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ALIENS DARK DESCENT Full Movie (2023) 4K ULTRA HD Action Fantasy

Mar 30, 2024
Sergeant Leo Alvarez of the CM leth Recon Squad our mission was to enter the Tantalus base locate the Comsat relay and reconnect it we found the relay but there was a problem Ray did not make it Willis takes the initiative oh well what we found was a new type of evil and he found us first this was not human Retreat Retreat open fire thank you Alvarez through that door hold that door sergeant I don't know what I saw there but I know that when I close my eyes I still look at it now, everyone is dead and someone needs to know.
aliens dark descent full movie 2023 4k ultra hd action fantasy
Thank you foreigner. Thank you. All boats are advised and due to local storms we currently have no contact with Leafy. Just keep the value of Titans or Planet 4 as long as we are within range of the USS Otago. Pioneer control in all traffic corridors cannot guarantee that Pioneer control, but we will see what we can do again and again, sorry sir, we are having a hard time reaching anyone. That storm probably has to be an incredible hurricane to cut us off. of the entire planet Chief Administrator I am showing a major discrepancy in the Bentonville manifesto.
aliens dark descent full movie 2023 4k ultra hd action fantasy

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aliens dark descent full movie 2023 4k ultra hd action fantasy...

They just asked for a takeoff accreditation, but half of the shipment is still a document. Half of you say, well, we just won a bonus. I will allow them to take off properly. Distance protocol dictates how many times company protocol means nothing here, what works, works and we are already behind. Director Price is not here and, if I remember correctly, Deputy Director Hayes, his shift ended half an hour ago, so get him off my command deck and let me do my job. You sound like a troubled manager. Is there anything I can do to help? Thanks Daniel.
aliens dark descent full movie 2023 4k ultra hd action fantasy
No, I'm just having one of those days. You know, another argument with manager McDonald. How did you suppose I could? be synthetic but I'm not lying, are you sure I can't be of help? No, it's my problem and I'll take care of it. I just need to get to my office, of course, but I'm afraid this corridor is closed due to maintenance you'll need to detour through the cafeteria welcome administrator Hayes what's all this? thank you that's not trimonite the alien cargo bay 4 are dead dead that's not funny something came loose and died failure power failure activating emergency generators what just happened thank you come on Daniel, it's okay deputy administrator, it seems these creatures have destroyed our communication system, why would they do that?
aliens dark descent full movie 2023 4k ultra hd action fantasy
They are animals, no idea. I wish I could help you move forward in Bensenville. I need to stop that ship. Daniel, our planetary quarantine protocols. They are still operational, right? I think so, agents I make, those things have to come from the planet, it's outside the world, there's no option, I could stop them. Deputy administrator, you're just following Weyland yutani containment procedures, the sovereignis protocol was specifically. designed for a situation like this, what you are doing is correct, correct, yes, tomorrow, three ships were detected. The USS otago bentaville baldrin will be trapped in the high orbit interdiction radius.
Confirm the command. Sorry, server is protocol enabled, purging polluting vectors waiting, waiting, foreign targets. It had to be done abroad, thanks Daniel. Daniel is your administrator. Hayes, where are you going? We are getting to safety. Daniel, please come with us. I'm afraid I cannot allow the Severus Protocols to be in effect. I know, but we can. But stay, it's not safe, the protocols are clear, nothing at all, sorry Administrator Hayes, foreigner, could you look at that, hell, he's getting a strong otago, it's Harper, do you copy Hudson? Can you get us a board? No way, Sarge among the debris and decaying orbit of the deathtrap platforms are leaving us alone.
They are designed for a planetary quarantine, but Lethi has to remain operational. Low orbit is considered safe, but beyond that it is a dead zone. Cerberus will shut down anything it tries to pass through in both directions. Cerberus, huh? We seem to know a lot about this. I know everything about this. I'm the Pioneer station, that's my job. Yes, you know why I decided to turn the Otago into scrap metal. I don't know about system failures. Maybe you saw this state of the season there. she follows her downstairs hunt what no problem Fireball like that it's hard to miss foreigner welcome home Harper do you like what I've done with the place Martinez it's good to see you Sergeant Martinez is your communication system working it's online but we We're just picking up static, these colonies surely have a wobbly problem, but who's asking?
Meet Pioneer Deputy Administrator Hayes, who is the captain. He is descending to that station as if he can't believe it. All command statistics are gone. Before I had seniority, yes, of course, but these are the captain's orders, like on the deathbed, this shit is all yours, he insisted, if you want me, I'll be at the Armory to see what survived the accident. I have a feeling we'll need it Hayes, you better come with me. Damn, what do we do now? We don't know what is happening on the surface of this planet. McDonald's, my boss, certainly not.
We had to contact someone if we hope to get out of this. I hate to ruin your parade, but the Otagos would shit themselves even if they didn't. How do we get off those Cerberus platforms? They will stop a ship but not a signal if we create our own relay, maybe we can. It could transmit from low orbit in case the ship passes by. If you want to create some sort of satellite, we are not co-managers of a pirate radio station or we could contact Pharaoh Aspire director Price Martinez. The relays on this rock could be down forever.
I want to send a message, get out and start walking, there has to be something we can do, maybe there is, but I don't see it, so you're just going to sit here and do nothing like hell after what happened there. The rules are clear. We are on alert, there could be a hostile biomorph loose in Lethy, so we have civilians in danger and there is no way to contact them. What about the Otago short range frequency receiver? Yes, that might work for now, that doesn't solve our problem. transmission problem by the way, can we, maybe we can talk about how to make that happen until then, let's save everyone we can, we're marines, that's the job you want to help familiarize yourself with this, what's left of it, of Anyway, Administrator Hayes can't tell.
I'm glad to see another Wayland Yutani award? Let me introduce myself. I'm Dr. Becker. The company assigned me to the ship to oversee testing of a new cryogenic sleep routine. See what's happening now. Status of my laboratory. Months of vitality. The investigation is gone, if I at least had power I couldn't Save the backups, the brutes keep ignoring me, but maybe I'm sorry, doctor, but they're not exactly friendly to me either. It's not about being friendly with who has greater authority. Do half of the USCM's funding come from who supplies its weapons? You may want to press them.
I'm sure they will back down. Thank you Doctor, you have given me a lot to think about. Well, of course, I have Deputy Administrator Hayes on the bridge. Ace police report to the bridge, stay safe, okay, this is what the short range frequency receiver picked up. It is a distress message from a nearby colony. Oh no, are you thinking what I'm thinking? We have to go there and see for ourselves what I feel. for those people, but here we are blind, if we want to save someone, we need the right calm, we have them, the otago fighter, their dropship, our vehicles, my marines, they all speak the same language, courtesy of the uscm communications system .
That's not what I mean military. Haze decision, which means it's my decision those people need help well what do you need from me? Well, normally, the squad and an officer are in charge of supervision. You know, Intel Tactical from The Arc is an armored reconnaissance vehicle. I can do that, but I need you to do it. handle the rest from here in otago. I wasn't military, so when I find out, listen if I'm going to keep my people alive. I need someone with intelligence for when Mine falls short, if it helps, this isn't exactly what I signed up for.
Welcome to the Colonial Marines, thank you, thank you, so hostile. The bugs are eliminated. The enlightened being of the Hun Colony, hunslet, how did you find your first day in the core? I don't know, it's a lot to take in if it helps. I'm fine, thanks, I'm glad it's over, my nerves are shot, oh this has never been over, but for now we have some time. Well, it gives me the opportunity to work on communications, the only thing we got to hear from Director Price and Pharaoh. We aspire, we could use your help. Dr. Becker has been trying the entire time we've been deployed.
It turns out that most of the long-range transmitters are down. If someone is at home in Pharaohs, they probably can't catch it. Do you think those things could also be there judging by what happens? happened in Pioneer, it's clear that they are spreading extremely fast, so you better get familiar with Otago right now. You can't give those creatures the benefit of time. I wanted to do it, oh so desperately I'm going back. for you about that, can I do something for you? Actually, yes, I was hoping I could persuade Sergeant Harper to retrieve some samples of the creatures.
Oh, one can never have too much information about one's enemies. I didn't know he worked at a corporate espionage doctor. Troll, on the other hand, I find that science and trickery have a surprising overlap; both require concentration and a good eye for detail. It's true and you're right, we need more information about these things. I'll talk to the sergeant, stay safe. Chief Engineer Corrigan, isn't that right? We met before. Oh, you're sorry. You had your hands


. Things look better now that they came together faster than I thought. It's not pretty, but we are functional and I hope it is stable.
Harper told me. We got splashed after some kind of glitch in the planetary quarantine protocol, something called Cerberus, that's what's going on. Certainly, it's more corporate. Corner cutting, what a mess anyway, I should be able to produce equipment for our Marines, now, anything I can do to help, well I don't. I don't think this ship will be fit for space again, but that doesn't mean we have to abandon it, it could be a refuge, you know, for these people, for us, the only problem is, dear Otago, it took a beating. I have holes to repair the tables and reconnect our crio.
Chambers our Shield, its story in summary, we are missing materials, spare parts to turn them into improvements for our boys and the ship. It doesn't look promising, but we could ask the Marines to check out the Hill Store materials and dead houses during their next visit. Everything helps. Administrator Hayes, what brings you to my Sergeant Harper's corner? Yes, the devil loves Idle Hands. I can't give you a tour. We're still digging through the rubble. How does it look? We have more small arms than we have. I have the marines to take them, so if you find someone with training, point them in my direction, since the ordinance is pretty screwed.
What's with emergency escape vehicles, that satellite relay idea of ​​yours, huh, yeah, Harper told me that if we can get the fuel connections repaired, we could rescue a BSE, but I'll be damned before I let you play with the only life capsule we have left and how useful it is, you're pretty convincing, I'll give it to you, okay, take it, but keep me informed about what it brings. You returned to my laboratory from your tour, you have to kill pretty well. I believe Dr. Becker requested some samples of the creatures to study and Chief Corrigan needs components.
He converts this ship into a suitable base. I thought all you wanted to do was spread your message. nothing to say, we can't do that as long as it doesn't endanger the other, is that right? Okay, let's go back to Dead Hills. I have a feeling we missed something there. The same feeling you get when these creatures appear. Sergeant, this is not the time for the Deputy Administrator to listen, Sergeant Harper, your skills could be related to this outbreak, if there are more like you out there, you could help people know that they have the right to mind their own business. and I will take care of them.
Mine, you have to find a replacement and I have wanted to lead, we both have a role to play. This conversation ended abroad. You did well today. The manager is not good enough. We need to broadcast or more colonies will end up as dead hills. We don't have these below. proof of that what we have is a clue that the container transited from the Berkeley dock which is the main spaceport of Lethy someone sent those boxes on purpose what kind of psychopath would that sergeant make we have seen those things in


you know we don't have time for chase boxes, oh, but we have time to build our own private satellite, listen Martinez, and we can listen to what I just saidI mean, someone used that container so Dead Hills could live up to its name, what if there were more of those boxes out there, huh like this one?
Director Price of yours still hasn't answered any calls. We're the only ones trying to figure out where they came from if we don't. More people will die and even more if no one finds out what happened on this damn planet. you really want to save everyone Sergeant Harper I suggest you start thinking Beyond Lethy I was born here Hayes these are my people I won't let them die I didn't know I mean I'm sorry Sergeant listen you're right Berkeley in a big spaceport we'll probably find people and quality spare parts there. I say we get them both.
Roger, but in the meantime, can you talk to Becker? He's been bothering me like he can't believe Mr. Becker wanted to see me. In fact, that specimen you recovered offers excellent research possibilities. Have you had a chance to review my initial report on the Xeno samples? I've barely slept oh yes of course, suffice to say they are absolutely fascinating. I feel my muse gathering. herself to


all kinds of advances tempted a little furtherPutting aside the long-term benefits of my fingers, I've already had some ideas on how to improve our Gallant Marines team, but I need more samples.
These creatures are a dangerous doctor when they are dead and if we take one alive, nothing is impossible. This lab has a containment cell built for such encounters. Perhaps we could use it as a live-aboard specimen, absolutely not. I'm just trying to be helpful, listen doctor, I understand, but the marines will keep the samples and if you, we can't have one of those loose things here foreigner what the hell have we run into hungry bugs? some kind of crazy cult this is above my pay grade mine too for what it's worth, shame they didn't pay you enough with you running that station.
I'm sure those damn platforms wouldn't have fired because Sergeant Harper's duty was not started due to a failure to assist. I started it. He had to ensure containment. You've seen what those creatures can do if just one of them escapes. I would have trapped every soul on this planet with this creature in the blink of an eye. Well, congratulations Hayes on the condition of the Ark, now get off my bridge. Sergeant, I can help you. We have some new facilities online. You're an admin, you never know, there might be something to manage, sure, I'm on it, admin, are you here to give me back my eev?
I'm sorry to disappoint you, Sergeant Martinez, but I need it, we need it, but I heard that the training center was up and running and I wanted to see for myself that it's time to turn them into real good Marines because we face faster than us, more Stronger than us and intelligent, if we want to survive, we need everyone in optimal conditions. there's something better just one thing Sergeant Harper look I know the soldiers talk but he's in charge end of story listen that's not what I'm sure I'm forgetting ah administrator Haze it's a pleasure to finally meet you I'm Dr.
Kabiri clinical psychologist and the Dr. Book Art's assistant when I have nothing better to do. Oh, I can't imagine anything more important than what's happening in the med bay. Never underestimate combat fatigue. That's the first thing they told us. These marines are under great stress if we don't do this. Help them process it. Things will get ugly very quickly. You're right. I should have considered it. Let me know if you need anything for now. All I need is to know that everyone is okay. How are you, Administrator Hayes? very nice, I keep it, don't worry about me, here's that word again, I have a minute Haze, I do, although I should probably finish turning our Eev into a proper satellite and will continue working on it, but right now we have Intel. about those containers we found and I intend to follow that lead, maybe even track down this Marlo we keep hearing about while we're at it, Sergeant Harper, thanks to the parts you provided us, we have the opportunity to inform the people of what's happening here, assuming we don't strip the payload, we just need to get some fuel boosters.
I have already identified the limits of low orbit and yes, except for the problems they cause, my men discover that these containers only had one thing in common, they were sent from an excavation. place called oldevi let's go there maybe we have a chance to stop this infestation once and for all that's not what we agreed on I need help in the eev we didn't agree on anything you made a decision and I accepted it this is my ship these are my Marines and we have people In Harm's Way you don't like my priorities you can keep playing with your toy and leave us to it but this is happening well oh now get out of here before they shoot you down Dad, I have to tell you later Sergeant, I'm trying something, wait Martinez, give me one more hand, all you got, I'll throw it in 30 seconds, what are you doing, hey hunza, keep your distance?
I have a satellite turned into a bomb on the way. hot, wait a minute, bomb, that's how we operate, move, oh, get us out of here, it's my pleasure. Sonic is ready, love, next stop. USS Otago. Not bad. Haze for a corporate drone. Not that I'm not grateful, but why did you do it? the satellite just vanished in the company there is a protocol for everything until there isn't one since the Pioneer station I have been drowning the big picture gave me something to hold on to but at the end of the day the big picture is just people talking about it , any news from Fair Aspire sent Hunslet to the Capitol to conduct reconnaissance, Jackson's Landing's anti-aircraft defenses are still active, they took offensive or transponder codes and almost shut her up forever, doesn't tell us much.
The Spire is a state of the art building, they will be automated, so for now we'll move on, maybe this Marlo we rented did some digging, he's a whaler, little bioengineer, no one has heard from him for years. Well, now they have, so what do you want to do, admin? You better work together and then start with what happened there. Hey, really listen, when you go crazy like that, you put each and every one of us at risk. We need to know what happened. It was that special feeling, right? I blurted out, okay, I heard a name and I blurted out, what are you talking about?
Cassandra, I heard it's my daughter's name, you have a daughter here in Leithy, don't you think it was worth it? mention that she hates my guts, she's fine, I wasn't around her much when she was little, we haven't talked since her mom's funeral, Becca just rotted away. From the inside out, people do that here, it's the main reason I joined back then. Come out, you know, clearer, Hayes Hayes and Harper to the lab, if you could, oh, that thought, Sergeant, we're not done here yet, ah, thank you both for coming with a doctor, there's a lot more going on than we're expecting. you imagine I've been analyzing your recent encounters with Darwin's ERA, cross-referencing it with Survivor reports and well, I won't bore you with the details and yet it's easy, Medical Sergeant, what have you found?
In short, they have found a way to walk among these critters, as you say. Some cultures seem to carry a preliminary passage of the specimen in some sort of device here right between their lungs, this allows them to move between older creatures while their marines are systematically attacked. Fascinating, isn't that just what we need? More good news and what? Can we do anything right now? I think unless she reviewed her policy regarding the live specimen manager, she didn't and she is right, no creatures allowed. End of discussion, doctor, this keeps getting better, isn't that all the more reason to save everyone?
Maybe like you said, if you were just here for your daughter, Cassandra is part of this, maybe even the biggest part, but she's not the whole. I wouldn't want you to think I'm a hypocrite now, how old is she? She would be 17 now if she was Even alive, have you seen these psychopaths who are experimenting on people with her genes and gave my daughter's name to their Pet Project, that can't be a good sign, what would they be next? I'm not sure I've been having. Flashes I guess you'd call them visions, nothing I can really explain, but sometimes it's like I can sense what those creatures are thinking.
Well, I guess these maniacs would find it useful. I know well, if Cass and I share this ability, maybe they're looking. for her or worse she joined them willingly I don't think so I mean she's your daughter she's probably as stubborn as a uscm sergeant but what if they did something to her? What if she has changed and I no longer recognize her? He even recognized me okay we'll find her you have this Jonas it's been years since someone called me that what now Hustler was circling the ship when he picked up movement it seems that Recon paid off the bad news is that those creatures are really interested in us, if we let one of them on board the otago, this is too agreed, looks like it's time to kick ass, that's twice, now you've saved our asses, it's starting to make me look bad, don't read too much into it, it turns out That Harper Blowing things up is cathartic better than alcohol and that's the truth on the subject of Truth.
How well are you handling your flashes? The feeling is overwhelming when it kicks in and painful as hell, it makes me a liability on the field, so what do we do from now on? I will stay with supervision of The Arc. I better not get in the way. Maybe you should talk to Book Art. Kabiri. Ecker. Dark Buzz Kill. Yes, I don't think so. Maybe Booker, if things get worse, are still around. live just what we needed more suits and ties director price this is deputy administrator michael hayes from pioneer station my report suggests that all hands were lost during the recent nasty incident that engulfed pioneer i think we have been introduced to sergeant harper uscm in fact we have We had some trouble here, ourselves, admin, with these creatures swarming around, we had to block Pharaoh's fire, but my Commandos finally managed to restore the Jackson's Landing satcom relay.
This is a terrible time for everyone, but I am pleased to see that the Weyland Yutani Quarantine protocols are working I authorized it and director I did not see any other option We have been trying to contain the outbreak since then and now you have seized a ship of the USCM and its crew is proving to be much more resourceful than its The psychological profile suggests that you did the right thing, Michael, unfortunately, it seems that our superiors do not share your meaning of work ethic. 3 hours and 55 minutes ago, the Cerberus protocol began a countdown to its phase two, phase two, nuclear sterilization, nuclear sterilization as on the planet this planet we are all stranded on I'm afraid Wayland yutani leaves no room for error sergeant this phase two was a surprise I would find another job I will consider it sergeant we are not out of options done I already sent There is a team there, but I have lost contact with them, let's see, but with the help of your men, the knowledge of the station by the Sergeant Miko and my clearance level, we have a chance.
I ask you to trust me then I guess we better get a join us there ASAP director well if you need any more help obia coming thank you corporate ladies you better start explaining what the hell happened out there. Something I don't know, the Uprising of '77, does it ring a bell? I was there on the wrong side of History. by the way, I know your company would rather shoot innocence than lose a dollar, what are you hiding? Price Harper, calm down, pointing fingers won't do any good now Sorry, I'm still in charge here, we need a plan and a plan.
We can't go after any more satellites or override my men. These people we have to go and soon we still have a few days ahead of us, maybe enough to repair the Otago. Otago is toast. Have you seen this ship, it's barely a base, maybe your chief engineer. No more on that matter, it's worth a try. I'm sure Kargan will help us get up Corrigan, listen to these nukes, they're about to save your breath. Stars, I heard I need you to be honest with me. Do you think the otago could take down Sgt. You know it, it was made to last with a little care and the right materials.
I can assure you that this beauty will fly again, but surviving these missiles in space is a completely different game, you can't just stay in low orbit like a pioneer station. I want to bet that low orbit will still be safe once phase two arrives. The case is correct sergeant. If we want to escape this rock, our only option is a better shield and enough choir teeth for everyone. Okay, so what do you need specifically? A damn miracle, but specifically a massive power source for the shield that only solves one of our problems, although our cryogenic sleep control panel was damaged during theHarper.
He would have welcomed you aboard, but you didn't think about that. Did you not think about your own life even once? I think a human would do that Michael these assets Marlo's research I don't have it anymore it's all uploaded somewhere in Otago burn it print it sell it to Siegson or Upp for all I care take me with you please Cassandra where is it? She's even alive, do you have that stored somewhere in that carbon processor of yours? Stop. I'm not a synthesizer. Look. He's probably with all of her prisoners in the city beneath old Dubai.
A city. Marlo's lair. Ancient and alien god. He was so obsessed with that place. and then he became obsessed with her, I wouldn't keep Cassandra anywhere else, please take me with you, no, Michael, look at me, I'm not a synth, I doubt you're human either, Michael, listen to me, I'm not a Sith, I am. It's not a synth I'm not a sinner Thank you foreigner, damn, he's not doing any better, is he? His vitals are falling fast and hard, if we get him away from these creatures, he might recover. Maybe we'll get Cassandra back, Jonas I.
I promise the operational privacy camera is ready, the Moment of Truth has arrived Hayes, are we crossing those platforms or what, not yet? We have to hold the line, are you crazy? Those creatures are everywhere. Cerberus is about to go nuclear based on the price Marlo took control of. an ancient city I'm not sure of its exact nature there could be dozens of prisoners there I won't abandon them Cassandra is alive for sure we still have time before Cerberus launches it will be difficult but we can do it Haze, are you okay? risk everyone on this ship yeah because that's the job we save everyone we can all you and I were part of this we kept our heads down and did our job and let all this happen we have a responsibility to those people because no one else in Weyland Yutani once saw them as more than just numbers on a balance sheet, well, you put it that way.
I guess I'm fine because I need you at the APC. Well, look, they're the fucking Gates of Hell, come on, we have to find them. She we have to find Cassandra foreigner who are you her legacy this is gigantic this whole planet is a strange sight so that city will probably see her chest this was the host of one of those creatures thing it's time to play archaeologists, come on, It's a passage over here Cassandra Cassandra, can you hear me? Who who are you? I'm a friend of your father's father, dear no, he's waking up guys.
I have a bad feeling about this, we have to hurry, holy, get her out of here, you won foreigner foreigner foreigner Let's get out of here before these Newtons are foreigners, we did it, we did it, foreigners, foreigners, foreigners.

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