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Amanda Seales On Male Insecurities, Russell Simmons, Colorism In America + More

Feb 27, 2020
you are watching The Breakfast Club in the morning everyone is DJ envy Angela yeesh Alamein omg we are The Breakfast Club we have a special guest in the womb amazing well i want to thank Amanda for being a great tour guide in Granada Milan yes the healing properties nothing relaxes you like soursop tv I drink a cup before bed I literally bought like 10 bags of soursop tea I am very impressed because you came to Granada and I like it many times as Granada is not a tourist city Granada has tourism but no it's tourist oriented in the same way as jamaica or barbados it's like you have people coming they are like well why isn't this?
amanda seales on male insecurities russell simmons colorism in america more
So eat, you know why it isn't or why it isn't. it was that way and you guys were just kind of laying back willing to try anything you know but the wackos had a monkey on their shoulder yeah Island you can go explore the eggs they encourage you to go see yeah and you really liked it the culture yeah you know sometimes you get Americans like these places and don't really care about the culture they just say where is that beach where can I get Derek braids today? Yeah, I was wondering if it's similar to Montserrat because when you go to Montserrat where my mom is from I was on thanksgiving and it's like if you want to go to the restaurant some of them you have to tell them in advance so that there is true we are not like no we're like island e like bat, but I feel like that's because we've shifted from a purely agricultural economy to having to really step up our tourism, so there's really a lot of Once Upon a Time stuff.
amanda seales on male insecurities russell simmons colorism in america more

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amanda seales on male insecurities russell simmons colorism in america more...

Granada like you're not casually dining like you have a real plan and now like they have a kitchen we don't just have restaurants we have a kitchen you know and Granada and kitchen and oil dung and you know fries and water it's like all these things you know the people are like that oh this is Grenada cooking it's not just like having a double grind in flatbush I feel like I understand you better to cook your night very nice but very blunt and to the point a restaurant I didn't know if a fight was about to break out it was t an argument that was a regular conversation with grenade yeah where it's like you really have to move on because it's almost like passive aggressive aggressive so unless you really go straight like listen this is what i need to happen we need to find out know how we are placing these orders, we need to find a practical way to make sure we get out of here in time for the New Years and once I get to the places s i guess by that meant to be rushed oh no part of what is there is no we can't make this work out like you waited the same amount of time so i actually took my time because i have a plan of a very hectic year and then I said: you know what? just relax, I took 10 days in Gre nothing.
amanda seales on male insecurities russell simmons colorism in america more
I started writing and realized that I don't really care about a New Years party. I care where I wake up on New Years because I feel like it just sets the tone for the year. serenity peace you know it was like waking me up the sun is shining you know the beach is there and i feel so lucky to be able to do that after years of waking up in new york on new years and you're like that it's cold it's cold yes and someone told me he's going to swear today and he might slip on vomit on the train last night there's no way we're stopping mandus it's as much i want to touch as i love what you said and what we've talked about this you said men love but hate women.
amanda seales on male insecurities russell simmons colorism in america more
I said some guys I just see that a bit, especially when you see guys who aren't scared about it. it really becomes this thought process that says as women rise th men understand that they are falling and that is just false you know that should be incredibly ridiculous you are incredibly ridiculous to consider the rise of women as the fall of men from the same way white supremacy literally stands on the shoulders of oh if someone else has power then we don't have power you know that and that's a complete fallacy so when you listen to men who are really passionate like you know, they stop empowering these women you know women need to know they need to stay in one place it's like do you know what you're saying and I honestly think what they don't really realize what they're saying is we're weak we're just strong if you're not as strong as us that's what you I really mean it like a man when you say that so I really feel like a lot of guys when we as women wonder why are they fighting us so hard on this like what I know a lot of women who are like why do brothers fight us so hard like why are you so mad at other brothers helping to support yes? sters and it's like why and then you realize it's like you don't like me you just don't like me like you don't like me would you like my body parts and how does that make you feel physically but in terms of me as a person in terms of me like an egg someone who exists in this world with dreams you really don't want to see that happen because for some reason you think that will prevent you from achieving yours and


we can close that chasm and understand that, as it is, it is not so, we should encourage each other regardless of gender etc. so I think we'll be better off, especially in a black love space, it's interesting because no matter how far I think I've come, you realize how we got it like last day.
Butler made this terrific ball. You know they made a post about me and some guy wrote yes. from the staff i heard wishing but then i was here and i posted a pic and deleted the comments but someone said oh charlemagne definitely ever heard that's why she's always up there why aren't you here just on your own merit ? they're saying always cardi talked about i talked about guys really being in their crazy lives mad at you for living your best life and i'm saying it's not like there's no track record it's not like we just show up like tada, you know i just came off someone's dick there are no secrets to success either working hard or someone who is working hard hmm that's it there are only two routes that really worked oh can you just have a certain level but I think in terms of access to certain spaces you stay in that space maybe not if you don't have the ability to get your foot in the door for certain reasons possibly to do so if you're going to be there 20 years later excelling and getting promoted and getting ng you don't even have the stamina you know right maybe there's a new woman turning 18 every day so those guys are just going to know they're going to find something to recycle but even as I mean the with I know everyone since forever like you've all seen how I know my routine and all so it's like I'm Angela the same we've seen you for so long so I thought it looked like they wanted you to die like this. come back to like this insecurity that men have with women because if you were a guy i can see the way you acted they would be like oh she's the boss yeah well lately i'm having this where i've been getting men they're as if she were


. like her, but yeah, she's masculine, she's Amanda Steel, she's pretty, but she's not sexually attractive because and there's never because, like always, like we're just saying and then the next conversation is you know she'd be talking too much, so anyone can put that together you think masculine and not sexually attractive because i have opinions because you feel like only men should have the floor for the platform to talk about and i'm not going to lie like i think people think because of my instagram like who i am on Instagram like they think I'm not even sensitive. although like a cancer i am very sensitive at all times but also as a woman i really take pride in my womanhood and like my femininity and yes i do have tomboy aspects but at the end of the day its like someone told me I'm masculine like this will start off just because that's not what I mean but it's so disconcerting to know that literally just because I'm an intellectual and not afraid to talk about it guys are like oh like I couldn't, she's never going to get a man, you told me that before, yeah, back in the Wow POV days of hip hop, please, charlene said you're never going to get a man because you have too many opinions and you know yourself. just you, you just talk too much and you like it if they want they don't want to hear your hat and I feel like people are like why are you friends with him? a lot of people say i see i have seen changes you know there are people who especially like people you hang out where you are like i am changing i am working on myself but not you how can i still be with you when i am working and you do not?
We may not be working at the same pace, but you're literally not doing as well as your job. Are you trying to figure out what the next type of weed is? I can find that you know that's what you're considering working on, whereas I'm really working on myself and with you I feel like you're really genuinely working. in yourself or sometimes people don't see it because of your behavior or they think you're strong and I think sometimes it's just that you're like I didn't realize this and I'm going to be solid in the fact that I don't know what it's this and i'll figure it out later but that's part of the reason i like w we're friends because we can disagree on things and be like jake absolutely another reason i probably said that because everyone likes to hang out with normal guys and there's nothing wrong with guys, y'all, that's hard, is it like


guys already talked?
They are insecure, that makes them twice as insecure, thanks, above all, they see how they are working, they don't want me to get over what they are doing, but since you think that a guy who is not an industry at all is afraid, I think that sometimes it's even better. Yeah, because then you don't have to talk about work stuff, we're not here with him, you're learning something that works a little bit well, that's in a whole different field, works for a little bit, you know what? it ends up happening that he invited to a rock nation brunch.
Sometimes I think I live a very free life. You know I'm a very free person. me and my official janaki we live a free life because use I have made my life that way not so easy not like by an easy path that I have lived that way and then I think many times you will meet people who are not living their life that way like they feel like they're chained to a job you know what i'm saying or they feel like they're not in the career they want and then they start to resent the fact that you're living your breath do you think guys are intimidated too because you don't need them at all girl cause i feel a problem cause i know sometimes it's hard for me to give up my independence but somehow you have to need your partner for certain things or at least make them feel needed like even if it's me saying look i need your advice about something you're the only person i can talk to you call this uber sometimes i feel like oh just try to make me feel like you need me for something because i really don't really I don't love you and I feel like there's a lot more power in what I really like.
I feel like M. The head is something beyond your control. It is not a choice. Make definitive decisions of your character. The decisions you make literally define your character. So when you choose to say I want to rock with you, that to me is much stronger than I need to rock with you because really then you could be anyone who has these things, the choice is that I'm really good, I'm a whole person, you really are the icing on the cake. cake the ice cream would have been just as good without the cherry but you know the cherry takes it to another level you look by the way you only care about someone when you can accept something from them too because it's hard for me to accept something from you if i know you don't i feel the way about you because i don't want to feel anything about you i don't even like you like that but now i feel a little indebted if i really care about you then i will accept what you have to give i see i accept that my problem is not nor do i accept ting physical things that I would like to see how beautiful in you and it would be like I planted my flag on that and then I feel like I'm dealing with the other things and it's like I had a therapist who told me it was co You know, you see the candle and everyone, but you can't light anyone's candle and it's like you know that in my job I really inspire to inspire you know in my stand-up on my Instagram on my podcast little dose that you can listen to right now go small doses show calm we are on itunes spotify etc i seek to use humor and intellect to inspire and inform and that is my job you put the candy in the medicine very well you are you put the medicine in the candy very well spoon of honey but that is my job then you realize like you don't want to be doing that at home like the people in my circle like you don't need me to like lighting their fires we're all like okay you know and that's it it's not my role what that made me Rose for other people, but for me, as the people in my circle, as if they all lit fires, all asyou know, encouraging each other and supporting each other, and it's not just the women you know, but everyone that I am. in a closed space it has become people who are motivated and who have their own ambitions which may not reflect mine but which reflect my intensity and we can have an exchange and I realized when I didn't have that and when I didn't have that.
I felt frustrated all the time, like you have to have people around you who reflect the things you love about yourself. When did you get to the point where you realized you had to protect your energy? all the costs and look at the energy around you I mean I've had pe People tell me that all my life but very recently as I've had more visibility I've come to understand that because it's not just about protecting the energy that surrounds you, but to protect the energy that you emit. I've been talking about this on my Instagram so I like MV how you met me when I was just out of college so I was 21.
I was learning that I basically married knowledge and rage mmm so basically I'm a gun where a black president in America is raging. all the time yeah yeah so as a black woman it's like you get into spaces where they don't really want like they're not here for it in any shape or form and I was trying to figure out how I like to argue . that and you'd always do it plenty of times to be like oh calm down you won't before what was cool before people said I'm what was cool like she was all about empowering women to that they empowered themselves but sometimes it just went like Black Panthers down for whatever reason I've always understood that ab I told you I understood exactly what you were doing.
I never had a problem but she shot everyone like, it was like my name was Amanda diva. However, you must realize that you know that you have to choose those who are behind. You have to choose how to participate in certain battles. It's not just about picking the battle. Choose how to participate in that battle. i would be in a Valentino with a blush lace and a natural face you know let me in no pretense because there are signs I always say with the Caitlyn Jenner situation that I was going to wear Shiki and it would happen because I feel like it would have been in life already when she gray was going to come over for that and i was deliberately like letting myself calm down and give them like a hello well i think the most effective approach in certain situations you like this is the most effective way so what if now what happened to


What was the situation with Russell? The situation with Russell was that I was in his office because his. I guess I don't know what that actual title sounds like, but he works very closely with Russell that he's worked with. him for quite a while and I was shooting the second season of my web series Get Your Life and I needed a space to shoot an office scene, then his son randomly hit me and I was like oh you know what? because he has lived in Los Angeles the longest. I said: do you know any place where I can film that? and he said oh you should stop by the office and see if maybe shoot in the old digital office so I came over and you know I've known Russell since he was in Def Poetry Jam and I was nineteen and I mean we've all been in this business forever, so just stop doing it.
I did a lot of the voting that he was doing when he was doing all that stuff and I went and I was sitting in his office and we were talking about insecure and he was saying you know a lot about insecure and you know I really like the show I like what it you do good yeah and he said i really like yana sakura you know i see what they're doing with it m he was like oh you know i mean did we ever have jesus christ and i was like that's why i quit hip hop , that's why I quit hip hop, maybe eight, a little piece of meat that day, you know, this is what happens at those times? although this is what happens at such times and i know a lot of women i'm sure men know about this too but i speak as a woman at such times you really have to sit and think if i'm going to let this moment of your ignorance ruined my vision of what I need to happen.
I need to film this scene in an office. cat and and you alone and I'm sitting there like it's funny because he told people this before so I think to him it's like you know I'm a comic like you have bits and pieces. I think it was like one of the sticky things about him and I think that's why no one in the room registered him as troublesome, you know because they. it's like, oh, it's like he's just doing his thing, but for me, especially after being out of hip-hop for so long, it's a lot sharper now because I don't experience that in the comedy space and I really remember that I'm not well well, no, it absolutely happens, no, people don't have to play with you, although at this point, yes, and in the hip-hop space, even though we know you experienced it all day and there's no HR for hip. -hop, I have so many stories, I always say that one day I write a book called your favorite rapper is a lame tmobile buddy, but I have it, you know, and poems because I have come to hear what we are like or what you know and and you don't may like to fight this battle as one person so they're also like I'm sitting in that office you're also in someone in no one else's office so it feels a bit crazy now they're beyond them like if you like what you know so it's definitely always funny to me when people say why don't you say anything there are so many reasons.
Regular valid reasons why you don't say anything and I love it because most of the people who say our people who don't say like why are you saying something about me saying something instead of talking about rape why haven't you Have you ever mentioned anything about rape, sexual assault, or rape culture up to this point? Why question me? That is getting your voice out instead of questioning all this that has been happening. Even Russell said he probably said that having a normal four years old literally hit man Hassan was like he was just flirting and I was aware they didn't they wrote an affidavit saying none of this happened and of course they didn't.
It happened I'm not lying but they definitely thought that was kind of jovial and yeah book for him after all now you see there's a woman who recently did an interview on the megyn kelly show saying Russell Simmons raped her twice and those his allegations he says everything he's done is consensual but she talks about a situation where she was making a documentary or film and she went to interview him and after NME she said oh can you stay back? I want to talk. and she said that was the first incident in 2011 and then she said in 2016 she saw him again because he said something about financing her movie and trying to help her with it and then it happened again and she's suing inside of me and some people feel that she shouldn't have come back yeah so that was a discussion we were having here because you know i think she blamed herself i was literally about to say sometimes women blame themselves like i I shouldn't have been in t That you take that yeah I'm trying to make this movie and you know you don't even know what to say like what am I going to say about Russell Simmons doing something to me look at that I mean I literally just said he said something to me and people it was like oh


they try to stop you no one that's what it is, there's also the fact that we're a lot of women by myself.
I can say that we respect the work of the people who have done and the positions. they're in and we respect hip-hop and as a black woman i'm not trying to like just tear someone down in the public eye you know i like it unnecessarily for me yeah that was a crazy situation but it wasn't crazy enough to I kind of go to the blasts and put it on, you know, literally, I only brought it up because people were asking me what do you think about what's going on with Russell Simmons, what do you think about what's going on with other Simmons, what to do your thing about what's going on with


and i said ok remember it ber when i mentioned this last week where i hadn't said his name yeah i said i was talking this is one of us who i was talking about so let us know what i think huh? what about the Aziz Ansari situation? her situation only if people don't know did she meet this woman a photographer she went to her house she said she gave some non-verbal cues she wasn't interested she said he chased her around the apartment and then i don't know what that really means she said i think they were into hide and seek or everything or she acted i cant remember why hes so funny like Hina hes like we all been there you have to go to the apartment all of you naked are going to be with him you know , she, I guess he said to her look if we're both not having fun then this isn't right and she left and then she texted him and he texted her back apologizing saying he didn't know you know whatever now what do we think about that because some people are saying well now she is about to ruin her entire legacy and it doesn't seem like she did anything necessarily wrong but some people say she should have picked up on those signs if a The woman is not interested and she felt pressured because she is a young photographer. and she was in an awkward situation.
I think there are a couple of things that I think there's a real as legitimate cause to say that you have to be aware of your position as someone in authority in a situation and how that carries it out. with other people, but I think there's something to say as well, like women have agency, you know we have agency to say no and in certain situations we lose that agency and that's when it becomes rape right when we say no and that is ignored, but in her situation it doesn't seem, from what has been said, that that's the case and that it was more that she was uncomfortable like maybe she was uncomfortable like it would hurt her feelings or that She didn't necessarily like the language to know how to say no because I know sometimes it's like you don't know you don't want to burn the bridge but you don't know how to get out so you. i'm trying to figure out how not to be rude because then they'll be great yeah like women are bred we are still bred in this day and age like not ruffling feathers and not making it uncomfortable and not making us men wear I don't want that have feelings you know so we don't want you to feel uncomfortable so you're trying to figure out I'm a linguist so I feel like I'm pretty good at finding the language but I fully understand as a younger woman with this person What you admire and want to work with is how I navigate these waters but I don't but as valid as that is that it wasn't a sexual assault according to what I heard you know I think it was a guy who misbehaved and that it wasn't checked and I think she got a crap hit and she was beyond sick of it and wanted to go home.
That happened recently, especially if you're definitely like that. He learns a lot faster if I just do this like I've had someone someone give me head and I was like and it was just mean and I was like you know what maybe yeah maybe I should have said oh guys that because then you're gonna think that maybe that would be better so it's funny you say that because after that moment I felt so bad that I remember walking around and feeling like Sarah McLachlan was playing like she was like she always represents McLaughlin at those times I'm like in her arms of an angel i feel so much better right now if i was in those arms and i felt really dirty because i realized i hadn't used my agency and let someone else talk me out of doing what i felt comfortable doing and oh , just do what you want I want and it went in a way no but I really didn't like it I did it rea Alright I was just getting activation and at the end of the day I was like don't let that happen again and I I found myself in a similar situation, you know, a couple of years later with someone who was like, I bet if I hit you, hey, you'll let me hit and I was like I bet you won't and I was like okay, his head wouldn't talk to me and he was a rapper that will be a lead story in my book take a chance take it like a man alright that's a man trick let me put the tip let me eat it that's the risk you take but you know what the problem is, sometimes you take owls as life, but i feel like women are like that. more willing to take chances than guys because guys take a chance on a girl and she goes bad and they say I hate women.
I take it like someone said a comment about the last time I was on the show and they said, it's like she keeps taking elves from but she keeps coming back. I just take the owls and keep coming back. I was starting one that he has since why not, but he just has a trash character. Certain C's at the beginning of relationships is a lot of fun. You know what it's just that as I learn about myself and kind of a late development, you know I feel like I came to myself in terms of my intellect and like you said, my awareness andmy awakening is way before I came to be aware of my power as a woman and my femininity and even just dealing with guys and finding better ways to trade with men to get a better response not in a manipulative way but in a more compassionate. but if you're being sympathetic to someone and they just defer to it, you know, and they don't really listen to you, it ends up being like, well, I can't keep giving you sympathy, I just have to turn my back and I can always say people push you and then I'm not surprised when you stumble mm-hm and I'm like guys.
I'm talking about guys because that's who I hang out with. drive you crazy and then call you crazy and I can call you crazy and I always say how we are so we don't see how we're so far apart seeing how this landed here and I talked about it in my standup you know how At this point I've realized I have to be very particular about who i let into my space so i let my body and all of us like it as you get older like you absolutely like change in terms of i dont let you shoot if you know i talk like if i looked at guys now like i looked at the side of a cereal box.
I want to know your suggested nutritional value baby crazy mom like what is that in your life because I'm going to have to deal with it you know and like you have tax returns you know I have homeboys and they would be crazy women are in love with them but I im like bro you were living with her you took her to see dolphins she was just being a nice guy take me to cheesecake factory like you cant take me on a trip to laguna and see dolphins on the boat then be honest. I'm like why would you?
It's like you don't have to be a jerk, but it's like being aware of feelings. I think there's a lot of emotional manipulation that happens when I had a friend. I'm not even talking to him right now, he's just my friend because I realize you're being selfish and cheating on women like your life is garbage right now, but you go out and if you want to go out, that's fine, but then you're like constantly dating a person and now that person wants to be in a relationship with you and now it's been three months since you've been seeing each other and you think my life is crap.
I can't do this, that's not fair. you are a woman regardless of how well you treat the woman what shall we say about insecure? don't you think you're good nigut no that would ask a lot if you stand up now do you ever say music Caroline Caroline we can thursday friday and saturday yes headlining shows friday to show saturday you get nervous especially in new york as long as how you don't take calls and you argue with people right before you go on stage you'll be fine you've been watching my i don't argue before you go on stage let's start with that because it makes you anxious you know you're out of your comfort zone no i won't say i get nervous like dad, the only time i got nervous recently was when they opened for chris rock ooh and when i overdressed over it what was that me?
I was in LA that was in LA Wow but never Chris, that's the way it is, so basically I was very lucky the way the stars aligned. I met Chris and he was crazy when I met him because he walked up to me with his arm outstretched. I'm on the side because there are too few people at this point for me to meet that will continue to be like and he was one of them and I was Seeing him he opened up with his arm open and said what is that and I said he wasn't even a great guy great humble guy man he was like you're great at insecure and I was like oh my gosh I really was like but I wasn't even like on his leg at the time and he was like see you I'm going to catch and I was like yeah we'll rehabilitate how much of a woman I was exactly how I was in the movie for two and a half minutes and you remember so he said you know there are no small parts it's all about how big you make your parts and it's like you already dropped Jan Simon talk to me for two seconds and I was like what can I open up for?
You know, it's like I was in a space that I had been vetted to go into and get close enough to say that and I felt like I felt that I as a comedian you feel like the room is literally what you make it so I felt the room and i was like can you say this he came out with his arm outstretched and it was literally like putting him in LA and that's why i rock like how much preparation you had when he said it was LA like the next day or he was three weeks good but he was doing 20 minutes and 20 minutes I mean it's not like for 20 minutes when you're doing like a normal day it's like you know maybe five to seven of that since at least it's just going to be things that you're working on you know, but the opening of 24 for chris rock must be special oh yeah all the hits at that point is you worried of course you care about making the crowd laugh but you also care about absolutely impressing chris like so than Pete, I got to do a bunch of sets, so I prepared myself, I played it, it was like it was perfect. that it was recorded, but it's just one of those things you have to like, remember it like the 90s, you know where, and I had my girls there and it was like I could cry right now.
How do you have these times? your life that you were like if i get to experience what it's going to be like and then when you live beyond that you're like and then i opened up i made a fantastic scent when i walked offstage she was like you're funny he was like you funny that was fighting he's like no really that was good and that I watched it later and it reiterated and as a comedian what I love about comedy because I used to be in music and what I hated about music was that you never really knew if it was a compliment because people like your energy.
I know it's hot. I like that vibe that was different. It is interesting and funny. that and keep it moving and then I walk off stage and I hear the click clack click clack of Durango heels and I know Eddie Murphy is the death of Eddie Murphy in Durango and I turn around and I'm like he's walking away and I was like not letting the moment go by, that's the los angeles show where he did dr. Dre was the native Kardashians were among the friends and I have a Kardashian joke so they were there and my friend said Kris was like when I said work Eddie Murphy was like hi and he came over and said um you just you were on stage right and i was like yeah he was like oh i missed your performance but chris says you're so funny that's when you know it's real someone else could have the most real conversations about you at your back yeah yeah and you know I've been in this business a long time oh my gosh I had seven falls that's 92.
I've done a lot of things but once I got on my feet that was the first time I felt like I was at home. hop head but stand-up i felt at home it's like oh i'm not a misanthrope i've just been a comedian all this time i know it's not that i don't like people and don't know how to talk to people and i mean i'm just a comic like it's just that's how I filter my view of the world and you know we're like a different species or I'm human and we have to be aware at all times and it's just a different way of life having to constantly be, you know, you're just always aware of, well, what's so funny going on?
You know to the point where my friends at this point will be talking like oh that's a bit like they even know when to recognize how to put that is a bit and so for me to get to this point and in as little time as you know I've seen comics i've been doing this for so long and i have a certain level of unapologetic survivor i'm like you've moved on pretty quickly but i also know and as everyone knows i've been on stage and on a mic voiced by


steele for years, so when I got to my feet it wasn't so much about trying to find my comfort onstage or my ability to read a crowd, it was literally like how do you find your comedy? voice and what I found is that you know for all intents and purposes I'm a TED talk with jokes that you're going to get some information, you're going to get some bullshit, you know, but you're going to laugh your ass off and it's going to be 100% authentic, and I'm coming from school that my comedy is inspired by Chris Rock, that's how I looked at it in terms of developing how I want to say things and then you come into your own space and like when I have audiences that come to stand-up shows like it's always great for me when they say you guys were crazy It's funny, I even learned something.
I'm like, I got you, you flirt with you. Do it. The idea of ​​continuing to make music. Robert Glasper is on my podcast this week in small doses and I told him when I get back into music if ever it will be with you you know more flow Ettore I would love to come back to music in a different way like with a musical you know or in a movie have music, but to the extent that you're in the music business, you know or like, remember that Queen Latifah was like she was going to make a jazz album. e in that space where you are how can I do this because I'm Nene and I feel like it, but right now I feel that it is the last bastion of hope for the real truth and the conversation to happen without the overhead of a corporate pressure when you go to a show you will get it from stand-up.
I know you watch a lot of stand-up and you know how you feel about Dave Chappelle getting backlash for his transgender joke. Lewis CK joke where he talked about how girls say Lewis Lee came masturbating in front of her and ruined her comedy dreams and he said well ma'am he never had a dream you know? oh I think there is I think you should always expect backlash if you say something I mean that's exactly what it's like to go outside you might get rained on Oh trust me I know but I don't think backlash should be oh don't say that the reaction is like it wasn't funny you know like to me I feel like certain things aren't offensive unless it's funny you know that's the whole skill.
Chris Rock says a lot of things that are considered offensive, but he frames them in a space that makes him friends, you know, like polls. it's that people hated Ricky Gervais as the host of the Golden Globes. I love that Ricky Gervais is the host of the golden clothes. I think he's brilliant, yes, and it's a dream of mine to work with him if he's watching The Breakfast Club. framing I, you know, for all intents and purposes, I think Dave has a unique voice and how he presents things, those weren't my favorite presentations of Dave's work, you know, I feel like when he did his Radio City shows, he liked a program series. here Radio City and that was more like classic Dave in terms of setup and stories and you know, jokes and that to me was like the pinnacle and this felt more of a conversational style so I think that's also the reason why People leave.
I got on that too because it doesn't feel like a joke it felt like you were just talking and I don't like what you're saying so I can talk about it now I get you you brought up the conversation here talking about a backlash on


ok mr. meryln black was here correct yes i think help is a strong word i mean i think there are always things that happen outside of your awareness so i don't know if there have been conversations outside of my awareness that may have been rooted in that , but you I know you were like I had fair skin.
Do I do the job well as if it had never been that? I mean, but I think when it comes to color, when color is a real thing that has its roots in how darker-skinned people are discriminated against. against and I don't think being light-skinned makes you part of the


conversation in terms of someone being discriminated against because of the color of your skin, but I do think there's still a unique space that happens when you're a light person - person of skin within the black community and within society do you think it's different for women than men I don't know I mean light skinned men because I feel the perception of men when it comes to color it's different than it is for wo men, I think there's still this kind of idea that likes can be pansy, you know? and like all of you christopher williams what is a stereotype?
I feel like this is all coming from an outside source. Colorism is not rooted in Black people, again as usual it's rooted in a division created by an oppressive entitlement and then we internalized it within ourselves and now we just fight ourselves against anyone while they ended up being like haha your mom to jail so is yours those are the symptoms but I feel like we have to control this you know I think the whole situation with you and the Afro-Latino colors of the community was just simple people don't know you're from South Carolina and that you haven't really been exposed to those conversations where people are like but he knows a lot of latinas i'm like but he's not those aren't the conversations you're having with a latina well you know you're not asking them what your experience is you know as a latina side and I know they might want you to do that but it's just not I'd be surprised so I was listening to you like oh I hope you guys have a more s talk open this because I think there is amany


ns don't want that if you ask someone something and you don't know then you are dumb and your uncle tom should know or you are extra like i said when dr.
Pinnock, who actually hit me on this mm-hmm because she came on here and talks about being a free Latina, explained it to her, but with the marilyneg riff, even if it's telling us something you might not know, it's still worth listening to. . and absolutely and this is her experience this is her saying this is what happens to me and it's true how I went and investigate if you watch the soap opera as you see oh yes they are all the women who look at blue eyes and you know blonde here they are very skinned clara and she was saying even though at the audition she was told you could be a slave but you couldn't get that lead role so if that's a problem that's still going on and she says this is my experience this is what what happened, you know, so you're like, okay, I didn't know, but I know this black and I knew when they searched him when I was questioning her. right now and we had a separate conversation ersation and I would like people to also understand that those who listen, those who look like they don't have access to all the conversations that happen between people in the public space like it's not like that and people they feel they have a right to you they have they have a like they deserve they have a right to like everything about you because you're in the public space and sometimes you just need to trust that like you have a conversation with them and we're still fine you should be great since I have enough track record right now to know I'm not here just running around the internet but I know you hear guys say things like oh I got it that's real like guys I actually said in songs yeah i had a doobie like you know i'll understand why you're single like you literally say you like yellow skin still and i like it i'm hyper aware of disparities like s i would have never caught me touching this amount because i want to get out of here like that's crazy, no, in my opinion, yes, it was bad casting, but it's literally about having the awareness of knowing that many of the people Those who make these decisions do not have access to the knowledge of colorism that I have internally. being a black woman in this space but you know if there's a lot of misinformation going on and a lot of emotions going on and like there's between a discussion and debates and like we don't have enough debates already how debates are based on facts you know conversations of opposing sides arguments that's when the emotion kicks in and that's why you don't have debates with your spouse or partner you have arguments because you're not just debating the issue but you're arguing because you're like we're not just debating this issue I don't even like the fact that that you had this problem but your emotions are rooted in the fact that you like this person but you don't like what they are saying that while a debate is like I don't even know you I don't even know you and we should be able to have an exchange and be agree disagree we have debates like where will charlotte be like no this is how i feel about this yes in my mind i think it was i think that was a l happens and no, because I really feel like you know, and then I come in like my white girl high pitch and I'm like, well I feel like the real problem is I started using words like Columbia, I'm like it's really dismissive to the detriment of the pragmatism of the situation and then we realize that we're not going to come to a consensus and then it's okay, we cut how I like the color is makan verse asian because at the end of that, what I realized was that the struggles that they have experienced in Latin America are very similar to the struggles that black Americans have faced here in the United States, so if we both know each other's history, we should know that and then use it to come t together here in the United States, but the point is that you just didn't know history, I mean, I knew Afro-Latino history, but not to the extent that I think I do.
I just found out when I went to Cuba like I didn't really understand the extent to which Spain wreaked havoc on this world, you know, I think for what it's worth, we're an American colony that we were a British colony that became American and so did It's Grenada in terms of a British colony that became Canadian as well as my access to -- just colonialism has been mostly about British rule, but then when I was in Cuba I just heard that Spain was right, yeah , the concrete, well, yes, conquistadores and you know, in a minute, but they really like it when you think about it and you're like how many Spanish-speaking countries are there, well, they weren't Spanish-speaking until Spain came along and it was like you speak Spanish now and what had to happen for that to happen and then you have people in those countries who have completely as dis considered their indigenous ancestry or their African ancestry and they have been like you know where Spanish and it's like no you speak spanish because of a colonizer but that was at your point though i just didn't know i just didn't know when people got mad on my instagram when i said i didn't know until i got to cuba and i saw that some people they were saying how don't you know we don't know a lot of other things I know all the words for slob on my knob I know a lot I know a nickel defense like I know so much you know I can cook like let me live sorry and Ruby at Caroline's you will Thursday the 7th: 30 1:10 pm Saturday 7:30 in ten go get your tickets right now and with one thing for sure I just want to know why we keep falling for the same Kim Kardashian Kardashian please just say it's not even a new book anymore playing around with nude photos, her braids there, what do you think she's falling in love with? reacting giving them what they want, which is attention, even me now asking you this question I think it's the same with the Tommie Lorenz of the world that you had here in some that's the only time that was the only time I was like this it's problematic because this Trevor Noah did the same thing and I like why they're giving him a press for a platform and even if they give him the platform, there just wasn't too much of a reference, you know, and that's what ends up happening. spaces and then everyone becomes very polite and I always feel courtesy in the way of purpose is a problem so the purpose of her being there should have been to get her together well it was like a ponytail when I came downstairs , TMZ was there, so I'm like what was another day she actually went to a meeting, they had a meeting with her at Viacom because someone thought it would be a good idea for me on her to do a show together.
I was like and every woman. at Viacom it was like you bet overnight and we well having a discussion about why his rhetoric is dangerous to my people and what his response was well the conversation we actually had was about BLM and uh BLM and the supporters of Trump because they know she had this thing where she feels like BLM is anti cop in her cop killer then she was sparking a group a video she's an idiot the point is these girls are idiots these people aren't only she likes these people like Tucker Carlson and these, you know, Hannity and all these people are idiots and I completely agree with you, it's like, how do you handle it?
Because I feel like it's a crisis or it's a crisis of conflict, on the one hand I feel like if you don't say something it still goes on if you say something like you said it's like it feeds everything so it's like good then we have to change what we say or how we say it or how we don't say it and I really don't know what the answer to that is because he has to say something every time you know why they say I blame that tutor a lot and I'm going to tell you why I remember his last speech where he said you should go across the aisle and talk to people who have differences. with and people you disagree with I don't think he knew this was going to happen That was the same for Martin Luther King you know I think Martin Luther King for all intents and purposes in the beginning was like you know we should all stick together you know that he really wanted unity and then and then towards the end of his days it's like when Martin had that rhetoric Malcolm called him my uncle Tom and then what were they doing trying to divide you know and then at the end of the day everyone sits down at the table like they know maybe there was a better way, but I think for now it's like, how can we? there will never be like unified groups thought one group because I don't necessarily want that anyway like you want there to be levels of individualism and people asking questions and stuff but I think not everyone has the same level of information so the problem with kim kardashian and stuff is you have people respond because they're like they're pretty and that's enough and then you have people like me or just irritated that they keep getting attention life slowed down on all their photos i definitely try to make a photo fell off though i think it blurred the nipple yea yea and then they even did one like a special instagram like put a special thing that said if you are reporting thank you for reporting the kim kardashian photo though like she's not violating the our community guidelines with this photo and i thought it was very similar lastly its our own special guidelines i definitely tried to mark like 10 times yesterday i just think there's something to be said for the fact that when that's all that's pretty much like all you're giving ing you know people are like loriana makes i'm like rihanna she's got albums and she's acting and you know that there's more that she's giving to the zeitgeist and I don't think any of them are really like adding to the canon I know I as a comedian have the opportunity to add to the cannon now with clever black backgrounds.
I'm adding to the cannon and you know that you guys with this show continue to add conversations even if people don't don't like you they still listen because they're like well I want to have conversations about what I don't like about what you're saying bring it right thanks for joining us February 1st 7:00 30s tonight February 2nd 7:30 and ten days seven thirty on ten go get your tickets now and it's the Breakfast Club it's miss Amanda seals

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