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All 50+ times Mark Hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi/force awakens and Disney

Jun 10, 2021
what arc is left for through what Luke Skywalker has been free selfies well, thanks for helping because you usually come up with something because remember they didn't want me to be on these talk shows when episode 7 came out, right? I have a telephone. call you're not on the sign okay it's just another in a series of humiliations so I don't want to be on your sign you don't want me on the sign I don't want to be on your sign in seven, you found out that Luke is obviously a hermit on this island , that there are so many things that go unsaid about where you've been and what you've done and actors like to write their own stories, you know you want to find out what you've done and where you've been and I realized that that wasn't really important to the story of The Force Awakens.
all 50 times mark hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi force awakens and disney
I still made it up myself and you know, I


to show it to JJ and he, you know, was accommodating, but he basically patted me on the head and gave me a cookie. and maybe leave because you know, whatever you wake up to, I mean, they allude to things that have happened and to some extent you know it's not Luke's story anymore, but I think he's an important part of the arc general of the saga and again there is a There is a lot of mystery about him even within the movie, so you have to fill in your own backstory.
all 50 times mark hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi force awakens and disney

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all 50 times mark hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi force awakens and disney...

I'm sure there will be comics, video games, and novels that tell the story, but I'm going to jump in here to make sure everyone out there realizes that it's very important for the NIP in this upcoming movie, well, it's good to know that you can to see it in retrospect in action, certainly in a role that affects the overall plot because the ending of seven was just a kind of tease for the next installment, but here it has a much more fundamental role, it has lines, so it's already a great difference from episode seven, that's the biggest difference from when we


saw Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi to when we meet him now in the


all 50 times mark hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi force awakens and disney
Jedi, that is the mystery of all time, since it is no longer my story and there is a new protagonist that I had to try to complete and who by myself is not important to the story, but it is up to the actor to try to find out who this is type and how. The most optimistic and hopeful character in the galaxy became this hermit who says it's time for the Jedi to end? I read that I said what I mean, that's not what a Jedi does. I mean, a Jedi is optimistic and has tenacity, he never gives up.
all 50 times mark hamill tried to subtly warn us about last jedi force awakens and disney
He's not hiding on an island, but you'll see. I mean, the wait until eight is almost over. This is what should happen. The curtain rises. I will be in street clothes with a hoodie. I just


it now. It doesn't work, I'll have my back to the audience in a hoodie and I'll stay there longer and then I'll slowly, slowly, slowly turn around, pull my hood down and just look at the audience. The curtain comes down, that's my sense of humor. I thought it would be cool, it would be really funny or it would make people really angry and you know, I didn't know, I didn't know what Disney would buy because it was the summer of In 2012, then they announced that Disney had bought Lucasfilm around Halloween, which would be October 30th. , it was announced and you know, we didn't know who the director was going to be and then they announced JJ Abrams and everything came out, that was it. very, very exciting and you know, I hope people are happy, it seems like because it's in Hollywood, remember kids, it's not important if it's high quality just if it makes money now.
I don't want to. I mean, a good example would be the Transformers and To be completely fair to Michael Bay, I've never seen a Transformers movie. I know they are among the highest-grossing movies in Hollywood history. I saw a trailer and I'm too old to process that much information. I mean, what it seemed like was. edited in Cuisinart if you try to count one thousand two thousand and it's just mind-blowing and they're cutting everywhere where you don't know where you are I mean it's a wildermann's cinema you know but what I'm saying is they hold me back .
All I'm saying is, I've never met anyone my age or probably even your age who says, "Oh, I love that movie." You know most people look down on that particular franchise but they keep making them because they make huge amounts of money and oh my gosh I just realized this is all in a movie but my bigger point is that it doesn't It matters if it's good as long as it makes money, so I do it because the



. I made a lot of money I can't be, it's not like that, ergo, it's good, hopefully, I mean, it's easy to assume that Luke has a little more to do this time in this movie.
I always say I can promise you it's twice. As big as my part in the awakened


. Wow, can you imagine? Can you imagine such a long part of that magnitude? Is there anything you want us to know before The Last Jedi? Something you want to tell the audience or the world. This one compared to the others is the longest. I think being pushed out of your comfort zone and in this case it was a good thing, although I'm still a Jedi, I would never give up, but that's the old school, this is the new generation, I said.
I told Ryan that Jedi don't give up, I mean, even if he had a problem, maybe he would take a year to try to regroup, but if he made a mistake, he would try to spell it wrong, so there we had a fundamental difference, but Ya It's not my story, it's someone else's story and Brian needed me to be a certain way for the ending to be effective, that's the crux of my problem. Luke would never say I'm sorry, well, in this version, look, I'm talking about this. George Lucas Star Wars this is the Star Wars generation so I almost had to think of Luke as another character, maybe he's Jake Skywalker, he's not my Luke Skywalker, but I had to do what Ryan wanted me to do because it serves well the story, but Listen, I haven't fully accepted it yet, but it's just a movie.
I hope people like it. I hope they don't get mad and I really came to believe that Ryan was the exact man they needed for this job. How long did it take him? Or was it perfect to be Luke again in this movie and be him again? Well, it's difficult because the character is a part of you and when you see how other writers and directors interpret it, it can be surprising some


. and in this script it was very surprising how they decided to use it you've already seen it I just know one truth it's time for the Jedi to end would anyone expect that from Luke and is he full of that kind of stuff?
Rian Johnson is such a talented filmmaker and storyteller, but he took me a long time because he's radical. I think there are much bigger surprises in the last Jedi. In fact, the most important line I think Luke says is that this is not going to turn out how you think and when. I read the script and was blown away the next day, that's twice as much. He has a much bigger role than me in The Force Awakens, but don't worry, in the latest Jetta I promise my role will be twice as big. Skywalker has disappeared. oh, this is going to be good.
I'm taking notes every time everyone says you know Skywalker must be soft, page 34, Skywalker's sword is powerful, man page, 77, so I have this long list, you know, so I started


ing in the script every time we have to stop Skywalker Skywalker's sword is powerful there are more than forty references Skywalker is too powerful we have to stop Skywalker I'm fine I'm writing all this I remember thinking when I arrived at the scene I hoped everyone had seen it, but when the saber of light tinkles in the woods and flies out of the snow I said, oh baby Here I am, where I thought I came in is when the lightsaber moves in the snow and flies out, I said Here I am, baby in the woods when the lightsaber light was like that and he flew out, I said, oh what a great man, King College, she hasn't even been to take it beyond her training, what was it like to be back on set, just to be back in the thick of it all ?
Well, I'm talking about the responsibilities of having to do more than turn around and take off a huge hood because you know, after two years of anticipation, you better know how to put up or shut up and do something interesting. I was certainly surprised to hear Luke say it's time for the Jedi to do it and I was like, but Luke was the most optimistic and hopeful character and I had a real, you know, kind of back and forth with Ryan. I said Ryan, a Jedi doesn't give up. I remember you said you knew a Jedi, if he does something wrong, he'll fix it.
I know that even if he's traumatized and leaves, we regroup within, why, I don't know, six months, but I've been around 20 to 30 years, that's a little excessive in my opinion, well, like it says in the trailer, the things are not going to turn out well. Like you think, when I read the script I was like, oh my God, that line is, there's nothing truer than that line. I mean Luke says the Jedi needs to end what happened to this guy, he was the most optimistic and hopeful character. now he's a reckless old man who becomes a hero and now he returns to that character all these years later, what a journey without giving it away obviously, but what arc is left for a guy who's been through what Luke Skywalker has been through, I don't think.
Any line in the script has atomized my reaction more that this is not going to be how you think and Ryan pushed me out of my comfort zone as if he wasn't so intimidated and terrified to begin with, but I made your vision. In Ryan's vision, did it match the way Luke ends up in this movie that you thought would happen all these years later? No, what I want to know is what is it like for you? How is it different from any of the other movies? It's longer. said Ryan Jedi don't give up I have to stop thinking old school because this is the new generation in this generation they didn't just move to an island for 20 years this movie was regular JJ was right and I was wrong I thought dancing would be objective The fact that the three of us didn't get together didn't seem to matter to them now as you've seen before but to surprise people and it's getting harder and harder to find ways to surprise them because there they expect them to have done it.
I've seen so much and expect so much, so again. I think I'm wrong about the doubts I have because I trust Ryan deeply and he's a great story, for sure, and I hope to see you in the next ones. I hope not. You won't die like Han Solo and last time I just hope that. I'm going to pray that Star Wars has a lot to do with a dysfunctional family, a dysfunctional family, and as a sort of godfather of Star Wars, how protective did you feel of the new cast members? particularly Daisy sitting next to you and also how protective you felt about the character of Luke Skywalker when you saw what Ryan had written in the script when you first read it, so you say: I just know one truth: it's time for the Jedi ends well if you take it seriously, I was shocked when I read that, totally shocked because you're saying to yourself what could have happened to Luke, that he would have that idea in his head, I said, look, I think I know the Jedi philosophy and to Jenna, I would never give up if he made a mistake, you would try to correct it, so it was difficult and I realized that this is okay because I will probably anticipate that this is not going to turn out the way you think it is right and you say it was a very important line, yes, because it is not.
I'm serious when I read it, it didn't turn out the way I thought and Luke training Rae in this movie, it seems like he's in the position that Yoda was with Luke and the Empire Strikes Back, is that right? Like when your parents say you'll understand when you're older, did he finally learn some of Yoda's lessons now that he's the teacher? Well, you're assuming I trained Rey cleverly. I know I have to be very careful. People say. It was like this? It's hard to pick up and wield a lightsaber again and I go. I can promise you that my share is twice as big as it would be if it weren't for this.
We lost Han Solo. You don't know more. Here you are saying goodbye to Carrie Fisher. What is that plan? It's hard, I mean, first of all, I was frustrated when I read the first script and said we didn't have any scenes, not even a brief meeting. I objected to that and said I don't think the fans are going to like it. bad, since it turns out there was no negative reaction to that, but I went to Northern California and the artists were like, oh, I've been drawing you for a year and you saw all this concept art where they're Luke, you know, in scuba gear .
You know, with the character of Daisy, what's your name, right, Ray, it was shocking for me to read what Ryan had written, as I'm sure it will be for the audience, those DeRays. What I'm saying is that he didn't even do any training on what's going on. here, what's going on, do any training, she'll possibly stay fine when I read a I told Ryan that I fundamentally disagree with pretty much everything you've decided about my character, surprised by what Ryan chose, yes, I was surprised a lot and I have to tell you. and I should have realized that when I read seven I said I love everyone's part except mine and this one was similar in the sense that I told Ryan.
I'm so surprised at how you see Luke, are you actually bombarded when I read? I was reading and I thought that if Leigh is trying to contact me mentally and she can't make it, she will run to his aid, reach out to him and then get into a terrible situation and that's when I show up and I'm in the same position as Rey, Finn and Chewie arrive too late to save him, but the witnesses and I say itbecause it would bring a lot of emotional resonance to the next movie for us, it's White, his best friend to witness instead of two characters that they've met in what 20 minutes and then it's over, you show up and you turn around, you put down your hood, you don't even You don't even know what it is that you know it's really, literally, a cliffhanger, that's what I love, the image of him standing on a cliff.
You got that Savo and instead of Finn and Rey coming and almost saving one of the Leia's from him and don't you see it, I said keep me out of this? like you want to the end she's trying to contact me the whole movie yeah she can't make it so she goes herself and you know she's about to be kidnapped by two costumed guards one guard turns to the other guard He shoots, the guard takes off his helmet and I'm the one who received his message. I said number one. It's an incredible entry. Number two. It is a bad address.
They think the delay will get it and then we go, we have to go get it and we hurry up and come back. a very similar death star, okay we run to their aid and don't alter what you want to do, but if we witness the death of damage, that has so much emotional resonance that it will carry over into the next movie, that was my suggestion and, you see, Hero's Future, well, it's not giving anything away because the trailer and there's only one part of the trailer that reveals the story, which is, he says, just know one truth, it's time for the Jedi to end, which is shocking, you know, Luke was always the most optimistic. character, the most hopeful character, what could have happened to him to disillusion him enough to say something that the radicals must end the Jedi?
I know you can't go into detail, but when you read that line, what was your initial reaction? Well, I was stunned. Luke was the most optimistic character, he's the one who represented hope, so I thought about what could have happened between Return of the Jedi and now that he would be like that, listen, they cast doubt on the trailer because I thought that for the most part the trailers went. and they're showing all the pictures and stuff, but they don't tell you the story, that's what I love about it, yeah, and that's the only plot element they revealed, which is given as if it's the most important aspect of my return. because you thought you had to imagine what kind of trauma he's experienced that would turn him into this bitter hermit oh you know, I mean, if everyone expected my first line to be I told you to get off my island, I asked you for such kind advice. from his Star Wars shaman, have you learned anything from the new kids, of course?
And, by the way, none of them come to me for advice. Who is the shaman? Well, probably in this case, Rian Johnson, I had George, I had Evan and then I had Richard. Me, JJ and now Ryan, he's those most important people when you're doing such a long Star Wars movie, the Star Wars movie twice as long for Luke as The Force Awakens, at least at least Mark Hamill, a lot thank you. I do more than rotate and it's really about the new characters and we're just there, they have the keys to the kingdom, we just have visitor passes, it's a movie and if you think you're going to walk into the movie and recapture your childhood, you're getting ready, it was shocking to read that in the script.
I only know one truth: it is time for the Jedi to end. I thought, are you kidding me? The Jedi don't give up, they never give up before the last Jedi. a loop we'd never seen before, he used to be the most optimistic and positive and hopeful character and for him to say it was time for the generator and it surprised me but that's smart of Ryan, the most shocking thing I read was It's time for the Jedi Dan, is that what I said? Guys, I have a really bad feeling about this. Maybe we should have left him alone.
I'm in awe of the entire cast and, apart from Daisy, I hope to work with them once. day we can't end on that note I can't wait I'm afraid we have to 'cause that's all we have time for Never again will we catch lightning in a bottle We have a beginning, a middle and an end Let the memories be enough, but I said, you know what my way out is, that Harrison will never do this. I have to say George Lucas because he gave me everything and we all heard once I saw it the first week, it's the first time, maybe we should have done it.
I just left it pretty good in the top-down entry, really the focus with the stories themselves and then whether some of those characters can appear in you.

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