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Andy Murray’s Comeback To Centre Court | Good Morning Britain

Jul 07, 2023
The foreign center called up at Wimbledon today two sets to one against the Greek Stefanos Tipsy goes just one set away from going to the third round, that would be a pretty complicated name for you to try and overcome, yes, with Melissa Morita with big smiles . It would be one to avoid, she would say, but yes, C


and her metal punching win the battle. Join us to discuss this as you saw a way ago, former British number one Greg Zetsky and former Wimbledon winner Pat. I have all the trust he has in me. nervous, especially with Andy Murray, because everything is going to go wrong.
andy murray s comeback to centre court good morning britain
I mean, there's something that's not there when you have to finish it and come back the next day. In both experiences, it is an impulse or it is a problem. I think it's a It's a little problem because you want the momentum with you, he won the last two sets, he was flying, the crowd was getting into it and he could probably finish it in four sets, then he stops, he has a restart, get ready for the next day , but I still think he will find a way to win. I don't think it's going to be as easy as Marjorie says.
andy murray s comeback to centre court good morning britain

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andy murray s comeback to centre court good morning britain...

I think he could possibly win this one in five sets, but for Murray to win today is amazing because of the way he can do it. Call me Tim Henman, okay, there was a mom at the end of that game and there was a part of me that was desperate for it to end because it was already ten thirty and I was getting up at 3:30 in the


. I thought, Go ahead with that and he slipped at the end of the game and these noises that Andy Murray makes it sounds like he's in agony, he really does it and it sounds like he fell, right?
andy murray s comeback to centre court good morning britain
He walked into Screech, he grabbed his hip and uh, you know, he turned around and it sounded really bad, I mean, we all jumped in the commentary booth, oh my God, my God, what happened and he turned around for one minute, he got up and he's fine and he served the The last point was because he had made a point at that point and then they decided to call it a night, which I kind of had to do because, do you think? But Greg is a little worried about the momentum he had made being interrupted. Do you think it would help Andy to get a


night's sleep and come back later this afternoon?
andy murray s comeback to centre court good morning britain
I don't necessarily think so because he's been a little slow starting his previous game in this one and like the pass was really out of line, but he's. Apart from Novak Joker, but I don't know, he had more experience with Novak Djokovic, nobody has the experience that Andy has on the grass


s at Wimbledon, I mean, nobody, so he will find a way in 10 years. today, uh, Greg, since he also won it for the first time, yeah, it's not surprising, I was lucky enough to see that final, it's the only time I requested to be in the royal box because I thought history was going to be made, I want I mean, what a champion. winning Wimbledon twice, US open world number one and I think he's probably in the best shape we've seen in a long time since he had double hip surgery so I hope Murray wins and is in the second week of this year, that's how well he's playing.
And will he see Pat as a success or does he mean that you know he's a winner? I'm sure he'll want more, you know. I think, realistically, Wimbledon is his best chance of success. He won't do it. He doesn't even play the French Open, he gave up and said he is focused on Wimbledon. He gets an advantage there. He has experience. The


helps him a little. So you know he feels like he has a


running back. I think the majority. We all think the same thing as long as he stays fit and comes into the tournament fit and uh, yeah, yeah, he still thinks maybe deep down he thinks, "You know, I could just sneak out of a Wimbledon title." Don't be surprised, there are four players in this tournament who can win it and Andy is one of them.
It's interesting, let's also talk about some of the other wins yesterday because Brody managed to pass on Brody. Is incredible. I mean, can you explain it? Greg, why is this such an impressive victory. Well, he's playing against the fourth best player on the planet. He was losing two sets to one and all the momentum was the Norwegian and we're thinking about what's going to happen, which made the crowd win. in the fourth set and then he destroyed it in the fifth set, sixth love, so for him this was the biggest victory of his career. A lefty, a boy from Manchester.
You know he is a big Manchester City supporter. They are tweeting about his performance and the crowd loves him. He's a cheeky guy with a big personality and he's finally having his big break at 29 years old. Most players have their big moments between, say, 21 and 28, so later in his career he's doing it, very happy for him and Pat, you know better than most what that crowd can do. What to do with them, I haven't won it too, I mean, it's having the crowd on your side, but also for City Pass, you have the crowd against you, what a difference it made for Brody yesterday, well, yeah, it is , I mean, they love it, they love an underdog.
I mean, everyone loves an underdog, right? So you know, Liam, it's a great story, this guy's 29 years old, he's 140 or something in the world, you know, he's been fighting in those smaller tournaments and just the opportunity to finally get it. You know, get up, take a break and play against the best player and win and that's how it was. The Center called Wimbledon going crazy, so it's a lifelong dream for him and he deserves it, he works so hard he's in the smallest. tournaments and it's not glamorous, you know, it's an understatement to say it's hard work out there and what about Katie Boulder, who captured everyone's imagination, especially because she got caught up in the protest and ended up having to clean up, we do we clean it? and then he cleaned up in tennis, didn't he, he did so well, he won't play today, that's true, but tomorrow you still meet someone you're excited about, oh, so much, so he won his first Tour event this year at home. in Nottingham, which is a great achievement for any player, she is the British number one and that also has height, but the problem she has is that she has the defending champion in the next round, Rebecca, so I think she is a player who can enter. she's in the top 50 in the world or more, she's very nice, very aggressive and it's a great grass quarter, our best, our number one men's tennis player is Cam Newton, I think he's playing today and he's certainly been in the best shape of his career.
I think in recent years, yeah, what kind of expectations should we have for Cam? Look, I think it's last year's semi-finals, it's fantastic, yes, but last year it was a weaker tournament, a lot of players were missing and they were banned from entering. the tournament, uh, but you know realistically, he you know he's improved, there's another success story, he came down a different path, he went to college in the US, played a few years there and, little by little, he continued to work on his game and improve his game. I think he surpassed even his own real and realistic goals.
Is incredible. He is incredibly fit. He is very astute on the court. He has that left-handed serve like Greg. Honestly, they said he should ban such clever lefties. And you know, it's fantastic. history and I think you'll top it again today, yeah the other thing is I think Cam doesn't get enough credit for what he's achieved, there have only been four British men in the open era to reach the top 10 in the world and that's One of the things that Cam has done, he was a semi-finalist and he wants to show the British public that it's not just Andy Murray, yes, and the irony is that both guys are on an intensive course to face each other in the second week at Wimbledon, so he could to have Cam against Andy in the round of 16 of this event and I think both men would be ready for that and what a match it would definitely be on Saturday so I hope it happens today.
Wow, there has to be some bad organization. If we have two bits against each other, doesn't that mean it's been tried before? It's not like that, it doesn't work like that, but it doesn't work like that. You have to remember that there are 128 people in this draw, so if you make it to the last 16. You did very well, I'm always convinced that Andy had the best time on your days off from work. This isn't working out the way he wanted. Yes, new things every day. It's great to see you both. Thank you very much for coming.
We will do it. It will be understood a little later if it is as easy as Marine thinks or if it is going to be as intense as the guys think, there will be one thing regardless, yes, absolutely.

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