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AK-12, Russia's new Service Rifle

Jun 06, 2021
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ak 12 russia s new service rifle
I simply thank you very much for supporting the channel today we are going to talk about a very interesting


, we have the AK-12, this is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time, however, there are very few examples. In the United States, well, there are very few that have the correct fire control groups that are as true to form as it may be lucky for me, the Psychopaths in Rifle Dynamics allowed me to make a video about this, so if you are not familiar with


dynamics, many thanks to them, they allowed me to film in their house, they put lights, they have my experience, they did all that and they allowed me to shoot the living with the Ak-12, many thanks to them.
ak 12 russia s new service rifle

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ak 12 russia s new service rifle...

The AK-12 is very interesting for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it is a modernization of the A.K. platform. Now it's incremental compared to the ak-74m, but it's definitely very necessary compared to what they have, so the Ak-12 when it was first introduced and first developed, it was really cool, there's a lot of advancements really interesting now, however, the Ak-12 that we currently have is not that advanced and was scaled down quite a bit, so we'll take this video to talk about how this right scaled down a little bit from what we currently have and how it performs compared to the 74 and what what I think about it, what I think now if you're not familiar with Ak rifles. quick summary for you guys this is a pain a pattern rifle in five four five by three ninth along the nice stroke gas piston and that pretty much sums it up it's a rifle this is not a short barreled rifle in this particular case so the Russian military has long had in the Ak-74m something very similar to this now, however, they are now adopting slash gradually adopting the Ak-12, so one of the differences between these two platforms and the improvements that were made, so let's move on, let's talk about it.
ak 12 russia s new service rifle
This is a bit here, so start with many other rifles out there. We're going to use the tip to bite standard in the military, so let's start with the muzzle device now, if you notice we have these ISIL liners a little bit sharp. spikes right here on the end of the muzzle device, one of those four that used to break glass, now this is another thing that's been used on a lot of muzzle devices, from foolproof socom suppressors to these muscle devices also known as


ns, which They use and it's a It's also a great thing if you have to make a less than lethal hit, it's incredibly disconcerting, so it's a great addition the mouth device.
ak 12 russia s new service rifle
Now many people have noted that the Ak-12 is incredibly smooth to shoot and I think a lot of that. It all comes down to the muzzle device compared to the 74, it's definitely similar, they're a lot more aggressive now, the thing is I don't know if that was specifically the solution to the problem the AKO has always had a little bit more. recoil than the AR pattern, that is simply due to the fact that, with more mass going around, you have a good long stroke gas piston system and they have chosen to achieve that to the maximum with this very aggressive muzzle brake, the problem is If you have teammates around you it will be incredibly moving or if you shoot from a distance or at anything close to someone it won't be pleasant to be around them so while it works I don't think it's a great solution.
On to the problem now, this muscle device also allows for quick connect suppressors. Now, of course, we don't have the ones that I would like to have, but it's a great addition that they now have, plus we also have our bayonet mount here, pretty standard. a military rifle in many ways. I think the Ak-12 reflects the modernization that the AR platform had. This is something that is closer to the m16a4 than the m16a2 as the 74 was, so in many ways you see a lot of parallels there moving towards the barrel now here is the only thing on this AK-12 that is not SPECT correctly with the AK -12.
I'm told this barrel is a little thinner and more profiled than what is normally used on the Ak-12 and that's okay, a heavier profile barrel will definitely produce better accuracy, better heat dispersion and all that. In any case, many people have been quick to note that they don't know much about the AK platform. on inaccurate rifle, I don't think this could be further from the truth, the a K is a very accurate platform if you know what you are doing, if you are trying it right now, the a K of course does not have a free platform .
Floating barrel like the AR system does, but despite that you still get pretty good accuracy. I've seen 1 to 2 MOA on military rifles and in testing I've seen done on the Ak-12 as soon as you do a little better depending on the ammo used and the shooter because honestly it's more about the shooter than how I get the system. Typically, the shooter is the type of fulcrum of a rifle, being accurate or inaccurate, in either case, moving it up from there. we have one thing that is significantly different from the ak-74m on the ak-74m we have our front sight post that is separate from our gas block on the ak-12 our front sight post is incorporated into our gas block now just to the same as the 74 M it keeps the same improvements they had on the ak rifle pattern when they made a 90 degree gas port on the rifle pattern now the reason you need it on a 90 degree gas port is What is used would be a 45 degree angle and what would happen is you would have thinner edges on the sides, what would happen is you would shoot those thinner edges with a road and then eventually you would get an open gas port which would cause a excess gas and the system would start.
To improve, you would have a lot of problems that would arise from that which was probably mostly solved with the 90 degree gas port on modern AK rifles and the AK-12, like others, retains that correct movement from the gas block to the post front sight there isn't much I need to say about it other than it has wings like other pattern rifles aka to protect the front sight post the front sight post is the same thickness that we have seen on other AKA pattern rifles and They looked good, so there's nothing really bad to say about them, but what's really interesting that I have to mention now is if you notice that the rear sight post is now moved further back, instead of being very close, and that was One of the reasons previous rifles had the front sight post so far away is that if you put the front sight post all the way back here you have a very short sight radius, the Ak-12 fixes us in many ways by moving Their front sight is a rear sight all the way and that definitely helps accuracy if you shoot with iron sights on these particular systems, so the handguard was definitely improved.
They have an addition of rails on the bottom and top and you can also add rails to the side, the problem is that it is not a great mounting platform for our IR, so if you are going to do any type of infrared shooting, this is not It is a very stable platform or for optics where it will retain zero. Alright, while it's welcome to have the ability to mount things via Picatinny, I think the handguard leaves a lot to be desired due to the fact that it's not a great mounting platform for actual things you need to work with now, definitely for lights .
You can definitely mount a light on this, but when it comes to your IR or your optics, I definitely wouldn't recommend it. The dust cover is reinforced, it has reinforced points for mounting and you can see their mounting solution right here, which allows for an incredibly stable mounting platform for optical lasers, anything of that nature, very interesting, very progressive, to allow people mount the optic further back because the fact is that while you can mount micro optics higher up, you are adding weight to the front and Also, if you want to use some type of low power variable scope, it wasn't really a good place you could mount it. some sort of side rail mount, but the addition of having the picatinny on the back is very welcome and definitely necessary when As far as this rifle goes, this is a modernization of the A.K platform that I think is just phenomenal.
It's exactly what we needed in the platform and probably the most innovative part of the entire design. We have a different charger for it. Ak-12 now, of course, also fit traditional plumb magazines, so if you remove this plumb magazine from the Ak-74, you can see that the rocks end up without problems, but the AK-12 magazines are very interesting and very similar. Modern Windows Magpul magazines, this one also has a window and I know you could take older magazines, you can Dremel in the center and you can see the rounds, but having a clear polymer to keep out mud and dirt and that kind of thing is definitely a good thing so I definitely like the newer Ak-12 magazines which is good about them and it's a lot like the Magpul magazines they have those nice little grips cut and molded into the magazine itself which It makes it a little easier to grip than those kind of smooth sided magazines that you had on the 74 pound rifles, so it was definitely something that was needed and that they did again.
Incremental modernizations are leading to a better overall rifle. The interesting thing about the Ak-12 is that it compares to the 74. If we wanted to take out the gas tube, we just lift this up, lift everything up to clean the gas piston and that kind of thing. I'm a K-12 that lacks that because it's part of the top rail locking mechanism, so instead of getting to that, you actually open it from the front in this particular configuration again. This is nothing new. Many rifles have a very similar mechanism, but it was definitely something that was necessary to allow for optic mounting, such a cool little addition.
There is something that is definitely different from the Ak-74, so the receiver is similar to the Ak-74, a little different. You will not be able to exchange parts. Of course, there are many parts that are similar, such as the magazine release on that type. Of that, if you're not familiar with AKA magazine toss, just pack a paddle style magazine toss. Now on the original Ak-12 they had this spring-loaded mechanism that allowed you to pull out a magazine a little easier. They finally removed it and went with a tried and true platform for moving around and removing magazines, no big deal again, just a matter of hand arms to remove the magazine.
I think it's easier to remove a magazine on an ar. -15 import platform, but it's not really a big deal, just some things had to be cut because Russia doesn't have much money now, if you're going to have some kind of firearm, I'm not going to believe it. You're the point, but you should have some type of home security. For me personally I use simply safe, it's something I've recommended for a long time simply because it's scalable. There are many security systems that you have to buy all at once. just say it's great because I can buy what I can afford and then add salt where I need it so what I like is that I can install different types of sensors where I need them like in my gun room I have a video sensor , I have you.
I know the window break sensor. I have door sensors that hum and whatnot and everything links to my phone so I can see what's going on. I think it's great to allow you to create those layers of security around your system. It works when the power goes out, all that kind of stuff, very well designed products, I can't say enough about them. If you are interested, we have our links just below. Thank you so much for just supporting this video enough. that guys, you know, I support you, you know, I think it's good, go in there if you're interested, let's go back to the Ak-12 in the grip.
We have a very tight grip angle so you can see how shallow that grip angle is. If you compare it, something like a 74 here is similar, but the grip angle of the Ak-12 is much more conducive to a modern shooting stance. I like it a lot, it has a very good contour, it feels good. I have no problems with him now. The Ak-12 selector is very similar to the Kreb safety, we can reach and touch right here, unless you have monster fingers or can reach all the way down. I know some people can, I can't, so I definitely like the safety selector we have again, still a step behind the more modern designs, if you could operate it a little easier to reach the trigger immediately after drawing your gun from the boxstrong, that is not the case with the alias and it will probably be the case with the AK for a while until they do that kind of modernization, but in any case, like the 74, the safety is perfectly acceptable and reliable for military use .
Well, we've avoided it for long enough. We'll go ahead and talk a little bit about the trigger, so the Ak-12 is really interesting in the fact that you have fully automatic safety, one click down, two clicks down, you have two round bursts and then all the way. down below you have semi automatic so we're going to go ahead and we're going to use all three together so as we start we'll play a little triggered melody. We'll start with auto mode, move on and see how that trigger feels, so I haven't tried it. a Lyman pull gauge, but it should probably feel pretty good, so we've got about two millimeters of play right there, okay, hit my first wall, okay, pressures increase release creep, creep, creep, a military trigger solid six pounder feels pretty typical, don't try it. one more time together, okay, about two millimeters of play wall, six pounds, let's try to reset, not reset because it's completely automatic, yeah, okay, let's go ahead and go down to the two round burst, let me set that up, let's try pull the first trigger, this one is fine. when you're loading it, you can feel that chill immediately, the first wall comes loose, same with the clowns, we can't try, okay, no restart because we're in the circular explosion, okay, now we should be able to restart, okay. mix it forward, okay, we did that first click, second click and then we're completely reset, let's try it one more time, pull the trigger, two round bursts, put it in the second shot, interesting, that two round burst reset is very interesting, you can feel the mechanism. restart it twice while letting the trigger advance, it is very similar to the m16, a family of rifles in regards to its burst mechanism, so if you fire it, you release it before it is completed, it is your adversity, it fires one that means the next round if you squeeze it you'll just get one round it will complete that cycle to burst so the m16 if you fired three college rounds two rounds and you let go and then you try to fire three bursts again the guns will fire a round, so it's very similar to that in the way the two burst mechanism works, the AK-12's cyclic rate is around 700, maybe a little less depending on what ammo you're using, very similar to the AK-74. as far as your cadence goes, okay, we're going to do the last one, we're going to go ahead and check that trigger on the semi-auto, okay, we've got two millimeters of play, batter's wall, six-pound trigger control . that reset blends forward three millimeters for a very positive reset.
It's good, you know, once you're writing through the wall on the reset, pulling the trigger on that reset is actually pretty good, a little under six pounds, I'd say. closer to four feels pretty good, so I can say a lot of good things about this trigger. I think it's a big improvement over many military shooters the APA has hosted before. Is this a military trigger? Okay, perfect, let's compare that to the 74. this one that's cute is not a military trigger Jesus, that's nice, okay, I'm not going to compare that gazelle, but I'm going to make it look too terrible, so compared to the 74 trigger , it's good, we have 274, this is where this thing is so worn and broken in the sense that the trigger on this is just amazing, it's nice, but in my experience a K-12 is a slightly better trigger than the which we normally see on military AK74s.
Okay, going back from there, we have our sock mechanism, so when I first saw this. I assumed that the Russians and their wisdom would allow us to wear them as socks, however they have their own design here, they don't accept them as socks, they take their own stock, but it's still a good design, it's very derivative of the poor socks. and the buffer tube system and all that so it works very well it has numbers that indicate the position it is in and I can say enough good things about this again the stock m4 type system has been tested and it is Extremely good. very reminiscent of a variety of different m4 Sox out there and it feels really good so when you shoulder it it feels perfect and being able to adjust the length of pull if that's something the Ak-74 and the ik, a family of rifles .
They have been missing for a long time, so the Ak-12 is again a step in the right direction to make a more modern military rifle. So cool that we have a button here on the side that we press so now we can fold the stock compared to the 74. and we no longer have that little latch mechanism that actually has its own little mechanism right here, the stock presses so that We can put it back in its place. Well, also on the stock you'll notice that we have QD cups here, they're not the typical first ones. QD mounts is their own Russian system so Russia went back to using their own proprietary mechanism which I don't know if it was the best choice but it's what they chose to do and we have our Ak-12 so it felt like it shot well . it feels very much like a 74, it's definitely an incremental improvement over the 74 so I think it's getting closer to what an AR feels like again, it's a very flat shot, but at the same time it's simply because it has a muzzle giant, so I don't know what the correct answer to the problem is, so we have the Ak-12.
Where is he well? The Ak-12 definitely feels better to shoot than a typical Ak74. It's definitely an incremental improvement over previous A.K designs. It's not huge and, again, a lot. From the soft shooting that comes with the Ak-12 comes a very aggressive muzzle break which I don't think was the best solution to the problem, however the Ak-12 is an incredibly robust and well designed rifle that I think will definitely serve the purpose. Well, the Russian military, although I still believe in my opinion that it is behind the times compared to other modern military rifles that are currently in


in more than countries.
However, I'm definitely encouraged by what they've done and I'm excited to see four more positions. I'm excited to see more developments on the Russia alias to see what they come up with next. The Ak-12 is currently not as widely available in the United States. You can find parts kits if you can get them. one, it's definitely a cool rifle. I'd be inclined to say spend your money elsewhere on a more capable system, but it's definitely great. I think it says there are a lot of proprietary things you have to do to make one work, but that's the way it is.
It's cool, hopefully it becomes more available as time goes on in the US, but it's definitely a cool system, definitely check it out, but the thing is, you won't look good filming this if you don't know what you're doing, so train up if you have training you will look stupid shooting tons of big companies, you have Haley, strategic, esoteric, Darcy Tony, cotton, Pat McNamara, tons of great guys available to share their knowledge with you and make you a better shooter, couldn't recommend that. enough ladies, gentlemen, thank you so much for watching, I appreciate tons of great videos available and I have nothing more for you.
One last shout out to all my guys running for Virginia. A wonderful job coming out with a show force. that we are not going to accept this loss of weapons while sitting at the same time about being peaceful and respectful. I can't say enough about you guys, that kind of activism is what will get us to good places, keep being kind. Keep fighting the good fight for our two-way rights. I really appreciate you, I love you all. Yes, take care of yourselves now. If you have made it to the end, here you know that my last plugin will be for patreon by patreon that supports directly. my LT channel I buy camera equipment, all that kind of stuff and it directly allows me to do better things.
Thank you for my Patreon followers who want to support it. The link is just below. I love you, take care. I have nothing else for you.

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