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Alastair Campbell SHOCKED By Grace Campbell's Phone Secrets | Dave

Jun 11, 2024
enter the eye sorry what to do tips to free yourself dad have you seen my


? My name is Grace Campbell. I'm a comedian and we're going to check my


with my dad. My name is Alistair Campbell. I am Grace Campbell's father. I have a very, very good relationship with Grace. In a way I see myself as my favorite daughter of hers. She is my third favorite daughter. No. I have a very good relationship with Grace. She's always been fun. She has always been very feisty. He will hate this. He's not going to do it.
alastair campbell shocked by grace campbell s phone secrets dave
Enjoy it at all, but I don't care about him, he stops doing that with your glasses. Well, that's what I do when I'm nervous. Now I'm living on my phone. Screen saver. Why don't I use the screen protector? Why are you but that? It would be very strange to have been your screensaver in the past, not since I was 15. 15. but I'm a little older now, okay, oh, that was before we had the extension in the kitchen. I look exhausted. You look like you. I just want you to look very unhealthy, very bad, you look horrible, yes, I look so pretty, you look defiant, I look so pretty, that was my sixteenth sixteenth and we went to a club that's in my house, right is that so?
alastair campbell shocked by grace campbell s phone secrets dave

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alastair campbell shocked by grace campbell s phone secrets dave...

That's my old bedroom, yes. at your house and the girls gave me that lingerie for my 60th birthday, it's that lingerie, yeah man, Summers, yeah, it seems like you don't really know what you're doing. I don't think I knew, someone told me no. pretty that my face has character no, you did, oh, you've always said that you take it completely out of context. I said you weren't what people would describe as conventionally pretty, but you have real character in your face, that's what I just said Emily and Anna, oh job well done, where was this? So that's probably when you made us go campaigning since we were 12 years old.
alastair campbell shocked by grace campbell s phone secrets dave
I'm just saying, oh, I'm sorry, my parents asked me to come and do this. So are you going to vote Labour? No, it's okay, don't worry, have a good day, bye and then I would if they said they were voting for Tori, we would be like you told me to do, no, I never said yes, it's Anna is my best friend. I have a lot of people you call best friends. I'm sure I'd say Anna is probably you and Donna. Anna and I know people who are a little sexually compromising. Definitely not sexually compromising. Her leg is on your legs.
alastair campbell shocked by grace campbell s phone secrets dave
Any boy. That's just friends, we're like that I've never really liked what friends do that you're really yeah, what does that really mean like drunk, right, look, we're in your kitchen, where is my kitchen, yeah, I remember that There are other people involved data and then I remember there was a moment where we were like, oh, out and we were like, literally, like sucking on a ham, oh, what I don't know what we're talking about, I think we're talking about there was a night when we were at school when we came back to your house and mom had a bunch of leftover chicken okay so this is little miss in her final warning inside her house so you know you remember her house for no reason , remember no.
What happened? I have never joined a club in my life apart from Burnley football club. I don't like clubs. They offered me membership, yeah, I was giving it away, yeah, and I thought, "Okay, you know, they've given me something." I'll take it for nothing and I'll never go Mom and I love her mom and I love her and I love what were your previous warnings about? I don't think we can talk about that uncommon, not really, was it worse than the last one? at Starbucks um yeah, yeah, it was better at Starbucks Starbucks was graffiti in the bathroom in the bathroom yeah, why did you do that?
I don't know we were 15 years old. We were at a dinner with the name of work with the first and then prime minister of Australia Kevin Rudd and he gets a phone call saying you're in trouble at Starbucks what was your style that you started when you were exercising authority with you over me it was always done in a very silent way oh passive aggressive very simply He didn't talk to me or look at me, mom was always the one who had to scold me, is that true? And then when I got arrested, I remember when I came back that time you were really mad at me, what was that?
Stealing from a store made me very embarrassed, well it was obviously very embarrassing, well I'm done, yes, twice, so why didn't you say that when Monica came home from the police station, you were so angry with me that day, were you so angry with me? I mean, it's embarrassing, it's like the most classic thing, like the middle class too, yeah, arrested for shoplifting from an American Apparel store, yeah, that's it, the headline, yeah, yeah. I mean, it's hard to tell if he was angry because of you or if he was angry because he was going to become a Well, shoplifting, yeah, exactly, so it's more of the main character syndrome.
I love trolls like Anna and I have a whole album. Why should anyone have heard of you? It baffles me why you would think people would even want to do it. Yes he has. A point, isn't it? I love it, I love you Alan, where did you get your fillers? I need to know where not to go. You might also consider putting on mascara, why do they bother with that? So there was this guy, right? Remember the guy who used to comment on all your photos of me and my son saying it was a good photo of not a good choice of the alcoholic and his son?
Were you looking for Anna? I'm looking for Anna Yes, Anna Anna Christina, no, she is. saved as kazzy anal sorry there she is so Anna is like the person I tell absolutely everything to, she knows everything about my life okay cool now hello you need to tell me something about Grace that I don't know. I'm always I'm gonna come up and talk to you and say, hey, like Grace had a United oh Grace, the doll from your office, yeah, and I'm sure it was okay, it was probably Alex Ferguson, yeah, so one night we went out , we left delirious. in Hackney works what's raving by the way what's raving you know you're going out basically like minimal clothing in like a warehouse in Hackney where God you have a break tonight he's got a pool tonight bring us bring your skull bring our scarf it's more cool yeah I turned around and to be fair to Grace she started pulling like the fittest guy there and he was a really fat cancer and he said do you want to go back to my friend's house? and then Grace said, yeah, let's go. get Addison Lee, the coach and Allison Lee out of your account, yes there are a lot of those words, Todd and the boy knock on the door, yes, a beautiful beautiful house and then there was one anyway, turns out we were the Robert Downey Jr's house and the The guy who opened the door was his son, yeah we stayed the night at the house and in the morning Grace texts me like how do we make sure we come back here again?
Obviously we have to get in here with this guy the way we want. Be friends with Robert Downey Junior. I know I thought, "I know you could leave your scarf and then we could go back and get it." Text the guy like two days later and say, Hey, oh, I accidentally left my limited edition signed as a really special Man United star. Do you think you could give us a number probably for Junior? Please possibly come back so I never responded from time to time. a bus, yes, it's good for you, yes, it's okay, I love you, bye, bye, oh, for the sake of whatever you want, someone send you a banana.
I could order a cucumber and it'll be here in about 10 minutes, yeah, but Grace, you could walk to the grocery store and then the corner store doesn't have good products, so this is my period tracker app, a period tracker app. period, yes, so let me fill in my symptoms for today. Okay, your body is at its highest fertile rate today. I'm ovulating you. You are ovulating, how do you know? Because I told you when my period was. Should we how to clean your vagina so that it doesn't maximize your orgasms? Okay, let's stop now. I will record my symptoms.
Yes, I haven't configured it. also yes, let's see, was this in the last eight hours, yes, today and then what it does is know your menstrual cycle very well and then it tells you when you are going to feel. well, and what companies are selling your data, this is not that one, this is this one, it's really good, you pay for this, do you want to sponsor my podcast? You use the wrong market, one of the things that makes My laugh is where Grace goes on Instagram reading ads for my podcast, he makes these ads like WhatsApp and obviously they just gave him a script and it's like honestly blowing my brains out listening to you like trying to sell what depends on me, we did this. podcast is sponsored Law firm that specializes in complex commercial dispute resolution focuses on high state litigation international arbitration what are the top law firms in the world what many Pandora law firms why are you, what are you eating , what are you talking about?, it's a law firm, the spices that your extension this is what dating profile oh my god that's a pretty obscene photo I'll go crazy for a good cheese board aren't you going to like it yeah, that's a lot of masturbation this guy is like irish he has a very nice accent how do you know that? because you sent me a voice note from his body, oh my god, anyway, what was your last single 42 years ago?
Jesus, no, it wasn't then, actually, oh, so you cut a crossover, hmm, a little. Gracie's mother and I trained together as journalists and that's why we met. I just couldn't even get the idea to do this. I don't think it's okay to spend a day thinking that's the way to get to know someone. I think it would be so strange that there is no stigma attached to it. all I wouldn't say, so it's not interesting, I mean, everyone wants a sign of real meat, but meat is cute, it's cute, it wasn't me, cute, you and mom would have had some kind of meat Linda who likes, became known as Endeavor and as well as a journalism. training course and then we fell in love and moved in together after five minutes, that's really cute and romantic, everyone wants to be able to tell a story like that, believe it or not.
I tried to arrest David Lair, so where do I get your Where's your search history? Four signs during a toxic relationship. Where he came from? Enter the eye. I'm sorry. Yes. What to do. Tips to free HIV. Enters. That have? Tips to relieve. Well, well, I'm glad I never required that in my entire life, that wasn't so bad, was it, that's okay, right, you know, it wasn't a perfect morning, but who's fine, and I'm pretty sure. that you get some poor guy to go out on a bike to give you an active meltdown. I mean, I just walked to the store, yeah, that's fair, that's fair.

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