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Alien vs. Predator - Nostalgia Critic

Jun 11, 2021
This episode brought to you by Mack Weldon with smart designs, premium fabrics and easy shopping is probably better than what you're wearing now. There's a cinematic battle that's been raging for years, two opposing sides that seemed eerily similar but drastically different, won't stop. until they get the win or get bored, it's been happening right under our noses for years and the most important thing is to know that it's all happening up here and of course talk about the battle between the athletic side of your brain and the intellectual side of your brain. We are constantly in battle, even if you are not aware of it, many times you do not agree that in the previous 27 it was incredible, yes, I was part of all that incredible Alto, all of that, yes, once again, the story and the characters make absolutely no sense and it was just an excuse for meaningless stuff, you shut the hell up, yeah, don't make me fuck her, yeah, I cooked, sometimes they get along.
alien vs predator   nostalgia critic
Captain America's Civil War had dead ideas and concepts, yes, Spider-Man, yes, yes, from time to time to get. that movie where neither side knows what to think is too dumb, not dumb enough, trying too hard not even trying one of those movies is




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film series in the


film series, This idea has surprisingly been around for a long time. while when the Predator shows off a mounted alien head, fans immediately start speculating about what a crossover would be like, there were fan arts comics, even video games, hey, that's the case where my Terminator vs.
alien vs predator   nostalgia critic

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alien vs predator nostalgia critic...

Robocop doesn't actually do that finally in 2004 after the success of Freddy vs. Jason we are done with our horror crossover, well certainly no one sees it as the best alien or predator movie, the reaction still seemed to be all over the place, some love it, some hate it, some say it's good enough, others say it's just Bad now, maybe I was a little worried when I saw the movie directed by Paul WS Anderson, you know, the guy whose movies range from him to the backport, Duke can never get an R rating when he needs it most and even when he gets, they eliminate it. because it was 2r for an R rating or something, faith, that's more or less a page-13 in disguise, exactly an alien vs. predator movie, this page-13, but it tries to build character and suspense like the others, yeah, that It is what includes everything.
alien vs predator   nostalgia critic
That pointless fight that turns vulgar, are you kidding me, that's the best thing about the movie. You see, it's surprisingly difficult to understand, unlike the new alien movies, where, interestingly, everyone can agree to disagree. Oh yeah, those movies are beyond tired. predictable why you keep making those we actually think those movies are good why they still make them so let's see what's in your brain you end up agreeing with this it's alien vs. predator we open with the sound that many people make while watching this movie ah, as part of course we've seen that this alien movie takes place in the future of 2004, insert a confusion in the media, that's it, yeah, it's never really explained why this takes place in the present day, especially when the alien movies make it clear that Ripley's team is the The first humans to find them found something never recorded once in over 300 worlds surveyed has been circled that this film is not canon to any of the film series, which I guess it's okay, it seems like they just want to fight hard without confused people with interested continuity plans. by playing Charles Bishop Whelan, who runs a company that builds robots that will look just like him in the future but dies in this movie.
alien vs predator   nostalgia critic
Well, this current reality will make as much sense as our current reality, so let's get to the interesting clich├ęs we all know. A secret type of love like the introduction of our leader Alexa, who we know is badass because she is introduced in the most cliched badass introduction of climbing a mountain, yes, that clearly shows that you are tough when you show that that's what you do in your free time, it's really no big deal, I'm just doing this for fun look, I carry mountains in my pocket, so it's no big deal I can even take a phone call asking you to go to the next petition to fund the foundation I You are Thursday in April.
Being dumb here isn't a big deal to the people on the other side because they're already at the top of the mountain waiting for her, all this cool stuff isn't so interesting to them that they don't even question the plausibility of it, let's just sneak in a helicopter. on top of a mountain silently so the climber never notices, there's really no reason, it'll just be an incredible revelation, like I said, it's no big deal because we're tough, meanwhile in Mexico everyone gathers around. an archaeologist who hasn't found anything yet to discover, hasn't found anything yet, hey, one of these days that will lead to world peace, but Weyland Industries is so impressed with his ability to do his job poorly that they flew to the same mission that Alexa and Ellen Simon Pegg are coming here.
I am documenting you except for my voice. This is what they love especially because I'm not dead. Yeah, I guess you could say that's my character who has a family and isn't dead. Said. The long future for me, everyone meets at Weyland Industries, where Mr. Weyland explains his mission several feet above them from behind, that's a little idiotic. Seven days ago, one of my satellites over Antarctica over incremental deposits discovered a sudden heat militia. We rotate our chairs around the red lines in the game. Solid walls through the generative stage. right there and our Nexus starts to hurt an expert tells me this has characteristics that remind me of the Aztecs you don't need the microphone with like 15 of a planet dangers the expedition came to plant telling us more about the people my experts tell me that it is mainly a pyramid because one way in comparemaine my pyramid experts told me that, naturally, there has been a disturbance in the Arctic that Whelan wants looked at immediately, but Alexa thinks they don't have enough time to get it right and goes out and looks for another guy, No.
Really guys, she told you not to go. We filmed all the footage of her just so she could walk in and say no, she's so angry she won't even show her breath in freezing weather. There is a space left in the world where no one else, come on, no. Don't let me upload pictures of my kids gross in case you forgot about kids and not being dead that's what my name is. Do we have a better chance of surviving with you with an option number two? I mean, we saw how you clearly treat your own children.
You're tough, she of course finally agrees and they prepare to leave. I'm laying down three simple rules: one, no one goes anywhere alone, everyone must maintain constant communication, three, if this is your first night, you have to fight. I'd rather have one and not need it than need it and not have one. I'm glad you decided to stay in the future YouTube courts without an identity. I'm just calling Jane Lynch: now, did you have to give it to mr. Anderson for trying to set the mood through beautiful cinematography as well as characters, surprisingly you don't want to see their necks broken on people, yes, but we are really adverse, yes, once in a while, show some attention, but it is the longest time they have been.
Yes, we could do that, we are doing that, I think the movie, but the movie takes us a while to get started, but in the first two movies we find characters that we enjoy being incredible with, real and likeable. Here Alexa is great and even exchanges a nice conversation with Henriksen we think that's the last thing your dad remembers hey or drinking champagne with his daughter 14,000 feet in the air but everyone else is just accent oh I hope the Mexican accent isn't die before the Scottish accent, but at least We would still have to tell you that there is no equipment or machine in the world that will reach this depth in 24 hours, whatever it is trying to be.
I will say that they are adorable, traveling through the ruins of Winstone and the credits they participate in. his favorite game avoiding fake looks which were pretty good but surely there is a better one around the corner. Sorry, that doesn't count unless you do a Chun with every step you take. It would kill if that penguin took the role of a cat in the series help we can give him his own animated spin-off with a surprise ending why am I the only one who sees the possibilities here is a very good show and the predator ship literally passes over them without making any sound, in fact it actually gets quieter as it passes by, well that was nice, but it's followed by our hero's new ping in the dark each day.
I don't know why these movies always go with this setup, it's been done too many times, we know. most of them are going to die and it's not really a mystery what's out there, you could argue it's to show the blood, but on page 13 you know you're not going to understand that not even any of the main characters are removed. first, there are a ton of extras, surprise, the predator's vision doesn't look like that, my keeo, they are evil, they found a way to combine the Virtual Boy and the power glove into one. These predators really know how to make bombs, so it shows. like the predators actually captured an alien queen and linked facehuggers to growing into humans and being hunted by them, either that or now they can't bury eggs, they have a reason to taste bad, it's true, it I said a lot to pay for, I guess I mean. collosum for the Predators to do that because our human character sure isn't very fun to kill, okay, we move on from Schwarzenegger to us, take a stand, Frank, we don't want tickets because you, tickets, Klein, none of us.
I'll take an oar, well, just let time kill them and urinate on the corpse. Hey, I'm the keynote speaker, shut up Frank, our appetizers are landing on the smoke machines for the old Predators ritual of running a haunted garage. Any idea what they are? Oh, you know what it is. good tune people the experts hey they're only good at figuring out what pyramid shape their pyramid is how the hell are they supposed to figure out what shapes of weapons they are oh yeah it's a good thing because this is like the dvd collection from Moses, so first, really.
The weird line from the movie took a while, but it was finally dumb, this is easy for the Moses DVD collection, I'm sorry that line was so dumb, it's literally killing me, we'll run to the Testing Service, we'll meet the destiny, yes, after looking at them for almost three. Only now it says don't touch it, that should be minimum sentence number two. Wow, look at these touches when we're dead. This, of course, signals predators to hunt them while displaying sacred gremlin cocoons. This movie just got a billion. bonus points no of course it's the facehuggers that jump in slow motion as you can tell they are fake and get our victims pregnant pretty quickly considering it's usually a one or two day process in the original and now they're just A few minutes, even the chest explodes.
It doesn't seem like a big deal anymore all the other times it's horrible, disturbing down, but here, oh that's annoying, come on Ian, I just got it, you're shaped like a penis, don't you have to act like one? Okay, I'm only giving you two stars on Yelp and that's because I really want to yeah, but you'll get one more star if you sing hello my baby, hello, this is Walker, interrupting your commercial for a good commercial. I noticed you were looking at my shirt, my sexy body looks amazing, but believe it or not, my body is not that sexy.
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Either way, Mac Welding is there to help review them and see what you're missing while everyone kills Tetris or separately, oh no, it doesn't matter what accent he had. I miss the way it existed, but the Predators seemed to want their weapons too. back I'm NOT going to die across the net in an alien vs. predator movie. I refuse to go out this way, that's a little better. two stars in the yellow predator and the alienThey finally meet and shake again. It's weird when you can see it, it's fucking incredible. it has a good amount of practical effects mixed in with the CG, but when it shakes it doesn't render correctly, it doesn't speak, okay now skip to the part where we use the alien as a tilted pinball after the sphere, but after As one predator acts, another moves.
After the humans saw that Henriksen has asthma, they don't even bother with him. Which Hendrickson still has something to prove. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. that the movie is only 13 page, yes, but for a 13 page movie they got away with it, although I'm confused, making the blood green somehow makes it less gory, no, I think it just makes it a Christmas movie, that's Christmas movies. that's hard to kill yeah sadly though we go from an amazing fight scene to a ton of explanations the ancient warriors would work alone these hunters found a secluded planet and where worship argued humans were used to raise the prey Definitely, if the hunters lost, they made sure nothing survived the heat Bloom was designed to rest down here no one cares we don't need to know what they marked themselves we can understand it obviously it's a predator temple they're stuck everywhere and it's pretty clear They breathe aliens to husband because we know that's what they like so I'll say this there's one thing that doesn't explain why I have a temple at all why not just drop a few eggs wait a year and then literally hunt a planet of aliens, wouldn't it be much more? more challenging than a great vacation spot for primitive families Hey kids, you want to go to Planet, they don't do anything but that big hole to have cock holes in their cock holes.
We already have a movie for kids to watch later. How can no one smell the money? by the way the emic die dead die to be fair, it's good to know that the guy who goes on and on about his children is murdered by another father, the children are kind of like a vegetarian getting trampled by a cow, it's kind of funny, do you know what it is? It's not funny everything this guy explains when that door opens where he does it during he could be a hunter the animals that are being hunted do not arm the man except Enoch or the teenager to death thank you this means that only Alexa is left while he faces Give the last predator back his weapon and, through honestly very clever narration, we are told everything visually, without dialogue, she killed an alien earning his respect, they realized they had to work together.
He shows her that the alien's skin is immune to acidic blood, so it uses its tail as a spear and its head as a damn shield. I was in this movie about her, what do you mean all the cool stuff that's happening now? Wearing alien armor alone, badass, can't you just have a horror movie with one person for the most part, folks? actually you might be right because the movie is from page 13 the only goal is to make Rahman agitated and there have been many horror movies to focus on one person as long as the character is interesting like her that would possibly work there with less filling. and the dialogue and by focusing on one person, it surprisingly had more human interest and we get more of what we want alien versus predatory man because, truth be told, the rest of the movie is hugely entertaining, the aliens help the queen escape, They find various ways to be smarter. and run away from it and they have to do it all through communication that is non-verbal, true, sometimes Resident Evil is shown, but it was filmed very well, the pacing is better and it's nothing more than the cool, badass characters that remain Being cool and badass characters, she has to show her loyalty. killing one of her friends because an alien is coming out of him which shows that she's not going soft and means business, she's actually cool after they blew up the entire temple which I'm sure means McQueen is destroyed Hey, as long as this thing doesn't show up I'm fine, he brands her into a top-notch awesome Nader, but naturally it's not over, we're onions, it's a three-way battle between an alien predator and a human, and by all means God, just saying that sentence was incredible. but everyone gets injured which means they have to take cover quickly, it will often be a graveyard, the predator gets bad, but I like the throws between the ocean, naeli, your punk ass, yeah, I wish I could drown, it will be a long life, yes, what are other predators like?
They arrive just in time, but see that she is an honorary brother and leave her alone, even giving her other stats for putting up an honorable fight. Aaron, don't touch the red button it will blow up the land later, but they should have run. that body through customs because it looks like you're listening to an illegal target wait a minute when did a facehugger get him? Why would the Queen attack him if he was impregnated? Why would she mix with her DNA creating a new creature? It was great, so that was Alien versus Predator and even today it is still difficult to understand it in many ways, it betrays what we want, but in many other ways it offers exactly what we want, it looks great, there are good fighting teams and moments great, and you I know the worst parts really aren't that bad, especially when you compare them to his other movies, it sucks to wait for certain moments, but when you get to the fun stuff it's a lot of fun, I guess it depends on what you're looking for.
Personally, I'm glad I saw it, it gave me everything, but it gave me enough, so while your inner athlete and your inner intellect bring it out, I hope you can come to a conclusion on whether or not this is, we're here no way. The best book I know means the worst, is Enigma, which is alien versus Predator. There is one thing we can all agree on. Oh, this is like finding the Moses DVD collection. Hi everyone, Doug Walker here during charity appreciation and this week we're doing the National Alliance on Mental Illness - this is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by illness. mental.
What began as a small group of families gathered around a kitchen table in 1979 has become the country's leading voice. Mental Health Today are a partnership of hundreds of local affiliated state organizations and volunteers working in their community to raise awareness and provide previously unavailable support and education to those in need. They provide volunteer leaders with the tools, resources and skills. Needed to save mental health in every state, the helpline allows them to personally respond to hundreds of thousands of requests each year by providing free referral information and support. If you look at their site and YouTube channel, you can see how serious mental health is and how it takes a lot of effort to keep it under control.
Take a look at this wonderful organization and see how it can make a big difference not only in someone else's life, but in yours as well.

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