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Anel, José Joel y Laura Núñez: las Saras, Alejandra Ávalos, Manuel José, Pati Romani y más

May 03, 2023
Yesterday, first hand, we were step by step in what was the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of José José, and although the Sosa Noreña family was moved to see the expressions of affection at the beginning of the song, they also experienced moments of viruses when remembering whose crucis already forms this collection this september 28 marked one year since the unfortunate death of josé josé in memory of the great prince of song' his family pays a well-deserved tribute to his style at 10 o'clock in the morning to marisol sosa advice from


núñez In the company of Doctor Vidal Llerenas Morales, Mayor of Azcapotzalco, they arrived at the Parque de la China located in Clavería, a place where part of his childhood was lived despite the pandemic. to remember him accompanied by a war band different floral arrangements and a touch of silence for his eternal rest was how they brought me to josé jose we are very happy here celebrating this departure of the Lord to heaven that we know is there and that's why they don't know made of plastic something very nice that the mayor organized everything that you must have already seen so I go pee like this and run in fact I wasn't even planning to come here no but the mayor's office obviously behaved very nice that's why he came here And at the end of this event in the Parque de la China we went to the French pantheon where part of the remains of the Prince of Song rest, there amid images of the singer Flores and part of the family of José José, it was how they remembered the father to the friend to the artist thank god we are very happy to have this opportunity right now regardless of the pandemic and everything else it may be paying homage to my father if it was inevitable not to remember what they experienced a year ago after the disappearance of the body of his father in light of time there are still many doubts when we need to see the body beyond doing anything else our father has already passed away there is uncertainty there is uncertainty of course yes because of everything that happened and how it happened we were very clear with the line when we talk to him and when he tells him don't move your body let's go over there the containers that was released all this time to this day unfortunately there are people who continue like this and without understanding that what we lived was something that had never been lived looking for the body of a loved one of your father you understand it having the girl and a few kilometers away giving interviews completely ignoring the great star the great joseph joseph and note that in the perverse evil of the first anniversary of the prince's death the song of our jose jose our yours and mine let's see the warmest of welcomes to three people who knew him not only jose jose but who loved josé romulo sosa ortiz the lady in the noreña good afternoon pepito thank you for being here the family who left us This creature who was the one who dealt with it, dealt with it, lived and enjoyed it because no one beat Jose to enjoying it.
anel jos joel y laura n ez las saras alejandra valos manuel jos pati romani y m s
Saying liked yesterday was very bravo against marisol de la hora's pp and now she receives it that way even I told my fellow reporter Mariana Cepeda ask her if they sold the tribute to her father in the pantheon so she asked then Laura Núñez very brava He came out and says, be careful with your words because it is very dangerous. What you are saying here, we did not sell anything, is that I did not ask Gustavo, I affirm it, yes, that was what hurt us because I have been here and I have been in many programs and I have not. accepted a fifth from nobody now because what happened to her we are at the top in this bar with 10 minutes to go we were coordinated at 6 o'clock they are not taking out at this moment because only another program has it they are not running these I don't know what then I got hot that is The reality is not about that, look, as judged, no, no, but a little, a little bit of a reply, my brother is not very clear that the family, but in my case, me or my office, as they call us, we are at your complete disposal, always true. and this and the fact that well, who called first, who we were then later and until now I say it with all due respect for its production, until now is that they said when they can today, here we are, we are already with pleasure, Juanito had been very intelligent, you know He's smart, Sal knows what time the other program ends and we would have dedicated another half hour to you, and what's more, it must be said, the other program ended its links earlier to serve you, I told him to see the person who was next to him.
anel jos joel y laura n ez las saras alejandra valos manuel jos pati romani y m s

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anel jos joel y laura n ez las saras alejandra valos manuel jos pati romani y m s...

I said to me, please, go ahead with this to attend to the media and they did so, they went ahead and we attended to you and we would like to be able to attend to everyone at the right time, he specified what they want but well, we have to tell magda rodríguez, the producer today, thank you because it's more because it's exclusive to the company's program today, that's what allows us to know being here with you right now who are thinking about the bacteria coming to the fore as it has been this year without José concerning, well, if you I would say that it is very good I would be short because let me tell you to remember is to live yes or no completely ok so I had to take out of the trunk of my memories the wonderful life that we live in candies that I think this was never touched because so many happened things that we could never get here had to tell me that it's a camelo camelo who knew the house on the stony this place where everyone was and all this happened there will be known as cinnamon because the big parties consecrated meetings of the toast and also what is an enchanted place where there is a prince that we do understand that we understood was the reference with which until then it was already established that the house was carmelo then the house of the stony if now that all this year happened inside that it was not I had everything with Jose for many years or I think respecting respecting respecting growing little boys growing little boy severe inside my heart I can tell you that there was always a pain Jose didn't look good and if you didn't see him well I didn't too I saw him well and I always had anguish for him I never remarried precisely because he has no minor housing I never had the need to get married but well the things that happened that way were true but now that he was here he arrived in a chest gold next to his children next to him in an impressive reception for the whole world because it was seen in a whole world but more than anything Mexico truly this overturned a crazy madness girlfriend of another color and again your x's fall in love with you all your life José José I don't know but he definitely never left my heart but he was all resurrected at the moment when these creatures go for their father and they bring him and they bring him in a sensational way guys what we spent very distressing days because he was because because I didn't I never imagined that this was going to happen with the girl, not when I saw them and no, and if not, well, I don't know, I didn't quite understand what was happening, but once I know here in Mexico, Isis love and through the networks and all those things that now you can have communication with people very much in people's clubs everything everything everything jose jose jose jose jose jose jose and now it's good that josé is here calm well he's already in heaven but he stepped on Mexican soil with his public with his friends and we are his family, you understand me, there are also those from there definitely but his family and whom everyone recognized this day and they all shouted and shouted and shouted and that remained in my heart that moved guys well until the serenade Let me tell you that I was, I think, the most envied girl, the direct reason that I'm in the eyes, he says with his serenades and he never took my mariachi or trio or anything.
anel jos joel y laura n ez las saras alejandra valos manuel jos pati romani y m s
Paco de Lucía wasn't on the guitar, right, but he played guitar today with the 11 longest days of your life a year ago and if my brother of the most complicated days of your life complicates you looked exhausted we are tired the truth is that he is demanding the images of the arrival the return we came exhausted exhausted what helped us to get That day ahead, well, it was the energy of the public. You know, love, affection, since it left in the hearse, we left, all of Mexico was there, so really, yes, they were days of great confusion, we already knew, we had already been talking, I have said this, he right now here a extract here privately and in a family way this has been going on for many years that we are trying to deal with the fact that there is Mrs.
anel jos joel y laura n ez las saras alejandra valos manuel jos pati romani y m s
Sara there is the girl there she doesn't want to oh yes she can and my dad is still alive he told us but don't say but don't do me I solve it, I'll take care of it, okay, daddy, but please understand me. So, it was also very important before my dad was no longer there, so that I could start to get all this out, somehow out of love and for this reason, my father was saved, so words more words. less but look but he told me something that is also very important he is still family you do not understand to this day the girl sarita my sister note that she has never never been my half sister or stepsister she was not my sister you understand me so a lot of confusion a lot of pain one a situation of not quite believing what was happening was it was really evil I ask you right now where are the ashes of my role miami don be so much they bothered so much they didn't let us so much they screwed so much they did where they are the feeling you understand me or it was nothing plus the question that they don't take it away that there is no autopsy that they don't find out that they don't say that they don't see or if a very macabre secrecy you know that if it's like around here hey you speak unfairly of the previous situations and father can write us more or less what are the problems that since it's like dragging it was that's what I have well right now it's a little redundant because everyone has already said it my dad was never really in love with this person there was a responsibility there was affection I imagine At the time, of course, there was a courtship, there was a crush, there was something nice, yes, but beyond that, the situation was already very forced, all the people around her are called Laura Willy Benhumea, rest in peace, Alberto, I My mom when you could love and soto mundo told her oh dad seriously there are dads and that's the least you understand me that is, boy, why but hey well, that's how it happened then situations that suddenly in any family can come to to pass because they passed that the lady did not want that life blocked us with they arrived here at the most beautiful sea and something more accurate arose where we could no longer approach my mother Marisol where he right now was between a rock and a hard place because she always with the father looking for something exactly then keeping and it was coming out of the law laurita right now law on tv and novels that you said that sarita will use soda had schizophrenia that is correct I don't know if she has it would be very irresponsible of me to assure it but that she has the characteristics they have what her personality changes are her tantrums of course since she was little bush it was the way she got things to get out of her house at the age of 15 that I remember very well my name is josé very worried he said keep going from the house and as dad I understood it perfectly and I said look calm prince is going to know that hunger is going to return he is tiny you think he is going to do it very serious I bet you 100 dollars that he returns from the payment and I win it Of course, it was the first thing I did, prince, I never told you, but this is because it's a bet, it's an honor, better not, here it is and I'm going back to the girls, but now I'm back accompanied, currently, her husband was no longer a mouth to keep and now another, I don't know if you knew Pepe Magaña told us how one day he saw it as an insult to José Jover in a public place.
This is commenting on parents. Sorry, this is being discussed right now. It was this private problem that we had. I'm talking to you. He talked to me. to do with the girl Marisol, very pretty, well, send me her, I still want to stay at home, stay, I mean, do you understand me, family problems that suddenly we don't have to raise our hands every time something happens until, well, I know everything that arose when this girl arrives as she arrives in the plan that she arrives they will remember that they put me aside they send me to the miami program that absolutely nothing happens except when I sat down marisol o begins to write today this one arrived hey this happened I go to that and I and I in Miami you understand me that is, thank God and I say thank God all the evil that was carried out was carried out in such a foolish way that everyone realized then, well, he left, he The same gentleman Lino who came from the end of the recording was classed as good because he says this is horrible, something very strange is happening here and it is the recording that we have out there and what is your opinion that last year it almost cost even Maria her degree celeste you will take from the telemundo network for interviewing sarita sosa and now telemundo beating them and univision taking advantage of the already having it live there and making a program that is and so if that is what I tell you suddenly we realize and I will return to you to repeat for the so so so low way that things were done or is done what is happening that nobody expected what was going to happen nobody expected us to arrive with the media force with which we arrived at mesh you do not understand me and nobody he hoped that the girl was not going to measure the consequence of having sold what she did sell agomonths so that this Sunday with my father dead, well, study between and founded, giving interviews after interviews and we are on the Via Crucis, you understand me, yes, there are even people who say no, no, someone had to have written this, someone made them do it and We say good, well, hopefully, but it's that except it was because it had never happened, so everything they put together is Maria Celeste.
Where is my father's body from, everything fell off now this part of the reasons that has also overwhelmed them all this time obviously the will all this is fine in courts in miami all this is stopped we can't tell you that if we start to carry carried out in an investigation as a direct reason for what happened to Europe and we have already discussed this here as a direct reason for wanting to know why my father died in these circumstances in which we still have not resolved there is talk of malnutrition there is talk of helplessness talk about dispossession many voices talk about abandoning the hour marisol well everyone who was in that don't use here he left without cancer so that there they say the truth that he died of pancreatic cancer and from there you say you can't believe anymore or not too and I no longer had cancer period you understand me so there are many things that are on the table it leads us to start to see what happened if there is a will here and there we are going to see for ourselves we really continue I believe on the same page of wanting know and when I say we repeat it we the media the public to the entire continent serious family what happened to jose jose if we had him here as king and here is the lady of witnesses my mother that there is also a wonderful Christmas dinner she didn't even know but well no - In other words, all his favorite dishes and jealousy of the Ticos because they spent Christmas with him, but Marisol and I made the turkey Marisol and I launched the sweet potato puree Marisol and I made the pasta Marisol me and my mom at Christmas He said go spend Christmas with them, you already spent Christmas alone and I have to say it alone because there wasn't one yet and never one but mine, here's dinner, go visit your father and I tomorrow we're going to return the years once Jose Jose was very angry with me and I asked you hey pp what's wrong with your boss with me do you remember and you asked me is that I even interviewed my mom sorry it was very Jose Jose but it won't cover my editorial line either but pop because I get it so bad Wow, your mom, yes, she was her company and now she has two kids, we already know why because of the jealousy and envy of the salutes that he swims daily against everyone against everyone against Mexico, child, today they are a bunch of drug traffickers and not firm autographs and they all took it from the tribes and there was in, I mean, remember when the media began to have an enmity with José José when this lady began to carry a net when they took him from here my father, like us, was that He answered and that he said nothing, you understand me, I think not like that and the only one who put up with him was the lady until the end and you knew as a side because he took away from one and the other and from the other he took away from me he took away from everyone he managed to take away this lady so to speak and the only one with whom we had that thread in those years of the flames of her who declared war on me to speak badly that if I said oh you understand me right now right now well it went back and forth bouncing because if it goes up to the ambulance for accompanying him to know where he was going to be how he was going to be of course and for telling the doctors the treatment he had undergone in nutrition that when we went to see him pp I did see that it was another totally different treatment I see that he They take a meal to some greasy chicken wings son stares at me and I told him you tell me Cuban food I said well eat German coban whatever you can't eat that right now but it's okay we're not here to fight to eat tarsus the time we meet We were able to sneak in the school boys and he was alone and we sneaked in like that, converted, he called alone, nobody was taking care of him, he was completely alone, we were all alone for several hours until the girl found out and she was going to take us out, but if the boy had been so easily dissatisfied there His phone number was at war and he says take out the teachers, the therapists arrived, the food workers arrived, I'm telling you I saw, a doctor arrived and everyone introduced us wonderfully well until the girl found out when she ordered us to be taken out, but from the air ambulance I I was never invited for it but believe me I did have my passport at hand if I had gone up I repeat to see where nothing else was going to be but no he was never invited nor was they told you don't stay no either José said goodbye and I didn't Don't even go to the ambulance because I was going to feel horrible to see and in what conditions it is not understood if it is not a ball to the liver the eyes lived under the yoke of the fairies the last years of his life because he was a decay decay decay José, you were four or five years old previously, you were thin and thin and thin and thin and you said well, how good that you have in your throat, you have cancer that happens to you because you can't sing, I couldn't speak with love, that is, I couldn't do anything, so he The thunder like that, girl, was wonderful because they let themselves be seen as they are, no, I'm not speaking badly about her, simply and simply, they never knew who Jose was, Jose, do you understand me, they never gave him space that you were the ay nanita from Mexico, the last coca cola from the de Sinister I'm going for everyone, not you, it was Jose, but they never knew anything, Gustavo, they never knew anything, and they treated him, but there is a photograph, friends, where the families are, Mrs.
Sara Salazar, you, the children, this photograph is a moment that you have to tell us how that was. coexistence because the only photograph with them is together or about which we didn't talk at all how was that a meal we went to the mansion the hour corrects me we went to the mansion and there was and sarita and jose and then josé saw us all the whole recipe book of What juices we had to drink and all of them, husband, the little ones were little, but we had a great time and then the girls hurt the house with another Christmas in the house, still exactly the first Christmas and this one and we saw each other and everything was going very well and Sarita came the house and living room he told him to love and there is the union in manabí casita redher it was not good with him so all that was lost when they came to the most beautiful ugly that jose came to enjoy my time in mexico and that the woman went to say that where where they visa televisan took my artists that is, then never again and then he puts the gossip that he told you about me and I don't know what thing that could have been said whatever but that televisa agrees to veto someone because the Mrs. is so jealous now on occasion the problem is that she has a commercial break and the key question in all of this is it true that José José and Sara Salazar no longer had any relationship when Jose Jose dies It is true that when Sara Sosa's daughter arrives with Jose Jose over there Sara Salazar toured the hospitals of Miami shouting the stellar presence and Ángel Noreña thank you again for being here in the grace of Pepito and Unita we returned very well to see how our wonderful imitators like a strong question about starting to salazar but first let's go To listen to what José José Malinche Ortiz's cousin said about this first mournful anniversary of the Prince of Song' one year after the death of José José José, the singer's cousin Malysz Ortiz spoke about the difficult process that this great loss has been.
Yes very difficult very difficult I thought it was going to be a little more bearable by the time I stopped seeing it but no no it hasn't been like that I thought but I don't hear suspensions and I think everything is fine in its own way day by day remember the great prince of the song' I have a great taste in your house it looks so much like my grandparents prim it is very exciting to see it I love everything this year I have been wearing your truth now your truth now together with the virgin who is from here but I did not bring the key to be able to put it virgin but I am going to come and I am going to put the virgin so that it arrives I also feel calmer that there is someone to take care of them strange acts or his way of being because he was very wason with me extremely joker always me I was chopping my ribs as he taught me the language the games we had as children were in childhood and fantastic adolescence he finally expressed his opinion about the conflicts that have arisen with the children of José José I frankly don't know how his things are all the legal problems they have had and all these things, I don't know if it is very unfortunate because he was not worthy of that but it is worth cleaning up all these rough edges and after this, well, let's all have peace of mind and he should finish rest easy as it should be is your aunt pp jose prime the angle the only thing left is her and he rafa to his brother sergio who lives sergio sorry sergio who lives abroad eta san rafael is a poor owner although he was the director of the from the paper company yes yes yes yes but the only thing there is from Pepe and Laurita's family and us today as twins and before the commercial break José José and Mrs.
Sara Salazar were no longer a couple when José died that's true that's correct This is, look, we're going back to the same thing, we can't assure you 100% with certainty, but we already knew from a very good source and we had to see as if they definitely had the lady tucked away over there in the apartments for rent in Key Biscayne, they were Until you are in homestead, you understand nothing that a few blocks were not kilometers away where, well, if the lady was no longer listed after the embolism, you have to understand that if before, when the lady was driving her, my dad did not take care of the girl because he brought her the I ran to my dad because after the embolism the girl somehow said well I'm done with you too and they had her stowed away over there and the security people from the neighbors told us well here we see her the sun is not going up and down and it's being se She's also really waiting for the stairs to roll or that I don't, Lola didn't take care of her, absolutely nothing happens other than the fact that you're there and I'm here seeing what corresponds to me, you know then if there wasn't already a relationship now gap between the two know you all have next to me advice and there was not a very good relationship with them and josé was not with her what someone said who said little sarita because he is the one who separates them from her she obviously takes their father to live with them because he did not take the mother who also needed attention more than jose because why and that is what we want him to explain to us why he did not take the best was jose and not the lady the lady who caused expenses and jose was the one who gave the money but we ended up taking the lady to homestead to rent her apartment and live from there because that sport was 100 property by law josé is property is paid is everything you said Right now from her mom, well, like, listen, listen, no, I didn't have the opportunity, she always let Jose have his private calls, but this obviously wasn't encouraging, nothing nice, that's why Jose hurt his daughter's feelings the way he expressed himself mom and the ros princes are leaving and look, they fought for the girl to be educated I know that she also reads or mo'nique they did their thing to try to educate her to enter the family environment but not anymore when there is no way to educate that it does not educate anyone Alejandra Á


is suing and preparing you either no no no no yes yes I am suing her for moral damages daddy but the truth is that while I was with Jose they never talked about her and we never had any friendship with her nor can she to be that orita comes out to be who is who knows that never never never right now in your world with you ever this lady figure of something no no no if she does not appear right now in the funny jose - I was going to appear before and I will continue All due respect to the lady, she is looking for a platform, you give it to her, well, the truth is that we are going to be angry because you give her a platform, many measures like that of all the media, how good it is that later, the lady is my girl, as I told the reporters. someone tell me a success of the lady you were in a super important program new more important musical forms and that I know the action that you have gone to present a record recorded recorded but successes tell me this was in the hangar and if he is a man and This one was there but the kit was there so as not to record tomorrow, tomorrow I recorded a disc for you and I'll bring it.
In any case, manage the version for the cinema because it doesn't have the because it wants to discredit Jose, it's organized not the lady in it to stay the time. said that bryant is not her son and she grabs bryant so they are disrespectful on the one hand the lady says she is a friend of my dad and my brother and that I don't know what on the other hand all these people who are around right now and appearing with that issue Gustavo, the only thing he is doing is discrediting the memory of my father, so it is an inconsistency, well, very silly, very very silly, domineering to avoid one apparently with this singer and everyone is free to do what they want, ok, he is Brian and he will never be a son of josé and that they do as they want and that is why they are going to have oral tribunals now with him and he liked it when he was part of the life of josé la ciber let's eat yes he had confessed his love for sahara and that there was less when josé came to make the film he was already married to sara ok and the lady is very bad on dates to be documented and for her to tell me what hurts me is that she talks about josé because I repeat, he is discrediting the sexual eye he is not talking about the lady of pepe de marisol ni demí is talking about themost important singer and from there she is hanging that is what hurts me about this lady that is why I have documented myself in her career and I have not done anything important in a pico de gallo novel I don't know what the rooster father was called but you are more whole, well, the lady hasn't done more of that and I really look at her doing the same career, I hadn't been sitting here either, agus, and she said to me neither about Bryant, I'm not interested in what she does with her life Privately as an impersonator, he is the best and I can sit down to applaud him because he is the best impersonator.
I have said it, I am not going to question his work either. Roman likes you and she's not my friend but I like her but I don't have conflicts with her where did she come from that it was going to be a book jose jose evidence I don't know why she says she has evidence I want asia because the truth Mrs. Salazar never let her come near Jose in the year and a half that he was here in which he became the most beautiful ugly and the musical program was made dancing for a dream singing for a dream he never came close because Mrs.
Sara She did not like the appearance of the lady and not just Sara to the entire production and I, as I said, was the only drool who did greet her even then the lady is not my friend nor do I love her but I accepted it I did not eat You don't come by to see what you want, look, I was embarrassed to tell him, it's that Mrs. Sara Marie is fine until the lady personally told him and even told him that he didn't like his appearance and that he didn't want him to come near her.
Jose stops to write anything if he wrote the book 'Joseph if they wanted to do it with her they call him to see 20 we're going to do the book what you have what you already talk to you and if the lady says what she has to do they will be the imitator who too 'jaimito' the voice and the environment but he doesn't have any serious publishing company, he's going to ask him to see 30 of the 100 houses, which I really don't want to brag about, but I still don't have my date to start a book if it's my dream, so I Yes, I do have this engraving, Mr.
I do, and there the publishing house because they want it to be clearer and not to come out, but you are not a writer, it is not very close. television that a publishing house could do with you laurie after two others came up so that's why if a serious publishing house has approached this lady to see but a serious publishing house not for her to write it down and send it to print in santo domingo and say that here it is, that is, no, sir, something really, a serious publisher that tells him to document himself, give me what he says is to have, then yes, but that's how I tell you, maybe he already recorded, he has limited him with the voice and then we would already have it, it will be the voice of the sir but the lady was never with jose apart imagine from 2006 that this program was made to 2018 my cute boy never looked for it partitions we can conclude what we started and he was here josé son is not an artist you don't know where he is you see him in the airport you see it in the pharmacy you saw it in the supermarket ok that is, it wasn't already and they never let me get close that yes it can't be now better make an excuse for the lady but that's not how it is for you she is sued also make it clear to you my voice because she is going to have to verify something that she said truly aberrational that she said is going to have to verify that she does not want it I am very above all this I mean that they have paid attention to my career I go out to work do not you understand I come from a scandalous famous family but I really go out to work and I realized that there are levels within all this information that exists there are levels definitely everything is sorry to say it like that but all this box that floats on the internet all youtube channels all that people the Roma lady and the other and the other and all those who make their channel and can give their opinion and say what they want well it is that level you understand me then comes this level that if a serious entertainment journalism of course yes where, well, we move too then then obviously we have to understand that this that is down here does have a follow-up if it has a place if it is what it is if we hold on from there then everyone can give their opinion everyone can say Everyone can, so you know, that is, if I, as of today, was born a duckling, but as of today, the only man 40 in the family, do you really understand me? and to what these people came out to say yes and a situation where they want to come to change history in order to get a ticket that then if I don't but you do but he doesn't project then as a family what I want to get is that now As a Christian family that we remember that Christians are not stupid, they are the meek, you understand me, but there came a point where we said, listen, it's good because it was good, it's one thing to have opinions and another thing is to really want to remove and put and and and abuse and this People have even gone so far as to threaten and put them hear hear then there are already lawyers and there is a trial and there is already paperwork do you understand me that now that the world opens we will continue forward now look now that they mention paperwork we were talking in


you think that José José and he is going to leave Let's not be unprotected to his children, because in general they were lime trees, you understand me, no, no, and I repeat to you, yes, we had these ups and downs, but we had a precious life, the moment where he lived for his children and for me, for the people, and I don't know what, but Jose It wasn't like that or going around having children, please understand me and what the Roma says, she should tell you that she dares because she's going to have to check it semicolon what she said about my son that He wasn't the son of José Pepe I don't know we're in gossip that's the joke your comadre the lady is out waiting they bring her a ruckus everything has to do with the little man from Colombia you understand me then there came a point that's why I tell you you say well It was already good because it is one thing to be playing live and another thing to be giving opinions and another thing is to be in people's lives in that way where no no no because then neither I nor dawn levels to lie I I have not come across him I do not know Bryant to this day and if at the time I had met him and you are a witness I tell him well, welcome with pleasure on this all the singing give him but after everything he has done but and please and I also said it there 23 turkey slapping girls well given but because look closely yesterday yesterday there were about 10 who sing like José José the most beautiful thing as they do in just one hour in one hour about 10 this boy as much as José José ok make your music but don't come to the city to the country of his true son for the sake of being your son and that you sing like him not an imitator is someone who does something that you already did and you repeat it and a singer is a artist that is clear to you and see it in the dictionary you alessandra and all your race in the dictionary it says imitator and it says singer the singer is an artist who through his voice interprets what the one who releases his music creates and who as much as whoever listens to him I feel like it but I don't go out to do José José and to imitate him and to come and say here I am his son now we have four and here I said it Jose Mari Sol the son of Gonzalo mayor maybe no more just to make it clear to everyone ok then these women who boast that who is the one who knows where there is I don't know why the truth is I don't know them if they went out to say something white it was possible to see San Jose from you whose but she said it and they put it in her essay you are truly a very despicable people in need of course they are after abandonment of course not even love for that thank you very much that you receive my lawyer on Friday please because he explains to you and it is one two three because they can't be a man's no they can't be dirtying the Jose's name because he died ago and this unhappy saying that it is communicated that this statement my dad put all these people in their place and they were quiet while they lived since he died through the party was set up because and who is he going to tell them anything well here we are here we continue this was good point sorry let me expand a little I liked that he has followed this career for many years to jose that is when he had problems with alcoholism he came out and said it was not easy to say when he had marital problems He came out and you say it I have drinking problems I have economic problems that are not mentioned either because then generally artistic everyone has to have a lot of money I have problems with my voice this boy is not my son he has always shown his face jose so with those five points to this I tell you that Mr.
Jose I really address the public his prince I never deceived you blatter no please they really want to discredit him indifferent but really what a pity on these people that I do invite them to do something So that they leave the children alone, please, something I want to ask you, José Joel, something that we can only take for granted, we cannot prove it, it is apparently the last will of the father, it is true, do you think, and that it is the last will of the prince of everything? what he could have told his children to his family to his public that his daughter be the one to sing one and if true that she lacks sarita to fulfill in any case claudia wills of the word but this the last wish of josé was to have been buried with his submissive mother in the basilica of guadalupe it is like the last will of the lord that the girl sing that I don't think so but not even laughing unless she raises the million and a half dollars that they asked jose while he was alive for him to release it unless it already comes in between half a million and a half dollars between lives from the miami record company that were no longer within the left they left the record company and went looking for josé now if we can launch it apply while He had no talent at the label but with a million and a half we can launch it because now if it's used and Jose already had money by then we already launched it and it's already lost, that is, yes, if he already has mine, of course it will be launched and of course but I have the last will if he told me we leave we are very grateful that they are here that the criticism they have received they have taken them as what they are warriors and that I and I stay with him with the eternal love of giving him Noreña for José José and Pepito's total respect for his boss and the fraternity and solidarity of the great unit for the tasting, advice and thanks for being here.
In the cut, right, if you would like at this moment to pay homage to your father and whoever knew that they are united as a family, I would love that with the fairies, with the family, we were not talking, what a pity we have to go out to talk about all this and that suddenly we forget that the death anniversary of the greatest of the greatest is being celebrated for my artist dad friend mentor teacher you know what a shame an apology for the public of course yes because what a shame being a public family that we have to go out to say yes the lady yes the child yes the other what a son let's remind them of what it is thank you thank you really yes because we are remembering the greatness of José José as an artist as as a friend as a father as a couple as a brother what the hell is that Is that yes, hopefully we can soon resolve this situation in a personal and legal way.
Like, what do we do? What do we do? Roman friend and write to me. son of pepe who invented it photo youtuber nationals well i've always really wanted to because nobody knows now fools nobody understands me anymore ask one thing i'll take a commercial break to make us a commercial break and a moment for you román and here live because for you the screen caught fire with a cash capable of saying why they say that you say so say it I want to buy my mask but I love you like this please because that size Roma does not want to take see you in court for God's sake everything is done twins when what how is it that they are twins is not one of the theories of the lady of the lady and her children and son bryan bryant Mr.
Brian and Mr. José Joel and Brian and Sarita are twins with a birth of ten years apart because the poop from the internet I tell you that this loss is the lady reads these people and their virtual hitmen my brother is sorry that nation let's see there is an issue that I had missed that happened to everything that José José charged on Telemundo for the series I understand that monique's name is montjuïc and sarita and sarita to collect four million dollars apparently without money it came to the miami account he said he didn't have the money he never managed his money he didn't even have health insurance or that is an audacity of these people because They didn't charge 12 million dollars for this series so that the money came again and no one knows what that is about, the girl said when José asked Monique to pass everything on behalf of Sagrados.
Monica is obviously involved in this trial until to a certain point if I tell you as far as we are concerned not because I was no longer even in the family when all this last year of kidnapping and death of my father happened but this but I tell you if one thing leads to another well if everyone Everyone is involved, even Mrs. Sara's mother. I think it also has to do with some water and cobalt equipment there, a lawsuit against Telemundo in the employee, you can't see without my permission, without love, what happens is that right now with the pandemic everything is there, but It is ready, of course, yes, and they answered once, descending, yes, ok, and we continue, what you don't like, to use your name ora coupon for the series I think that as they put me of course I cried as you will understand because they are lies but this like how to use the ana elena noreña grass in the series it did not seem ok to me because maybe it seems to me that I would have expanded the information in the series and the series would have been something else too because the people who did it unfortunately never tried and never knew jose in glory I want xosé de jose authorized me with all due respect to the glory of josé jose how to hit his mother so much He didn't go to one of my children, that's where he didn't go, or if it was him, I don't even want to think about it, why I repeat all that to you, I already threw him into the river, but it wasn't why, because every day to the mother or maybe the girl I don't know the auris no I don't know but the book of José this is horrible I don't know if you read it completely naked there it is that your hand is heavy and it's very boring and I don't know what a friend of mine told me but well all that came out of the book the book is made with all the hatred of being salazar about jose civilians aunts dispelled black my dad writes it in these years that they are here doing the most beautiful ugly fighting with everyone away from everyone my dad ends there to write his book and then the book carries a very negative weight, the very strong claw and when the boy came out and let go he got very angry and everything and everything it did not situate itself in me morgan I have two voice programs in the two programs you and I based on that book in which you broke up with the interviewee according to reason but the truth the truth the truth as a result of that he makes the book and after the book they make the series you understand they would have talked to me they would have told me and then As such we have never received how about I also go on my chest and I say oh so father no because of an idiot or for whatever you like and order but this is not there continue this no no no no no no and they put the


o as if it were a cake shop and the clothes let the entire production of the situation be and he went out in a lunch shop where they did everything there


gomez was like any wimp


gomez is a very important figure manuel gomez the help of mexico not manuel gomez He was the owner or the director of the courtyard so one would arrive there at 99.
It is Mrs. Mónica Chihuahua edition Image of a precious time and all the Presidents from all over who received us and gave her watches and gave her dinner and gave us They ordered to bring my heart one day in Bat in Panama Mr. Noriega to the president and they came with us He talked about the police so we went because I piqued that he said because he put a patrol more a patrol less true way to get to the man's house for dinner and that's how it was Chile without police but that's how it was Chile Argentina Costa Rica Today we traveled the world in a pomp for this lady Sara Elena and say I didn't even know José Barba that escalation I heard it once the campaign told me that I didn't know how much more bubbles is an accident in the great fortunes

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