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all-new Bentley Continental GT vs Continental GTC FULL REVIEW Coupé vs Cabriolet V8 comparison 2020

May 30, 2021
Porsche Panamera ride and the Panamera offers a bit more but that's just brand positioning, I really like the suspension setup they found here, it's still surprisingly comfortable even though we have two 22 inch wheels fitted but like I said . makes it different, so the question is that it's a trade-off between comfort and style and you see here, you know, about 100 meters, now again, super signed here also in the convertible, so at normal speeds if you don't like it. really running is absolutely fine even at higher speeds, it's also fine in the nearby convertible, first question do you know if you are a convertible or copy, well I'm a convertible guy that's why we're finishing everything now by driving with the top down.
all new bentley continental gt vs continental gtc full review coup vs cabriolet v8 comparison 2020
You can also open and close it while driving, of course, but the danger is everything. I mean, the winner blows like this, but this amount and then the danger is always that the camera will get sucked in here, you know, through the window, so it's safer to stay still. mount the camera, open the roof and then put the mouse back on and here we go, the best thing you can do with this vehicle is driving it with the top open. I have the wind deflector mounted and that's actually the most important thing to keep you from knowing it too.
all new bentley continental gt vs continental gtc full review coup vs cabriolet v8 comparison 2020

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all new bentley continental gt vs continental gtc full review coup vs cabriolet v8 comparison 2020...

There is a lot of wind here in this Rico, it is a classic, but it is definitely also the most effective and the question is always with the launch of the cabin: are they all seasoned convertibles or are they just for our hot summer etc., and I have to say that considering that we are driving at the moment at 50 kilometers per hour, that is, approximately 30 miles, there is a surprising amount of wind noise in the left rear area when compared to, for example, mid-size convertibles like an Audi a5 . A BMW 4 Series or a C-Class or even a Mercedes E-Class convertible for example, again we are talking about a high level here, so everything I say should be evaluated based on the price and not as in the In general, already you know the low car segment, so we can also be a little picky with ER if we spend that much money of course, but overall it's still a very fun driving feeling and that's good, you know what it's about.
all new bentley continental gt vs continental gtc full review coup vs cabriolet v8 comparison 2020
It's really cool to enjoy the air suspension now. some road damage here and I feel like the 22 inch wheels because of that reduce the camp a bit but it's still okay because the suspension is leveling it out but actually no wind noise I would have expected it to be a bit quieter here because of the wind. I feel like it's actually still okay now that it's about a good cruising speed of 60 to 70 kilometers now or something like that. It is always very pleasant to drive here. It feels like European roads. The car is very wide. sometimes there is a problem, then you feel more comfortable in the small convertible, this will not be a problem of course on our roads.
all new bentley continental gt vs continental gtc full review coup vs cabriolet v8 comparison 2020
Well, we chose a good place to stop the scenic road that you can use so that you can enjoy driving this one here together with us. Me with the top open it's definitely a great time to refuel too, well what we can also do is go to sport mode, which we can hear a little bit more of, that helps of course, just when I really hit bad and that you can also enjoy. The scenery over the first one of course is really good in this convertible and look here too the movement of my hair right now it's actually pretty still yeah it's just sinking here yeah and then they can accelerate and listen to a little more of that. v8 I told you before with the curb part that the engine sound is not that noticeable, so driving the convertible makes it more noticeable, especially if you are in sport mode, but it is also not set to the tone that you can also drive a little . more to the side, right, so it's not set to a tone that you want to pose with the sound or anything like that.
After all, this is a gentlemen's car, you know, and gentlemen don't like to fuss about paying too much attention to them, yeah, but maybe a little, you know, so the lady should know, but They shouldn't go bankrupt. I think the balance is not like that, yeah, yeah, definitely, it's just a fun ride and yeah, exactly something that we're doing here right now, just cruising. sometimes a little acceleration but not accelerating, that's exactly what this guy should be as a convertible, yes, very nice, you know, sometimes you hear a little music, it has a great sound system, but the music of back is sometimes enough to enjoy it and I don't miss any other features of the copy, as I said before, this is not really a difference in the weight difference, there is no graffia power difference, you don't really feel that the handling is exactly the same, the rigidity of the chassis.
Of course it's a little different, convertibles get a little stronger in the bottom area, that's also one of the reasons they have you Matt again, it's not what you would feel right away even if you jump straight out of the convertible copito over and over again, this great steering feel will really steer the input and be natural, so you'll really benefit from this new steering feel that they have here. I think it's definitely very, very well made, so the last thing we'll do for today is hit the highway with the convertible and see how it performs there when we drive. roof open at higher speeds, so here we head onto the highway with the roof open and see how that was, also about the hole, noise, wind etc., sticking out at the moment, so now we are about 100 kilometers or 60. miles now so it would be like the speed of a convertible highway also in the long run and there is actually a lot of noise again in this area then everything to the left and considering it is such an expensive luxury convertible I think that there is a lot of air when coming here. and also the wind noises and more than we know is actually this on the arm really disappoints that we have so much wind noise here again.
It's a convertible, you hear something and you feel something. Yeah, that's weirdly cool, but again, if you rate it against competitors. they're like 1/4 1/5 a sixth of a price or something like that, so again, the cars that I would rate it against are, you know, this segment of midsize or upper midsize vehicles and then the premium manufacturers and They are actually quieter and better. As for wind noise, the wind characteristics tended towards this, so I can conclude that I still love driving it open top, but more of a summer convertible, more of a California thing, definitely, then a summer convertible.
UK and Germany, so that's all- The UK and Germany season convertibles would rather be like a Mercedes E Class or they say you see a 5 in the 4 series as convertibles and not necessarily this one, so in addition , I'm home in California, yes, I'd like to visit again. I love it over there, but you had the moment, it sounds possible, but I think so, at some point, especially in this color, you know, but maybe the next time I was in town it was blue, what do you think again, but our drivers that day are going? convertible cobbles and now to conclude the day with the Pentti Continental GT, here is a copy, but also, as we have seen, as a convertible in the v8 version, first of all, v8 versus w12, yes, it is a little bit lighter, you do not know. much less powerful, although I think also, considering the price you have to pay much more for the w12, I think the v8 is absolutely good in performance and also in how it balances the whole vehicle, the main difference here in the new generation compared to al The Prius S is sporty, ah, it is more agile and has better steering input, the suspension has been improved, it is more comfortable and sporty at the same time, excellent air suspension setup, you still feel that it is not a suspension.
I think that's very important, so they kept this. Bentley origin, so to speak, it doesn't really feel like a Panamera or anything like that, however you do feel some similarities of course with other people who are glasses of glue and of course the Porsche engine, the platform etc. ., but still maintained its own Bentley character. This feeling is more boat-like but more agile than before and I think that is the main difference, so in fact this change from the previous generation to this year is very big, however they kept the exterior very elegant and timeless, also one of the keys. features of this vehicle perfection inside the build quality is really super high yes, they are working on a more sustainable material choice which will be Bentley's most important project for the future or is it already underway right now, I told you before I had a concept car with it so I really looked forward to that and drove safely, like I said, big improvement so it was a lot of fun and I think for me the seats are a little bit more voluminous.
I've said it before, yes, they could be a bit sporty, yes, so you don't feel like you're being pushed out of the seats, so to speak, figuratively speaking, but overall it's still a very impressive vehicle, so what do you think? What would you really choose for this one? Um, I mean, hardly anyone can have to pay huge amounts of money for a family of koalas, in euros or dollars, yes, you should always calculate with that, of course, a little less expensive in v8, you know, because a little less expensive here with the co-pay but for me hmm yeah I mean I would always take the convertible if there is a cabin where it's a


e and the convertible version is everything with a convertible for me as a taxi driver leaf fan so, What would be your opinion?
Join us. the comments and also until next time thank you very much for tuning in and thanks especially to the long-time subscribers stay tuned until next time

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