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Anatomy of a terrible NFL Defense: Why the Cardinals will go from WORST to FIRST

Jan 14, 2022
If you want to stream live nfl games this season directly from nfl game pass to any tablet or computer device, all for a hundred bucks cheaper than the nfl sunday ticket, stay until the end of the show and i'll let this week's sponsor show you how hi that's bob mcmanaman nice to see you man um uh i wanted to ask you uh if you're feeling under pressure uh not just with isaiah but with all the other defensive pieces that steve has given you coming out last year as tough as it was statistically how There's a lot of pressure on Vance Joseph going into this season, it's always pressure, you know, and it's pressure for me. some rough spots but i thought the last month and a half of the season we got better, those were the




defensive coordinator vance joseph said to the media after hand picking isaiah simmons with the eighth pick general at the d Balsa stressed over and over again throughout that press conference that arizona absolutely sucks against tight ends in 2019 and he was right, they gave up the most yards and second most receptions in the entire league to tight ends last season and also gave up the most touchdowns by a wide margin 2. they were unequivocally a disaster defending midfield but what joseph probably should have also mentioned is that the


as a whole also sucked at covering wide receivers sucked at stopping the run and sucked at going outfield on third downs basically everything in what you don't want to be bad they were bad in arizona he was absolutely wrecked on


for most of the year and his lack of defensive production was one of the main reasons they ended up with the 8th overall pick to draft Simmons


place, however, despite all that frustration for 80 of the season, there was still a slight glimmer of hope at the end of the year, week 16 to be precise w here joseph's defense faced a squad of seahawks from 11-3 in seattle and surprisingly they beat him in that pointless game for arizona the defense finally came together and played well enough to lead the team to a win even despite their own quarterback kyler murray , sat out half the game with an injury, russell wilson, a leading MVP candidate at the time, threw for less than 170 yards and took five sacks, the hawks backfield collectively Before they just ran about 70 yards themselves and Seattle leader Jacob Hollister.
anatomy of a terrible nfl defense why the cardinals will go from worst to first
The tight end of that game only caught 5 passes for 64 yards, which by Arizona standards might as well have been a miracle, it all finally clicked on what used to be arguably the


defense in the NFL and for once, it was really fun to see all of that. That being said though, that success raised the questions of what changed between September and December to produce such drastically different results against the same team and even after those in-season improvements why did joseph still feel like spending a selection of the A top 10 at an all-position linebacker could turn his defense from merely functional to potentially dominant? while for me to explain what went right and what went really, really wrong, but I promise if you stick with me and watch this whole show you might as well call yourself an expert on um disappointingly mediocre NFL defensemen I guess so come on starting at the bottom of it all how joseph's system works the


defense is an interesting and somewhat nuanced attempt to hybridize the philosophies of several legendary defensive minds wade phillips mike zimmer bill belichick and nick saban coach joseph has bounced off the nfl quite a few more years but by far two of his most successful stints as an assistant coach before becoming coordinator in the first place were under wade phil ips in houston and under paul gunther a notable disciple of zimmer in cincinnati and he picked up some philosophies very different from both of phillips in particular joseph took most of the fronts that made up his aggressive scheme of a 3-4 gap most notably his fir ma 5-2 below base staff as well as his 4-2-5 above nickel on nickel staff that 5-2 below is self explanatory but we'll check it out anyway and it's usually what that Joseph scores against the heavier offensive staff. packages that he uses five guys in scrimmage three of whom are defensive linemen two of whom are edge linebackers and then in the second tier there are two more inside linebackers named mike and mo so those are The 5 -2 side this is known as a lower front because the weakside defensive end is not really a defensive end at all and in fact basically plays the same role as a three technique defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense. which is called the low tackle in those types of systems so when you hear 5-2 down front just think low tackle low tackle is the same position that guys like Warren Sapp and Geno Atkins have played throughout over the years on aggressive 4-3 defenses like Tony Dungey. and obviously mike zimmer's 2 and to further complicate that point when you flip through a great book by my friend coach cody alexander called hybrids which details the origin stories of modern hybrid defenses and where they might go in the future link of course in the description below you can see many similarities between the philips 5-2 underfront and some of the most influential 4-3 underfronts of all time like the aforementioned 4-3 dungey defense that had in tampa bay the only big difference between the wade the phillips-inspired variant of the 3-4 running joseph and the 4-3 dungeon is that phillips would maintain a five-man surface at the line of scrimmage instead of a four-man surface by moving linebacker sam permanently off tight end at the line of scrimmage instead of putting him in the second tier of defense this mainly helped with what is called boxing up front which means keeping both edge players leverage outside the offensive tackles and/or tight attached ends to create hard edges on either side of the box and a very defined area for linebackers to work inside the box for phillips and joseph their fronts with their outside linebackers basically at all times both from base staff as well as nickel staff packs because it's the easiest and cleanest way to absolutely dominate zone run games.
anatomy of a terrible nfl defense why the cardinals will go from worst to first

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anatomy of a terrible nfl defense why the cardinals will go from worst to first...

It is extremely difficult to get the advantage on an outside zone run if the outside linebackers are just sitting on the outside and forcing everything in before the running back can get the ball. if there's never any way to gain a lead that basically forces the running back into the defense's teeth on every zone run and if the defense knows a cut is coming because the edges are boxed in early on, that means they can play fast and relaxed inside and shooting as many holes as possible to make a big play in the backfield, it's really cool. defensive philosophy that has worked for phillips and joseph for a long time especially in the nfc west where literally the entire division has been built around zone runs for years now the other main front joseph has inherited from wade phillips it's the 4-2-5 cents over, which means four guys in scrimmage, two of which are defensive linemen and two outside linebackers, now you've got the drill and two more inside linebackers on the second tier, called the mic and nickel linebacker most of the time.
anatomy of a terrible nfl defense why the cardinals will go from worst to first
Both outside linebackers, referred to as the sam and


, are obviously boxing up the front lines once again, but because one of the three inside defensive linemen is traded for an extra defenseman in nickel by pools of sonnel, the inside of the front line is usually switched from a lower lineup to a higher lineup, which means technique 3 is now on the strong side of the offensive formation, not the weak side and they make it so that those two inside linemen be in a better place to tackle and occupy two blockers each which frees up the mic and nickel backing to potentially make more unhindered plays from the second tier now under vance joseph those two basic philips fronts the five two under and The four two above are often packaged together in Arizona with two other concepts that are inspired by, among others, Mike Zimmer, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. they are zimmer's famous double blitz seen on third down and his adaptation of belichick and saban's most famous defensive innovation the match cover 3 rip liz again referring back to coach alexander's wonderful book titled hybrids let's start on that match 3 coverage which was invented by saban and belichick when they worked together in cleveland in the mid 90's to paraphrase alexander's words, the duo came up with these so-called match zones to provide the best advantages of both man coverage and zone coverage to counter the passing attack of the Steelers era and they put a stop to that deadly passing game and at the same time gave themselves a numerical advantage in the infield vs. run so they were able to have their cake and eat it too in terms of how Joseph uses Match 3 nowadays. much in the last 25 years or at least not in any noticeably important way, both outside corners


generally match up with the number one receiver on each side no matter the route, the only exception being if the receiver breaks short and inside at any spot inside the first 5 yards if the receiver breaks under then the corner will yell low low low to the linebackers and those linebackers will pick up the receiver up the middle while the corner stays low. approaching their third deep zone and looking for any crossover routes that come their way meanwhile slot corner and strong safety will be responsible for the number two receivers on each side with the same rules of thumb to pair them up wherever they go unless break under in the first five yards, in which case they'll also yell at linebackers to pick up those receivers and if the slot corner and strong safety let their receivers go under then they're free to keep jumping to the hook zones on each side and stealing routes under each outside corner, also keep in mind that usually these two defenders will play those number two receivers from the outside so they can keep their eyes on the quarterback and the recipient at the same time while channeling those recipients. inside deep safety but that's just a minor technical we don't need to explore too much today now last but not least linebackers are so critical here because they are responsible for the number three receiver on each side of the field , which will almost always be running back first, the linebackers will go down to both hook zones on either side of the field to help slot and strong safety with the number two receivers and then once those hook zones are secured they read to the running back and the direction of that running back's release, whether to the right or left, will determine which linebacker has to pick him up in this case, it is nickel running back hassan reddick, who has the responsibility of driving in christian mccaffrey releasing to their side of the field, so in general, when you really look at the structure of this coverage, it's a coverage zone three, but most of the defense is playing those zones with the man coverage principles plus each the defender on the outside has help on the inside against the fast lanes and because it is a unique high security look, the defense will almost always have a numbness plus the players have an advantage in the game land.
anatomy of a terrible nfl defense why the cardinals will go from worst to first
Game 3 is critical coverage for most great modern defenses for a reason and that's because it works, it's just as effective today as it was almost three decades ago and it will likely continue to be amazing for the Cardinals well into the future if they can execute it correctly when It's about how Vance Joseph really likes to execute it, though he often does it by taking a page out of Mike Zimmer's playbook and packaging that Match 3 coverage with Zimmer's most famous defensive tool, the double-cup lineup in appearance. double-cup blends conveniently well with most zone toppings. Both linebackers are lined up in the A spaces before the center who threatens to attack the center simultaneously to overwhelm and collapse the middle of the pocket.
It is a highly aggressive lineup that offends. they have to respect or else they might pay the price and accidentally let someone go untouched by a big sack, but more often than not, when Joseph shows these doubles The mug looks like Paul Gunther before him and Zimmer even before him. that they all do it for the sole purpose of forcing the offense to change their protections to account for gaps and potentially leave an elite pass-rusher like Chandler Jones with a one-on-one opportunity for which these appearances are used. double cup most of the time anyway asSort of a lure to give leading backs some relief from constant chips and double teams, but when you think about it, the offense doesn't have a choice. but respect that lure even if they know it's a lure because the moment they don't respect the double cup and the defense finally brings that blitz that's when it can really ruin your day so overall to make a long story even longer Which about sums up what Vance Joseph wanted his defense to be about when he took over as coordinator in 2019.
He wanted Wade phillips to inspire on 3 4 fronts. Pattern inspired by Nick Saban. Match Zones and Mike Zimmer. In one system, he's a lethal combination of three of the greatest defensive minds in football history and, in theory, he should at least have been amazing. So why didn't it work? produce nothing right put bluntly the reason for this is half of arizona's talent wasn't playing in the right places within this system at the start of the year for starters in the secondary they made mental mistakes every game and even when just he was straight man coverage, not super effective against the big fast edge receivers the league had to offer.
I know he was just a rookie obviously but even for a rookie his first year in the league was pretty bad before they moved him inside to the slots position where he had a little more help now at the same time on the opposite side from murphy you had a revolving door of corners because patrick peterson missed the first six games with suspension and then had several more starts once he came back to really adjust and look like his old self again Tremaine Brock was in and out of the lineup in Peterson's absence. another peterson kevin peterson was doing well on villain duty and ironically his best corner statistically chris jones was actually waived after the first few games and then spent most of the season on the practice squad before being promoted again to the active roster for the last few weeks of the season, so taking all of that into account, we never really got to see a cohesive group of corners really come together or play to their strengths until right in that week 16 stoppage in Seattle, it took a long time landing in that group, all playing. well together but eventually they did it on top of that the security group was also a bit shaky at first because DJ Swearinger just couldn't cover for anyone including a geriatric greg olsen who ripped him to shreds so the experiment only lasted about a month but then jalen thompson got a chance to start and eventually started playing pretty good so that spot got fixed for the end of the year as well buddha baker ok buddha baker so it was amazing from start to finish , obviously, but the moral of the story is that there were a lot of changes throughout the year at four of the top five positions in the secondary and this was in the first year of a new system with multiple All rookies try to figure it out as they go.
All of those circumstances are really tough for any defensive coordinator to overcome, no matter how good the system is on paper. Now, at the same time, in the front seven there were also many guys who did not play. at his best positions and getting punished for it as a result, especially hassan reddick and chandler jones reddick in particular, he was forced to play the inside mo and nickelbacker positions for most of the year until he became an outside linebacker sam through the last month of the season and through those first 12 games where he played inside he was really bad and don't get me wrong there were a few bright spots here and there where his athleticism shone through and he made some big plays but the instinctive part of playing inside linebacker just didn't suit him at all, he was constantly making mental errors and was late in identifying and selecting routes and zone coverage, which was a big part of why the Cardinals were so


against BTW, tight ends and in the running game he had a horrible habit of making many forward missteps on every play to get caught up in traffic. or and completely out of where he was supposed to be in the race. it was just bad there is no other way to describe it there was even a replay in week 4 the first time arizona ever played in seattle where reddick forgot to cover chris carson who was escaping the backfield next to him even though he as we went before that was literally his sole responsibility in the whole coverage scheme and carson was able to make a big win basically for free reddick is not meant to play inside linebacker he never developed the instincts for it to work in coverage or against the run and the Cardinals defense as a whole suffered from that poor pitching of his for a long time, but that also brings up the other main problem with Joseph's front seven if Reddick was that bad.
Inside linebacker, why was he forced to play in that spot for most of the year instead of his more natural position of outside linebacker Sam? Well, that's because Chandler Jones played sam linebacker for most of the year, which was also a big problem in his own right, chandler jones is one of the top three or four pass rushers in the entire nfl and, At least in a Wade Philip-style system, linebacker Sam falls into coverage a bit when the defense lines up on that 5-2 front we discussed earlier. and it's not me saying that's bad because jones can't make plays in coverage, I mean obviously he can, he was able to make it work because he has a cursed nature but to me this is all a big deal because he's bad at regulating Drop your best pass rusher in coverage because defenses would rather attack Jones with a wide receiver in space than have to deal with rim blocking him every time Chandler Jones isn't rushing the passer, that's a win for offense every time, so just by virtue of that little nuance of the joseph vance system where linebacker sam will sometimes drop into coverage in base man packs, some teams were able to limit jones' effectiveness as a pass rusher simply by forcing the cardinals into that personal base packages where it was most likely to drop now you may be wondering at this point ok if this problem was that simple some random on Y ouTube could figure it out in a few days why wouldn't Vance Joseph acknowledge all this was happening and just move chandler jones to will linebacker early in the season and move reddick to sam well that brings us to the root of the problem all the other issues that joseph had to deal with terre It all suggests that joseph was unable to make the positional changes he wanted to make and needed to make at the time because if jones had played will instead of sam then suggs would have had to play sam instead of will and boy if you think chandler jones looks dumb falling on his own and chasing receivers into space wait until you see 37 year old terrel suggs do it because it ain't pretty joseph knew he couldn't risk it to expose suggs in coverage at all or his entire system would break down even more than it already did, he simply gritted his teeth and held him at will at linebacker against his better judgment while ace jones played sam and reddick played mo and that was the arrangement he kept for most of the year until this happened announcing just a few minutes ago matt that the team has released veteran pass rusher terrell suggests kingsbury called this a mutual decision he said that discussions have been ongoing even before this week as it suggests that playing time has been reduced over the course of the season, terrell suggests that launching with only three games remaining in the season came as a shock to a lot of people, But it changed everything in Arizona with Sizzle permanently out of the lineup.
Coach Joseph was finally able to play his guys in their prime and the most impactful positions Jones moved to will be linebacker immediately where he picked up five sacks and a whopping 15 pressures over the next three games Redick was finally able to play linebacker Sam , which is a position that is much less mentally demanding and he could just let his athletics take over in a more streamlined role, so he improved dramatically as well and with the aforementioned changes in secondary taking place during the same period of time and they all joined in too, all of a sudden this Cardinals defense in December seemed like a lot. unlike the dumpster fire it used to be in september the system didn't really change and joseph's philosophy didn't go through any major revisions it just ended i put the right players in the right places to succeed and the results spoke for themselves By no means did they suddenly become an elite unit overnight, but at least they were average, which was a far cry from where they were at the start of the season.
It was legitimately an incredible improvement, all brought about by a huge personnel turnover, but even with all the positional musical chairs the Cardinals went through over the last month of the season, like I said, they still had plenty of room to improve further, which which brings us one more time let's get back to this again he's a 6'4 guy ran 4-3 he's got great lateral quickness he's so long he can he can make up for a lack of some quickness with his length uh i wouldn't i wouldn't bet against him but i think what he did at clemson would part translate and part not by the time steve kyme cliff kingsbury and joseph vance walked into their virtual war room for the 2020 nfl draft they knew they still had one more position that ely desperately needed fill the inside linebacker.
They struggled there all season whether it was Hassan Reddick Joe Walker or whoever else they put in there and especially on this defense if you don't have good inside linebackers who can cover in situations to nickel the system. he'll never live up to his full potential, so to fix that latest nagging problem, the arizona coaching staff turned to the one prospect who's apparently genetically engineered to fill that nickel linebacker role isaiah simmons simmons is good you know who is now he is a monster if a running back reaches the limit on a well blocked throwing play he can easily track them down if the offense tries to match him up on a tight end he is big and long enough to survive in coverage against them without getting boxed in out plus unlike joe walker and hassan reddick simmons has phenomenal range and zone coverage feel and can do everything from buzzing to a flat zone curl to limit stealing to dropping deep into som. reverse zone that can trick quarterbacks into throwing really bad interceptions.
The fact that he's used to playing inside linebacker means his instincts are already far more developed than Reddick's and the fact that he's a genetic abnormality means he can actually hit benchmarks and make plays that walker never could. dreaming about simmons is, for all intents and purposes, the best of both worlds mentally and physically, but perhaps the one thing that brings more to the table than the cardinals have ever had in any of their inside linebackers before is how he can improve the pass rush of the cardinals when they only run four or fewer defenders according to sports information solutions our favorite stats website on this channel the cardinals ran four guys on 68 of opposing pass plays, which was the 11th highest rate in the league and his rushing rate in those four man races ranked 10th in 34 so knowing those two numbers you would theoretically think arizo n a would be ranked pretty high in total sacks too but they were really only 17th in the nfl and total sacks at only 40 which is about two and a half games because their only really good pass rusher in that four man run it was chandler jones, his rush ratings and by extension his sack rates were mostly tied to jones' performance and no one else, after all, had more than double the rushes of the next closest cardinal on the team and was literally tripling reddick's pressure rating in the last three games. of the year after reddick finally moved outside to put it bluntly, arizona had a very one dimensional pass rush in 2019 centered almost entirely on jones and for 2020 they desperately needed someone else in that front seven who could contribute to not just disrupting But actually, firing the quarterback, that's where Isaiah Simmons comes in. also where he had some success, but by far his best value from a pass rush perspective was as a spy and cleanup player when quarterbacks were forced out of the pocket by royal pass rushers in front of him there were several instances where that Clemson defended coordinator brent venables was only sending three in the race and thenhe used simmons as a qb spy for a soft fourth running back and when the quarterbacks got nervous and tried to get out of the pocket away from that three man run then he used that crazy closing speed to slam the door shut and finishing the sack right there is the only thing Vance Joseph really needed to finally get his defense to complete a finisher I think the best example of that finishing talent came in the louisville game last year where venables called a coverage that in his playbook is called dime spy tampa in particular, it was their open travel setting within that whole umbrella of coverage settings and what it means tell me spy tampa i In that venable system, the defense is on a dime front, which is a three-man surface consisting of a defensive end, a nose tackle, and another defensive end with three linebackers behind them, the middle or mic linebacker, the a weakside linebacker or the will and the dime linebacker, which in this play is simmons, the tampa part of that defensive call is self-explanatory, it means they're on an aggressive version of what's called a tampa two read, which I'm sure most of you already know what that is.
If you've ever played Madden and the spy part of the call means Dime's linebacker, which again is Simmons, is playing the role of a spy QB, so In short, it's a three-man race from a Dime front with Tampa. Coverage of two reads at the back and the fourth member of the pass rush is just spying on the quarterback for when he's taken out of the pocket pretty simple stuff, well it gets even simpler. that they a probably won't be the ones to get the sack because it's three running backs against five or even six pass protectors and it's almost impossible to win in a pass rush with three guys against those kind of numbers in protection, but if instead of winning by a sack themselves they can focus more on making the quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket Simmons can do everything he can to win for them that's why left defensive end Logan Rudolph's run here was so smart because all he was doing was preparing Simmons to finish the job he started.
Rudolph knew he wasn't going to beat a double team. he's not built for that here so he just ran a very wide arc around the quarterback that left a big gap right down the middle almost inviting the quarterback into that space at the same time Simmons was also hanging out lurking in the back to leave that gap open as well because they both wanted to channel the quarterback into that space where he felt a false sense of security, they wanted him to run from his own protection into danger and as soon as the qb instinctively moved towards that soft area of ​​the pocket as most quarterbacks will tend to do without even thinking about it, that's when Simmons finally swooped in and took him down with his incredible closing speed, there really was no reason to. or quarterback to increase the pressure on simmons in the first place he only had one receiver on that side of the field and he was doubled by the will linebacker buzzing under him so there was really no one to throw to there and the pocket was holding up well against a three man run but mind games are called mind games for a reason because they screw quarterbacks and force them into mistakes having a piece like simmons who can capitalize on those strength mistakes is something Valuable to any defense but especially one struggling to finish sacks like arizona and again running these exotic looking spy coverages is something Vance Joseph already does in some way.
The covers are not exactly the same nor are the staff groupings or fronts but the general concept is similar enough to those Brent Venables-esque packages that can be easily integrated into Joseph's existing system, I mean hell those Match 3 coverages we talked about. There was already a lot of the Clemson playbook on this show before, so isaiah simmons already knows how to run them from four different positions, he won't have a problem picking this system even as a newbie and if anything to be honest joseph might add more concepts this season just for simmons so they can copy all the crazy stuff he was doing in college in general going back to joseph's comments about simmons being a chase player who can act as a draft for the defense who is actually going to be like that a lot more than that simmons is not just a quick guy who ue can cover tight ends he was literally the missing piece to make this whole defense work they already have a stud linebacker in chandler jones who will eventually play linebacker again they have not one but two solid sam linebackers now in devon canard and hassan reddick who they can rotate in and out depending on the down and distance they still have a deep inside rotation and talented defensive lineman also with corey peters jordan phillips zach allen leckie fotu and richard lawrence in mike linebacker they have the always burly jordan hicks and in the secondary they finally have a group that can be semi-reliable in patrick peterson byron murphy maybe robert alford if it's the healthy jaylen thompson and of course the sensational buddha baker literally the only thing this defense was missing was a nickel fast linebacker , aggressive, lanky and versatile who could tie it all together and now the cardinals have that in isaiah simmons when i started doing my research for this episode by scouring stat sites and watching as many movies as i could i honestly had no hope this team would make it into 2020 but the more i watched and the more i understood about what went wrong and what they were trying to do well. hopelessness turned to excitement and then excitement turned to expectations believe it or not arizona has all the pieces now to create a really nasty defense and i think sooner than later we will see the badness come to life.
It feels like something is brewing in the desert. Something new and dangerous. You all should pay attention to what's going on there because whether you see these guys come or not, trust me they will come and when they finally do it all together as a team I think they'll be careful because if I'm right the sea red is finally about to go up again and that is a very scary thought. my suggestion to the rest of the nfc now is a good time to go grab a paddle you'll probably need it thanks for watching this week's episode and thanks to this week's sponsor nordvpn if you're like me and cut the cord a long time ago, The hardest part of that decision has always been finding a way to stream nfl games live, but with nordvpn it's now easier than ever to do it legally, all you have to do is download nordvpn, select a server somewhere from europe like germany and once you connect to a german server that will give you access to the european version of the nfl game pass subscription service which is the service i use to make episodes every week on the american version of nfl game pass game you don't have access to live streaming nfl games but in european you have access to all regular and post season games and super bowl and it's a hundred bucks cheaper than bowl nfl sunday eto plus an existing directv subscription plus it also comes with all the normal nfl game pass features as well as nfl network live 24 7 all 22 coaches record full game replays and what highlights from games dating back to the last decade and tons of nfl movies and nfl network programming like america's game and a football life nfl pre-streaming game on nordvpn is by far the best way of streaming live nfl content plus the league is also paid through that game pass subscription so its not even hacking its all legal everyone wins but especially you the nfl fan soccer if you are interested in upgrading your game viewing setup this season and want to try this you can get 68 off a two year plan for nordvpn which makes it less than four bucks a month plus you get a me free extra s at brett coleman or using my promo code brett coleman at checkout again thanks to nordvpn for sponsoring this week's show and giving us all a better option for streaming live games this season as far as me and channel news i have another episode coming out i think sometime this week probably friday so knowing me it will be saturday or sunday i don't know if it's coming out soon i don't even know what it's on yet .
I think maybe Justin Fields, but I'm not going to lie, people, I'm winging it at this point, uh, I got my fantasy ranking on the patreon again, anyone who contributes at least a dollar to the patreon gets those. I put the ppr ranking. I'm still finalizing the standard rankings so those will be available sometime probably today based on what I'm recording this uh and then I'll have the combined rankings as well and then I'll update them every week as we go through the fantasy draft season all the way to week one so again all users have access to the excel docs and i'm also creating pdfs for you guys to work on your fancy drafts no matter how much you give it can be a dollar or anything but yeah I'm in jam mode for this August it's always a crazy month for me before the first week so new movie theaters coming fantasy ratings podcasts and yeah I'm going back to work on what whatever this next episode is going to be I'm figuring it out if you have any suggestions please leave them below so see you later

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