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ALL POKEMON in Pokemon SCARLET and Pokemon VIOLET So Far! NO National Dex in Generation 9!

Mar 11, 2022
Did you know that Hisuian Zoroark is said to be in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet? Let's take a look at all the Pokémon that are confirmed for the new Generation 9 of the Pokémon games and who we might see in the upcoming titles. Let's dive. I! What's going on, YouTube? It's your boy Dan, aka "aDrive." Today he brought you a new video. Today, we're going to talk about Gen 9 stuff, because who doesn't want to talk about Gen 9 right now. I am so excited and so in love with these entrees. And the idea of ​​the Spanish region, I'm over the moon about it.
all pokemon in pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet so far no national dex in generation 9
But I thought it would be fun to break down the different Pokemon we've seen through various gameplay footage and trailers we got, as well as official press releases and much, much more to give you some of an idea of ​​what the Pokedex actually looks like in this one. moment and what it will look like when all is said and done, because if you haven't heard the news, there was no National Dex in this Pokemon game. It has been officially confirmed. Serebii has reported that it is listed that he can only make specific Pokemon available on Scarlet and Violet in HOME, indicating that not all Pokemon will be coded.
all pokemon in pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet so far no national dex in generation 9

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all pokemon in pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet so far no national dex in generation 9...

But there will be compatibility with Pokémon HOME. So let's dive in, hit the like button if you enjoy this one and subscribe to the channel if you're new. We are approaching one million subscribers and you want to be before one million of course. So make sure you sign up for the aDrive army. Let's have some fun. Let's talk about all these new Pokémon. And before you do that, you guys should check out, our amazing merchandise. You can pick up some of the greatest skins of all time at See them on screen and use code "Arceus" for 15% off.
all pokemon in pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet so far no national dex in generation 9
Without further ado, like I said, we have a lot to cover, so let's get started right away. Good. So I think it's important to lay the groundwork as we know there won't be a National Pokédex, how many Pokémon we are in some of the earlier games. And when we look at Pokémon Legends Arceus, it's a very small Pokedex, 242. I don't know if that's the perfect baseline though because it's not a traditional game, right? They put out a lot of moves. Obviously they renewed the animations. It seems very clear at this point that it was almost like beta testing essentially what Gen 9 is.
all pokemon in pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet so far no national dex in generation 9
And if you look at the layers of what they've done in the last couple of years, it seems like they've taken steps and steps and steps to create what which is ultimately Gen 9, which is confirmed as a full opening. world experience, not a segmented open world like Arceus is, where you travel to different places. This is a full-fledged open world game. We are finally getting it. And again, it seems like it's been kind of step by step, Wilderness to this and Crown Tundra, and then, you know, and so on. So I don't think the Arceus Pokedex is a good indicator.
We looked at Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which was 493, but that's reminiscent of previous


s in Gen 4 when they didn't have, you know, no National Dex, as it was all a National Dex game. So I think the real kind of benchmark here is basically Pokemon Sword and Shield, which had a Dex of 400 Pokemon, and then finally added two DLCs, Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra, which added about 100 and changed Pokemon every one. , 107 and 123, respectively. Ultimately bringing the total to over 630 Pokemon, which is actually pretty solid. I mean, when we think about the fact that there's a high chance that we'll hit a thousand Pokémon, it's unrealistic to expect there to be a thousand Pokémon in the game.
So looking at this, I think a number around 400-500 is a pretty solid number to aim for when looking at Gen 9. Probably somewhere between 60-100 new Pokemon, maybe some new forms and stuff from that nature, which we will talk about later in this video. So I would say it's a rough estimate of what we expect in terms of how many Pokemon we'll see in the game. Now, in terms of the Pokémon that are confirmed right now, let's talk about them. We saw Starly very early in the trailer, which obviously leads to Staravia and Staraptor. We saw Hoppip floating down those windmills, which looks super neat, so we can show off the evolution of him, Skiploom, and Jumpluff.
Petilil was also located, so we can assume that Lilligant. However, will there be some kind of reference to Hisuian Lilligant? Or will it be Hisuian Lilligant? We've seen Hisuian forms in the game, which I'll get to. Steenee, Bounsweet and Tsareena, obviously that line of evolution was shown. Like Psyduck and Golduck located in the swamps. Drifloon and Drifblim were also shown, as well as Combee. And then we would meet Vespiquen. An interesting Pokemon to watch is Meowth, which was shown in the trailer as Kantonian Meowth. We'll see the other forms of Meowth, right? We know there is an Alolan Meowth.
And we know that there is the new Galarian Meowth and his evolved form, Perrserker. So we know we're going to get Persian, but what other forms of Meowth will we see? And will we see them native and roaming the lands of Generation 9 based in Spain? Or will they be obtained through some sort of trade, just like how Alolan Vulpix was obtained in Legends Arceus? And in other games we have seen them trade you as random Alolan Exeggutor even though they are not native to the region. They could have an impact on the Dex. I love seeing Stonjourney located in the game.
And then a representation of Generation 6 for Clauncher and Clawitzer. And we'll talk a bit more about Gen 6 here as well. Wingull, Pelipper and then some more birds, Swablu and Altaria. Obviously, Pikachu will be coming into the game. So you have Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. Plus Chansey, Happyiny, and Blissey, that line. I love watching Seviper. And while it's not confirmed, if you do see Seviper, there's a good chance we'll see Zangoose as well. I think it is worth mentioning. Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar and of course the Magnemite line which looks so sleek and clean with that new texture, Magneton and Magnezone.
Some screenshots showed us Riolu and Lucario, as well as Zorua and the presumable Hisuian Zoroark in a truly epic screenshot showing the battles without any interruptions. And the fact that Hisuian Zoroark is going to be in the game leads us to potentially believe that there could be other Hisuian forms, as I mentioned earlier with Lilligant. That's really cool to take care of, Hisuian Zoroark and something like that. Then we have Flabébé, Floette, and Florges, as well as the new starter Pokémon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. We can assume that those will also evolve and be 3-stage lines.
I mentioned the Zangoose and I mentioned the Perrserker. And then there are a few other Pokemon that I think are worth mentioning. We know that these Pokemon will obviously get evolutions. And there will be legendaries for the game. So we'll have a Scarlet Legendary and a Violet Legendary, which could be fruit-based, if you didn't see my full breakdown. There are many thoughts that there could be some kind of relationship between blood orange and grapes, and how they are linked. And I wouldn't be surprised if there's any influence there for the Legendary Pokemon when all is said and done. .
And generally these kinds of


s will have another legendary, a third legendary, because that's what the Pokemon formula looks like. Then there's a handful of Pokemon that are actually decorated throughout the region that we didn't necessarily see like in the sprites or in-game, but we did see them in other things. And that was Chewtle, who was located in a book. If we have Chewtle, we probably have Drednaw. Corsula was located in a painting, which could mean that we also have Corsula, which is a Galar Pokémon. We also saw the Dratini statue, Dratini's water source, which leads us to believe that we will probably get Dragonair and Dragonite.
However, I think it's worth mentioning that even though we see Chewtle in a book and some sort of Dratini dragon font, that doesn't 100% mean that the Pokemon are in the game. I find it funny that in Legends Arceus, in the Hisui region, they have these structures based on Weezing, Galarian Weezing, but Galarian Weezing is nowhere to be found in the game. So who knows what that ends up being? But ultimately, cheers to this reddit thread here that says about 49 confirmed months, another 18 or so that we can speculate on based on that. So we're at around 67, which is a very small slice of what this complete Pokedex might look like.
About 1/5 or 1/6 of what the Pokedex might eventually look like. Now, when we consider the Pokémon that can be placed in this region, I think it's very important to take note of where this game takes place. And we talked at length about the fact that it's very clear that this region is based on Spain and Portugal. And that country happens in the real world that borders France, which is what Kalos was based on. So there could be a lot of Kalos influence represented here in this new region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. And that could see a lot of Pokémon from the Kalos region essentially migrate to this new location.
And we can even see new shapes. We have seen forms for Generation 5. We have obviously seen a great influence on Hisui. Avalugg has a new form in Hisui. So this could be an opportunity for us to get essentially


and purple forms of Generation 6 and other Pokemon as they changed. It seems that Pokémon is not doing away with the concept of form at this point. So I wouldn't be surprised to see more forms added there. I think it's also worth mentioning and maybe I'll take a chance here, but I'm a huge Mega Evolution fan. And it happens again, Spain and France border.
France or Kalos is where Mega Evolution originated in the Pokémon franchise. I'd love to see a tie-in to Mega Evolution and see some new Mega Pokemon introduced and bring that mechanic back, maybe reinvigorate it for the new games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I just think it's worth mentioning. Whether it happens or not, I don't know. But I'd really love to see Mega Evolution return when, you know, we dive into Generation 9. And of course, if you haven't looked at the Japanese logos or watched that other video I mentioned earlier where he did an in-depth breakdown, there's an icon like a star shield which is certainly important in terms of a new mechanic in the game.
Maybe it's related to Mega Evolution in some way. Maybe it's more like Z-Moves. I dont know. But again, fingers crossed for Mega Evolution. Pretty please. So that's your breakdown of all the Pokemon that will be in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet to look forward to, and what I think we might see in terms of other Pokemon as well, right? Because I really feel like we're probably going to see a lot of Kalos influence. And Charmander will almost certainly be in the game, right? Because we need Charizard, for sure. I hope you have enjoyed this one. Let me know which Pokemon you'd like to see more of in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet in the comments section below.
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