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Amazon Prime Day Is Different Now

Jul 11, 2023
Amazon Prime Day is


this year. Amazon is forcing Prime members to take some extra steps if they want certain popular products, so listen up. I'm here to give you a quick roundup of tips and advice for the annual shopping bonanza that now goes beyond Amazon. Prime Day 2023 is July 11 and 12, as always, it's 48 hours of offers for Prime subscribers. You can think of it as a mini Black Friday, but now in the summer, the new twist is something called an invitation only for some of the biggest sale items. You have to click a big yellow invite request button before Prime Day to get a chance to buy it at the sale price on Prime Day, so let's say you want this Amazon Fire TV, it's a 43-inch Omni series, now it is normally 400, but it will be discounted to 100 if you apply for the invitation to buy it at the main sale price now, it doesn't mean you will get the offer if you are selected.
amazon prime day is different now
Amazon will send you an email with a unique code to purchase it at the discounted price. price that requires a lot of extra planning, but also means there's no crazy rush for everyone to refresh their pages right at 3am. m. and they sell out in seconds, so maybe you have a better chance of rating the item and purchasing as a normal. Person, the downside is that you may find yourself waiting for the sales link and it never arrives. Amazon Prime's page of the day highlights a few other products that are by invitation only, like these JBL Live Noise Canceling Headphones, which are ninety dollars off.
amazon prime day is different now

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amazon prime day is different now...

There is a Sodastream machine that also costs ninety dollars. There are some things on sale that I didn't even know were real, like a high-tech face wash brush called the Foreo Luna 3. It normally costs two hundred dollars, but now it's closer to a hundred dollars. There's also an Acer Swift It'll cost $630 and that means it's about 30 percent off, not everything in this invite-only discount is super expensive to begin with, there are Star Wars themed Echo dot stands you can get for $10 the price dropped, it's selling for thirty bucks now I'll be curious to see if this invite continues or expands to more products as time goes on, actual Prime days will have even more things on sale.
amazon prime day is different now
Amazon devices have some of the largest. Sales are up to 55 percent off, so it's a good time to buy Kindles or Echo speakers, or Fire TVs, Arrow Wi-Fi routers or Ring security devices — all of which are owned by Amazon — but also consider stocking up of everyday items you need. shop anyway with Amazon Basics and bulk orders. I'm talking about boring things like a 100-pack of batteries for $25 or cheap HDMI cables or even things like hand soap, but don't get giddy about buying things just because you see them. Marked with a red price discount, a sale item doesn't mean the deal is actually a deal, it's confusing yes, but sometimes the product always seems to be on sale.
amazon prime day is different now
You can track the price history of a product to find a website that tracks it. Amazon prices have a strange name that you won't forget let's follow a popular Gadget gift, the renfo eye massager. The listing marks the regular price at around $130, but you can see from the history that it never actually sells for that price. marked as a discount of around seventy dollars but that seems like the normal price it sells for now, there are times the price drops below sixty dollars and that's how you know if the deal is really a deal.
Here are some more tips I'm going to give. Rapid Fire through five more things you need to know this year number one if you live near an Amazon Fresh grocery store shop this week with Amazon Fresh from now until July 10 your order is 20 off when you are Prime member, but most won't worry about this one because there are very few Amazon Fresh stores in the United States. Two, you can get 15 free shopping credits on


.com from now until midnight Pacific Time on July 7. You have to download the Amazon photo app and upload your first photo to get the 15 dollars, there isn't much time left for that deal, but I hope some of you can take advantage of it in time.
Three, if you spend fifty dollars on an Amazon e-gift card, you can get five dollars of credit to your account. There are some rules I have to read, you have to buy the e-gift card on Amazon before July 10 and then you have until August 25 to spend the five dollars of the credit four a warning about subscriptions Amazon does a lot of subscription promotions for free trial periods, but don't Jump around like crazy and lose track of what you need to cancel the subscription renewal. The surprise can give you on Prime Day, you will see promotions for streaming services such as 50% off Paramount Plus for two months or Amazon Music Unlimited for 99 cents a month for three months. but then the price returns to normal after that short period.
Amazon offers unlimited Kindle free for three months. Now Prime has a one-month free trial if you want to participate in this Prime Day sales madness for the first time, but after that trial. It's going to be $15 a month or about $140 a year. The US Federal Trade Commission just took action against Amazon, filing a complaint that for years Amazon had a complicated process for consumers to cancel their Prime subscriptions. . The FTC sued Amazon in federal court on the same day Amazon announced Prime Day this year, yes, it will still be there, but you don't want to be caught off guard by an automatic renewal that you weren't prepared for now, number five, if you're getting many Amazon packages correctly.
After Prime Day, consider shipping your items to a nearby Amazon Locker so you're not a target for thieves. Many people buy electronics on Prime Day, so be very careful with your packages if you can't be home for delivery and if you are home sign up to receive notifications and text messages when your shipment arrives so you don't miss out. lose, and one more additional tip: you don't have to buy on Amazon, practically all stores have sales during Prime days Best Buy Walmart Target Some stores have their sales a week before. Amazon invented Prime Day eight years ago to get people to sign up for Prime, but now tons of stores are doing their own deals at the same time to compete and some stores are also boosting their memberships with extra deals, you can find a lot of unmade sales no special membership program, let me know in the comments if you have other tips and share your Prime Day experiences.
I'm curious what you think of this new invite-only system. Thanks for watching I'll catch you next time

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