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Airplane Stereotypes

Mar 06, 2022
Yes, this is your captain. He stays seated until we get to the door. Sky Mall? Yeah. Hey dude, can you make me a solid? I'm just going to leave this here. Oh, that's a game changer. Have you ever done goat yoga? No, but that seems... Oh! Excuse me. Elbows in, knees apart. Elbows in. Excuse the car. Watch out. Get off the cart. Is this an


or a sauna? Oh Lord. Are we flying through a cold front? ah Oh yes, my flight was cancelled. What's your name? Ty. It's just T-Y. And your flight was... cancelled. Cancelled.
airplane stereotypes
Yes. Wow. Is there one available? Not tomorrow? What was your name? Ty. Ty. Ok, I'll try somewhere else. Thanks. Do you think we should talk to the passengers? Cool. Hello everyone. This is Captain Cody. We are now at our cruising altitude. Where did my movie go? Oh. Uh, you're free to move around the cabin. Excuse me. Excuse me. Have we ever pressed this button before? Uh oh. Uh, we're about to hit some turbulence. Passengers, we are about to perform a barrel roll. Oh. Oh, sorry about the turbulence. Remember, keep your seat belt snug. ah Usually, I have to fight for these things.
airplane stereotypes

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airplane stereotypes...

Dude, are you looking at my daughter? She started it. Come on man. That's weird. And the vermin charred by the flames on a stick. This is wild. I do not know what to do with this. Mrs? Nerd. No, thanks. That's not mine. Maybe your husband. Yes, I'll take it. Is this your bag? Yes sir. We have to do a baggage check. IT'S OKAY. Mister. Oh my. Is this your axe? No. That could be someone else's. Is her name Tyler? Yes sir. It says "Tyler's Axe" right there. I'm going to jail, right? No, just make sure you keep your cap on the next time you fly.
airplane stereotypes
IT'S OKAY. Be safe and have a good flight. Thanks. Next. I'm sorry, I... The belt. Don't walk back through it. Spread them. Spread them! Do you have a box cutter there? Bingo. Crest toothpaste. Oh toothpaste huh? Sure looks like an IED to me. I got over it. Full body scan. Let's go. Come on, dude. We are sending it through. The tray table does not lock. Dude, what are you doing? Just finished a birdhouse. Why does he walk like this? Something is wrong. Oh my gosh, turbulence. What's happening? Did you hear the pilot? It is the first time he has flown.
airplane stereotypes
Are you sure it's okay for you to take so many pills? These are just marshmallows. I feel bad for the people in the back. I'm about to blow this thing up. Yes sir. That guy who just got back there. Uh huh. He said that he is going to fly the plane. In a couple of minutes, the whole plane is going to feel that. Oh! Get him! what do you have to say about it? He was just a number two. There are two bombs! Next. Hi-de-ho, Martin Berger, Wampanoag, Minnesota. Could I catch your name? Do you have ID?
Martin Berger. I told you. I wasn't lying to you. It says here that you have been in close contact with fruits, seeds and soil. You know, don't be scared or anything. That may be our little secret. No, there are no secrets at TSA. Yeah, I'm going to have to confiscate this whole bag. Let's make the next bag. You're not going to stay with that one. Last question, have you been around or seen any cattle? You guys are so thorough with your questions, it's amazing. Yeah, really-- Oh, wow. I found this little cattle. actual cattle? Take out the pig, sir.
IT'S OKAY. They're going to hold you until there's a search warrant... No, I'm not going. No, sir, Martin! Come on, empty row, empty row, empty row. Good evening, is that Goliath and his sidekick? I am next to a little one. This is pretty. Yeah, I'm not that little. I'm 5'9". Hey, D, do you have any oysters? I'm hungry, man. But I've got crawfish if you want. Can you hear it? Here's your ginger beer. Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone can hear it. Thanks, ma'am I appreciate it. Oh, I think I'm fine. Thank you. Would you like to sit in the middle so everyone can see?
Oh, no, no, no. No, this is it. This is perfect. This is good. This is good. man. Can you hold her while I run to the bathroom? Oh yeah, I'm great with kids. It's okay. Please close that window, dude. It's the St. Louis Arch. I know. Where are you going to fly to, Anaheim? Yes. Oh wait, we're all going to fly to Anaheim. We're all on the same plane. Yes. So you're a fat guy? What head shape do you have? Oh, you're bald. I love to fly. This is going to be a I fly so much fun.
Yeah, I can't wait. Nice backpack. Where is it from? Nomatic. Oh my gosh, there are so many compartments in this. Yeah. Feel free to-- Wow. Hi. Where are you going? To the bathroom. To the bathroom? Do you mean Anahe? im? oh my friend Oh! There are children on board. Guy. Everyone keep calm! Oh. Let's drop the oxygen masks. That did not make it to the cabin. your stench! It is a bodily function. Well, the only good thing about a middle seat is that you have both armrests. That's weird. I always heard it was first come first served.
Hey, can you see the Grand Canyon out there? Oh. No, you can't see it. Oh! Oh! Hey, my bird isn't bothering you, is it? I mean, he's probably bothering that lady right now. Sorry my snake just needed to stretch. He is in her seat. His neck is just long. No, I, like, paid for this seat. You're scaring my emu right now. I need you to calm down. I will give the signal to attack as quickly. She bites? Eddie. Oh! Oh. Where did they go? We're on our honeymoon, Sugar Bear and I. Oh Sugar Boogie. They may want to buckle up.
We are not. No, I'm talking about life. Yes, it looks like we're going to have a delay of about 30 minutes. It's okay. These are fast. Has it been 30 minutes? We wish you a safe flight. Oh, by the way, I have night terrors, so don't wake me up. What did you say? Nope! Nope! Nope! Oh! Stop! Stop! Oh! Oh please God. Oh, that was an easy flight. Tyler? Yes. It said you were going to be here about 15 minutes ago. That is my bad. Left Lane. I need the left lane. The exit is on the left. Left? No, it's on the right.
No, get out-- Oh, you know what? I was going to show you this water tower real quick. I don't care about the water tower. No, no, no, it's an investment I made for my family. It looks like the worst water tower I've ever seen. And the doors are closed. OK, and I just missed my flight. I never should have let you take me to the airport. You are a horrible driver. I can still take you to the airport. Oh! That's your strategy, a little hacksaw? Oh! Oh! Are you kicking it? Really? No. Dude, no way. Take that, .
Oh! Chill friend. Oh! Expect. I didn't even have water. It's okay, we're in Dallas. Dude, that was smooth, huh? Friend, please don't. It's my thing. Don't clap. Oh. It's okay! It's okay! Yes! MVP! MVP! Hears. How's it going? Martin Berger, Wampanoag, Minnesota. I will fight, friend. Martin Berger, Wampanoag, Minnesota. What's your name? I do not can. Business class? Are you writing that, or-- OK, ready? No. No, I'm not. Are we ready to block in that order? Yeah, we're thinking we're both going to do the moose flambé. MMM delicious. I think I just pooped. Claim the first.
The last one was not me. Thanks for looking guys. A special thanks to our friends at Nomatic for sponsoring this video. Check out the fantastic giveaway we have with them at See you next time. hit him. Glass. See you.

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