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Angelina Jolie's Knife Skills | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Jul 16, 2023
I feel so small, yeah, it's like the subway here to


congratulating you on winning a Golden Globe, that's a very impressive thing, thank you, did you go crazy after winning? I did it, I got really drunk, I took my dad, my dad was with me and the first half of the


he was so proud of me and your dad, of course, I'll just point that out in case anyone doesn't know, it's Jon Voight, yeah, and uh, he was there for his own nomination, that's exactly what it was. really neat and um yeah at the beginning of the night he was really proud and then after you know I started on Tequila he was like oh do you think that's a good idea and then he left so he just left ? that was the last time I wanna be around this is gonna go crazy uh I think the place, I mean, of course, you've done a lot of work that people would know you for, but what I really guess I got to do What I know you best was in that Rolling Stones video, where I saw it for the first time.
angelina jolie s knife skills late night with conan o brien
They probably play those videos all the time and, uh, which one was, is it the one where the name of the song you remember the name of the song yeah, which one? Has anyone seen my baby well? exactly what it's like to be in a Rolling Stones video oh god, I mean, obviously you got to work with them and yeah, it was amazing, it was really nice. to meet them and they're actually really nice people, they're exactly what you'd expect, each one of them is exactly what you'd expect, but they're really nice and meeting them it was nice to get naked for them.
angelina jolie s knife skills late night with conan o brien

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angelina jolie s knife skills late night with conan o brien...

Really stressful, um and I was scared, what were they like? I mean, when you know how they reacted when you walked into this room. Just for this? Can you take off all the clothes that aren't mine? how did you audition, yeah, that's how I got it, that's how I got this job that was no, uh, no, I had art, I was doing the work and I didn't really know what it was going to be, they said you'd do a little act and then you'll run through the streets and Michael will chase you through the streets and I thought, well, um and then I got there and they said, so you know, it's like you have a suit, put this on over the suit and then just just get in front of them. and dance and be sexy and take it off and all I know is that you almost threw up, you were nervous, how were you with all that?
angelina jolie s knife skills late night with conan o brien
I hope they are very happy, they probably are like that. The Rolling Stones, by now you think they've seen it all, are probably so tired of a naked woman that you just say, what am I going to show them? Yes, but they haven't actually seen it before. Yeah, they're probably like. Hey girl, oh look at a butterfly, it's amazing, yeah, this is more unreal for them, uh, and I was watching Gia's clips and them, uh, and you have all these, well, you have a tattoo in that movie, but I understand that you have many. more and many more tattoos covering yes, they're actually in areas that shouldn't be photographed, you know what I mean, they're more or less, you know, okay, no more sad, okay, those things hurt when you get them You put they don't, they don't, isn't it an extremely painful tattoo?
angelina jolie s knife skills late night with conan o brien
I've often been thinking, hey, tattoos that's what people say are cool now, not that I'd ever get one because I'd look, you know, like Opie with a tattoo, but I'm fine, see Air Supply , but it wouldn't work for me, but they are also very painful, right?, no, no, I don't know, this is going to sound strange, but. It's like a meditation, you know, it's kind of like, uh, it's okay with the pain because I like it, yeah, yeah, it's okay, it's okay, if you're okay with it, I'm okay, it's okay, yeah, it's okay, it's okay, if it's okay with you, I'm okay, okay, yeah, like concentrating.
Your mind and you just sit there, okay, okay, you did it like six times, so you must not have hated it. There is something? G, of course, is the story of a very famous supermodel from the


'70s and early '80s. um, you share something in common with uh, with Gia, who is a real person, who is you two, who both have fascination with knives or that she has since passed away, but she was fascinated with knives, you are also fascinated with knives, is that correct? Yeah, I've collected guns since I was a little girl and my mom was, I went to the so when you were a little girl you asked Santa for a pomegranate fair when I was a little girl and there's all this kind of stuff, you know, Somehow way it reminds you of history and there is something beautiful about them in traditional and different countries of different weapons and swords and there is something beautiful about them to me, so you practice with these, I guess they are called butterfly knives. right, do you like to practice with them or play with them, we have one right here no, I was curious, I didn't even know, I don't even know how to use one of these things, what are you doing, just show me? what do they do, what do they do, this is, you collect butterfly knives, right, yeah, you, um, okay, let's go like this and who do you make the chair for?
Okay, I see you make it look great. I would just say and then I ran away down the street they would say go after that guy from Air Supply uh Gia is on HBO it's this Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. m. yeah and uh I've heard amazing things about it so good luck with that and congratulations on the Golden Globe that's really exciting I have two really weird things I have to say hello to Alfred and I'm wearing a skirt so that doesn't make sense to no one, but there I'm sorry, I'm sorry, why doesn't it make sense that you're wearing a skirt?
I think if you're saying hello to Alfred, that's what you know. I have no idea. I'm so nervous I'm about to fall. Why are you so nervous? Why are you nervous? It's just that this show, come on, and you're holding a


nothing is going to be possible and you have three of the strongest men in the world sitting next to you, all right, everything will be fine, thank you very much for coming and continued success, Angelina Jolie, everyone, we'll take a break

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