i don't think it's going to come out these things are the welded stuff that's heavy right inside and we have a it should be a spring in the carb so the governor turns that's a good sign let's keep going we have there should be a couple of bolts more is they hold anything i don't think so you can get this one here hopefully it's just a bunch of the rust on the Magnum and it's causing it to rub right there holding it on so it's the little carbs attached to it which is weird, Now come on, any mouse, my thingy in the gas tank for our prize, yeah, I'm surprised it had spark. i know if the crank is so sloppy it's causing him to hit he should be able to open up that air gap on Magneto kick him think there's a marker running out then you can blow up the game and take him that far yeah he has it . points, you need to find a small cable and then you can update them.
I think this is too old for someone to have updated it over a wire. there it is in the back. it comes off the reel, runs out, and there's a set of dots here. go do the carb and soak yourself and get a clean We're messing with this and how could we not waste so much time waiting for the carb afterwards, the boys like company, good brandy, new tablecloth. Fuel oil comes out of there, sludge, dirt and water, fuel type goes in and then fills up and comes out the top again and goes back in, so anything that's heavier than gas goes Deep down like this, oh, through that I can.
Here we go, let me move the last container before I throw it on the ground. I say something about the bigger carbs being like that. There is a spout that runs at an angle and it has to come out before you drop the container. I don't know if that's the case with these I'm going to go throw a little bit and I needed a little carb screwdriver to grab it on the inside and keep it in the back easily on that desk first you don't have too many shots on this also someone might have been on the air ahead of us we know what kind of scope real quick to see if it's all worn out or not yet I think so unfortunately I was able to turn it a bit but it looks like a brass cauliflower and it's inside the bore so it's set back kinda let's see if we can stab them in my hand and yes someone tried to take them out once before and it was holy crap but I have a feeling we may not be able to separate that.
Wow, I feel like Loctite. I'm going to turn them off maybe they're moving fast so they know the angles they can make you slide off the plane seat that's the problem yes usually guests have to be ableback that out of there, we had to split up anyway. I would say it had a lot of corrosion so we let it soak and do our best to put it back together let's see how the float looks the pin moves the penalty out I think it moves yes just swipe down it floats before the float don't have any holes soak everything let's take out the now that makes your screw come out and take the faucet touch it and throw it all away you know the ultrasonic cleaner ok let's let it do its thing.
I'll continue to work on the engine, some of it sounds terrible, it looks a lot worse, as long as you can put it back together, as long as we can get it back because what it does, it increases, yeah, you're not going to. look at it go up and there's a whole there's a whole a little bit like up there that lining we have to take my word for it i think it's right here kind of goes like up there i barely see it right thanks you a fellow stuff make sure i don't remove that joint we don't have where we've been good idea to heat this we need a basket yes we use one it floats it's going to float let it sink in us with you two that's me not that side that's a screen the shield going around look we are spinning is already gone.
I'm going to try to use a rubber o-ring and not a rubber one. I'm neoprene. What are the green ones? There is one that is safe for fuel. Let it cook for about 45 minutes. i'm using it's a good question it's whatever how many quarts i'm not sure i mean a wait about it will hold about four gallons three and a half four pounds heck if i turn it on i see these fly with a lot maybe the reverse thread shouldn't be able to exert a little bit of pressure behind that bump i would have hit with a brass hammer where you're going to put the nut back in ok that's the other way around yeah well tighten it loosens to almost flush get a nylon here i'm just going to put behind each screwdriver a little bit of pressure on it what?
Do you want to hit that? For me it's that it slides all over the bench. I want to squeeze. It's loosening up. ma. come on, we're going to press the way down to the points on them. back a little you a little too close it's usually time well sealed hanging around oh find out if it's ever parted before yes it's gone off before they actually look pretty good huh that's pretty neat yeah I think someone's there changing them sometime which just looks great let me go check that gap leaves all of that good enough just nowhere we do is run a wire wheel to the bottom of here clean them put them back together make sure the steering wheel doesn't rub them well, clean this too.
I don't see much here. In fact, it looks like it almost rubs all over the place. It's not just a magnet. something that's built on top of it is hidden if not i think we could shim it up a bit if we're not going to turn it on we'll let it grind on its own till it's free i'll show you i got it this separate i'm new just take it to a parts washer and it washes everything i'm going to lose that's going to stay it looks like it's going to hold up well look at that we're going to shit if it just gives a little cleaner operation to work with that's our governor the air vane governor has the fan on the magneto turns the air up in decrease and that increases and throttle down so if the engine slows down the air slows down the mid pulls back towards full throttle it starts up throttle starts off the throttle and just holds the rpm which normally adjusts. either the length of the spring or some other kind of adjustment on it yeah the thumb looks like there's a thumb wheel right there you can adjust the RPM with it because it was used on something that was a constant rpm grant and from new i kind of l like these around a minibike or something to be more something you set up with a throttle that cleaned up a bit let's clean up these surfaces here's that brass wire wheel it's pretty smooth first give it that shot be happy a little more aggressive kinda clean that up we'll put the cover on and double check that dot space and put it back together boss we rub more everything is clean we're going to put that on there kind of sad when we tweak it because I think that's tape yeah that's how it goes now reverse it's on the only try it'll make sure it doesn't hurt cross from hitting it more but it seems like it's pretty tight I know look don't look anymore check and make sure. size park and i can see it yeah you hear that right bob you're still soaking wet we should probably take care of those valves huh something like that we need 7/16 we could probably get it working just by wiping it down but let's see if we get those out of there you should take a l little gender baffle you can eat one on both sides that's a little breather on the front check valve better slide that check valve to the crankcase no fun those valves are off there so we don't want bottom dead center there's no point checking the gap yet because we're going to clean them they're going to drop a little comic paint asked do you have to grind the stems but come on Stephen get a keeper a bow spring tool here so you can get them out of there to make this work for us.
I'm going to try to grab just below the keeper on the spring compressor and then the keeper can kick to the side. Actually, this one has a pin. get the other one these have a not sure if it shows these are going to be fun reset the pin fell out the fun parts will put it back in now the valve should be able to come right out of it get to the back of the valve see all the junk that there was under it the idea has some coura ge and some burnt I'm going to clean them on the wire wheel I may have to go buy a new one we're going to get you out of there we're going to that ring too there's another style and then there's a pin with the magnet that slides in, but there is another style, it just looks like a key.
I just get a bigger hole and then like a smaller offset so you pass the arc pitch through the big part and it zooms in and clicks. It was a little simpler. working with these is going to be a pain. I'm going to do the same with the other one, yeah, that was the bells that hurt a little bit, yeah. bring you back with the others outside she was focused enough and i could see she broke down right there she collapsed and yeah i put it aside and it's reversals that's brussels the fun part hammond yeah hitting the wall yeah okay you twist it now it has a rotation it's a little thing for life you know it makes you come o n up yeah yeah great it takes some beating well let's see what they look like next feel the stem is: hey, what are your eyes? look, look before you clean them, yeah, that's a lot of crud.
I don't know if that's just carbon on the rim or if it's the valve ie die we're going to clean the waterwheel and then we'll do it. I know if that shows up that they're pretty beat up okay dad focus behind it and this is going to be a warning mark hammered in from the bow seat yeah it's got some rust on it too. I know maybe we'll go shopping and see if I can find something better if not we'll go with these and the right ones but it looked like I don't think you actually have two sizes in there it looks like you do three types I hope one of them come back here. deeper in the treasury there should be a cube free stack man many moons ago i think he has intestines and stuff so let's grab that with us ok we have a valve cube those are my head gaskets , let's see if it's small, I want us to write, I guess not, maybe now, I think it's a later generation, you don't know, and the others I think. they're to you like the five horses of the almost no let me dig up four valves oh we're looking for something that looks like it has the hole in the middle it looks like it's in much better shape though that might just be possibilities to keep digging I don't know what it's about try if it's like it's going to take off the snare will it be replaced or not or not my name is too short im going to dig here see what i can find thats too big see if i can find a decent set for there and then mix it up i got too many more tubes you clean up there and it definitely looks a lot better that's a short that's a focus or not that and then you won't see a little bit of corrosion on but it's not hammered on now the next thing they're going to show is yes s or right now it's on point top dead center or just a little past top dead center a quarter inch and I think it's four to seven let's try five now if they're too short I wish you could do anything other than try to think of what we'll find another balcony me too long you grind the stems down that's five it's not touching five not touching let's go up to seven I'm going to lick them on them they're going to fall down here no seven no seven let's see what it really is I'm going to look for a different set here's a 20 see what's more than 20 no more than 20 i'm going to try and see if i can find one more set but that's a problem that will only be o'clock on each side so sadly our options are go with faults that have about 18 faults or valves that have for the original valves a fourth output on this side and about eight on this which we have not left yet and she has five and eight, let's move between four at war. seven I think it's a spec let's slap 'em no we just ended up a little on the edge of th itself just a little fine Tune the two mating surfaces may be spinning I think it's a little yucky yucky gross enough let's try a different one you get the kind of sound change on it where it goes from a grating kind of sound to it's not so harsh and sometimes you just take the material and push it back to the center again.
We need a little more. I'm going to keep doing that to both of them and that could be perfect because I know they're pretty poor they say it is but we're going to go with less. I'll bring it back when they are. on that yeah get in your hole and that's decent contact I bet but you know again that's why I was trying to find a better valve sir a little on the choppy side as long as you make the compression work well, they are what you definitely have. lots of pitting especially on the outside edge you can see it but that shin and dot on the inside is pretty much I think where we're going to be riding so not much of an option unless you want to run it clack II that from cutting you can cut the valve in the seat part and you get the valve lowered more and i didn't get our clearance back but you'll have to accept what we have because that's what i have oh this makes the compression should be ok i know if there's room for all of us there but we're going to try to cut the pin into a magnet of course the magnet wants to stick to everything but it can't the target of the operation hold I'm going to hold it down let it eventually fall out the other side give it a little tap I should just leave it there you guys are right where I need to crouch down a little bit dude that's the other one yeah we should put the head on it and we can see we have compression and they're both there I would call it, yes, yes, this is the sixth on the tight side.
I call that 105 now I have a dragon on let's say it probably around the five grades in the middle where they should be fine you can see the stem turn the riser one of them is now the other every time they give a little bit of rotation so when it's running on the cam it doesn't use a flat spot on what kind of cleaning sometimes a couple people said the hole actually looked pretty good but the best part is we're doing it so we have two that are taller and we said which one got once the washers the one was that the washer was the one with the proper springboard for a spark plug that's that thing that's yelling at me right now i know i don't remember i think i said i remember having said it was at the end they didn't put that back later how come i think these two are taller and there's one that has a different shoulder anyway one is longer and here are the two long we'll call them frick and frack go not there im sure which way time actually channels being able to figure it out Susie just throw a plug right there is a plug yeah we need to be able to reach it from there and hit it does it really matter? no, it's going to be too high, isn't it, I need that one.
The question is whether that gets screwed in the right place too long. You'll see me score from a washer, okay, yeah, we're going to live like this. come on, they will say that he snuggled them up. You could stop yelling at me. I heard you misunderstood. Hey, you know that's not still there. I took your brain out. I got into the computer. I rewound and saw where I went wrong my way and that's why the washer feels better now it'll still work fine that's why and that wasn't lining up right this is too far I think it's something like that it's not one of those for the gas tank it snuck I'm down turn it you forget compression click bring this back make sure it plugs in I'm decent here in Ola - yeah I think there's no way just yes - so it works a little me let's put some oil on it i want to throw the recoil starter on it and give it a spin we'll see how it feels real world/highway squeals 1540 why do you ask because all i got all you got is a hammer everythingdoes it look like a nail? times i think it will be good alright i need some fuel should be able to some fuel down there and give a good kick good enough we cut it we cranked the engine i think it looks different so yeah thats right there the generator had a generator on the way home we've had and it has a cup of grease that packs fresh in there I d not know if the grease was for it too, but might want if it's also for sealing the bottom of the crank.
I don't think so, so I think this would have its own, but there's a great valley, holy mic, it's a great valley. in here we could put a roof in there if you need it we're going to find out if you've taken out a lot of oil and that's going to be another question for us right away closer ok i have a jumper instead of me trying to heat up the end of the wire from the spark plug up here guys, see how it backs up a little bit so we can hold it down with the spark plug premix.
Make sure you don't hit the vise behind me. now we need a carb put it back on yes he got it back yes yes things have progressed choked flow looks pretty good still floats thats a good sign ready purdy we have to think about a football i mean the 7 post coffin that once you saw the opposite of what i think a big copper screen should be i think if we can get that t out of there if not it will just go completely out of there and that filter access surely is the best side for you to sit try this so this is what's left ok a little more cleaning and doing there I think I'm going to go over the regular parts of the wash rinse I actually just saw it there hey Dennis get rid of a cavity that's quite a crap it can continue its way to the carb this is essentially the filter set the filters the hunter has become the hunted it's back under this is the feed going through there so one thing to clean chirp that I'm going to end up in four we can put the rest together so one thing that's going to be the most questionable part of this is if the floating needle seat can you're asking me why am I using a dirty swab because I'm looking a cotton swab for 10 minutes when I found a bit of itself in the bottom of the toolbox. it was the only one where i had nepal good so you see i think its metal on metal i think the i didnt even see i just stole.
I'm into brass ok sometimes too much was like a nice polish anyway so we need like a needle sometimes it's a ceiling here most of the time there's a stamp one of the two has some kind of smoothness I think figure out how to hit that in the back I need the joint to be almost screwed in so I don't have another one just soak this one like EB Blaster try to get it to soften up a bit. but it ain't happening let's run what you brought you think it went that way or that way these little things sink down or up and it doesn't matter so we see a weakness teamahma anywhere I can see that it went to the other side because it doesn't touch yeah i feel like it all went well so now we put the float on cross that pin hit it with this i miss it i get it thank you i did good a fair job it's about that the float is seated. parallel with the body it should be and what was the orientation yeah so this is going to be fun this has it taken hold of that?
You see, you see how the ending is all screwed up, even though the screwdriver got away with it. Let's see if he cleared the strings. It should be able to come back, yes, but it just crashed. It came out and it stayed there so we'll just leave it right where it is because that's where most of it broke, tighten it up. I can't figure it out, but the orientation is going to be a little weird. the passages are clear we need to get the tube down in that hole it's just a bunch of corrosion down there it's not scraping it's on it's X it narrows you down to pretty much what you stink and your old parts can we to get it?
I think so I think it works. I said no. You take that thing out of there and I get shot. But I think we're back on two or three threads that give you a little bit of a tank of gas. Cleaned up pretty good. Pettibone works on it. the parts water and filled the can and checked then took a pair of pliers to get the pet to move i have to move and then i flew i flowed through it and it goes on and off which is good because in this i bet you the label that says it was written on top here probably said that paper label on the tank turn off the fuel every time you're done well bet what i said don't leak fuel that was a bit not really they came out very well, neither the thick cover is a little iffy around the seams.
I could look at it, I could see the weather bolts tightened in there, taking them, I just wet the floor with a little oil and seeing it, I'm on the floor, flatten it out, what do we have? We still have the float Bowl and we could put that screw in. Now go yeah I have the back up a couple of turns maybe that helped us and then this measures the little hole that was here. there we're going to tighten that up enough so push and drag that cr the arms down in the packing there's a little adjustment oh look guys fell asleep yeah you missed me the lady was putting the two jets on and setting up I'm two turns to her major part i mean in the idle and now we're trying to come thinking of something for the shins send seals for the bowl i thought i had a pro ring big enough no i found these gaskets i tried to stack them i think three of them together but i'm hitting there it is come like this and I'm pretty close to center to left field again so I'm going to hit it twice making it look something like this should make it so the fuel can come back up around the filter.
I don't think this is going to fascinate you all that much, but you get idea number two so well that it works first you smudged what you really want out of it, so run it as is. I'm going to stay trying to use the vise so I can do it so you guys can see. How come that doesn't look as clean as it should? I think it will leak between businesses. this is a screen that goes to the edges if you spray always the edges it's going to drip ok you have to watch no it's not ok i agree no fuel filter for you didn't stop you from squishing it bail could have been a bit more prepared yeah dammit so much trying to happen we're going to use the excuse that that kind of work in front of the camera but I'm here well in the moments where you fast forward it looks like you just spanked right. through it I mean while you were struggling I think we're going to need to almost ran out of threads well that will fit or not I don't know it's right on the line we're going to go through it to get the fuel in. to the sludge bowl through the screen back through the carb through the needle and seat and the float spins and that turns on and off so if you hold it upside down the float should be down and it shouldn't be able to blow through it and i can so i have a leak in the needle and seat really bad around the bowl i should be hearing that click.
I will answer you. Yeah, I just put three more joints in there and squeezed them together so there's a full stack in there. Now don't leak us. I'm not worried about your way. blocked but I can't, I can't get through it like that, I flip it over and I get through it, Joe, I've got my control in the system, I think we're ready to go put that thing in, huh, yeah? gas inside pet is still shut off go check it out you think you'll most likely give me a 50/50 leak somewhere some gunk floats around let's see if it falls off the carpet that much man it's like the bowl I think - we let that stuff dry a little bit I think we could move it I think it filled up the float ball a little run get some of that junk off the bench because that might make some rattle get rid of it Fuck a rope it's ready Oh yeah, I have a spring on the throttle because again it was set to run at about 30,300 rpm so I throttled to idle speed. here and there's just a spring holding it to the idle chokes in who knows what we'll get except for our face well exhausted looks like it does so off in the flow drop should be false how many times do you think I see the choke is wet try it open and oh yeah there you go we need to speed it up a bit more oh surprise it will be ridiculous enough yeah it will do pretty well see if you can get on the side before the fireball come to television.
What do you do against? wow let's get it right i guess cool i just have to fix the piece of cork is what you really need this one i set up with the air filter install this has bathroom air filter you see that line you filter the base of that and dirt dude of turns it into a sharp turn. I must say that the air makes a sharp turn and just sticks to the oil. Oil seeps in there, but the oil level is only right here, so air has to get in through the fins. and then back off to throw it back on we're actually pretty good besides you never have to buy a filter you know it's a little oil when you change the oil you change that the only bad thing about them is you know they're dangerous If you go too far to one side and piss that with you. come in.
Let's sit you down again. I'm going to turn it on again. I'll adjust it with the air filter. Drag it around because it will probably make it run a bit richer. a win for an idle speed back off a little twist to see if we can get there and reposition the bowls that are going to leak yeah they had a piano right below how to get rid of that completely you can actually just thread that right there but i like the glass wall he will find it on everyone will get the right seal for him at some point too over there right attila drops them he's looking up if you're quicker a little off the line this is working alright alright fuel my fuel system just doesn't want to play what i don't have that I just have that loose so it's flowing and I'm revving it.
I think I'm running out of gas, but I'm trying to keep his bed open until the end to start stripping like crazy, so you see. I was trying to control the amount of fuel I was using through the pet but she will go it runs decent it will be fine they will do everything they are supposed to do I have a really decent back I like the power they are not a lot for them. You know, but for an old vintage minibike from the 40's or 50's I think it will work just fine spreading all the crap and I guess the seal doesn't matter.
I don't see moisture coming out of there. I was half expecting to see some but there must be a seal there and again that was right where the grease pack was and it keeps the water from coming out of the pump side of the seal ok another one to save the stack just put a little note I'll add another load I have a feeling it probably says something about running that valve partially, yeah guys with that yo-yo turn it off. What do you think of hanging out with me there having fun with some rusty junk and not really even spending anything but the oil from the x1?
See you.

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