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Alfa Romeo 2.0 Nord aus 105er Serie eines Bertone Coupe. Motorenaufbau eines Klassikers

May 30, 2022
we welcome you have cylinder head technology in front of us is the engine block or casing of a local alpha 2 liter engine connoisseurs really know how popular diesel engines are now and what pitfalls and difficulties arise when preparing such engines and we want talk about that in these videos and doing this running footage so here we see our masters blocking the engine it had cracks here on the side that they already welded so you need to remove some of the bolts to close it on the inside and outside. Of course, it still pulls roughly at the moment, which means that the next step is of course that we bring the weld seams back into shape.
alfa romeo 2 0 nord aus 105er serie eines bertone coupe motorenaufbau eines klassikers
They are continuous and fully filled inside and out and the seams touch so in this respect full stability is back because flat surfaces have to be corrected that would be us actually we love it taking those bolts out. But sometimes it's ok, but it's tedious, but it works. In the end, we decided to leave the old ones behind because they're basically not bad at all. We just removed this one and one that wasn't quite up to scratch due to corrosion and we had it here in the corner of course there's us you can believe us we made the block and processed accordingly and also sprayed and heated again, and so on so we've already followed all the guidelines we can get the bolts come out and it's not like we've opened it often and but here we have the bolt pulled out that we couldn't get out so we can see we drilled there as well, obviously you have to drill accordingly in the machine with too long ones and possibly do it with the bad ones, but that also belongs to the daily use in the workshop of old engines and the commissioning or salvage of such as or engines, which is why we have bolts of high-quality new rods, make sure they are also brought here accordingly, otherwise the blog is the first thing to do in the washing machine, we will also go grinding afterwards these flat surfaces again on the contour or mill them on the router so that we can have a clean one here to be able to guarantee the seal and also have flat and clean surfaces the next steps thomas will also accompany that here in the house later in the videos when we prepare the block if it is You need to rework the bottom of the bushings, if you need new cylinders to go in, we have new pistons later for that and of course we need to make sure we have some overhang afterwards and the rifles sit clean and straight there and for that it is necessary that the blog is of course in order but just look that when you have measured it I forgot every block first well so camp streets everything must Of course, also check if everything is in order.
alfa romeo 2 0 nord aus 105er serie eines bertone coupe motorenaufbau eines klassikers

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alfa romeo 2 0 nord aus 105er serie eines bertone coupe motorenaufbau eines klassikers...

We are now preparing the casing for it, which we will later use on our little old North Sport engine. We will report on the heads. We will verify. We will inform about the ball axis we have. sanded the crankshaft or has it now been sanded, which is already integrated into the surface, then there is also corresponding information on it, then the impact is also checked and to where but then sometimes step by step to where it has to be so illegal, it's not the same good so you're there if you rebuild this unit and maybe you'll have fun with our videos and here it goes a little further we'll wait until now or what's in the plan right now so what it has happened so far it has been welded on blogs there yes we have already done that I had seen everything beforehand the frames in the block had been reworked so that the ball could be played again r fits but wants to leave something to give stability it can be returned to drill well so that it is completely open again and then manually rework the surface of the block so that it is also in front again in principle you can also plan all around yes, but that is of course, much better if the bolts also decide to do it based on the latest information we have the bolts on so now we've reached a compromise but maybe we can gauge the block plan once it's justifiable so far ok happy we survived already checked, let's say the cannon cases are open at the bottom, can you show that it looks so long?
alfa romeo 2 0 nord aus 105er serie eines bertone coupe motorenaufbau eines klassikers
That's exactly the race, then laugh, a boat of wet leaves that is placed there. The collar is exactly where the collar of the boat is. The rifle sits next here. on the engine block sits here on the edge of it also in a radius after a rubber ring to seal that kei n water gets into the engine block now there you should also be there if there is too much debris etc. . or the blocks have been deformed, then it can also be under these cans and must be reworked accordingly to correct the bridge once again are really people who catch polishing it up to the box and adapting each movement differently is of course, the wrong way so it is done exactly on the blog and then seen this way the specified budget support should be reset here in this case according to the workshop manual this alpha writes between 0 and 610 overhang before we are already in the middle between 3 to 5 we have three to four and so a tiny hundredth difference but the rifle is also right next to the recorder so nothing has been tilted at all usually not valid values ​​so so much they are quite different the rifles stick out so long the scope would drive the other 0 10 so depending on the country untersc here the europeans have new blue rods volta customer domain especially since his old plank also had to be redone and so it was decided price wise to go to the domain place minute correspondingly lp reinforced bolts everything like the blue rods i think the performance of the engine in stock condition maybe can add something to it , namely connecting rods can also be obtained from us in small


s made according to customer requirements, so also dominance sport practically wants to have six-cylinder four-cylinder two-cylinder water does not matter but you just have to buy the quantity for professional reasons, otherwise a sample will be very expensive for you, in principle, we can offer them in very good condition and in relation if we buy something like that Carlos now, you will actually only pay a part or a fraction of the price of the tooth decay where the prices are 1000 1200 1500 euros are good ok drivers blog why of course it has looked different, now it's cleaned up well i'd say in some areas it's already been through the washer my full block is always very heavy the thing is nice too getting aluminum is the thing was i saw a lot of people going and even doing that at least exploding, exploding, exploding, but once the original structure of an engine is, I think it's more beautiful if it's brushed like this, yes, it has the dirt, it has a certain patina and then also according to the client's request , I find the same thing with soto blasting, maybe I should say why it is used that dissolves as a blasting agent when you wash your engine block, that means if you live or take something, you Naturally wonderfully abrasive granules are also used , but if such a grain is stuck somewhere in the sewer, you do not need to check it. let's talk then it happens and then it dissolves when washed then it's basically a salt and then there's no residue that mother can be dangerous well on topic so there's exactly lazy rays here main camp is invited I feel hard for once, shut up and then you. you can see there again here you see exactly the following is now the crankshaft bearing player means on the block new victims then you have to adjust if everything fits if it is ok so far the villa is inserted the curve can also be sanded too below what was clipped after and this will also be finished so far good reason keep a better


no we will also see the head history later if you fix it because the guide needs to be changed or the guide should already be there Exactly swapped then it is processed accordingly according to the client's requirements and it looks like this in the end it is a paid


s nmotor will not have a lot of performance optimization but only the client wanted to apply as before as stable in any case the substructure will be more stable, which means that sometimes you can shoot the Nürburgring 24 km take the last game of the type you have to be afraid of the thing is worse somewhere r or the plauen holes in the block where the lad is based so you get extra reserves which will definitely do you good for the future so good I think you'll finish up the spa operation first and then figure it out again venstres taken, we can take a look at the ball right away and then take a look ok very purist we have two waves here the purpose of the combi is too low once the wave of a north alpha engine 2 liters of beer typical in giulias were in her or this bed no


s etc. and then we have the golf ball shaft in front of the golf 1 2h engine and then we'll see that too nn the back is formulating and how its face has changed so here you have our crankshafts returned from here and as they look now , they're not painted matte black or anything but they actually look like that according to the criteria or the surfaces would actually be closed knowing that a crankshaft it shouldn't know how to swell for would have glass and break with the swingarms that arise when you are working at speed and also under load, which means you know that the interior remains homogeneously soft in inverted commas and the surface where basically the sliding surfaces work against each other is saved to ensure some protection. see north alpha dome wave and vw golf 2 hair engine crankshaft and now basically it will open g checked means checked after hardening they are usually a little deformed so they would straighten out and then if the seals are polished depending on the type they are opened up filled and cleaned next to it and reassembled of course the shafts are then supposed to have plugs or the vise was plugged by impact and if it doesn't then you need to clean them the normal way then think about it from the ku band but that's about it for now on the ball shafts to motors thing and having our shaft finished or yes the hole hasn't cleared something for the final installation of the of course it was washed but it was washed the first one dusted off completely recapped yes everything was cleaned so here are new plugs inside the channels everything already happened surcharge now it has been checked that everything is ok yes another final cleaning one of the field ments are steiner blow through the oil well number one time and then can be installed by the h Precisely of the new natural rows of pilot position so guide teaching gearbox guide bearing for initial cases that the shooting team rarely forgets and then the misery begins and disassembles the gearbox again and then somehow it comes to growing well then we will see next when the thing is installed if it is pregnant it will be like that our old one is a little more enriched with two new bolts you can see here and our crankshaft we have painted black now also used bremen better let the guys around and look around it made winter slow now heavier but slowly it comes the weight, so the crankshaft is of course not painted black, but it is from below, of course, it has changed its color a little, the bright spots are now because they have been vi avid and polished accordingly, friends. they have already lined up here and there it was already talked about once exactly as you can see now the sound is the can di We turn here with one hand and that's how it should be in principle you have to get rid of the oil moment and the mounting fits that also like a saw is like a chain I would say overcome and then turn very small things it is already inside yes yes it is also a dana brake pressure exactly and the axle runs cleanly without play and slides on the pad dedicate and yes nothing and only verdi the post woman recently picked up the package from us and he is there five cylinder fights the woman takes we finished we help to use it and then we have this question and i was really like me to ask it is not a sentence yeah ya which i pulled my tail so it has both with the good so the shaft is turning everything looks good the next step has we go up on the knoll with rows of pistons and then we go to the chains on the front , then we put together engine from the bottom i mean the oil pump goes over its head and we're actually almost done and already a lot of people give it extra hours and it's cost you their money but the customer can really step on the gas with the thing so , deep down, diesel is close, but of course it has nothing to do with our age, so the first point here is already a few floors, jewel jewels exactly so her chain drive is building very slowly head we still have to do it then you just say the deck gets the same in frontnow together so there are two rods wheels with pistons everything in it we look again from above that means that the boxes are logically there too yes, the withdrawal of the gilts has already been talked about withdrawing from the Turkish city survived that she measured by fire slow is in the area now we can put the already new door cover on top don't forget the earring on the cover otherwise it will come out later important maybe also with the story tell if such blocks are planned then you should also plan the cover with martin decker here we have not done anything not all well protected still make sure we are together but they really look good then i would also say then maybe we can come sometime to see gravity from below exactly otherwise we will fall, otherwise you have to turn r it doesn't matter if they fall down they are secured and placed but you can kind of see what's going on here in that case even when the light comes on it finally comes on you can lift them up a bit here you can see here but there if over boxing is available either they are now 100 percent and be careful I can say here that a little bit of a round succeeded where it sat nice quaint as taste what now grew the can crates deal sit nice on the engine it's all there so that's a good fit seal the motto ring we will definitely keep turning too will look from above then ultimately probably not after so can his guitar car so lit mount monday morning red before also was built this fun to the side so definitely now they can be together then next , we will get acquainted with the full story, then it will also be assembled and edited and then everything will be carried out accordingly. directional only front mandl utah ok we'll stay but further report cylinder head on job exact sale finished finished 2 liter place finished finished right now still looks pretty bold gray or toned down that's just the oxidation that aluminum brings when be so in The years are coming up and I've had quite a few things under my belt.
alfa romeo 2 0 nord aus 105er serie eines bertone coupe motorenaufbau eines klassikers
I'll be getting tickets again soon I'll see them too of course you can decapitate them of course and then irradiate accordingly if you want to restore the surfaces and so on I won't go into detail about it now one we did here first we milled the seats first replaced the designs are inside also have a good look at the beautiful shiny and crescent appearance like a halo exactly and yes accordingly the seats in the freer not a little more streamlined yes yes a little aerodynamic in the eyes se sit a little different designed in correction in the exit area touched a little and kept the width of the original seat, so I had overlooked that you can still see in the pictures very wide seats were a good four millimeters wide there was no incorrect external correction or there was nothing else about the seat angle problem exactly when are here here some numbers 30 degrees typical some s people then live their surprise if they don't know the ones in the valve grinding machine packages where they are usually set to 45 degrees or immediately after the valves were destroyed strictly speaking 30 degree valves it's just shows typical straight alpha so you can see maybe we'll be up to it again so always calm I'll get it that way even at this moment I see very little but monaco that doesn't look good in the angle yes I can see quite well important, maybe with the alphas as information, we've had customers here before who said they put some sort of seat rings in there which look great bumps off that's perfectly normal as the alpha seat rings are in the rhein combustion chamber on the other hand if they're not but they're flush they are even further in then something has happened to the heads and either the wear has advanced or someone has already done so grinds them massively no, yes the valve a is very deep in the head, you also have trouble adjusting the valve lash because the valve bridge moves into the clearance and then reduces the chance that you will have to adjust the valve lash matches everything with a tree A camshaft that is ground from base circle is a problem, but it also has the disadvantage if of course the valve is very deep in the head then you can also have problems with flo etc. every day especially when it comes to conversions where the customer says let's do it The biggest valve you should look at practice measure the valve spring preload of the collision course of the valve springs if the camshaft has very large stroke if valve spring plate hits base surface or valve guide or valve springs also block flow conditions looking at seat widths and man can fit a lot but if it gets better afterwards, that means things should be able to harmonize, but they should work even on gefrees.
It doesn't work with our device what gives yes you don't have to worry now it says how many there are 270 or 70 that are full of sleep are the thin fingers on it so here is the finger on it now there one talks but a lot is here where you puts a lot of so called tours so we don't have any here and this vacuum device wanted it to be that way in the end i like all of that and when you look back there too moment lasts moment so go back to full sleep these are perfect results this is how it should be and there was no intervention or manipulation and as far as when the seats have been optimally milled and polished the valve was optimally ground then you have these results, which you can reproduce and end up being the same for all tubes, and it should be, so we have candidates who grind their tubes with a drill and don't think about increasing the effect, but the rules exist and the work is there, na it gives more with the contour of the seat or the angle of correction and it is simply too wide a mass in principle, so say a clean seal because the force of the valve spring is static when it is applied in a certain range of speed or even at rest and the wider the area where the force is distributed afterwards, the more it decreases per square millimeter d That means you also have a problem with heat transfer because the surface of the valve to the seat ring is no longer in contact with it and that eventually has repercussions, yes I once went to Solaris over our seats and now I have chosen a width of 2 millimeters. because at 30 you have to have some space if you go down to 15 it can happen that after idling it's a blessing because the valves no longer cover a percentage of the speed range that's fine but idling means they say something right for the values originals also apply to him we have a system yes or yes we start working with the knives we have we would also have 15 was there but that is pretty much reserved for others but not the alpha ok i would say make your head that away per now continue to refrain from the machine exactly then the surface is done flat then once the final cleaning is done once it's checked and then it's time to assemble the head and put it into play and yes there is a channel in the good engine in the hall but so far exactly that's how the sound is here exactly the thomas gut finish my head so far and when it's over let's celebrate like weddings so that our age grows together more al to set pistons Are the flywheels there?
I'm already on it. It's balanced. The shaft is balanced with the flywheel and clutch. We've got the automatic machines on board and we're taking a look at the flywheel here the flywheel has basically been ground so there are additional machines for this that make it possible to grind the inside of the flywheel accordingly some take those out too but the picture It also has its dangers in certain circumstances if you haven't lined up the piece 100 percent if that if the food isn't working 100% then they will have a communion the music will call and prove we were right all the garnishes time chains the They were driving ahead, the timing chain is up here, we have to divide it again later when the cylinder head is put on so that the two pass differently, everything is prepared in it, it is only so that we can know where our pistons are at the top dead center that was with the control times there was no problem either and now it's time to mount the head this is exactly how it looks like the heads are turned ha cia here grows together so slowly that it's actually laid when many kits put mostly everything therefore valve kit is now not processed through kims or key cups etc but through the creation of valves through the economy through the length of the valves.
We have installed it here. You can also do it without any problem. a little more complex but for us it has the quality let's say that in the end we are faster because we don't write in any and we have to keep waiting important to always pay attention to the occasional opportunity in certain with stricter, so not from time to time in the end and at the top end exactly without stopping also important to check the valves if they are harvested at the top end of the shaft if they should be harvested of course you do it again after that yes exactly otherwise they run into the valves creates extremes very quickly and from exactly can herten according to the texts it works says yes this is the case here everything is fine if now they are also set and with that valve a sign of disks do you have them in your head?
We're there right now with the webcams right there I'd say in the middle of the league or you have there is the range now with the engine between 1.5 and 2.5 and we've written here that they're between 2 10 and 2 35 so we're also clearly exactly so that now it is selected according to the fact that there is space above there is space below so it is this this little step there are also discs that then are to balance everything with sports camshafts then they go from two and a half to three and a half so there is Quite a few possibilities but if we have the problem that the valve buries itself securely and towards the bottom we still have six tenths loose of trim clearance that we can use on the most recent plate that has been fitted so our alpha motor He already had his wedding day.
New camshafts. Upside down, the stock is mounted. the timing chain is mounted on the outside everything sets a control time as established as well as the marking I have heard that I would like to have something good it is about calm but that it has a series engine we assume the series brands and we also configure of according to your specifications 1 this is exactly how some new profit givers should look like we have already replaced them accordingly Attention of course you need to pay attention to a thread so don't just anyway turn e 0 to 15 1 but I already want have it there in the alpha now we've set up the dyno test which means we'll run the engine which is now being externally driven and at about cranking speed or a bit more and we'll then also check to see if our oil pressure is present and also creates a certain level of security for the client, which means that we can see if a certain level of security is guaranteed, the pressure d e oil is present and when we try to start the engine or turn it on, we have to do it on our own, our newly built engine has not suffered serious damage yet, a wave of copying and again, and so more damage occurs exactly and then discussed about who has to answer, etc. here but our connection is basically to measure output and now we would have to be careful getting it running clear no power now neighbor could invade ok machines above will also store even more everywhere exit include set ok then and sport endpurt would say that we also believe that he has dreamed exactly now all

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