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Andrew Breitbart — Media War

Jun 10, 2021
welcome to uncommon knowledge I'm Peter Robinson, editor, columnist and blogger Andrew Breitbart is the founder of the Breitbart network of investigative news websites, including




.com big Hollywood, big journalism and big peace , the great Cosmos is surely in the forums I need to have a great synthesis and download it to a portal Andrew's new book Andrew Breitbart's new book Righteous indignation Excuse me while I save the world Andrew Breitbart Welcome Thank you The liberal grows Segment one You describe with righteous indignation A privileged upbringing in Southern California exclusive schools very comfortable circumstances your parents were particularly political but they were more or less conservative and then I'm quoting this from the book through some form of osmosis.
andrew breitbart media war
I considered myself a liberal, how come my parents didn't fight for me? to maintain what was, they were teaching me through their deeds and actions, they are a very silent generation. I grew up with friends who had younger baby boomer parents and they were very outspoken in their politics, they went to their rock concerts. They were going to their Rock for Campuchia, they were flying to Philadelphia to experience a concert and I remember my mother seeing Lawrence, well, on Saturday nights, the figure position, the jop position, that's not a difficult choice, where was the action? That's how it was and as much as I loved my parents, the flow towards my friends and their parents' way of life and way of thinking was the most natural thing in the world.
andrew breitbart media war

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I loved my parents, but rejecting their orthodoxy was simple once again. righteous indignation a tipping point you're at you're in New Orleans you're studying in Tain you're sitting for a math test quote and you're not doing it right I started to consider that maybe years of skating recklessly waiting All for it all to work out Well it had been exactly the wrong approach to derivatives. Nice quote by the way, apparently I realize that sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes you have to make it work, which means values ​​do matter. Close quote, Andrew, the one you grew up on. a conservative family and you come out liberal, you go to what you call.
andrew breitbart media war
I have no experience in tanning, but I have no reason to doubt you. It's any US Department of Humanities and I hate doing this to Tang because I would love it. You will be invited back there to talk to the students and tell them about an alternative approach. I guarantee it is in your future. At some point someone will finance a trip to Lane, but it's liberal, it's an American university of its time and you. Get out of it, a conservative, how did this happen? Well, you were swimming against it. I was an American Studies major and I really thought that when I chose that, um, it would be to read about the Constitution, the founding, the Constitution, the founding. my parents Mark Twain and a kind of benign approach to the American experience and I didn't realize this until later because I can say this with absolute authority.
andrew breitbart media war
If I hadn't graduated. If they hadn't given me my diploma, it would have just been me. Blame it when in New Orleans I did the same thing as New Orleans I really participated in the culture there and I can't believe I graduated but there was a point where Marty gr every night for Andrew Breart was and it was so depressing As it was ecstatic and fun, it was simply, it was a prison of decadence and it was four non-stop years where people came to visit me from my previous life in Los Angeles and they left saying that it was the best. moment of their lives and as they boarded the plane to leave Balia, he whispered in a low voice, please take me with you because it was simply Groundhog Day, it was everyone, it was Monday, wait, wait.
It was Monday nights It was Monday nights when people said do you want to go out and I said no, I think I'll just stay home and study and then 15 minutes later I'd go out and meet me. them so I didn't really uh I didn't go into academia and it was only after I graduated that I got a letter or an email. I don't remember the exact year. I think it was around 1994 asking me to evaluate. my degree, you know, was a self-evaluation, an evaluation of it, and I started looking at the books wondering what that was.
I remember seeing Gome Chomsky speak in this strange jargon that is not accessible to the average person, and I remember thinking that there was a period in my American studies class when I heard the word deconstruction and semiotics. too many times and I wonder what's going on here, what is this language, what are they trying to do and I started analyzing the courses that I took and I realized that it was cultural Marxist, uh, cultural like this, it's a little strange. I thought this was supposed to be American studies, not Italian German nihilist theory, so in some ways it's better that you were dead all four years.
That's the point of that chapter is that I think alcohol saved me. I don't want my own college-aged kids to hear that line, we'll edit that line out of the version they see after two lanes, you go back to Los Angeles and, scraping, you end up waiting at the table. a job as a messenger in a production company and an important moment comes when you meet the man who will become your father-in-law, the co


n and actor Orson Bean, known by people of a certain generation, to tell the truth, known by people of another generation of Women desperate and you here, well, I'll just quote you with righteous indignation.
One day I asked Orson why he had Rush Limbo's book, The Way Things Should Be, on his shelf. I was convinced to my core that Rush Limbo was an anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-everything decent Nazi, Orson simply suggested that I listen to it again and what happened when you got it right was the 1992 election cycle and At the time I thought I was a liberal and started listening to Rush simply because my alternative radio station had become a grunge rock festival. I hated Kirk Kobe and Eddie Veter so much that I switched to the am dial out of desperation and that's what I really have to do.
Thanks to grunge music for turning me into a conservative and I remember the first few months thinking, well, I may not agree with his politics, but at no point did I hear him imply anything that seemed racist, sexist or homophobic and I started asking people . Around me, have you ever listened to this Rush Li creature and said yes, he is a racist sexist and a homophobe? I said, okay, I need help here because I've been listening for months while I'm driving the freeways of Los Angeles delivering scripts. No, it's not and what I realized was that I believed in the core of my being that I would have heard it if you had given me a lie detector test.
I promise you that it would have happened because with conviction the culture reports on him on 60 Minutes. All the things that have been said to me reflect that negative stereotype, but I had never actually evaluated it myself and recognizing that the mainstream


doesn't necessarily tell you the truth or tell you the truth from their ideological point of view became this . Panacea for me where I began to challenge segment two of the mainstream media, the Democratic media complex again from a righteous indignation limau as the professor I always wanted but who had never created a vivid mental image of the artistic architecture of a world where he resided but could not.
I don't fully see the Democratic media complex that describes the architecture of, well, it's the Matrix. I mean, it really was for me if you've ever been to Coney Island and you see those holograms where there's a picture of the Empire State Building and you're supposed to squint and squint and squint and you can't see it but you finally see. the Eiffel Tower and you're like and like and then once you see the Eiffel Tower you can't see the Eiffel Tower and every day Rush Limba analyzes The World's Source Material, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC, was able to create for me a very vivid image that people who were supposedly objective and neutral reporters and journalists were on the front lines of the political battle and used their objectivity as their best weapon because they were telling impressionable young people like me who believed in Woodward and Bernstein and who believed in Walter Kronite, wait a second, you're telling me that maybe ideology played a role in the way stories were interpreted or how they chose one story over the other and then the Matrix of the media complex Democrat became everything to me.
In fact, when I talk about politics I always go back to the complex: it's always about seeing the world and hoping people see Evil Power, so you're hearing the limbo in '92 during that election cycle, right? And what I mean here is who is the Democratic media complex then and who is the Democratic media complex now. What has changed? What has changed? other than uh, actually, a lot of things have changed and that's the new media and that's the point of this whole book is that Rush took the dial mor abund am and at the end of the day he was a critic of the media, but he was a relentless critic of the media and he was exposing that he wasn't just working with dittos if dittos were what the fast limbo was all about, they didn't care at all just leave him alone and talk to the yokal of the Hinterlands, they are worried about Andrew Breitbart of the world. people to actually listen to what he has to say and wake people up so they can see that these people are using the media as a way to reinforce a herd mentality, uh, within the culture, and what I see now is that they used to understand It's over, Rush Limba took the moraband am dial and now it's a flourishing kingdom where countless people, from Michael Medvid to Dennis Prager to Shan Hannity, show people or give them insight into, uh, or the alternate reality of mainstream media and Matt Drudge appears. in 1995 and tells people, hey, look, you don't need to have an AM radio station, which costs a lot of money, and you have to have certain skills.
He said, look, if you have a modem and a computer, you can get into this. What happens is that we have now been in this New Media Revolution for more than 20 years and the difference is that now there is an open media war between Katie Kurick and the ball that runs in the game. Simply the world we are a polarized nation, this is a civil war based on communication okay, so let me take you here again quoting of righteous indignation I, I, Andrew Breor, am at war with the mainstream media. I am at war with the mainstream media because they present themselves as objective observers of reality when they are hackers. who think they can destroy everything America stands for, but shouldn't you relax? things are working things are working there's Fox News there's a limousine Rush there all that's not enough that's not enough that's not enough this is what makes me so angry that's why I want to know why you're not more relaxed we've been 20 years just like you said why do you say oh, okay, I'll spend half my time on the beach on AM radio and an op-ed. column and Fox News is not enough how big what do you want what do you want I want uh I want a center-right nation that fights for its soul and its soul is represented in the arts its soul is represented in in in in in in a world in which media is everything AM radio is the lowest form of communication it is small it is not robust it is not Avatar I want Avatar I want the right to enter the media world to the extent and invest in media like the left does George Soros is throwing money around like crazy you want an NPR I want everything I want from us I want it right they have an NPR they are so adept at understanding how important the media is they have convinced the government to pay them to propagate their world view how Is it that we are not fighting for money to propagate our worldview because we don't believe in it?
Okay, then use the free market to convey the same ideas with the same level of sophistication and excellence as NPR because they are superior at what they do just as John Stewart is superior at what he does, I grant Holwood and the experts in propaganda for what they do Adit that they are good, in fact, that is what bothers you, that bothers me and bothers me. that our side is not committed to this battle, okay, segment three, let's go over the background of your life here fighting this fight you just described righteous indignation, I intentionally co-created this is a bit of a complicated problem for you, Andrew I intentionally co-created The Huffington Post.
I Andrew Breitbart intentionally co-created The Huffington Post to give you the most left-wing place in the blogosphere to express yourself. Okay, explain yourself. I had been Ariana Huffington's researcher up until the time she converted. Suddenly one day you met Ariana when she was still conservative, oh absolutely, she dug up Larry Lawrence from Arlington National Cemetery, thank you AR Larry Lawrence. Larry Lawrence was Clint's ambassador, Swiss ambassador, Clinton's number one donor and he was granted a waiver to be in Arlington National Cemetery, he had never been in the merchant marine, so they scanned his credentials, so es, and I enjoyed being with her when she was conservative, but I walked out the door when she switched to theleft and came to me 5 years later, 5 years of awkward air kisses at parties we were at, she came to me after the 2004 election cycle and said do you have any ideas for a website and she had some kind of money and we came up with the plan and it was to create this place where if we could get your friends who you couldn't afford to write for you to write for you for free.
I will be exceptionally useful to you, you will be the queen of the leftist blogosphere. I said it, but from my point of view right now, if you want to hear what the real left has to say, not Katie Kirk pretending to be neutral, what the left has to say. is on the Internet in 2004 is the daily cost where a Peter Robinson could write an opinion article uh bush is the equivalent of Hitler under a pseudonym two Live Crew 33 3378 and that constituted a transparency within the media where also an opacity where these people they could write These Things and and they were being put on Meet the Press and so I said Ariana, you can become the living room that you have in your home online, you can put it online and it worked, but the idea was and I said this to any number of people brand that I have in my life in radio, this is going to be crazy because I went to Young Americas Foundation events, you know, and I talked to these kids and they know that I'm the Seriously, I mean what I say and I say what I mean and I'm a conservative, but I think this will be helpful to conservatives because it will be source material, um, and the first day it was released I was worried about it being Huffington.
After the launch, I was driving down Lincoln Boulevard worried because I was getting emails from people saying how could this be done and I heard Michael Medved, the first day it launched, reading out loud from Rob Riner's day one post, Where are the Woodwards and the Bernsteins? today to face George Bush and he was howling and I was howling in the car and I was crying uh just thinking about this guy this guy this Meathead guy who wants to add a p, you know, a dollar, you know, to every package of cigarettes to pay for lettuce gardens or something, this rambling guy proved my point and in six I was gone a month and I remember one point, this is my favorite moment during Katrina Randall Robinson at the Huffingham Post wrote an article two days after the flood that black people were cannibalizing each other in New Orleans and Drudge put it in a link on The Drudge Report and within 24 hours Ariana called me and told me you won.
I said, what do you mean you won? She says we retracted the story, so I want to. this was this, I swear, I'm a naughty guy, I was largely more inspired, okay Andrew, 20 years or whatever, it's been 15 years later, who's winning on the internet? You have Ariana, she just sold the Huffington Post, she continues to operate it from AOL move daily these are still big, yes, you have a huge number, your number, who is earning well. I think I am conservative and libertarian. I think look, the media is still left of center and they're trying to cushion their waning Enterprise, their waning uh Monopoly by giving $350 million to Ariana Huffington.
Does AOL come to me and say, wow, you have this right-of-center audience, I wouldn't agree with them because it's the war that I've described well who's winning monetarily, they still control most of the pieces, but there's still something second rate in the conservative course, of course, but what we're gaining tactically because you know, Hannah James, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe took down Acorn uh with a high-quality video series that costs less than $1,400, which sends a message to the average kid that if ABC, CBS and NBC aren't going to cover things and act as checks and balances against progressive organizations. against the AFL CIO against the uh SEIU acor and other community organizing groups, then we can do it ourselves and we are having an effect on the main Democratic media complex about it or, directly, and my business model is to target every one of Our Exposes goes directly to the mainstream media and says Katie KK, uh, they're daring you not to cover this segment four, which you theory have in this book more than I expected.
This explains much of the righteous indignation that Marx and Hegel had. It paved the way for the Progressives, who in turn paved the way for the Frankfurt School, which then attacked the American way of life by pushing cultural Marxism through critical theory. There's a lot going on there, very briefly, what the Frankfurt School is and why anyone should see it. Watching this interview, I care, first of all, anyone who reads this book will laugh and cry and see Andrew in all his many zany layers, but there is a chapter that is like pouring medicine into a straw so that your child I took it to get rid of my fever and for me, my only Discovery, my great Epiphany, my only moment, aha, I said, I have it, I have it.
I see what exactly happened to in this country the Frankfurt School they were immigrants from uh uh austere Germany well Germany there was the equivalent of this the Hoover institution what the Hoover institution is to Stanford University the frankfur school uh it was an idea tank at the University of Frankfurt and they were social scientists, like Arber Marusa Antonio Grami, Horkheimer Adorno, they were all a group of guys in the middle of World War II who had suffered Europe in Europe, you know, two world wars in a row and they had been fighting, they had been fighting the Nazis and they were trying to figure out another aspect of how to affect how to spread Marxism around the world.
You could go to Bolivia, you could go to Bulgaria and you could go to the peasant class. and you could say: let's change this place, the Marxist argument of making workers angry with the owners was very easy, but not in the United States, where the middle class invested in their productivity invested in the concept that they could have done it. their own little American dream, a white picket fence where they could invent something and go from one generation of being very poor to being homeowners in a very quick period of time and what these guys discovered when they came to the United States and decorated is the that drives me crazier.
He came to California um and I think it was berel bre the East German playwright moved to Santa Monica in the 1940s at the height of the Golden Age, think about this, these guys are gone. These guys left Nazi Germany and Molini Italy to come to California in the 1940s and were living on the beach and were depressed by the relentless joy and productivity and capitalism they were witnessing around them and they came up with an idea. At the end of the day, we might call it cultural Marxism, but at the end of the day we experience it on a day-to-day basis and by that I mean minute by minute, second by minute, it's political correctness and multiculturalism. and what it took was this incredible concept of eus Unum where everyone comes here and contributes to this, you know, everyone becomes an American and contributes, but we have a common culture, we have a common border, a common mentality, what they did was take the halves versus hav Nots friction and translated it into uh oppressor versus the oppressed and that and this and this guy taken up by faculties across the country that's the point of the Frankfurt School and the progressivism embraced by the 6s post structuralism post structuralism queer stuff studies uh uh African -American studies say all that pits people against each other, it's un-American to the core, if Maruza was the one I'm quoting again out of righteous indignation, if Maruza was the Jesus of the new left , then Saul Alinsky was his Saint Paul.
Again let me put it to you in simple terms who Alinsky is and why it should matter to anyone watching this interview Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on Saul Linsky in Welsley uh we uh Barack Obama is an acolyte of Saul Linsky, he created the concept of community organizing and What he did, as I argue in this book, is he took this whole ethereal applause trap, this Chomsky gnome jargon that the average person couldn't understand. Herbert maruza is very difficult to read, that's all, that's all, it's impossible to read, uh. but he was able to translate this cultural Marxist into a set of rules and a mentality, a warrior mentality, where critical theory was like facing your enemy, take him directly to destroy that person, he applied critical theory up to the level of war. on the street and me.
I would argue that the Katie Kirk of the world, the Chris Matthews of the world, Rachel Mat and Keith Alberman, unbeknownst to themselves, are studied in the tactics of Olinsky's Segment Five, Breitbart's pragmatic manual for realist revolutionaries, righteous indignation , my airhead transformation. It's hard to believe you were too dumb, but we'll let you get away with it. My transformation from silly pop culture-infused talking points from liberal to New Media Warrior took me four decades, but those years in the wilderness taught me something basic. rules that I have applied consistently and firmly and that are giving tremendous results. quotes so then you come up with your own rules to respond to Sola linsky's rules, don't be afraid to go into enemy territory, what do you mean I can't?
I'll tell you how many people tell me not to go to the Bill Marah show ah um take it well oh it's for the best or first of all I've had my biggest hits because I live in West Los Angeles oh my life is wearing them I live in West Los Angeles I live in the middle of the rubble of Hollywood and when I do a Bill Marah show and I go to Starbucks the next morning and the barista says I saw you on TV last night and I didn't see it. It was like the audience was booing you before you finished your sentences and I thought you made an interesting point. no one, no one looked for me to claim me on behalf of my parents, not even my parents, I stumbled upon conservatism, my goal is to go out and find someone else like me who never knew what conservatism was and say: Hey, you know, so maybe I can attract you.
I try to do it through joy and humor many times, in addition to the research I do. I mean, when I say face these people head on, I mean I went to the anti-coke rally on roller skates and a camera to carry was your material, that was your film, well, even though Christian Hartsock was there and I was there and We both captured incredible, you know, pro-violence rhetoric, uh, let's hang up, uh, Clarence Thomas, what these progressives had to say, just terrible, terrible things, be open about your secrets, be open about your secrets, that's one of your rules, what do you mean by them?
I'll know, I'm talking about how I drank a lot in college, it's not a big revelation. I don't think I drank more than the average person who was in New Orleans at the time, but I always wake up at night thinking about the Alinsky. places you know, the Sid Blumenthal of the world, uh, the Fenton Communications of the world, the Media Matters of the world, the most powerful John in the world, they are going to find what your Achilles heel is and they are going to exploit it, so why no? Throw it in there Barack Obama did exactly that when he wrote in one of his books, uh, that he used, that he experimented with drugs, you have to do that because they're going to find it if you own it and talk about what you learned. from that experience or you show that you are human and you don't try to pretend to be a perfect audience, you know, entity, I think you are going to be, you are going to fear a million times better, ubiquity is key, what do you mean? oh, with the acorn thing, uh, this was a unique opportunity.
James and Hannah came to me with this James and Hannah two, uh, they just got out of college, weren't they okay? Yes, James is 25 years old. Hannah was 20 at the time, so she hadn't completed college and They went and recorded Buttercup, go ahead and tell the story, tell it briefly, although they posed as a pimp and a prostitute, trying to start using funds from the government in many cases through, and for advice on how to avoid paying. Acorn Obama taxes, you know, the vaunted community organizing group, the Acorn community organizer and getting all this stuff available, yeah, every office except one, they were greeted with a smile and they knew they couldn't go to ABC, CBS or NBC, in fact.
I actually went to ABC, they get money from the government, right, they get money from the government. I knew this was almost violently important information, oh my God, it was kind of like when Drudge did the Lewinsky thing, this is going to make heads roll, this is going to be a big deal, how do I get this out there? I guarantee you that even in 20 years, just posting it on and hoping it goes viral would not have been the successful strategy. They would have made their lawyers, the DNC Acorn, sick. I don't even know, okay, Kirkland analis, they would have fought back, fought back and shut down, the goal was to try to make sure that a lot of people got their uh were engaged in showing this thing that I discovered about the conservative movement, is it there?
There are a lot of people who are hyper competitive and you would think they would be friends with each other because they believe in competition, they believe in competition and they fight very well, let's know that you can if you let it and so in thatstation, have access to that video, then we won't put it on our station and I was like, well guys, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show a story that the mainstream doesn't want you to see and the ubiquity of Ubi it's what made Acorn go down, it's not like it was on a blogging site, you have more rules, but our time is limited.
Final question, what do you refer to in your pragmatic manual on realist revolutionaries and righteous indignation? by Believe In The Audacity Of Hope well I'm my business partner He hates this about me because every once in a while I compare myself to Donkey Hody because he doesn't like that that's right, but I think a lot of the things I've accomplished have H, you know, like taking on the complex of what most radio shows do just criticize it from afar when I saw what they did to Clarence Thomas and you deposed what they did to Clarence Thomas along with anointing Bill Clinton for exhibit the same behavior that they claimed uh that Thomas was guilty of when you see how they treat the Tea Party their default racist they have to refute their racism.
I think that the organism, the natural organism that is the Democratic media complex, often behaves in an evil way. My goal is to destroy. mainstream media as we know it today to be more equitable seems like an outrageous goal. I'm not sure there is a business model that allows this. So I'll have Rupert. Murdoch likes money, but I hope that my children's generation will exist in a more fair and equitable media and the first thing we are going to have to get rid of is this false Declaration of Objectivity and Neutrality that is a big lie that we must eliminate. move towards something that is a more mature version of what we have now, more like the UK.
In Britain the newspapers are AOW left and right and they are mature about it. We are going through the phase of adolescence in which we recognize that objectivity was the big lie. of the late 21st century, Andrew, we have to close because you have to get in a car and drive to Marin County for an event that promotes righteous indignation following your first rule, don't be afraid to enter enemy territory and you, Andrew Breitbart, author of Righteous Indignation, thank you, thank you for your uncommon insight. I'm Peter Robinson, thanks for joining us.

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