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AnkerMake M5 | Sehen so zukünftige 3D Drucker aus? (2022 PREVIEW)

Sep 04, 2022
This is the Anchorman 5, a new 3D printer that is supposed to do a few things differently than similar devices. It's mostly about the overall presentation, the unusually high speed for this design, and various clever options that are intended to make general handling easier. I'm going to give you a


today so a


of the presenter 5 was especially important to show you the exact model here what you as a consumer also get if you order an m5 it's not a prototype you saw on youtube in several videos a few four months as the kickstarter campaign was still running its still not a final review so the enka max laser is missing the software in which the models are prepared for printing even though they sent us bar models ready to print use. manufacturer wanted to print my own models to get printer own image so i started cura 5.1 point zero and got just made my own profile eg used speed values ​​from official homepage and checked code from the finished barfiles to use startup and develop from it, for example.
ankermake m5 sehen so zuk nftige 3d drucker aus 2022 preview
Therefore, the print quality can be improved accordingly. with the official cutter and also features like online thumbnails, printing this story etc. it will only be possible with the grandson max laser as soon as the sluizer is released i will upload an update video about it so please subscribe to the channel for don't miss out so have fun now preview we start with a topic we never talk about even if the shipping box doesn't look spectacular as with every 3d printer box the actual product box differs significantly from the rest and advertised with nice little images and features this box could be like this for example in the media market on record Lie now you are probably wondering what the guy with the box has got yeah I don't care the box at all, that just makes it clear that enka make apparently places greater value on presentation and aesthetics and that is reflected in the scope of delivery.
ankermake m5 sehen so zuk nftige 3d drucker aus 2022 preview

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ankermake m5 sehen so zuk nftige 3d drucker aus 2022 preview...

In addition to the printer, you even constantly ran through the stepper motors and fans, the stepper motors and fans are also elaborately clad, for example, you don't see any bare aluminum profiles, the cables are meticulously hidden and are does a lot for the optics of the device with recurring cover. colors and a cohesive design concept to me is a clear indicator that a comic here appeals to a significantly larger target group than regular 3D printer buyers, I mean we don't care if you see all the profiling wires hanging somewhere place that they are not Now it gets in the way and hardly covers anything, on the contrary it may be better or more practical for us because it is easier to screw.
ankermake m5 sehen so zuk nftige 3d drucker aus 2022 preview
But to be honest, this I'll call the experimental technology aspect also puts off a lot of new buyers. My girlfriend, for example, repeatedly asks me about some printers if they are really safe, so there is no fire or because they all look somehow unfinished, even current models. It seems that some of them just played them together and that's not everyone's thing. To be honest, I noticed the return of m5 very strongly. Do not hesitate to write me what you think about this topic. So we will see the first 3D printer from Sony or Samsung soon in any case somehow in this direction next to the printer there are still some accessories in the box the tool is kept in a fancy little box and the tool itself also gives a solid print when setting up the printer these change filament loading rolls fit more tools you need i haven't actually seen it before in another video hopefully i see it for the first time now.
ankermake m5 sehen so zuk nftige 3d drucker aus 2022 preview
There are not only seven 0.4mm replacements, but also various nozzle diameters for different applications. If the official slicer now has the corresponding profiles ready, I would definitely be happy, but that will come later. The multilingual instructions have a German part and explain things like construction or pressure leveling with pictures we'll take a look at the construction in a moment the necessary screws are in labeled bags and that's very handy next to a print head already fully assembled with direct extruder it is also a hot spare and includes extra nozzle silicone sock term is for heating cartridge and ptfe hose included filament holder is made of metal and can be placed on top or bottom side this is handy if you can use side mounting eg the printer sits on a shelf and you walk up the stairs a bit less space it has the corresponding dimensions of the printer i show you here to get you started right away there is 150 grams of pl a+ black included that are not exactly four but a little more than the usual ten meters of white pellet of the imp The actual printer consists of two parts, it would be the upper part, which includes the z-axis coated print head, the camera screen, and so on, and the base, which, as I said, is also very small and compact, the printing surface is made with a relatively structure. rough and magnetic stainless steel plate exactly to be with two of them would have been to include one smooth and one structured of course before setting up the anker make m5 we'll take a closer look at the interior and electronics in the next part of the printer is equipped with a removable cover, there are, for example, two USB connections for the controls. tion and two wires for the dual guide z-axis stepper motors you have loosened some screws you can remove all the plastic notch and look at the inner workings here everything is clearly laid out and not in plastic or sheet metal but as we can see in a cast aluminum base a 250 watt power supply, which is typical for the size, is used as the power supply and all cables are properly routed and labeled accordingly the enns caps are more or less invisible from the outside exterior but we can see here everything is done inductively overall i like the interior all the cable management and also the processing of the m5 is very good especially when you think about the sometimes adventurous cable placement we usually see here the motherboard seems to be something of its own at least obviously i couldn't find anything else it has built in wifi and bluetooth connectivity and is equipped with controllers stepper motor tm c 22.09 the y axis is driven by a stepper motor and two riemann gates everything is hidden in the base here too although you can already see the y riem on its axes from the outside through a small hole that you can also insert the rollers to see the y-axis and roll at the desired speed of 250mm per second, actually quite atypical, the manufacturer says that there are very special ptfe rollers with a certain elasticity that are supposed to somehow compensate for micro-vibrations , but to say that would be pure marketing, so let's take a look at everything in practice and compare it to non-rolling competitors. see everything immediately.
Assembly is done in less than ten minutes and that's for everyone, even without prior knowledge. the part is simply placed on the base and with a few screws tightened, then the usb cables are secured with screws and the filament has filtered into the desired position, the wheels were already perfectly adjusted for me, if necessary I would have to adjust them still more or more with the tool provided, the configuration works via the 4.3-inch color touch screen or your own smartphone app, It should be mentioned here that the beta version for iPhone users since the final software is not yet is available, I first brought the axes to a high position using the touch screen, and then got a little familiar with the menu. smoothly and the animation also conveys some emotional value.
At first I wasn't sure about the fact that the screen moves along the time axis, which is very unusual at first, but ultimately doesn't have a negative impact in practice because the z-axis only moves very slowly during printing in the millimeter range there is also a camera in the control unit, which I will mention briefly z a ger is leveled fully automatically with 49 points and is exemplarily preheated a pressure sensor on the head for leveling and heating is also visualize with a colored led on the left side, as said, mainly for aesthetics and presentation, of course you don't really need it, but if honestly it turns out very fancy in my case, I didn't have to adjust the z-offset and with a height 0.28mm layer height, I set 0.2mm layer height for the rest. everything adhered perfectly to the pool print surface and really perfect first laser for both pl and ptg but more theoretically of course you can set the set offset.
This works both specifically with a sheet of paper or sheet metal, and during printing, live in 0.01 millimeter increments with millimeter precision. By the way, I also stripped down the z-axis front for a closer look at the guide here. As you can see here, the blocks are used right away and it is definitely not the standard aluminum profile with rollers, but in order to completely disassemble it, you need to somehow pass from below over the stepper motors or pull down. , I will be happy to show you in the next video the smartphone application again. I was able to pair with the printer in just a few steps.
The initial setup works here via bluetooth and finally the printer integrates into its own wifi and it's also on the internet that means you can also use mobile data from where you can access the printer completely differently or look at the image from the camera which is all optional, theoretically you can also operate the printer offline in the classic way with a USB stick, but then logically you do it without the control via smartphone and the mentioned built-in camera monitoring function is like with so many devices smart home on the one hand of course super practical, on the other hand you can of course also consider data protection and since everyone should know for themselves the presenter m5 is advertised with 250mm per second which is unusually fast for this type of 3d printer, the prose mp3s plus with a similar structure and a similar size makes it in the standard speed profile, for example, 60 mm per second all ends, etc. also with 50 to 60mm etc. 50 to 60mm is really standard with this structure these specified maximum values ​​by the way not always and permanently but only in certain work steps here you can see the official speeds and also the acceleration from the presenter faq page wrestle with these values ​​as i said i made my own a5 core the point profile 1.0 and got it as close as possible to the ones i was given as long as the prepared files were brought in to compare a tape with data ready myself from Anchor Mac it took 57 minutes and that with my own profile 54 minutes very straight even if it's a bit annoying it should be mentioned again at this point that this is a preview which means print quality can still change with the final software, as I said change that applies both to the official files that a comeback has made available to me and to my own profile where I have not yet invested hours of tr below this is basically the first version but we'll see everything is quite useful yeah to have a third speaker benji I printed the official 0.2 mil prose profile with the velocity values ​​of the five track presenter and with my mp3 s plus it took me much longer in an hour and 18 minutes because in Proseben maximum values ​​of speed and acceleration stored and to be honest I did not want to break them of course. selma temperature and also printed with the same filament roll as with the m5 and the result of the mp3 s plus at this speed really doesn't look optimal especially the torso of the 54 minute benji clearly shows what I'm missing from training for now this thread formation you can see here because it's mostly a matter of tuning the faster the filament flows so the higher the flea is ultimately the harder it is to grab with mekka make m5 I already tuned this to a higher speed high on my cura profile so here with 3mm distance and 60mm per second i worked with the riet frame and with the prose i just took the standard value so maybe a little uneven here so please do Do not compare the training with each other when comparing the three babies.
Cura m5 is the best if they really did it again. That's not all final, but it's still very interesting in my opinion. to be honest i personally would not have expected to get a 54min banshee on this optic with a bed pusher, we printed with a tighter end at 80mm per second and it looked significantly worse than this so i'm sure at first here is a short update just before the video release but i think you should definitely see i got a new firmware update sent out today which has greatly improved print time and print quality like i said all theimages you see here are not final and everything can change even the commercial version. also get better again i think this insert here shows this is obviously not just marketing blah blah but actually what's going on is that the print time for the tape was 28 8 from


at 9am she just had breakfast could be cut down to 41 minutes and as you can see that was at the same time the quality got better so no more streaming even these little irregularities from the previous 57 minute model. the rest of the video the printers now come were printed with the old company, as I said, in the second video we will finally see everything, the handling of the anchorman m5 is simple and intuitive, changing the filament, for example, was very easy and quick to do during the first test you have to do it here on youtube during the kickstarter campaign loading the filament was probably something of a hunter you apparently have changed because with my numerous changes there were no problems as I said even if we really liked the cooling performance from the component, the anchor five is relatively noisy, it prints at full speed with 100% cooling and 250mm per second, everything sounds like Immediately after turning on the printer, a fan always works.
I don't know if this must be absolutely necessary for the electronic chain or if it could be fixed in the later software update. can't say and then it has to be clarified finally the software is as mentioned in terms of component cooling you definitely get something for the bulk namely s apart from the printed overhangs and that even at higher speeds this pen holder will it printed in an hour and 40 minutes for example, about the time you print a benji at 60mm per second at comparatively this high speed, prototyping for example is also quite nice including support structures and my 250mm per second cured profile printed in one hour and 15 minutes, which is very little for a relatively large part.
The result is definitely clear and the structures were also printed accurately and can be printed. very easily, as you can see here, just remove it. I already mentioned at the beginning that the print adhesion of the m5 works very well with this very small model. I wanted to test both print bed adhesion and high speed accuracy. The fine print and the place. the robot takes a total of 22 minutes to print and only in the knees there is a small filament that emits an osteoarthritis the rest has turned out surprisingly well for this speed you can see my hand in the picture here in the size comparison also have to say that the minimum time per turn function probably had an effect here in part, that it was set to ten seconds here when 250 millimeters per second here speech always means a certain dynamic and the final total time is probably more decisive as I said 22 minutes for this robot we go from small to large and with this watering can we use a lot of the pressure volume full of just nz we are with 250mm right on the limit which also works quite well i printed here with three wall lines so that everything is dense after until the last layer everything worked precisely for you even if with this model logically the minimum time per layer became effective at the end of the printing time a here six hours and 50 minutes, which for such a large model is very little for models with very long printing time which is of course particularly noticeable with the prose mk3 s furthermore the special model could not be printed here due to the max height 210mm with the prose i just scaled it down to blunt for a test and then with if the 0.2mm speed pros get the print time here would have been 16 hours despite the slightly smaller model by true this is not criticizing the prose please don't get me wrong the mp3s plus is still one of the best prints i have i use them only in this example because the estimated print time for the prose is accurate to the second and therefore not I have to print it for 16 hours now, but can you trust that the one shown would be interesting if it works as accurately as well? with presenter five if the official sluizer doesn't work with cora because acceleration values ​​and such are probably not stored correctly but if you really have native software these remaining times etc are always very accurate but not curious if a return it can make the shower very good for print time and it's also tight thanks to the three wall lines it has so far.
By the way, I only print with psa with the m5. By the way, pl a+ is recommended. The enka make m5 wasn't calibrated or printed all the time, so out of the box, filament temperature probably wasn't explored either. I chose the higher temperature than in the packaging so the tempo was not specified or anything can be more precise if you want for plm it was 220 degrees and for ptg 235 degrees I have the area where one connects that I can't even pronounce myself they sent a box in there was a couple rolls of filament thank you very much at this point and i tested them to the left of course there is the max temp at the anchor in the video description below by the way man 5 is at 260 degrees on the nozzle and 100 degrees on the pressure bed, I finally tried ptg for this, created a profile with 150mm per second and set the cooldown to between 40 and 60 and the dynamic value it can do. that with pure I only show what I put there as expected, ptg was not a big problem either and the m5 also prints clean plc gpu wood and others, everything is possible without any problem, nothing with super high temperatures, so no new land carbon and so on on and on and abs there's always something like that without a casing like i said you can print everything here with the printer we can print it here with one end what you could print with an mp3 s plus and so on that maybe nothing with the direct extruder like flexible filament a bit more comfortable than with an external extruder the anchorman m5 has a camera integrated into the control element, which is equipped with pressure infrared night vision, for example, even in pitch darkness via smartphone, there are infrared lambs inside, I filmed the enka mac camera with another infrared camera and then you can see the infrared light very clearly not only used for observing the print but also for the so-called features.
Static according to egger make, the 3d model is compared to the actual print during printing and if the print were to come loose from the platform for example, or if a bit of spaghetti were to form, the camera could do that to recognize and pause the print, the feature has already been turned on for passenger files and to be honest I've tested it a bit and it works pretty well. I would like to pass final judgment on this only when I have resolved the files myself. More on this when grandson max läser is out we'll do his own thing and see if he can actually recognize that it's definitely a very good thing if that works as well as looking at passenger files via smartphone and also via data mobiles, which means if you're on vacation or at work or something, you can always use your printer to observe with because, as I said, it runs through an account and over the internet, everything works perfectly.
The camera is also so far away that really everything remains in view from the first to the last layer. At the bottom it looks a little strange because it's cut off. on the bottom but when it's on the top it really has everything in view and it's very well camouflaged definitely much better than an external camera the answer has to be on the table here it's nice inside the printer doesn't take up any space that's it exactly how it should be recordings of time labs are also possible with that also another place i have tried two things here also about as i said the software the software i still lack i really like the idea of ​​the m5 comic basically i am at please the big tech manufacturers dare to tackle the 3d printing thing and make everything more accessible and simpler and maybe a little bit fancier s map maker pro says they tend to go in a similar direction these days already there are advertised accessories for the m5 with the v6 color engine and above all the max laser anchor will show how well the overall package ultimately works if you want one or smooth operation and lots of profiles hopefully also for the different supplied nozzle diameters ahead of us that could be really good overall I'm definitely very excited the potential could be seen in terms of all speed operation processing design the optics and so on in this preview i think i have it pretty clear now i'm very excited to see where this goes Regarding presenter five comments below and be sure to ask questions for the second video because in the second video I don't just want to show the slicer, but above all I want to respond to your comments and respond as much as possible. now threaten the total basler side and 100 unscrew bear it that all that chicimicki what is the led there on the left side no one needs and so if they are like that maybe they will try to look at everything from the outside and see hey they aunt Gieseler, who does not want to print her IGs abroad maybe she would be more interested in coming back on the 5th or because she doesn't want to use a soldered self made printer or something so I think you have to look around for a product that is also fast and new printers to evaluate objectively yes it's all very interesting to me because there's so many different things on there now subscribed till then I would love to have a channel and stay with me but I'll be outside again for now and say see you next time come on guys see you p.s. , where I still have one thing for a moment, namely a little disclaimer, the device does not exist yet, so it was like that for me All provided by Anchor Mac, so I did not pay anything for it, but i also didn't pay any money separately to say anything. table of contents that I have to go through here I wanted a comeback the truth is that it is only the video that I make when the software is there I sew it in an orderly way I make a preview and so because I find it very interesting now they said that I was close and that's how the whole thing came about just so you're really interested in how it all works behind the scenes like i said no money but they just took my device out for transparency so now it's really out there see you next time guys come on mushroom

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