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ALL Terminators & Hybrids Explained

May 11, 2020
Hey guys, Kroft is here, today I'm going to explain all the Terminator models we've seen so far in the Terminator movies. I will also include


and some of the lesser known models that appear in the Terminator comics and TV series, so this video will have a complete list of all Terminators. These


are scattered across different timelines, however I'll explain them in order. Before Skynet created the shape-shifting T1000 model or carbon particle-based T3000 terminator, it went through an evolution process updating previous


and optimizing them to be as deadly as possible. T-1 was the first terminator created by Cyberdyne Systems to appear in Terminator Rise of the machines.
all terminators hybrids explained
He is equipped with two machine guns but still does not have a human appearance because he was built to be a battlefield robot. Shortly after creating T1, an advanced AI Skynet became self-aware and identified humans as a threat to itself. Since he controlled all the military systems at that time, he started a nuclear war to destroy the humans. After the nuclear attack referred to as Doomsday, Skynet needed to wipe out the remaining parts of the population, and in order to do so, began developing new models of terminators optimized to kill the human survivors called the Resistance.
all terminators hybrids explained

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all terminators hybrids explained...

The next three models were the T-7T Tetrapod, T-20, and T-1000000, which were designed to be service robots to protect different Skynet facilities and the Skynet core. Before creating the famous Terminator T-800, Skynet had some stepping stones worth mentioning. Skynet created the T-70, T-400, and T-500 terminators that appear in novels and video games. With these models, Skynet attempted to mimic the shape and size of human anatomy, but they were easily recognizable by their strength and closely resembled robots. For that reason, Skynet began developing Infiltrator-type terminators that were specifically designed to be as similar to humans as possible, along with improved CPUs and other specifications.
all terminators hybrids explained
T-600 was the first infiltrator-type terminator with a human-like titanium endoskeleton and rubber skin. This model had some design and CPU improvements, making it stronger and lighter than previous models. It appears in the Sarah Conor and Terminator Salvation TV series, but in the movie the skin was completely ripped off. T-700 was a springboard for T-800. It is only mentioned in the Randal Frakes novel Terminator. The T-800's next advance, the Terminator, was the first cybernetic organism, with living tissue instead of rubber skin covered over a hyperalloy-reinforced endoskeleton. It had many upgrades compared to previous models, including the Neural Net CPU processor which gave this model the ability to learn, which is actually


in the Terminator Judgment Day deleted scene, after which T -800 was able to learn some social skills.
all terminators hybrids explained
Additionally, the T-800 was much more durable than the T-700 and had the ability to withstand many small and medium firearms, however it was vulnerable to plasma, acid and high electrical current blasts. The reprogrammed T-800 appears in Terminator Judgment Day and genesis. We also get to see one of the first T800 models produced in Terminator Salvation. There is also a theory that the 1987 Predator Dutchman was the model for the T-800, and you can watch my video explaining this theory. There are a few variants of the T-800 terminator that have some distinguishable improvements. T-850 appeared in Terminator 3 and had increased armor and a tougher endoskeleton which made it resistant to plasma blasts and other major attacks.
It also had two hydrogen fuel cells as its power source instead of the single nuclear cell that the T-800 had. Another important improvement was the addition of psychological and social modules that allowed him to be more effective in communicating and dealing with humans. The next variant was the T-888 or T triple eight which appeared mainly in the Sarah Conor Chronicles television series. Compared to its predecessors, the T-triple eight had an even tougher endoskeleton, a new plate design on the arms, legs, and back. Despite the added armor, it was much lighter than the T-850, giving this model incredible speed and agility.
There were 9 more variants of the T-800 that appear in video games and card games, but they were pretty similar to the original model, so let's move on to the next terminator. The T-900 from the Sarah Conor Chronicles is an advanced infiltrator who is programmed to perceive himself as human. This model has the same endoskeleton as the T 888 but is capable of displaying emotions and other human features. The next model Skynet produced was the T-1000 made of liquid metal called a mimetic polyalloy. This terminator could imitate any texture it touches, it can also change its shape, impersonate people, and generate all kinds of blades from its limbs.
T-1000 has a molecular CPU that gives this model advanced reasoning abilities and self-awareness. One of the main properties of the T-1000 is self-healing which allowed it to withstand firearms and explosions and then return to its original state without any permanent damage. Molecules of liquid metal are programmed to bind to the main mass of the body and can do so within a radius of about 15 km. However, T-1000 is vulnerable to attacks that affect it on a molecular level, such as extreme cold or heat, acid, and plasma blasts. After freezing and breaking into pieces, T-1000 suffered permanent damage that resulted in unintentional failures and random shape changes to objects and surfaces it came in contact with.
In Terminator Genysis, Sarah Conor melted down T-1000 with hydrochloric acid and in the comics T-X destroyed T-1000 with a plasma blast. Before I continue, I wanted to briefly mention some of the garments I designed. I like the aesthetic look of late 80's and 90's sci-fi movies, so I created some t-shirts and hoodies in this retro or synthwave style. If you like this type of clothing, definitely check out the link in the description or just click some of the t-shirts below the video. T-X was another terminator created by Skynet, it is a highly advanced model that is sometimes referred to as the Terminatrix.
Noting the success of the T 1000 model, Skynet decided to combine liquid metal technology with a hyperalloy endoskeleton resulting in an extremely durable and lethal terminator. Liquid metal allows this model to change its appearance and imitate humans. T-X has ceramic armor with carbon and titanium nanofibers, allowing it to withstand all kinds of attacks with less effect. This model also has incredible joint flexibility and range of motion that allows it to move its limbs in all sorts of different ways that would be unnatural for a human body. T-X has a variety of weapons built into its endoskeleton that sets it apart from previous models.
The main weapon is the Palsma Cannon which is capable of destroying many previous Terminator models with a single shot. T-X has about 20 more weapons that she can form and in Terminator Rise of the machines, we saw her test which weapons still work after the chase scene. This model also serves to transfer nano robots to any electronic system to reprogram and control it in Terminator Genisis. Skynet realized that the best way to create an infiltrator that would be indistinguishable from humans is to transform a human into a terminator while preserving the host's human characteristics and memories. That's why Skynet created the T-3000, a highly advanced terminator made by exposing a human to infectious particles called mechanical phase matter.
These nanoparticles rewrite the host's generic code and transform biocells into nanomachines, permanently reconstructing a human into a terminator. All of the test subjects died when Skynet was developing this technology, making John Conor the only successful model. Machine phase particles allow the T-3000 to regenerate, impersonate other people, and develop stabbing weapons similar to the T-1000's. Overcurrent and high magnetic fields are the T 3000's biggest weakness, however they can only temporarily disable it but not destroy it. Only a large magnitude explosion from the Time Displacement Team was able to completely destroy the T3000 on a molecular level beyond reconstruction.
T-5000 In the Terminator Genisys timeline before the final battle, Skynet created the T-5000 terminator and transferred its consciousness into that model after the resistance was able to shut down the core of the network. So in a way, the T-5000 was Skynet and has the ability to infect humans with machine phase particles, which is how John Conner transformed into T 3000. Due to the fact that T-5000 appears only in Terminator Genisys, we have very limited information on him. REV 9 This is the last terminator to appear in Dark Fate, which is a direct sequel to Judgment Day. Rev 9 combines some features of previous terminators.
Like the T-X, this model has a solid endoskeleton covered in a mimetic polyalloy, however the outer metal is capable of being completely separated from the skeleton, so in a way this terminator can be separated in two. Like T-1000 Rev-9, he is capable of generating bladed weapons and is extremely similar to a human in terms of his behavior. In addition to the models I've just covered, there are some interesting human


and other terminators worth mentioning. Grace Grace is a modified human with cybernetic enhancements including a layer of armor under her skin, increased strength, and an intelligent interface built into the eye.
Marcus Wright was a convicted criminal who donated his body for genetic research and later became a hybrid human. After the execution, his body belonged to Cyberdyne systems and Skynet replaced everything expected of his brain and heart with endoskeleton parts. Marcus has superhuman strength and was able to dismantle the T-800 in hand-to-hand combat. In the end, Genisys T-800 was upgraded and he was able to transport the liquid metal in his endoskeleton. however, we don't know much about this model other than the fact that it can spawn bladed weapons like the T-1000. An interesting terminator from the comics is T - Infinity, who has time displacement equipment built into his endoskeleton.
Skynet made this model to ensure that time travel paradoxes do not occur when creating multiple timelines. Another terminator that not many people like is the Moto Terminator that appears in Terminator Salvation. This terminator has incredible speed and agility with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Here you go guys, that was a complete list of all the terminators and hybrids we know of so far. Dark Fate isn't out yet, so we'll probably get more information about Rev 9 and its origins. Thanks so much for watching, please let me know if you'd like to see a full detailed video on some of these Terminator models and please comment your thoughts on Terminator Dark Fate.
You can also check out my other videos on the complete timeline of the Alien and Predator movies or the engineers explaining the origins of the Prometheus draft script. If you like retro or synthwave clothing, you can check out the hoodies and t-shirt I designed below. I would really appreciate it. Again thanks for watching the video if you enjoyed it and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more content my name is Kroft and see you in the next video.

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