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Alphablocks : Plusman - Series 4 - Episode 03

Feb 21, 2023
we can do anything magical and he's looking at dammit someone needs my help exciting mix the rescue i gotta stop doing that my ex is a horse plus my highest rescue right ex glass man i'm actually a new addition to the team i'm doing a quest from the treasure and I need to find something with five points, can you help me to leave this? Ah, star, five points, problem solved, not really what I'm looking for, lives underwater. finished ah but i need something that lives underwater and has five points you mean something like a star and a fish hmm i got it go back alpha box more star more fish yo oh right shh fish, sarvesh, that's right, a starfish. my job here is over so long Alpha box she's on the loose a useless dog this looks like a job for man horse we sheep more dog does Shh boss oh good dog don't eat punches again man and lastly we need to take this food on a picnic, but we ain't got nothin' to take it in lunch, nothin' to take it in, you need a bag, no, a pot, no, I'm the banana skin, oh, my head, relax, mix, fans, I'm back and I know how to fix this. oh oh oh this box is full of bandages not good for take out food has a cool edge but also the man would know how to help us he is my hero plus ma'am what a silly name what exciting things he can do he can put things together he is lovely i can do that without even flexing a muscle no you can't have lunch anymore the box makes lunch oh oh laughs great it's good to have you back old man never doubted you X banana
alphablocks plusman   series 4   episode 03

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