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Alles falsch in Cyberpunk 2077 | GameSünden

May 28, 2022
self bank 20 77 is another game that unintentionally reminds us that there really is a big difference between expectation and reality, countless wax crashes, game braker and other issues, messed up the beginning of the game incredibly and made a lot of people angry, not to mention the constant. The postponement of the release date, which also led some to issue assassination threats to the developers, it could even be claimed that the game had reached a certain target group otherwise only found in Rockstar


. , it took a long time to come, yes, there is also a video about it, but about a year and a half after the special release, a dozen patches later and about 5000 euros of investment in a PC that allows me to play this game without problems, being able to record everything and even activate ray tracing. that's why the first point is definitely worth it, before you start you have to decide something about your life path that doesn't matter plays and has no influence on the story.
alles falsch in cyberpunk 2077 games nden
There are now three different scenarios at the start of the game that explain why jackie is the school building and to give you some extra dialogue options before you start, create your character down to the sm


t detail. you can even give yourself a big dick and let's face it you gave yourself a big dick unless you created a female character so you can fuck her on your own but no matter what you do you will be disappointed you will go back to the mighty schwingel can still see a his character in the game, he only sees the shah if he looks in a mirror or in the photo mode of the menu activated or a final scene very briefly in a normal scene, we have to take his car to a garage although he can repair it himself because normal things you can repair yourself there even though no one had the idea of ​​the st to include stereotypes of a small town American sheriff who later also says that we don't like strangers here, but in the rest of the game the police she won't really exist then she'll just be a decoration and otherwise won't work properly like her first job is to sign up to find an old trailer and bring it to envy city with a box even though she he's here with his own car that he parked behind the trailer and we don't really need it at all but space has to start rolling somehow so get your brain off the bach border let's not do the scans and give each other gifts , jackie sounds like she's never been through a border crossing before, even though she must have before. the cargo directory that needs to be reviewed a lot would be new to me that you could just submit the directory for a car or even need such documents for a small car this lack of gun discipline when you surrender your weapon should not be in the document you just got Seeing shooting from a vehicle during a chase is a pretty outdated game mechanic for a game so modern I didn't even want to pay you. front as soon as we crossed the line how i wanted to fuck you let's be best friends cyber punk is by far my favorite sci-fi genre probably the genre was a big thing in the 80s and i lived through the 80s consciously one of my biggest criticisms however in the game is that here it often feels like you have filmed Blade Runner on the set of GTA 5 or vice versa.
alles falsch in cyberpunk 2077 games nden

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alles falsch in cyberpunk 2077 games nden...

Far from too many references to known


works, this game experiences this game rather than inventing something yourself, which makes it feel more like a fan service feel rather than something original, but to be fair you have to admit that this is a fundamental problem of


coincidence when the movie blade runner was released in 1982, william gibson had to rewrite his book at the time so that no one would accuse him of stealing the movie, which is why niro melzer only appeared in 1984 and had a place other than originally planned, should be interested in cyberpunk chance and its history and be able to speak English.
alles falsch in cyberpunk 2077 games nden
American friend and colleague indigo gaming has produced a lengthy, multi-part documentary on cyberpunk and its origins on his channel well worth checking out and the link is in the video description here it's definitely packed with the ben de france they kidnapped keep your eyes and ears open ok someone probably wrote here in the comments oh man they dragged joel's speaker with him but i mean oh man they lured carlos loboda was that the name of the speaker that st and me an expert owner willi tech train more late than you need tutoring in your face polishing as authors literally jackie who dare to borrow it because months later it still seems to be in the desert behind a residential bank or on player mobility during product restrict which is probably also the reason why all the bridges are now closed.
alles falsch in cyberpunk 2077 games nden
I still know this open cheat from gta san andreas and gta 4. The developers did this during a chase shooting from the vehicle so much that they fired again 20 minutes later. Once your heart of gold is installed because only someone with a heart of gold understands how urgently I need to see my girl your shit works I'm done and you slept how exactly does video telephony work in this world none of the protagonists use a smartphone here telephony is via normal implants where none of the interlocutors r a face facing camera has completely ignored the fact that smartphones here exist and are used all the time even though they should be obsolete technology in this world go with seven points as if, but the thing comes from a certain it was easy her name yeah yeah, herself, pop fixer songs from all over town, the fancy gangster messiah from beyond, 305, the golden coals, jackie knows a lot about dexter, though a few seconds ago i couldnt even think about his kaunitz warm holy shit also gamer in video


kicking kids too kids with guns also playing kids too in this game are adult character models weiligmann has shrunk to save time and money also children when this game was offered to caress this woman i did not know that in front of my feet there was a cat often migraine nausea hypersensitivity to light the whole package diagnosis player at first it may feel bad blurry vision small contrast glacier brother you have no idea what reason you have in this today I would like tickets because without it there is no one says hans schipper and that's all with the flights until the end of days but be careful little one it's an incoming season a military robot that can only be used once sounds to me more like an excuse that such a concept would be quite wasteful i keep my distance the ba i'm good with sounds and jackie is talented but can't do everything you know what I mean, he says he wants to do a very dangerous job with a team of three people, he doesn't trust two of them and he doesn't even know l third and he is supposed to be the best in the city because I want us to talk to Reus he also gave me the number of a military agent but he had no plan that could help us how jacky explains all the details about this order even though jackie denies the job tact to dexter and she was also the one who got the job so she explained how it's not six here but players due to exposure is the reason you didn't say anything when i didn't address or is the script event the first the interaction requires the characters to do what they are supposed to do a safe gem of your soul very good day we are dealing with the ara field which makes things very dangerous that is evelyn the way she is the client a prostitute who has a relationship with julie noboa said hardt and Dexter hired a special blue chip from Anna Segher's penthouse, so she ordered a robbery that she could do herself since she has access to said penthouse as we'll see in a moment, instead, he hired the biggest repairman in town to do one of the most dangerous jobs do what you can do while dexter hires some beginners for this job so he must carry out the robbery that is there on the tape i want you have to find it yourself i hope i have recorded enough details by then i record it if there is a technology that can record everything a person sees hears and has experienced every human being extremely paranoid they are especially politicians that is the main thing that got dirty the bd analyzes are a mini game which I find more annoying than interesting in addition to the video they also show audio and even sources of heat you can see and hear everything that happens in each sign, but what about hacking a computer in a recording of this guy to get the surveillance video is total nonsense even for a sci-fi theme plus rubik's cube for dummies talking I'm at risk you know what I see when I look at those talking walking corpses when akasaka finds out the rally was stolen when he plays like he doesn't even follow and instead eat pretend the iris doesn't even happen ko punch the nothing mary gives like a boiled potato 10,000 teddy bears in it are so much money charging maelstrom for the flathead without meredith knowing the price hacking splinters and hotspots it's also a minigame which in itself finds it more annoying than interesting not only because it's not explained in a shitty way or at all, but more because it feels like the devs really had to put the heck into this game without having a good idea of ​​what has disappointed me the most. this game is the inescapable fact that it is a first person game which through the first person perspective feels exactly like any other first person game no matter what now like a cyberpunk setting makes it somehow way unique plus it's just a good shooter in a mix of far cries and skyrim in a futuristic city where you can't even control flying cars ann we're friends with dexter the show awaits us it's that simple the cattle and jackie ya they didn't have to be the name of the 1 the heart of 19 he is the hit that made the afterlife so popular there is surprisingly little that happens here no matter when they come here we had only taken the floor but not the shipping box that accompanied him.
Now all of a sudden it's the meeting room index. How am I supposed to have gotten it off my ass? pocket kept the robot soundproof we're talking here quite complicated shows meeting rooms changed for secret meetings in a world where you can record everything you hear, see and experience you know? a taxi that doesn't even have to be manned by humans has a flyer, but right now buck said so why is that room suddenly booked under a different name with a flat head? Now you have to go through multiple hotel rooms from vent to vent because this hotel room here has two vents you can't even control the floor yourself something that simple even worked for a hot dog but here you can only send the robot from one point to another in this room, not even a cleaning lady passes but it can pass the other cleaning lady to start a diversionary maneuver the bank shuts down the hotel security in a duel with a flat head tibet while us and jackie are about to steal the reddig suddenly sabara savino the father of the bus appears here to overcome the radish talks what a convenient coincidence for the plot moreno killed his father and tells the body that abu he was poisoned despite the laceration to the back of his head the strangulation marks in his warm blood on the wall the lack of toxic substances in the drinks and the conflict known to all between the two tells another story and not only the bodyguard this sw achsinn believes that they also leave the scene of the crime, although they have no reason to do so apart from the favoritism of the action so that how and jackie can leave his hiding place to escape. buck dies off screen here what is it called when someone dies and it's not shown how this survives jackie not so much jackie's death would probably touch me more if i had known him better and if cd projekt red hadn't played this scene in a cgi trailer a year and a half before game release basically jackie is just a plot device around said plot to get it going and this is a way to get rid of a character that has served its purpose the trader has already saved these scenes in the hotel room and everything that happens in here what makes this game different from the trailer is the teamwork here not sitting on the couch and johnny also don't tell them to wake up because we have to burn down a sen city which was probably in the marketing strategy, since the United Nations 1 54 itself is the pirate stations, your face is everywhere, the strange thing is that I can move freely like the rest or from the game and i am not chased by the police or aranka even though he has a relic knockout that happened out of the blue like in the trailerothers can continue like this he survives almost five hours into the game and we finally get to see the title card. one for years, instead, the kerio tape casting is a charismatic son of a bitch who constantly took roles in films that nobody wanted and said that the films became too great a classic precisely because he is also knownfor his own banking movies like cross-linked or the matrix series.
He was probably responsible for this game, the perfect choice, although I'm not too convinced about the appearances of Hollywood actors in video games and I say that, although I actually like it a lot, can you break? That may be here at the end, it's just band marketing. The percentage has already started although Johnny has no times on stage today is after I Want You All the euphoria of the public is higher but it is not visible when the evacuation announcement on all frequencies to start my face on the murphy is Johnny Silver hens equivalent to tobacco also she dies here after her task in yelling holy straw also live footage in video games the mushroom cloud in the background is the result of an atomic bomb the tower johnny marr sak dropped an atomic bomb which again destroyed the tower nor did it affect the city 50 years later it's like that didn't happen in 2000 77 you can even visit a masaka memorial tower and only see the lower floors of the building was destroyed but somehow not the rest of the tabula rasa tower he's 100 years old here his kids are 50 years later but no older than 40 no matter what anti-aging tech you have you shouldn't be able to father kids at that age all of a sudden welcome terminal flashbacks kimura sabers bodyguard believes that the murderer is like that and berlins tourino brings d However, he sends a couple of basements to kill them both, although it would have been easier to wait for it, among other things, and how to later be able to discreetly liquidate them both , especially since he still has the relic after this. scene like under kimura however he no longer hunted hello according to my scan outside the supply area they are easy to pick up i have to go to the ss atrikom balmain actually he was only booked for hotel work and he gets paid from anyway he's still bound because the plot between his cute knots under his head if muscle is to be of extra use the company is also a medic just drop the pressure jena shock storm the back of the head with who would not risk otherwise. i know what i'm doing germain even seems to have driven his cab into victor's practice because now he even does medical aid he writes these hallucinations she judges me brilliantly it's loud on stage she can barely breathe in i know full of preliminary diagnosis twitter syndrome the biochip is like a time bomb and it takes you don't have long to live a few weeks maximum silver hens construct overwrites a consciousness gradually takes over your body eventually you disappear the idea is someone one chip in the head carries a personality construct of another person who takes over the host's body is the author @kordeln the idea that someone dies soon and only has a short time left to find a way to extend their life so outdated Blade Runner thinks the concept of this story would never have been there and, while we're at poor price, he's now being taken back to his apartment where, but ro said that he should actually wait for me to kill him so they can take the rally back.
But he does not. it happens to you because it is so. I have a medicine. If you take it regularly, the caries will increase. a little faster you should also calm down a sub-tenant a bit the pseudo endo Trittin is from the sea which speeds up the process in which so well the old concept of the blue joyful red pill in the pill to this halt and shakes it so that it kills me right away you can listen for a while you will be fine but soon your life can be full of pain whoever offers that option can also give you a weapon and say here scary mass effect how does everyone know how painful it will be if that personality building is done charge of anna saka biochips are advertised here as a product for the program for your soul but this rally is actually a prototype no one but allah can know how your lead balls actually behave now a body or an object so general doesn't stay in its original smooth form you come here at the same time wi Can we even talk?
How do I know what unique tax effect kenny called his actors who were cast in numerous action roles in the movie? They exist in the real world only in how the head said that hitting the pickups by hand should be impossible, but they can be explained by physical influence. it was to tell me where i could find the parka she wanted me to talk to you she promised me her help and to get rid of the chip not to be trusted so it probably disappeared a long time ago thats real and it will never come back say a word to us even if you meet more late, which is a good bargaining chip when you go to bed. thinks she was the one who caused the rating theft now that we have it and can't get rid of it without losing his life in the process everyone involved in the matter either left or not in my position to say anything about it is very useful everything here i have allies to bring orinoco to his knees i just need proof before work became tchudi baby device with him you can not only watch this but also record it but he didn't use it to record sambora murder he said that it is also the reason why there is no evidence of the act although strictly speaking there is more than enough evidence of a murder and just the nuclear power plant how it works which again raises the question why a weblog a taxi and an esoteric aunt You know so much about it that you said racism or anti-capitalism, anti-radicalism, you still melted because of what happened the other night, you didn't want to kill me, because I was born, I thought and I changed my mind, I want you to die, just i lost fucking psycho johnny i know quite a vacha character and no wonder they both understand at some point that personality could even take over without anyone noticing too achslager i have to find evelyn i dont know i want to talk about Sirens, do you know where she is?
I just said, I don't know who my dear will have nothing to do with Evelyn's disappearance then, but I'm very worried about how to look for her because it's that other hole in the dollhouse because the rubber dolls in that hole dolls are not made of latex but pvc and if you are wondering how i know you relax i googled it but now i regret my research for this video because i typed exactly what rubber dolls are made of in the search. Bar which I didn't do everything for these videos I already leave you an easy one if b ordelle using social media algorithms, this could also be the reason why I constantly feel like a cheap note.
I never back down when you have to back down when you have to burn it all down. The glorification of violence and I thought there were six here. set up projectors to investigate about their cyber attack, then they must have gone and taken their equipment because it's still there days or even weeks after the incident that they have no idea why, probably a reference to pia dedicated to the french porn director of which even they make rhythms. hitman we also learn that evelyn was attacked by a net scooter and holz michael then attacked the defenseless evelyn before she sold her out. , especially since they don't do anything in doll mode. record the comments i have to see everyone put the guns back after how the breath has joined one at the receptionist to make sure he can take the guns he has given with him the blade in johnny's elbow how many times has he injured a himself or others with even the blades stuck here in the thigh like the canon ripper drugs don't exist when in front of your practice a couple of hooligans duck and send clients to another reebok my girlfriend is in pretty bad shape we can for once switzerland works fingers evelyn worked in a gang gasoline sale whose videos produce people being tortured, raped and murdered how she finds one of these babies and is therefore able to determine the location of these crimes to find evelyn and then rescue her, which means that this money not only records their crimes, but with the sale of these babies all the evidence of their crimes is also delivered. my johnny definitely likes to smoke a lot although her projection can also smoke just because she only has a bd implant july you can keep some recordings of her and evaluate how she found out that evelyn was negotiating with hugo boss and how she heard a phone conversation in her he can't have understood a word he also behaved quite conspicuously while listening though he could just stand there quite discreetly his behavior even catches the guy here in almost every mission we spent almost half the time trying to chase down other people whats the revolution of your unsigned game mode thats the rally the bluechip you wanted and now you dont even know how to take a bullet to the head since it doesnt work anymore that shit works because no one questions it that you can survive shots to the head head classic chic like a suicide squad killing my atwater just makes it m talking to brigit was postponed the agents of ne tbooks the rude boys are pissed off how but they still talk to brigit i'll give you access the thought has to get that out of your head as soon as possible not only voodoo guys have girls too they are also the metropolitan group that commissioned evelyn to steal the relic you you're also responsible for evelyn's fate because she packed up the job now you've heard you messed up a mission and regardless you should throw it away anyway what's known how it's been there's no reason for him it makes you trust but just a moment , first i want to know what you need, mano de silva for the wild boys, you want to contact alt cunningham, you have to reach johnny's memories, of course, you decide on a very british and traumatic memory. from the year 2013 the night in johnny and who had sex to later discuss and separate the old von aras acker r was kidnapped to recreate the sex sold on the usa stock exchanges for all this real life that you can not experience in füssen already survived this also mantis blades existed 60 years ago and they say then like albert wesker today for poor people who voluntarily wait in the car that must be a matrix mistake because in entertainment formats no one is ever waiting in the car dancing in video games they will join us free everyone with her oh yeah the drive by car chase plot has gotten so inflationary here I can't really see it anymore you record everything a camera doesn't have to be on you eye for that. helmet cam would definitely be more appropriate i like the turk dont bring bad luck to reporters if anyone has a recording of the first one the guy is exactly good ben der 2 recording everything its a chore not sure if it was a good idea just shrug like old then come come when you found out when he contacted me a bit later and what did he say there is nothing he can do and i cant according to his son if you send those messages to a person who it's so important, the person in question will definitely not search for you with those messages, they should also work the same way the internet of this world is divided into old and new network the new network is one of the old ones separated by a black wall to protect the new network of that other network is a passion for renegade digital tetra ks and other pests which also means some people run servers somewhere to keep the old network is alive and dic hos servers somewhere are also serviced and also need to be paid under the eyes of the network due to this fact i consider tenz of the old network to be highly unlikely so it could have been shut down a long time ago yes you have it at lo long the devil is going on here we weren't nice nigga what you got what exactly can you do for me with xoom killer in my porsche i will be a build create then solve a johnnys networkthen i put in gram weighing eltville a gram of how created john in awareness of how far separate to load personality then how does the new sound almost like it calls rohbeck an older version of my graphics card drivers i btw do it more often thanks for nothing nvidia also after that fix we still need takino to help meet hanako and find the guy who designed the space which means we're almost at the end of the main story here but t we have other things to do to allow the game to buy time coming back from takino arenas who meets with hana caraca's bodyguard to try to prove her innocence for us, which is strange since towards the end of the story he meets hanako and she openly admits that everyone on the board in osaka knows the real sabra killer says her own son johann oboist nothing is blocked we see people there later ate and if we have to leave the parade in a hurry there aren't even police barriers and although there are so many good vantage points, the camera said three snipers were positioned there and they will give a speech from the biggest car that won't before we meet. some names we will follow her first also panama should help again steal hellmann's van so how can hellmann introduce the kids but first you have to help some later palm has more side quests as they are essential YesDo you want to join the old Carlos and the appropriate one to be able to unlock endings and be able to have sex with Pan Am in the first person of course I didn't say no and there was the screwdriver the sheep must be bumped you are probably wondering how we can get him to lose it with his protégé that is used elsewhere with him we don't even dent such an armored one but there is another solution h him the clamp that is a satellite power plant satellite power plant you want to use imp it's quite complicated to get hellmann and come down from heaven although you don't even know if it flies that way all the antennas are running along the highway we set off a chain reaction in the huge collector and our aviv is right on our grid the plan is to sabotage a solar collector power plant to generate a mp brought by the hermanns fw to support solar energy is captured here by satellite and sent to the collector in microwaves, but microwaves are waves electromagnetic, an avi or other planes, therefore they would never fly over such systems, the panama cmp plan doesn't work and she proceeds like this to plan b over herrmann and shoot him down with a rocket launcher, why not just buy time?
Now, don't start on that as soon as Hellmann's been captured, hit the avocados here and one will. I inevitably witness the little spa drama but can barely focus on it because corduroy is holding a sniper rifle in her hand even though she has crossed her arms the glow is still so funny and i had to laugh you have to remove the biochip from me system is not that easy have you already built the part or so where is the problem are you telling the truth so you are using a new experimental version of the biochip hermann now tells us that the rallye is not a prototype and only uses it for acker's sake it should work for make sabarah sarah immortal by loading your personality as a gram on the chip and other people's body can live forever why johnny silver hens loaded 1 gram on this biochip is unclear though, especially since macaw is deadly enemy and arras ak the lakes so stuck on mickey so why is johnny saved in the rally because of the plot how many cards sl os hardware i actually know the rake is on one of them, but you can always introduce more later, corporations have already conquered the world and now they are coming at us without shit, what jenny says is sadly the reality even if a lot of people don't. i want to see it or reality is now hugely distorted alpha bank sa is over 40 years old and still managed to foresee the future i have to deduct some points for that i would have to deduct some points i would have made such crooked deals i followed more about the industrial park of products of vacation there get ready we have to break in there find the right options and infect his system with a virus then you can also disable all security just before he reports it.
You mean the security guys who won't. I'll be in the Hanna Autos course later if you just came like a clever miracle A cat is the first animal I see that isn't missing from the catalog. and the birds then the dogs the cats lasted longer sounds like an excuse to me why there are almost no animals in this game the three snipers that have to be turned off that can go up to the parade of han akkus float with the ua are alone and have no spotter next to you, although snipers usually work with athletes in this parade, it seems that there is only this car because I couldn't see any others in this mission through Markus's webcam, we can hear a conversation between her and Juno, why did we put the webcam? in all they can change direction i don't know if kimura really made it to the parade now they were stunned hannah kohn manages to escape successfully even with her stunned body in abandoned letter less than a minute after the day kidnapped in the jurassic hanako he calls like and he says he was hiding in an apartment in another part of town probably because kimura installed a teleport on the sign he wasn't poisoned your brother came up with this lie brown where is the real killer you already know that for a long time on the one hand from the evidence and on the other hand hanako already knows what kind of ruckus the caravaca soldiers have found hanako and now they come to her rescue just by reaching the apartment where hanako is there is blood on the wall now at least it deserves the name hole of shit there is no blood on the wall how did you find it i thought it would be enough to leave the city because de moura said he has a tractor adj together but even if you don't have a bazaar you can find absolutely anyone if you need to and anna also said how airberlin found taci mura hellmann and everyone else so you don't have to for now look at you absolutely no one believes the story with the poisoning right you said we finally got to the end of the main story there are t several different endings depending on what you've played so far and how you've decided.
I'll be talking about normal endings here, which makes sense because I played normally. I'll deduct a total of seven points here, to be fair, because there are seven. endings that include different occurrences and because they always send you back to a safe point before you meet hanako so you can try all the endings without having to play the whole game again unless you want the secret ending and hate something bad then you could have to really start from scratch but that he is not my problem now you are one of us as if you belong to everyday age joy is limited but that is quite normal it is everywhere so when i am there and with normality to get to arosa kater we must fight an army on a construction site and drill underground with an ang train i understand why a construction site is protected by an army because there is no horde mode on this construction site either because this army gets reinforcements incredibly fast at a construction site in the desert a huge drill that was built for underground drilling goes through the pe broken underground rforation now its a way to get rid of a character that served a purpose also a smash the final boss is the guy who just came into the game i am not surprised until the end i dont think the immune system cares who controls the body but let's do it slow enough here the drawn out epilogue in which as with panama leaves town it's not the only one of the final seven that feels unsatisfying at least there won't be a sequel now we can wait at least six years under 4 get bullet in the head since then no longer works

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