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Andrew Tate BANNED & Removed, Ariana Grande Secrets, Evil CEO Wants Pain, Taylor Swift & Todays News

Sep 14, 2023
- Today we are talking about convicted murderer and fugitive Danelo Cavalcante, finally captured, the dismissal and ban of Andrew Tate, an


and out of touch CEO maintains that unemployment must increase and that workers must feel


because they need to be more grateful. We just witnessed an incredible cave rescue, a bunch of cold medicine was left exposed for not doing what they're supposed to do. We're talking about all that and more on today's all-new "Philip DeFranco Show," your daily


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andrew tate banned removed ariana grande secrets evil ceo wants pain taylor swift todays news
It's like 50 cents a cup, so go for it. But we have a lot of


to talk about, so let's get into it. For starters, Andrew Tate just got


, or more specifically, amid growing pressure, Google


Tate's The Real World app from the Play Store. That's why this app advertises itself as a way for subscribers to learn about business and entrepreneurship online from billionaire mentors, claiming that for just $49.99 a month, recruits can learn how to make $10,000 in a month and escape from Matrix. But many say the real purpose of the app is to generate millions of dollars for Tate and his team by recruiting young men in a pyramid scheme.
andrew tate banned removed ariana grande secrets evil ceo wants pain taylor swift todays news

More Interesting Facts About,

andrew tate banned removed ariana grande secrets evil ceo wants pain taylor swift todays news...

Because the main way users reportedly make money from the Tate app is by recruiting other members through a quote, “affiliate marketing program,” through which requires members to aggressively promote Tate and its sites on their social networks along with a badge. registration link, where in particular they can earn a 48% sales commission for each new recruit who uses their link. And everything we're seeing now comes after a man from Australia, Nathan Pope, launched an online petition to pressure Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores, in addition to trying to pressure the companies that process online subscription payments for The Real World will stop working with the site on the grounds that it appears to be financially exploiting young men.
andrew tate banned removed ariana grande secrets evil ceo wants pain taylor swift todays news
And so, the petition so far has more than 9,000 signatures. And although Google


the app, Apple has yet to respond, which really surprised Pope, who said in an interview: "If they are being complicit in these potential crimes, "it is important that the public be aware." In the alleged aspect pyramid scheme scheme of it all, we've seen people have this growing concern about the age demographic that Tate is trying to appeal to here. People sharing a video of a child as young as six years old promoting the app. A Tate associate has said that the main age range for its app and Tate's other site, The War Room, is children between 12 and 18.
andrew tate banned removed ariana grande secrets evil ceo wants pain taylor swift todays news
Additionally, another area of ​​concern is the connection between The Real World app and The War Room , which of course "is where we've seen leaked messages showing lessons to young men on how to make money grooming women for online sex work. And with that, Jack Beeston, a lawyer at the firm handling the civil case brought against Tate by his alleged victims in the United Kingdom says: "It appears that Tate's online presence 'channels people into the real world,'" which in turn funnels people into The War Room. “Of course, when minors are involved, “this is deeply concerning.” And while that's where the story ends for now, that's not the only Tate news today.
And that's because two of Tate's accusers in the Romania case have filed a protective order to keep their identities confidential, citing harassment not only from the brothers' fan base but also from their legal team. Which, you know, wouldn't be the first time we've talked about Tate's alleged victims being doxxed, but this is the first time we've seen legal action taken around that harassment, and the filing also alleges that The Tates hired two private investigators to look into the background of one of the women and provided that information to a freelance journalist and Tate Associate, and the filing goes on to say that Tate's attorney released unredacted private information about the alleged victims to 105,000.
Twitter followers, and all that, plus hundreds of threatening messages from Tate fans and even people who showed up at the victim's family home. houses, and one of the women said that all of this had caused her immense stress, adding: "Due to the constant hypervigilance, anxiety" and fear that I experience daily, "I have trouble concentrating on even the smallest tasks." , and said: "This has made it extremely difficult to "get regular employment." "And as a result, I am extremely vulnerable financially" and have trouble meeting even my most basic needs for food "and shelter." The women asked the court to seal all identifying information in future proceedings to try to stem the tide of harassment.
But for now, on both fronts, we'll have to wait and see what happens. And then Pennsylvanians will finally be able to sleep tonight because they finally caught Danelo Cavalcante. That 34-year-old convicted murderer who was sentenced to life in prison without parole last month for killing his ex-girlfriend. Then, a week later, he escaped from prison on a crab, climbed a wall and dove through barbed wire And after nearly two weeks of playing hide-and-seek in Chester County, s


police this morning described how he was captured, saying a burglar alarm first went off at a home within the search perimeter shortly after midnight.
And although no one was found there, it did bring a rush of police to that area. A helicopter then picked up a heat signal and began tracking it, but bad weather soon forced the plane to move away. So the tactical teams converged on the area, securing it until the weather improved. And then, with a helicopter watching for any escape attempts, teams moved in and found Cavalcante, with him, crawling through the brush to escape, carrying his .22 rifle with him. But the police released a dog on him. He lunged forward, sinking his teeth into his flesh. And you can see him shortly after in handcuffs and being escorted by several officers.
And fortunately, except for the bite, no one else was hurt, no shots were fired. And that essentially brings us to the end, although there is another small controversy, because there are also some people criticizing the officers who were taking a photo session with Cavalcante positioned in front of a line of police officers, with one holding his arms. , another kneeling and holding his rifle in the air, and some canines looking tough in front. There, when asked about it at a press conference, the lieutenant colonel defended the image by saying: "Those men and women worked incredibly hard" under very difficult circumstances. "They are proud of their work." And then, Ariana Grande is in the news, and it's not because she helped break up a marriage, which of course was the last time she made massive headlines.
But this time it was because yesterday she appeared in a Vogue beauty


video. And there she immersed herself in a very human conversation about her complicated relationship with beauty. And the part that seemed to have resonated with a lot of people was her emotional discussion about her past use of Botox and lip fillers. - For a long time, beauty for me was hiding. And now I feel like maybe it's not. Since I stopped getting fillers and Botox, and maybe one day I'll start again, I don't know, to each their own. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, I support it.
I know in my case I thought, oh, I want to see my well-deserved cry lines and smile lines. I wait for my smile lines to get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more. And I think getting older is something like that, it can be such a beautiful thing. Many came out in droves supporting the video, saying things like, "I'm so glad Ariana was honest" about getting lip fillers and Botox. ," and what she said about aging "is what young women need to hear." He said, "She showed totally vulnerable transparency." He said, "She's so candid in sharing that that was done." Others were frustrated by unattainable beauty standards that women are expected to maintain, saying, "She's barely 30." "The fact that she was getting tons of Botox" and lip fillers before she even turned 30 is crazy.
Although depending on where you go on social media, there were other people who were like, "Hey, why are we talking about this?" And arguing that she shouldn't be receiving all this praise after the drama surrounding her relationship with Ethan Slater. Although for me personally, you know, I think we can look at this as two different situations. For example, you can feel anything. "You want to feel close to Ariana and her relationship and all that. I personally don't care. From what I've seen, it's fucked up, but like it's not my life. But then two, there's something interesting and it's telling that someone seems very beautiful talking about how even for them their self image is so bad and then the things you might have to go through.
I think that can be beneficial. But then the cynic in me is like, yeah, but how much of this is a distraction to get away from the other story, but whatever. But hey, what do you think about this? And then unemployment has to be higher because the workers have become too arrogant and they have to be put in their place. That's literally what he argued during a summit the millionaire Australian real es


developer Tim Gurner, who imagines that one day he woke up and said: "I already look like a real supervillain." - I think the problem we've had is that, you know, we have...
People decided they didn't want to work as much anymore through COVID and that's had a big productivity problem. You know, industries have definitely decreased productivity. You know, they've been paid a lot for not doing too much in recent years. And we need to see that change. We need unemployment to increase. In my opinion, unemployment has to increase between 40 and 50%. We need to see


in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer and not the other way around. I mean, there has been a systematic shift where employees feel that the employer is very lucky to have them and not the other way around.
So it is a dynamic that has to change. We have to end that attitude and that has to result in damage to the economy. - Yes, how dare workers think, even for a second, that they bring any value to their employers? Everyone knows that people are inherently worthless if they don't work and contribute to the economy, especially the economy of my wallet. So they should really thank the corporate overlords because without them people would have no value. Yes, we need more pain and fear to put people back in their place. (groans) Unsurprisingly, that horribly fucking take generated a lot of backlash, with one member of the Australian parliament even writing: "These are comments you'd associate with a cartoon supervillain, not the CEO of a company." in 2023".
We even saw politicians from other countries chiming in with that, including AOC, who tweeted: "Let's remember that top CEOs have skyrocketed their own pay so much that the ratio between CEO and worker pay is now in some of the highest levels "in history." recorded." Others also point out that this isn't the first time Gurner has shown the public what an incredibly idiotic man he is, this being the same man who went viral in 2017 for literally saying that millennials won't be able to afford their own homes because they buy too many avocado toast. Man, I'm not saying you do, but the more he talks, the more punchable his face looks.
Yeah, I guess it's just another unfortunate daily reminder that just because you "If you have a lot of money, it doesn't matter to you." It doesn't give class or decency, it doesn't even save you from being a damn idiot. And then, for the past week, the world has been watching to see if an American man can escape from the depths of the earth. Mark Dickey, a 40-year veteran cave explorer, co-led a team to map a new passage in the Morca Cave, one of the deepest in southern Turkey. But then, 3,200 feet below the surface, he suffered a gastrointestinal hemorrhage that left him frail and incapacitated, and he said he kept vomiting blood, "and then my consciousness started getting harder to hold on to and I got to the point where I was." like, 'I'm not going to live.'" But then, on September 2, news of his impending death surfaced, and an international team of at least 200 aid workers and cave experts launched a rescue operation.
And They caught up with him in the middle of last week and began the long, slow climb up a zigzag path higher than two Empire State buildings. First they put him on a stretcher because he can't climb, and then they wrapped him in a blanket.thermal because it was wet and cold, about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Then they began to take him out. But it wasn't easy either. Some passages were so narrow that they had to be widened for the stretcher to pass through. And his condition worsened so much that, at one point, doctors and lifeguards had to give him a blood transfusion in the depths.
They were passing waterfalls, deep pools. The cave was even flooded with more than a meter of water at one point. But finally this week they maneuvered it through the last few hundred feet of the cave, sometimes struggling just to keep it level during the nearly vertical parts of the narrow climb. And shortly after midnight, local time, a stretcher left the last exit carrying a very tired middle-aged man with a huge smile on his face. And that man who tells the journalists... - It's incredible to be on the surface again. I was underground for much longer than expected due to an unexpected medical issue.
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So visit and get your quick and easy debt assessment today. It's time to take back control of your life and live for yourself, not your debts. And then, are you or someone you know obsessed with Taylor Swift? Would any of you like that to be a job somehow so that maybe it feels less strange? Well, honey, do I have good news for you? Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the United States, just posted a job opening for a Taylor Swift reporter. Although you may have to hide some of your idle adoration in the interview because they say they're looking for someone with a voice but without prejudice, plus five years of experience and the ability to satisfy people's undeniable thirst for everything.
Taylor Swift. With that position writing specifically for USA Today and the Tennesseean, which is the Nashville newspaper where Swift began her career. And this stands out for several reasons. The first is that while it is common for media outlets to employ music or entertainment reporters, it is rare to see someone whose beat is exclusively from a single artist. Although also in the case of Swift, her cultural and economic importance is undeniably meteoric. I mean, he broke Ticketmaster, caused an earthquake in Seattle, even grew the American economy, and now his Eras Tour world tour could generate $1.4 billion or more in sales, according to Pollstar, the highest in music history with difference.
And all of that also fueled all of her work, placing 10 albums on the Billboard 200 this year alone. And then last night she took home nine trophies from the MTV Video Music Awards, something I just found out still happens. All of this led the Times to conclude that Swift has reached a level of hot demand and media saturation not seen since the heyday of Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 1980s. Or as Robert Thompson put it: "You can't be conscious in America "without having to confront, on some level, "Taylor Swift." But with this too there is some controversy and criticism, with some critics arguing that Swift's cultural dominance has not only gone too far, but saying that Swifties often see her as this immovable cosmic force, someone who is more than just human. .
But also, as we're seeing with this reporting job, she arguably trumps everything else that doesn't have to do with Taylor Swift or the entertainment industry. In particular, this is happening while we have seen investigative journalism jobs in the local journalism industry disappear completely for years now. A Tennessee reporter noted that while Nashville has a Taylor Swift reporter, Memphis has no Gannett investigative journalists. And last December, Gannett cut about 6% of its roughly 3,400-person U.S. media division. And many fear that the media industry is moving away from so-called real news and reporting on topics that are softer cultural and entertainment content, things that generate clicks instead of, you know, deep investigative articles and things like corruption . .
But also with this, Kristen Roberts, Gannett's chief content officer, defended the list yesterday saying, "USA Today Network is committed to serving its readers "with essential journalism," and that quote, "includes providing our audience with content that" But there were also people who seemed to make it something of a race issue, with some arguing that while Swift is worth paying attention to, other stars are just as big as Beyoncé, whose album Renaissance has resonated with black and LGBTQ people in particular. and one songwriter said, "I think the question that comes to mind is which fandoms and moments of connection are taken most seriously." "And the Taylor Swift fandom is very white.
There are a lot of white women." And then, have you ever taken a decongestant cold medicine when you're sick and congested and thought, "This doesn't help?""? Well, it turns out it's because I literally wasn't helping, and that's not my opinion. That's what an FDA advisory panel said yesterday, ruling unanimously that a decongestant ingredient used in many common over-the-counter cold medications is totally ineffective, since the ingredient in question is called phenylephrine and is found in many of the most popular brand name products that Americans have been using for decades, including versions of Sudafed, Tylenol, NyQuil, Theraflu, Mucinex and others.
In fact, according to the FDA, the decongestant is used in at least 250 products that were worth nearly $1.8 billion in sales last year alone, but after reviewing more recent comprehensive studies, the FDA panel determined that the ingredient is basically useless and ineffective as a decongestant when taken orally. And the panel's recognition of this determination marks a major shift from the agency's previous stance, which notably affirmed the efficacy of this ingredient as recently as 2007. That said, it should be reclassified and lose its safe and effective status. , although it still said the product was safe. Now, as for what happens from now on, the panel's decision is not binding.
It is only a recommendation that the FDA consider this before making a final decision. But the agency usually follows the recommendations. And if so in this case, it could result in many of the most popular products being removed from stores entirely. But it could also be some time before we get a final determination. And even then the process could be prolonged by lawsuits and other backlash from drug companies and their powerful lobbyists, because, of course, that's what happens when you make $1.8 billion in sales in one year. And then here's a troubling truth: Poverty in the U.S. skyrocketed last year, with a new Census Bureau report finding that the poverty rate skyrocketed from 7.8% in 2021. to 12.4% in 2022.
And this, in particular, as key COVID relief programs. expired and inflation reached its highest level in 40 years. I mean, y'all, this is the biggest jump in a year ever recorded. And children were especially hard hit, as child poverty rates more than doubled from a record low of 5.2% in 2021 to a whopping 12.4% the following year, which is horrifying. More than one in 10 American children lives in poverty. And these increases are especially stark because they come after two years of significant declines in poverty that were primarily due to extensive social safety net programs implemented during the pandemic that included stimulus checks, higher unemployment and food benefits, increased child tax credits. , rental assistance and more.
But when most of those benefits expired last year, families were left to deal alone as record inflation drove up prices. And even though we knew things were going in this direction, we talked about it on the show, seeing firsthand the impact it's had is incredible. The rising cost of living also raised the poverty line, which is determined by the cost of essential goods such as food and housing. And this doesn't just hurt low-income Americans. Median household income also fell 2.3% in 2022. What's more, this whole situation could get even worse as the latest government aid programs come to an end.
You know, because student loan payments will resume next month for the first time in three years. Additionally, another policy that expired was one that temporarily prevented Americans enrolled in Medicaid from being disenrolled, which was a move that dropped the number of uninsured Americans to a record low of 7.9%. And in just a few months since the enrollment decline began, at least 6.4 million people have had their coverage canceled. And then, this fall, funding for child care providers will expire, which could further hurt many of the families already hardest hit by all of this. And all of this is really fucking bleak.
And this, as experts point out, this Census Bureau report is especially notable because it really underscores how the government really has the ability to lift so many people out of poverty, but it, or at least certain people in it, really don't. they do it. careful. One expert explained that the data tells a story of what could have been, saying, "The pandemic showed that we could advocate for policies" that could help families. "These numbers underscore the extent to which poverty is 'a political choice.' And besides, it's always strange to see two shitty people you don't like hanging out with.
And that's what we're seeing with this now-long-awaited meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un finally happened. There, as expected, Kim expressed his support for Russia's war in Ukraine saying: "Russia has risen to a sacred struggle for its sovereignty" and security" and saying : "North Korea supports all of Putin's decisions." The two also seem to have a twisted sense of irony and called Russia's war a war against imperialism, which is fucking amazing considering the entire war is about rebuilding a Russian empire. With this, Putin is also believed to be trying to secure something that North Korea actually has in abundance: weapons and ammunition.
And sure they're all a little dated by now, but they're on par with how the Russian military is currently equipped, and they'll probably need all that ammunition if they want to stop Ukraine from making any further advances. Because while Ukraine's counteroffensive has been underway all summer, it is finally making significant progress. Now not necessarily in the total area of ​​the territory, but in key strategic regions, such as in the east, where they have captured a key city just a few kilometers outside Donetsk, which is the capital of one of their long-standing separatist regions. time. . And they have not only been successes on the front.
In the last 24 hours, Ukraine also managed to launch a series of missile attacks against Russian naval facilities in Crimea. And that attack reportedly damaged a fairly large Russian submarine, as well as a key transport ship along with possibly smaller vessels, not to mention actual damage to the facilities themselves. However, that attack also highlighted another controversy that has been going on lately: Ukraine's relationship with Elon Musk and Starlink. And that's because Starlink reportedly went out shortly after the missile strikes began, leading to more accusations that it could be helping Russia because of its opposition to US involvement in Ukraine.
Now with that, for his part, Musk claimed that Starlink never turns on in Russian-controlled territory due to US sanctions and said that Ukraine can't just call US companies in the middle of the night and demand changes, especially when there is a blackout like the one inlast night. And what also muddies the waters is that Starlink appears to have gone down across the entire platform, not just over Ukraine. Although it should be noted that the problem has already been resolved. So for that, it all comes down to whether you think Musk would destroy his entire Starlink network to make it harder for Ukraine to attack Russian facilities.
But I'll leave that part up to you. And in the meantime we will be attentive to this story. And then, let's talk about yesterday today, because while we covered so much news on that extra-large show yesterday, there was one story that took over the comments section, that being the family who was held at gunpoint while they were trying to save their dying dog You all are talking badly. "Even with video evidence," the police lied through their teeth. "I know I would rather believe 'the family trying to save their dog.'" "My heart goes out to Stella's family. "You can see how much they loved her "and that cop can rot in hell." People say the cops escalated the situation.
Some say, "I hope the family can "sue the police department." Saying, "They were forced to watch her dog die" because of the heartless excuse of a human "who shouldn't be on the police force." Many of you express anger and sadness. And although many were shocked by the story and the video, many people said, you know, this is something that is known. Say, "Here is native to New Mexico." "This is not a surprise. "When we were kids, we made jokes about how you don't worry about bad people killing you." "The police will do it." Many are calling for people to be fired, for police reform, saying that this is a fantastic example of why every officer needs body cameras on at all times.
But there were also some of you who really had no sympathy for the family, or at least the father. Writing things like "The leopards ate my face at the time of that guy and the dog. "He went and posted: 'I support blue.' 'I teach my son to support blue.' "'And that if you just listen, follow the instructions,' 'and do what the cop says,' 'something like that it would never happen, "'but it happened to me.' "It's like, yeah, dude, that's what we've been saying, "that cops will do this shit even if you comply." And that's where today's dive into the news will end.
But for more news, you should You know, I've got you covered here. You can click or tap or I have links in the description. Plus, maybe you'll get a bag of Wake and Make Coffee. You can click or tap there or those links in the description. But as always, my name is Philip DeFranco, you have just been informed. I love your faces and I'll see you here tomorrow for more news.

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