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Dec 07, 2022
this is the hill this is the net gear the yes the gear this is the gear we need to get we can get it no not yet but we can if we get a pet the frog will jump across the swamp to get the gear oh the frog fell into the swamp this it's the dog the dog can dig the frog frog the dog's frog will dig under the dough to get the tooth the dog's frog dug in the swamp this is the pig a hug it's a pig the pig can take the dog can dig the frog can jump frog dog pop over the frog on the dog on the pig will cross the boat to grab the tooth oh the frog on the dog on the pig hit the net and fell into the swamp the frog on the dog and the pig on the log will cross the bob to get the gear one two three go they can fix it the frog on the dog on the pig they will trot on a log across the board to get the fog oh well chuck jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump this the box see what what are you doing I'm protecting the world from things oh what things are everywhere every time we hold hands zap one thing appears then zap something else we must stop them we must stay alert, what if the things come?
alphablocks learn to read alphablocks
We better stand guard while Zed sleeps, follow me, rub, stop, stop, oh oh, we have to return it before Zed wakes up, no problem, oh, paint the perfect pieces, this is so much fun, a mess, right? what have you done?, nothing we can Don't try to fix it oh fantastic let's decorate a little see you soon we can help you super good job eh fabulous fun follow us extremely artistic diana splat splat smear try to be careful oh beautiful zebras buzzing I fell asleep have I gotten lost something oh nothing much? a little boring really no uh things zero things here good job alpha blocks now let's check there everything present and correct was like this before zooming zebras what have you done is it's amazing it has zip it has zap it has zing it has zoom top brands alpha blocks oh you like it then oh what's that oh I think you missed a place one two three drums not only three one two three are allowed and the drummer does four hmm stand up four rounds four three is enough no more I don't think so ah one two three four bubba but no one takes the count I'm going to sing it now I'm going to sing it loud you can do a lot more yes you can do a lot you've been waiting for a bus it's going to start to rust You need a new way to explore.
alphablocks learn to read alphablocks

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alphablocks learn to read alphablocks...

You can do much more sooner. No, we will compete with you. If you hope to win in a sailing regatta, you'll need some wind. You could finish in first place with the wind at your back. your sails you know it never fails you can sail from coast to coast you can do a lot 10 out of 10. if you want to score ten you're safe in your tent you know it's a gift from heaven you're sure to be warm and dry you can do a lot more with uh we can ship it safe and sound on your way if we can build ourselves a friendship it is better we can do much lower to the shore when a problem affects you and soon you will return to dry land but no one keeps track let's sing it now let's sing it loud you can do a lot more yes you can do a lot more with four you can do a lot more no need to shout bro we can barely hear ourselves we play we need to make some noise if we want to be a rock band we don't want to play pop, disappointing we'll play our music then and you You play yours, no, yeah, we can have a battle of the bands, so who wants to? to be in our band jump let me join hmm this is not going to work fear I won't make the band fabulous ah fabulous there are five of us and we are dead greetings ex-fans I can fix this but I'm going I need help I'm in a fantastic situation hey, extend your hand , extend your hand, soon you will see who is the best band, thanks brother, it's us, we are the best in drums, we definitely need a singer and what are you doing?
alphablocks learn to read alphablocks
So what was that noise? It's not me, show us what's behind your back. A banjo, no, a didgeridoo, no, guitar, beautiful, do you want to join my band? Hello, where is the band? What the hell are we looking for a singer who wants to join us? No way, ah, how unfair, how shameful. Excuse me everyone, don't just stand there, do something, oh, oh, harmful heart, what a great day, oh oh. oh oh oh it's your birthday tremble me woods I knew it that's why I bought you a gift I have a little bit of uh a lot of air around us oh that's right yes for you nothing to sit on don't despair we just go in we are sure that you will find this journey pure fun how are you doing? oh no i don't feel good we'll make sure you feel better you're cured roll up roll up for all the love mirror big bigger um ear ear oh oh oh oh how oh twitter oh oh now oh oh oh oh in a oh oh it's oh down tom why are you placing cups on top of each other is a tremendous trick for today's tea party when the tower is complete I will fill the top with a torrent of tea the tea will fall and spill into all the other cups the problem is It's getting too tall no problem I can lift it up and put it in its fantastic place but we have to try to be careful the smaller faucet could knock it over if it was too close try not to get into trouble hey you're going to cause a terrible accident ah , I'm sorry, you won't allow me to offer you my assistance, apologies again, you are a tornado of problems and maybe you should go somewhere else until we finish, we agreed and promised not to make any trouble. more words I will avoid all other alpha blocks hmm wonderful brilliant but what tnp build an incredible pyramid of uh uh actually it will be better if I don't talk to you anymore I don't want to have any more butts stay away from me, take care the advice to reach the most perfect, always and when we avoid terrible accidents, this will be a truly tremendous trick. ah smash um splat magnificent perfect that was really the most tremendous trick here have some typical tea this is ink ink there is no ink there not unless it's invisible it's invisible no way it's invisible ink okay the little ones will save you a bit. soon you will have your safe and sound in the sink stranger someone said sink stop something strange is happening what is that smell tell you what smells like fish to me I think think think think think stink think think think think think think think think think think visible ink we think we know what what's going on p please come in what's the plan pop in the puddle p and s send for the rest we think it's time we had some fun I must say this is fun it's awesome to be invisible but I won't shrink how about our nice , great, delicious, refreshing, amazing, nice, hello, incredibly small eyes, excellent timing, eh, totally on time for our excellent picnic, now, where did it end, you're ten seconds late and it doesn't matter, we have everything, I brought the tea and I have brought the apples, what have you brought?
alphablocks learn to read alphablocks
You can't just snap your fingers and expect a picnic to appear. No, but we could hold hands. Oh no, it wasn't me. here then, a truly terrible picnic, we'll sort it out soon my teacups, my teapot, no, I've just had a picnic, perfect pair of trousers, so let's do something about it, try, ah, puns, let's try it without n , This is not going to work. I'm going to snap my fingers and make a delicious picnic appear. Try telling your stories to someone who believes you. Like I'm sorry. No way. Tea, apples and cakes. Try to get the other one out.
Said. Try to throw the. Nobody listens to me. I see that no one believes me. I see, I see, I see, we see, can we help, unless you can, I see a perfect picnic. Nice, the joke is always there, ah, yo, what's a joke?, I know it's a joke, it's when you make jokes so I can play. jokes on all of you it's time to let go of the rope it's time for tea Did someone say tea sausages? Did someone say sausages? My nose is red, it's round, it's funny. I can play pranks on everyone. Where are you?
Did someone say our names? Did someone say silly sausages? I'm so sorry, no sausages, I'm playing tricks, stop the prank, oh mmm, what is that?, oh no, a boot is having hmm, terrible tricks, these pranks will stop before they happen to you. Unbelievable, alpha earth is ruined. We need a plan. Unbelievable, I said a plan, no. a board at that time rascals walk on the board a pirate ship my favorite joke oh I wish I could do a trick like that without sausages someone said sausages someone said no oh um I'll stop well bye then what a relief to get back to be a hello to you too I just showed up at a fantastic time for you know what pop tip top a nice top poodle pip good morning good day it's a fantastic day let's play tag ah tag it's you uh take my hand oh shiny oh tub tremendous a pip bathtub total so what have you been doing? tea, a lid, a label and a tub, best day ever, tell you what, why don't you try it? super account, oh well, try it, oh, sorry, I tell you what we're going to play tag, are you?
You are, you are, I'm sorry, try again, let's take a bath in the tub, what does hunk mean? terrible stubbed my toe sorry tub bit sorry label deer sorry top stop sorry today better get a lot better simple I'll just groove it. here I lost nothing happened my teapot you lost it I'm sorry I was having the best day ever the best best the best it would be if I could start this whole day again without tea oh oh ender tom tiddly wait a minute where's my teapot? I just showed up, sorry, sorry, thank you, this has been the best day ever.
At that time, hill, here I come, hello, I'm having a hard time getting to the top, maybe we can help, I'll help you, I'll help you. Up the hill I know I can talk great as a team, tell me what the plan is. I don't know, team, I don't think that helps. Hey, how about that? I'm going to take you up that hill because I'm the best coach. I'm ever going to make you the strongest, toughest, fittest alpha block in the world, yes I can do it, yes I will, when you're fit you'll climb that hill, when I'm fit I'll climb that hill. the alpha blocks are big and strong the alpha blocks are big and strong we like to train all day we like to train standing with our arms outstretched holding hands look at that card don't worry I'm fine we're not worried she's fine I'm not singing just i'm talking she's not singing just she's talking there's no way um she can stop right no one knows hey i feel fantastically fitter than ever thank you all at that moment hill here i come i knew she could do it i trained her see, i taught her all I know.
I'm so fit that I didn't stop. She's hmm, whatever it is, she wishes she could be a superhero like x or super fast like v. I'm not special, I'm just a normal person. letter you are special yes, have you ever seen a spinning top? Have you ever done it? Oh sure, look what you can do just by being you. You made a difference. Have you ever painted with a pot? Have you ever tried us? Oh, you made a work of art just by participating you made a difference you don't have to be a winner or a superstar you can change the world just by being who you are there's something wrong I can't understand why I'm even a card I do the same thing sounds like my brother can you put your hands on your lap? raise them in the air and clap your hands you can make a noise it's one of the great joys in life making a difference you don't have to be a winner or a superstar you can change the world just by being who you are clap your hands, slap your thigh, flap your wings and pretend to fly, jump, jump, change, each of us has a role to play have you ever traveled on a battering ram?
I'd rather take that truck just by being me I made a difference you can change the world just by being who you are exploding x-rays someone needs my help exciting x to the rescue I should stop doing that my ex is a plus plus man to the rescue I'm a new addition to the team I'm doing a scavenger hunt and I need to find something with five points can you help me leave this? ah ah star five points problem solved ah it's really not what I'm looking for it lives underwater I know something that lives underwater fish, your worries are over, but I need something that lives underwater and has five points, you mean something like a star and a fish, hmm, got it, back up, alpha blocks plus star plus fish, that's it, a starfish, thanks also, man.
The work here is done, so the alpha blocks are long, please come back. Sheep plus dog makes fish. Shepherd dog. We need to take this food to a picnic, but we don't have anything to take for lunch. Nothing to carry her. You need a bag, not a flower. pot no, uh, for the banana skin, oh my head, relax former fans, I'm back and I know how to fix this box. This box is full of bandages that are not suitable for carrying food. It has a cool plus, although the man would know. how to help us he's my most manly hero what a silly name what exciting things he can do he can put things together he loves leaks i can do it without even flexing a muscle no you can't have lunch anymore the box makes lunch is good are you back old man friend?
I never doubted you x banana you

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