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Airsoft Cheating with Fights and Flipouts Part 2

Feb 27, 2020
chill out man i said chill out you gonna have my first game ripping off that guy you gotta go yeah what i wanna know whats the deal yall wanna see babies okay baby baby the line he said i said its not hard heres the mask sorry ok ok ok one time and that's absolutely when I toss my head yeah we should until you see your hand man I'm sorry and seriously you wanna put like 16 rounds I hate you in the play Carrie 68 times , so because we're going to be in an arm alright mate you're playing a sausage you're going to bet whatever it made time so anyway shopping fork can't place your hand he wants put my hand on you, well we're you
airsoft cheating with fights and flipouts part 2

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