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Alexa Chung On Healing Heartbreak And 'Embarrassing' Herself In Front Of Beyoncé | ELLE UK

Jun 06, 2021
Hi, I'll show you my leather pants oh yeah, I'm Alexa Chong, this is our UK, let's dig into some signs and I'll give you some to, uh, whiskey makes me very happy, I'd say I'm a happy drunk some people when they get drunk they get a little modeling but I actually mentioned the other day that I'm very happy that when I get drunk I become a much nicer version of myself cheap makes me very happy very happy not sharing cheap It makes me very happy to find friends who really make you laugh makes me happy my favorite tv show right now and will probably ever be a succession.
alexa chung on healing heartbreak and embarrassing herself in front of beyonc elle uk
Is incredible. I had heard about him. I tried to see it. I found it boring. I thought the characters were super unlikeable. and then my boyfriend started watching it and I thought I've already seen it, I don't like it, I can't connect with it and then gradually I became hugely absorbed in my favorite book, I don't have it. a favorite book right now I'm not going to be like I'm reading blood if you have to be honest with you I'm not reading anything right now I'm reading my phone at night oh dear hunter movie I saw is locked up best movie ever times, amazing, favorite, Met Gala, look both yours and other people's, my own dress for the Met Gala, the year of Catholicism, was white, kind of a mini fluffy thing, and the camp year was so much fun because I got to wear a sequin beret.
alexa chung on healing heartbreak and embarrassing herself in front of beyonc elle uk

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alexa chung on healing heartbreak and embarrassing herself in front of beyonc elle uk...

It was just an explosion of color. I loved the year Beyonce wore her latex outfit. It looked amazing, obviously something I couldn't achieve, but it looked amazing. It was also the same year I thought he was saying hello to me and I saw. she was going like this and I went and then she went and I was like oh god it's not me I turned around she was literally waving at someone I actually knew behind me so it was


my favorite memory from T4 is that I have to travel. around the UK with Rick Edwards, who became a good friend of mine.
alexa chung on healing heartbreak and embarrassing herself in front of beyonc elle uk
He used to make me laugh a lot, so we were really young and we'd stay up until four in the morning drinking with the whole crew and then we'd have to record at like seven in the morning and oh God, I remember getting to the festival from the park and, you know, I was kind of an all-nighter and ended up on someone's tour bus and they took me home at like 6 a.m., we had to be on set. at 7am and I was so tired and drunk he tried to put me in the background with a cape and sunglasses like a nightmare and in the end they were like chun I think you should go home that was spicy it's funny to think about yourself like a spice probably paprika because it's a little spicy but it's not too much, hopefully not too much.
alexa chung on healing heartbreak and embarrassing herself in front of beyonc elle uk
Liven up the party. It can add a little color to things. It combines with many things that are not appropriate for all times, but they are people. Overall, I'm very happy to see it, that's the look no one can go wrong with. I mean, I think almost everyone looks great in dungarees. The shape of the body. Young children in terms of age. To heal a broken heart, first you have to go out a lot with your friends because you are going to go from being with someone you love all the time to being very alone, so it is important that they do not leave you alone. too long and then I think there's a distinction between a broken heart and a broken ego, so it might be good to separate those parts.
I think there are more amazing things at our disposal these days that can help with broken hearts than ever before. You might lock yourself away and cry forever, and other than that, you know, the usual thing is to send absolutely crazy messages, it's hard, I'm not going to lie, good luck, but actually, it's good to have a broken heart, right? Do you know how? How much it hurts, it also depends on how much you loved, so I think you are very lucky if in this life you really experience broken hearts, it means that you have also experienced a very deep connection and love with someone, so it is something to be grateful for because We have to go to the Maldives and it was incredibly beautiful, but it is a real honeymoon place and I think we terrified the people on the island because there were about eight of us and everyone else was in romantic couples, we had a wedding and we married two . of our male friends together in a fake ceremony where one of them was the bride and I made her veil and costume with a bunch of tied shirts and we became very hardworking with what we had and the guys who left us on the The boat was literally watching from a distance turning into a daisy.
My friend was there. She was the vicar. She turned his pajama top inside out so he had the bow dog collar and then we all pretended to be the chorus. My 2020 style icon. It's difficult. one this year, isn't it? I haven't really seen anyone. It's been like lockdown and the world is falling apart, so I'm talking about anyone wearing a mask. I guess maybe Paris Hilton from the 90s. Paris Hilton, amazing babydoll dresses. stacked flip flops baguette bag she doesn't age she's so my best co-host of all time one of yes, i've had a lot of them, but so france is one of my favorite co-hosts and definitely my favorite in recent years on The Feeling I Hadn't another one lately thanks for asking.
I can tell you about our fall collection. I'm using some of that now. The aforementioned stylish leather pants and literally wait. Oh, AC's dream cardigan could come back to


um the new collection is called suburban punk it's a very explosive and fun collection with a sexy touch very much like me that's all so thank you very much UK for having me and thank you to everyone who wrote especially in tan, he is my favorite ghost, okay, thanks. You're so much to look at, I'll see you again someday somewhere, you want to see my leather pants again, oh yeah, oh yeah.

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