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AIRSOFT Spyfall - 1 vs 6 Surprise Shootout

Feb 27, 2020
today we are going to try something really cool Airsoft gun spy drop. This is how the rules work. If the spy gets shot, the spy loses, but on his last breath, if he pronounces the location and it's correct, he wins, of course, anytime. If the spy calls out the location correctly, he wins too. The spy also wins if all the innocents are dead. voting if you vote with your BB guns it's ok so the way it works is if the innocent suspect someone is a spy they can shoot them if they mess up they just lost an innocent teammate and just raised suspicions about themselves yourselves now this was a game idea proposed by one of you in the comments and that's awesome so if you have any more great game ideas please leave comments below if you have ways to evolve this game and ideas of your own please leave a comment below We love, we love to read it. it gives us a lot of ideas and we are making it happen thanks to you ok let's try it let's see how it goes let's spread the word we are all standing in the same place ok sam you're the first i'm NOT the spy that's what you say mr.
airsoft spyfall   1 vs 6 surprise shootout
Alphonse let's start again here there are three delicious sandwiches ok that people usually eat and one has relevance to this place ok it's cheese and crackers a plate of vegetables or sliced ​​salami it's a good question seems clear i would say cheese and crackers thats confusing yea no good times ok assemblers here nice yea come over here. I'll keep my gun out like this for questionable questions. btw that's a great spy tactic ok nico yeah look here once i clear my name hopefully i can gilligan it's all. I didn't put my finger on the trigger so I could shoot faster.
airsoft spyfall   1 vs 6 surprise shootout

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airsoft spyfall 1 vs 6 surprise shootout...

You're pointing directly at me, sir. I'm constantly trying to turn if for some reason you decide to shoot me because that range should be in the legs okay wait so you don't have that much confidence in Sam well then you know Sam we just need to assess the Brotherhood yeah we are ok ok is this a place th would you go to eat or drink i would go here to drink tim there is a roof over your head yes yes you are good thats better thats good we dont travel yes i guess i like the sick meat answer de res, alright Alphonse Chet, what's the seating like in this place? seductive ok i got it are you kidding me i have a good question, how many days a week would you say the average person would visit this place? cellar note Adama roof just burned down roof reference ok there were a lot of other cathedrals out there got it on my finger sorry Niko first god hope not the spy it's so stressful oh my gosh, it's okay, being the spy is stressful, it's deep.
airsoft spyfall   1 vs 6 surprise shootout
Yes, whats up? It is only shown trying to figure out this remaining bias. We are dead. Resident Evil. Daisy where like a mean Tim mmm being our friends now I can get in on this run yeah Tim your friendship is ok huh there are guns here yea ok Tim you have friendship oh it's my turn ah hmm Sam pause slowly what it is get a little nervous I'm not going to lie on his gun, that's me, the question doesn't get too presumptuous, sam, if you worked here, how many business hours do you think you'd put in?
airsoft spyfall   1 vs 6 surprise shootout
Time to be in the friend zone yet Alex yes there are three colors I'm thinking of here and one is the right one yes we have red we have green we have blue so you once asked me this question and I answered wrong. this exact location, so that makes me put up with this. No, I'm going to say blue. Thanks. I mean it wasn't very convincing, but that's okay. Would you ever consider robbing this place in a million years? I'm sorry because I use the most suspicious cold. -blood, what would be the location now? the police station yeah i knew like the police said to the woman you said resident evil Wow Suzie if I could just play this a bit more ok y'all killed themselves see that's the problem is you three They know each other very well, yes, yes.
I'm asking very specific questions that you knew he would know what he knows: I got the Resident Evil thing. I got the resume, yes, because you knew what it was, even though you never did. Obviously, it was too obvious for someone who hadn't. in front of them especially heartbeat between these three they know each other very well the Spanish farming town is fine Alex you're awake eh Nico what's up how are you having fun if you both get into the Magneto I'm going to make myself a box, no, actually don't go back, no go to the magneto box Oh ok yeah I'm just going to continue with the line of questions: Alex D yeah is this a fun place for introverts not particularly where is Jay though?
There are weapons in here I hope not but I mean uh I just came to drop something off yeah it's kind of hard to tell sometimes yeah for the seasoned backbone he just shot 'em all geez about the spy no I know, is this the post office, Alex, yeah, this? yr ok let's do it since you're not a spy the question perkin asks me yeah could you please say all the guns are here in certain cases they're actually ok i brought a gun to this place before yeah , in any case? For you to see, okay, no, I don't have to have my beautiful gun.
I can't tell you that there are three types of exercises, jocks, whatever you want to call them jocks, those are the smaller jocks. relevance to this location ok ok so is he a pole vaulter is he a weight lifter or is he a triathlon runner which was the last which triathlon runner triathlon sit keep she says what is say all three again pole vaulter look i would say he took out his phone and y'all i have no idea actually wait lem lemme look try to guess circus too if you're like an Air Marshal you can take oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Jill I admire your spirit yeah Niko's mistake site for Guess the location in this Jeff I'm asking you a question, wait let me get my phone out, go ahead, if you're the boss of this place, would you say you make a lot of money?
You're the boss of this place, yeah, I'm fine. m well yes yes mr. an he is an easy day or night tonight you are innocent

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