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AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist

Jun 06, 2021
Hello friends, it's me and today we are going to see some


, but not just any


, kids have big crazy things like this Bruce Lee kid, this kid somehow learned the whole fight sequence from Bruce Lee. I'm sitting here like, wow, if I and This four year old ever had a throwing hand. I thought he could win. I mean, he's four years old, but yeah, I see the way you guys just don't want to mess with this kid. I don't want to intimidate. he in school as fast as when I was his age I was coloring with crayons and he got nervous, touch me and I'll cut you off, my daughter is not going to be bullied like I was, there's no way this little girl here is a heroin her mom passed out and then called 911, mom and then the news interviewed her and then she told her story like I called 9-1-1 but first I slapped her with a piece of pizza just to make sure she got up . mother wake up, you don't smell that cheese and the delivery is from DiGiorno, it's okay, you know what she won't wake up, I'll call her pony, this girl is so flexible she could fit in a suitcase, oh my back, I just want to like straighten my back, just break it a little bit.
amazing kids you wont believe exist
Just looking at this makes me realize how inflexible I am going to be such a dumb skill like if you ever get into any trouble and like if someone likes to smuggle you somewhere, just hide. in a suitcase, I'm sure your mom could put you in a duffel bag, she has to be compatible here, I hide and search, like it fits like in the smallest corner, you have a check, like every drawer, every cabinet, because she's just like a stuffed pretzel imagine your head touching the back of your thigh or you know, resting your head on your butt but my back hurts just thinking about that talking about really flexible kids oh my gosh, You go downstairs at night for a midnight snack and then look at this in your kitchen, what did you do?
amazing kids you wont believe exist

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amazing kids you wont believe exist...

Hi, I'm just doing my nighttime stretches. Oh, they all have jelly spines or something. Do they even have bones? Titles back. Do that. How is it done differently? I will never understand this child. Michael Kearney is now 34 years old but he was the youngest college graduate in history. He earned a degree in anthropology at age 10. 10 that means he was in college when he was like 6 7 8. Wow, he taught college classes before he knew how to drive, imagine. Walking into your college class, you see a 15 year old boy saying hi, I'm the teacher, wow, this guy imagines your teacher is younger than you, that's weird, also very impressive, baby spider, that's that you or that or that child is possessed by the soul. of a spider lives inside of it, I mean, damn, I could never do that in a million years, but it's okay, I'm still in diapers, but I can literally climb a wall, okay, I feel like the twist is really crazy and I started to lose my mind.
amazing kids you wont believe exist
You started climbing a wall. I've never seen a baby that I'm a wall, not even rock climbing, but that's not a normal wall. These parents will regret teaching this child that when they wake up at 2:00 a.m. m., then that child. just chilling on the ceiling, so there's something called heterochromia where your eyes are two different colors and this kid had it and then somehow, with incredible luck, he found that cat that has it too. I mean, I think this looks


as one. green eye one blue eye I'm chilling here with two brown eyes probably what color eyes do you have?
amazing kids you wont believe exist
Well, you know what I just heard about this from all these super baby geniuses like this kid Adam when he was 2 years old. Ranked smarter than Obama, a two-year-old smarter than the president, how could this be? So he has an IQ of 141, he read for only 10 months, he can spell a hundred different words and count up to a thousand in several languages, that's where these children like soaking up information as if it were photosynthesis like light touches the knowledge of plants like it touches to these kids and they just absorb it and then in 10 years they just say hello sitting here in my Lamborghini and my garage reading a book talking about the knowledge that you have my garage just bought this Lamborghini here, but you know what I like much more than materialistic things, very similar knowledge, if you remember this guy, oh my God, this girl in Arizona represents the girl from a Valley family, she is the youngest person to be in Mensa in Arizona. that's the International Club and it only has an IQ benchmark in the top two percent of the world.
I know I'm three years old. I have an IQ of 160. You were just born gifted. She is smarter than mom and dad. At this point, she is much smarter than mom and. dad in fact he's actually three years old alexis martin is smarter than 99.9 percent of the people in the world imagine the three year old has a higher IQ than you should call this video kids that will make you feel bad about your life, I mean. Come on, this girl is three years old, how could she acquire more knowledge than 99.9 percent of people in three years of life?
The first year she was in diapers, they couldn't even talk, like her mother, she just liked to listen, like the dictionary. encyclopedia when she was pregnant or had Baby Einstein playing in our crib 24/7, maybe she likes to absorb knowledge through the pores of her skin. I don't know, man, that's easy, he got a three-year-old who's very smart. She's younger than the iPad she plays with and barely bigger than the world puzzle she puts together, which isn't a credit card Alexis is swiping, it's actually a Mensa card. Well, first of all, that kid doesn't look like he's three, second of all.
She's still playing baby games, come on, say something smart. I'm waiting. Alexis started reading when she was only two years old, probably twelve and eighteen months, give or take, we would drive in the car and she would recite her stories from the previous night before going to sleep. and we're talking about 20 to 25 page books, she was reciting them from the night before or she wasn't just reciting she was reciting exactly oh that's scary imagine you read your child a bedtime story and then on the way to school, The next day, she tells him the whole story.
From start to finish, I'm pretty sure she has a photographic memory because she's wild. It would scare me that she doesn't have any kind of secrets that the FBI is hiding. Little Alexis doesn't have a Q of more than one hundred and sixty. the average person doesn't have an IQ of 100 the average person has an IQ of 100 this girl has an IQ of 160 alexis also speaks fluent spanish her parents credit the adult app on her ipad so now she can reading, translating and correcting our daughter's Spanish is so smart, just give her our Spanish app, wham bam, yes ma'am, she is three years old and speaks English and Spanish fluently.
I can't


this, this is really crazy, that kid is that smart, which is why the average American reads about five books a year anyway. Dalia, one year, does that in a week she is five years old on the jury five books in a week that is what we read in a year she read more than a thousand books before entering kindergarten kindergarten before she was six years old she destroyed more than a thousand brown books people don't even read that in their life, a five year old girl reads half of the damn library, so her love of reading caught the attention of the Library of Congress, where she was invited to work as a guest librarian in January 2017.
Imagine what happens to a five-year-old girl. like a fancy congressional meeting like with all these fifty and sixty seven year old kids, are you a chilling shock like yeah, I've only been on this planet for five years, what's up? So she has a five-month-old brother and she reads to him every day because she wants him to learn to read before she is two. Oh, that's crazy, but it's also


. It's so good for her to inspire children to read more and that she is teaching Hattery's brother about her. We love an intelligent and educated child. Parents love smart kids and they don't.
You don't have to pay for the college house, let your cop live, then Isabel came to the party, he was dancing $2.00, he just got up pretty, read a story to his cat and the cat says: yes Mother, tell me more. I was surprised by the castle just relaxing like that, but this kid Brian is only eight years old. I am madly loves the environment. I was like I wanted to start a recycling company at 8 years old. I would be like doing late night fart dances perfecting your floss not, he created his own recycling business with the help of his community and in five years he recycled almost three hundred thousand cans and bottles and raised over five thousand dollars for charities because I love to recycle because it helps prevent trash from reaching the ocean. you're where we live and that helps the animals, that's really nice but it also makes you feel bad because it's like these kids are so young doing so many things and I'm sitting here like I'm a little strange, this baby was born with a head full of hair imagine it, put it right on the slide, what a head full of hair, Billy babies are supposed to have hair, damn girl who did your weave in the womb because I look lush, God aside, I'm young parents. big cirque du soleil fans, okay, we have a son, we have to start him young, he will be in the show, we will make it happen, you have this boy, my son didn't want to be a tiger or a superhero, he wanted to be a traffic light, ya You know what makes the boss baby move here because everyone has to listen to a traffic light, it's the law, he just wants everyone to listen to him, future CEO, but anyway, that's all for today.
I hope you enjoyed this video, comment below. which one of these was the craziest and make sure you hit the like button and make sure you turn on notifications click click and subscribe you're the wolf pack. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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