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Airbus A320 - Approach and Landing in Munich - ATC Change Approach Last Minute (ENG sub)

May 05, 2020
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s here too ok then the tube pushes us yeah what then it goes down and the words are so full there that it is broadcast live such g omg such service components from the exit she advises him to play the father of his office forward we became the 40s but we have time so that we have less conti by two clubs bangkok im sure its super london thank you contitech 46 26 box thats how it works was conor sammon from the next picture then we explain so just klaus euro league year our vehicles trust initially quite easily, you have to open them again from time to time, so we can open at 52 but it is at least would have and the alpine panorama dr he loses one can therefore developed exhausted 3 and 23 supports has all the theories is the case teams are coming max has if has such peter m products of a couple beijing calendars cambridge and park integrated news corps
airbus a320   approach and landing in munich   atc change approach last minute eng sub

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