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Airsoft Cheaters Caught by Invisible Ghillie Sniper

Feb 27, 2020
What? What? Is dead? Hey guys welcome to a new Kicking Mustang gameplay video. I'm in a milsim in the south of England at a British Army training facility. capture three valuable buildings my mission is quite simple i have been instructed to move forward and enter between them to prevent their free movement through the forest this game mode is a bit different because unfortunately it is marked by quite a few traps in the field and i am going to perform a compete in this game for a chance to win a


suit and crafting materials that have been donated by the Scum Shop in Holland, all you have to do is count the number of tricks you spot. your answer in the comments below and the people who get the answer correct i will put you in a hat and draw the winner guys thanks so much for watching and good luck in the competition what you can hear is that you guys have a friendly squad who He's digging in at the crossroads and, uh, I can hear the enemy forces moving through the woods.
airsoft cheaters caught by invisible ghillie sniper
He's pretty dead so I can't see them so I decide to hide in this bush in an effort to ambush. any enemies trying to flank the rear of my teammates as they defend the junction oh oh you know where they are come on dammit how did that get lost in my HQ and I'm resyncing my cameras and reloading my ammo and get ready to head back into the woods what i didn't realize at this point was that the enemy forces had overrun the junction and moved up the road and they are very close to our HQ just a couple of hundred meters away and i'm about to walk right into a wasp nest so behind me i can hear movement now and my spider senses are tingling and i'm pretty sure they're the enemy so i trust the power of my blade suit and I mix with the fry. floor and try to ambush them oh hey whoa hey and i hate your first time buddy hell not too far maybe 150 meters 200 meters were from here we are back at HQ I round up friendly troops and regroup as we make a move to retake those key buildings that enemy forces are occupying now that's the vip that's the hvt in the hvt yes we have an additional mission this day is to capture a high value target the enemy commander might be lured but it's too easy and i suspect there is a trap , so we decided not to pursue and my hunch is correct, I spot enemy forces in an ambush position and this gives us the advantage we need to attack them when formulating a plan. which will buy enough time and distract the enemy enough for me to deploy my rear srs


rifle and use pinpoint fire to take out the entrenched defenders yes just to the left of the tree i have it with the buildi Now we clear the crossroads free of enemy forces.
airsoft cheaters caught by invisible ghillie sniper

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airsoft cheaters caught by invisible ghillie sniper...

My squad and I advance into the woods as we try to secure the next high-value building located here. Wow, with the enemy forces apparently a bit confused there about where they are being shot from where they fall. we go back and we think they are setting up defensive positions around one of the buildings we decided to go after and start exploring the facilities we need to capture to win this game. Sounds like it's in, well there's no way around the back. It is simply impenetrable. We decided we're going to turn around and my squad wants to mount a frontal assault on the building.
airsoft cheaters caught by invisible ghillie sniper
I am able to get into position my team breaks through and they find themselves facing resistance and are quickly forced back and wiped out leaving me alone in my hideout surrounded once again by enemy troops three him and so so what what what what he is dead just here i decide i'm not going to accomplish much i'm certainly not going to be able to capture the building alone so i sneak into the ferns and make my escape leave the enemy guessing if i'm still there or if i've escaped um i regrouped with friendly forces and we decided to attack another building, they are all worth the same amount of points, so this new approach could be potentially bad.
airsoft cheaters caught by invisible ghillie sniper
It seems that my teammates are arguing among themselves. I think they're discussing friendly fire a moment earlier. This reveals your position in the enemy attack. lines here and take it and take the opportunity to sneak away leaving the enemy unaware if I'm still operating in the area establishing a new high position not too far maybe 100 meters from my original position so oh foreigner the players to the i just ambushed at point blank range with my mark 23 pistol i have a feeling they'll come after me again and i'm often accused of being lucky it seems the more i play the more i practice the luckier i get and this hunch turns out to be right hey hey this milsim is now coming to an end and uh its game over but i just want to remind you before i go there is a competition running y'all all you have to do is add up the number of times you see cheats in this video and make the tally leave your answer in the comment section below and if it matches how many times i notice cheating you will go in a hat and i will draw the winner and you will receive a suit gilly and craft supplies donated by skirm shop in holland thanks so much for looking guys and i'll see you next time

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