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All The Best Moments From Season 18 - The Graham Norton Show

Feb 27, 2020
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it's been here are my highlights don't forget to subscribe to keep getting clips and thanks for watching well you were shot where but in front of my grandma's house but we're at a party because i get you to the doctor's office ok but most of them on the legs they hit my hand and they hit me in the face so the snippet part is on my tongue so it changed a little bit would you talk a little like and you're rapping like? well, yes, what do you still have on your tongue? You can see?
all the best moments from season 18   the graham norton show
Yes, it's great for oral sex. Let me make a note that you tampered with the songs. I mean the artists sing and their great hymns. you just do it you do it down actually Adele gave me the


advice she said yes every time you can't hit the high note just like you're like lalala brooklyn put this picture on instagram and he put it rockin the old school ralph lauren look he got three hundred and seventeen thousand likes ok so you know great in his ralph lauren scroll through the comments you know oh yeah any blood one of the blurry blurry blurry go down to this mr . david beckham that's my sweater he's on this


honestly we could feel it this is him it's a little video he posted on instagram to boost his following here we go so today is my birthday Mom, okay, I just hit a million. followers I'm 52 I have trouble remembering lyrics in general I remember jams I remember the melodies but do you remember the one you would do that says it's just you singing and playing the piano yes Hannah yes Joe please no?
all the best moments from season 18   the graham norton show

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all the best moments from season 18 the graham norton show...

Make your kids really jealous. What is that? If you were just posing with a lightsaber in a thin cape that would actually make them do it very smoothly. You have David Beckham. You have your partner. I just wanted to meet you. Then Benedict became famous. one of the first things that happened was that his fat was so random that his vain decided he looked a lot like an otter. a good tre e shot if you lean lean yes exactly ok lean to me oh you're in the middle sort of whats the face any other ok there was no time you got a new voldemort look it was working when you were in the set.
all the best moments from season 18   the graham norton show
I knew they met them, yes, I went through the script supervisor. He has a little boy. He was on the set. I mean, his son can be his son. I think he is five years old. Anyway. I went through this kid. to tears, but there's something I don't know, something about it makes me want not to leave them there, they go to Kyoto, but they put the pig under the table, explain that to them, well, this idea of ​​that could put as a fork under the table to see if someone notices all these little things but they don't drop the four of them, they don't know that, put it under this and you don't notice I'll see if you'll see if they'll notice, oh, it's missing a fork, where is it?
all the best moments from season 18   the graham norton show
Wow, don't try that at Nando's. I'm asking now what we've all done and that Nando's brother you don't help America would you love it though you would like it with him yes he's like chicken I'm not a chicken chicken place you've done several weddings I love that again on her poster Sienna Miller is i eat chicken so you're the famous quiz episode when the girls lose the apartment yeah i remember ok yeah so what the guys wanted you to see if you could remember the answers to chandler's questions on the quiz if you can't Gemma artisans right on it Do you remember this episode?
No, Miriam, there's no hope, so just don't yell until the magic doesn't get it, but feel free to yell if you couldn't get it, no pressure, okay, here we go, here we go according to Chandler. what a freak scares the hell out of them oh that's michael flatley lord of the dance you're right yes welcome ok countless elevator rides. go then the mother tries to explain oh her voice is recorded and the actor who is the voice this is the actor the kids just don't get it i said where is the vest where is the cowboy hat you are not very tall and then i say hmm ok Close your eyes at


Close your eyes so they can go and then we need to get back to Andy's room right away guys and what's the name of Chandler's dad's male burlesque.
Actually, that's Viva Las Vegas, but was it Jaguar and you? right a horse you're a natural rider and i think i'm more naturally a horse than a horse what hello ok every week the tv guide comes to chandler and joey's apartment what name is on the address label mrs. Chandler bong you know kelly was looking for love yeah and then we noticed justin bieber sitting two rows behind us and we thought you know what valentines day is coming up we are both single let's make a play for him as the first. We thought it would be funny, but then it worked and we sent Justin a note through our bodyguard. hot sexy asses come out later oh nothing weird yeah you can see on display one it's marked seven times yeah we hung out all night oh yeah cause I think most girls know Justin and they're like oh and kind of lame but like i mean he was just like hey what about the game? collapse um ok i was reading it was like birth control mix up so i was like hormonal i fell flat on my face i forgot to thank the director so he was like what does all this mean nothing?
I just came home crying and then my friend ordered the wrong pizza. It was in a thin batter. thick crust was like you created the breeze right so how do you do it? what is a six part process? uh-huh which really starts first with the thought of initiation and second is starting to feel it in your lower body and then allowing it to come up and then really pushing through the diaphragm up through the throat and then out the nose mm-hmm without thinking at all, just clear your mind that's probably the most important thing and he said a powder is in the jaw is a combination of is really a is this is more is more isn't even the result like what you're doing with your face is what you're thinking, okay, which is like Okay, take it now, I'm getting your kids who aspire to. be an artist like you oh yeah im in trouble my kids are like me take the cut scary associate not my son my son is a little slower my daughter is ok its my son i dont catch nothing, i catch my son doing some of the stupid things why are you staring at that wall? i'm just playing no you're not playing licking the wall daisy you gotta use your beautiful english voice i do it all i do john not so much no i have an american accent do it he's so good oh he's in the credit your accent is so good oh thanks i mean i tried british but it didn't work i'm a storm trooper will i ever say yes i'll say yes yes i'm jake you're like huh john i don't think that's right let's go with America, but if you couldn't have made America, I would have been drilled, you did the voiceovers for some of the trailers. you did it yes i did it yes whats a good night yes exactly yes i love those things too.
It's that voice that in the world/fear a man should stand alone Will Smith Ryan Reynolds Catherine zeta-jones Tobey Joe Graham Norton's pants ranked Redick Cumberbatch wherever you go you have very ardent fans or Grim said yes oh, friend, by way of gin. and tonic I said yes and someone saw Benedict on location in Boston and we have a picture of you on set that day and she saw Benedict and immediately ran home and went on Reddit and she says um I saw a lot of Boston because that's his name in boston he's a adaptable say yeah i saw the boss this morning bury me in a y coffin because i'm dead so that's ok he was wearing a blue hat a dark blue polish on the gray pants and white shoes he's taller than what i thought i suspected he's about 511 he wants to be six foot tall an object and he's muscular like her really much more muscular than i expected those arms daddy's ass and the veins in his arms were full bursting effect there's not an ounce of fat in th In the man, it's all muscle, sinuan, healthy goodness and the hat looks better in real life too, but the last stage with the Hat forgot the last paragraph like it's you.
I don't think I could smell it. I really tried and it was so close. which if i had been wearing cologne i think i would have been able to notice the lighter cumber musk in the box. I was growing my mustache for anchor 2 and coaching on the sidelines and the opposing coach was like you look familiar and I say yeah. are you that actor? I'm like, I think, so he said the mustache was real. Colin sometimes i feel really good you felt a little dizzy you fight against your beauty and often use your hair as a means to fight yourself movie i am definitely three of those intentional like Horrible Bosses is intentional and that was not one of the three of the what was i talking about dude what a movie i love home at the end of the world oh thank you its such a good movie and you are so good at it however thats having hampered as i mean its a testament to that they should mess up I was at the time that I actually stood in front of a camera without a maker I think I went to dinner with her to do that thing where some people make a list of people famous people they had allowed to have sex with if they met them the free pass free pass yeah she asked for an allowance and i was like wow that pocket money yeah how you good at spending me So I met her and her friend and then she came over and said after a sprint so you're my allowance and I was like I beg your pardon index rent you know he's cool with that and you're my thing and I was like by the way that's another story and and I was really kind of surprised, right? and i was married and thank you very much for the really nice union and she said this it was like it was a compliment and she was trying to make me do things but it was still very backhanded and she went to kiss me you know a lot of girls would be after someone like Channing Tatum Jane Eyre you had a horse oh yes you had a very bad behavior with Jane Eyre yes Prince and it was the horse yes then what would happen well he would get quite excited when I was on his back oh yes well if you understand me about you, what not?
I guess you don't sugarcoat things. You are blown away when you meet Michael. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I remember. When he was young, I and I met Laurence Olivier. stage door and he walked out and I remember so clearly I started putting cream on my panties where we thought that story was going. Honestly, I don't think I've been more uncomfortable. I think that is the worst moment of my life. thats a lovely story mirror t thanks for sharing i think its in the compilation thats cool i mean i like a goofy scott he just turns to me and says jonah jonah bobo no banana fanna fona me

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