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Ages 1 - 100 Decide Who Wins $250,000

May 28, 2024
Once again there are 100 people behind me and they range from the age of 1 to 100 years old and they are going to compete for $250,000. Everyone go to your buckets and unlike any of my previous videos, these 100 people will


for themselves who deserves it. the 250 Grand, everyone enter your cubes, the challenge has officially started if any of you


to leave or even touch the red line you will be eliminated. How far do you think you will still go in the challenge? I intend to go to the end, okay? See how the one year old is doing.
ages 1   100 decide who wins 250 000
Do you think you will win the money? Have fun with the tablet. This is the line that will go to the end. 48 Feeling great. It was clear from the beginning. the middle aged people were the most focused and determined but that wasn't the case for everyone, if you leave you lose ok the 2 year old is now eliminated as you would expect the first one to leave would be the youngest. a good time well ask the year who can speak and some of the older ones and yes sir I am very good and already at one hour of filming this video six people have been eliminated and even more are about to be different. this video here that was more of a last Rel, leave this challenge is about making friends and convincing people to like you, they decide who


the 250 Grand and I didn't know it yet, but this video was, with By far the most intense video we have ever made.
ages 1   100 decide who wins 250 000

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ages 1 100 decide who wins 250 000...

Have you ever filmed J? Are you serious? You are a kind person with B. Attention everyone for the last hour. I hope you all took advantage of this time to make some friends because you're going to need them for 10 minutes. on the board in the next 10 minutes I need 10 of you to literally leave K and ultimately it is your responsibility as a group to convince 10 people to leave their cubes and if they cannot achieve this we will randomly eliminate them. 25 of you, good luck, my goodness, I don't want to do the 25 randomly, we need someone to leave, if you are past retirement age you need to leave, if you are not over 12, you need to leave now in a minute .
ages 1   100 decide who wins 250 000
It happened and there is no one left seven people are leaving with me I will go out pleas you can't kick me out so soon please boys children can you go out you are going to take one for the team I can't do it I came here for the Long Haul, do it for the common good. Three let's go, are you going out? I will buy you roox. I promise you we have one, we have one and although 89 decided to take one for the team, we still need eight more people, no one, no. those who accept should not be rude, but since all older people should leave, they got as retirement money.
ages 1   100 decide who wins 250 000
I'm in college fighting 5 4 3 2 1 unfortunately they couldn't come to an agreement which means a random group of 25 contestants will now. be eliminated and to make sure it's random, we are using this machine to choose the contestants, we are going to eliminate one by one, Chandler, grab a ping pong ball, our first elimination is number 18, that sucks, these are the Next elimination is 85, remember, guys. I chose this 82 a number 80 Sorry boss, it's worth 99 don't worry, we only have 19 more balls left 12 24 22 19 oh, this is brutal 29 I'm sorry son and our final elimination was 13 oh oh Chandler look at all the people who you eliminated, I'm sorry we just lost 25 people, I'm thankful it's not me, I'm still here though, but I don't know if I feel good about it, every number that came out is that's going to be me, that's going to be me, I'm going home. today. 67 of you are still congratulations and as always once someone is eliminated we obviously destroy their Cube and after the last challenge attack I thought I would give you some time to recover and so I let you hang out. in their buckets for a while, which ended up being a challenge in itself.
Hey, if you don't want to spend the night, all you have to do is get out of this Cube, that's what I'm going to do because by the time The Second Day started so many people had been eliminated that we already had 55 contestants left. Let's start the New Day by seeing if you can all agree unanimously on who should win this $250,000 if you can all agree on the same person. they instantly win the $250,000, but if just one of you votes for someone different, we'll do a challenge and we'll eliminate a group of you who think should win the 250 Grand 14, who do you think should win the 250 Grand 11?
Well, it's already ruined, not everyone can unanimously agree on who should win that money, so we have to make a challenge. Each Ro now has to decide on a captain and that Captain will represent all the contestants in their queue for the next challenge please. Make sure you trust whoever you choose. It will all make sense, but it will be very ruthless for the next 15 minutes. Each Ro tried to decide who would be his captain. Do you want to be the captain if you don't want to? As long as you choose not to sacrifice us, I won't take them all out.
At what age do you want to represent yours? 30 30 30 we got it hey make one of you volunteer I'll volunteer 64 I agree with 64 that on your way you want to be my Captain I came here to fight for this and I'm going to win it okay your captains have been chosen, this is where things get interesting and we are going to offer a little cut. money and if any of you captains accept the money we offer and your entire line is completely eliminated, my first offer is $11,000, stand firm 42 I'm not going anywhere, I will not eliminate my line for $11,000, I will not move 14, Please, isn't everyone safe?
I won't do it. Offer number two $5000. Don't do it. If one of you leaves, delete your entire row. I'll give you this $5,000. No 42. Don't eliminate us. 42. No. expect me to go somewhere for a while don't do it 30 I just hope my wife agrees with that decision I made our next offer is $10,000 don't do it 10 grand it's not worth hurting these people that I like a lot more than 10 grand 20 grand let's go until one of you comes out that's not enough that's not enough now we're at $50,000 at this point all the captains have stayed strong but it became clear once we had $50,000 on the line some of the captains were having a harder time than others don't do it for yourself okay everyone let's have some fun next offer is that puts us at 80 that puts us at 90 we're not done put it there the new offer is $100,000 for the first Captain to come out of his cube 14 30 42 64 or Mr. 100 I only need one of you five to come out so I can make you rich no 30 it really stings the pressure field now no 42 buddy, I'm going to be so hated oh, I see that 30 is about to break there, don't move, don't you dare 14 he CH it with your oh, he's doing it, I'm doing it, I'm sorry, right? seriously 30 what the hell I'm surprised, it's a farce, shame, that's crazy. 30 has left all 20 and all 30 are now eliminated you should have chosen a better team captain.
I can not, I can not. Look, I have to think, my son, you lied 30 this line right here this is the line that will go to the end all the 20 year olds can you leave all the 30 year olds you are all eliminated I'm sorry, what's going on in your head right now, we're screwed, I kept thinking like that, that fools my son for a long time because of how much betrayal has been shown so far in this video, all 40 made an alliance to try to keep any of them. to leave no matter what Alliance 40 joined, there are four of us, it's that time again, cast your votes and see if everyone can decide on a winner and as usual they couldn't agree so we will make a challenge that eliminate some.
More people, I'll be right back. The next challenge involves a spinning wheel that has all the


of the remaining contestants on it, so go ahead, Chanler, spit it out. There are currently 36 of you left and we are going to spin the wheel until we eliminate 16 of you with this challenge reducing our total to the final 20, okay 67 I go to his Cube and as I walk towards his Cube, Chandler spins it again, that wheel will land on someone else's age and when are you going to have to decide whether to delete them or not? 55 the challenge is simple 67 you can choose whether 55 is eliminated or remains in the challenge before deciding that it is fair for 55 to say peace, thank you all.
It was a great moment, good luck guys, you don't want to ask not to be eliminated or anything, not because if I were in the same position I would do the same thing. I mean, he's giving you a pass to eliminate him, uh, his choice. wow, okay, I have to go, so that's saying you want to delete it, yeah, okay, the decision is final, then okay, sorry boss, Taylor, turn the wheel, I, he gave me the request to where to let go, that was easy first. one surely everything is going very well oh 47 now we are going to give her the opportunity to talk to you before making a decision rest assured I would love to stay I don't want to go what is your decision she In a stay, you survived and since she was not eliminated, now she decides who stays and who goes.
Technically, you could eliminate the next 15 people and be safe, there is no risk of elimination, but that would be very cruel. It would be 43. I would love to stay on our little team team but ultimately it is up to you we will stay together 43 to stay I love you girl the Alliance of 40 was determined to stay strong you know what this means right now you are in charge you are one lucky person Chandler turns the wheel 66 okay, there 43 I know it's a hard decision for you but I'd like to stay oh that's what makes me cry if you let her stay she's in control it's up to you 66 you're so sweet and it's been a pleasure get to meet you, unfortunately in this game we are trying to stay together and I have enjoyed you, but unfortunately you are eliminated, thank you, thank you all, okay, thank you for coming. 66 oh, brutal, I'm so proud of you. with the influence of 42 over 43 we have to maintain control or we will be eliminated we are at war I know that no one outside of the 40 was safe 57 I mean, you don't even know 57 57 you are eliminated 40 watch out for the 50 because they will come back after you 65 oh that's me it's for the game and I'm sorry you got eliminated too oh she just got 65 out of the game and I know it's breaking her heart I know but we can't lose control 43 she knows if stop eliminating people and give up control of the wheel, the next person could eliminate it oh, that's very important, this means a lot to Gio, don't take this decision lightly, it's, it's, 11 Gio don't cry it's not over yet I want you to listen to me very carefully the next few seconds determine a lot I'm going to pass this microphone to you and it's up to you to convince that person not to eliminate you you understand you are a kind person and you are kind enough not to eliminate me oh wow Save Gio save save don't do it now is not the time to develop a heart okay, okay Gio, I admire you a lot, you are literally the best 11 year old- man, have I ever seen you, you have tons of energy and guts and your future is super bright , but unfortunately your time here is up.
I'm really sorry. Okay, everyone was absolutely speechless. Round of applause. I felt very bad about this. elimination I actually had at 11 come up and help me on stage leave it for Gio at this point everyone who isn't 40 knew they were in big trouble she's going to eliminate everyone if you're not in 40 you'll be gone one time Again, I don't think it's safe for our s at all 17 17 unfortunately you're eliminated thanks to the 16 year old girl. I have a great-grandmother who is not doing very well health-wise. I'm so sorry, but you're eliminated too. 16 wow I'm so proud of you I'm so proud of you believe it or not for some reason the wheel was missing the Alliance of 40 52 you're eliminated oh my god until this turn and now the decision more difficult of the challenge.
Are you going to eliminate yourself? I think I'm going to keep going around. Jimmy. Okay, give us another spin. You too have been eliminated. Unfortunately, you are eliminated. OK. 75 brutal 62. See you. You don't even have to say anything. I don't want to at least try to convince her no, goodbye, hey 62 I just want you to know that I'm going to miss your snoring, what are you saying, villain, I said, I'm going to miss your snoring, I know it 43 now I started to feel your pain but you're just cruel I miss you already goodbye everyone without even making 43 decide 62 left her q and only one elimination is left to see who is going to be her next victim all good landed on febles which means that you all get the best non-crunchy chocolate in the world, that it's my favorite crispy Bo, thanks, no problem, even though it's been eliminated, we'll still honor it.
Be sure to head over to Walmart and try our new formula anyway when the wheel finally lands on someone. more on the Alliance of 40 41 I love you and that's why I'm going to pass it on to you, we finally have someone new depending on who it lands on, this could be our last turn, oh okay Mr. 100, do you have something to do? tell the person who tries to eliminate you I hope you don't eliminate me and I ask you not to vote me out Mr 100 I'm very sorry God bless you I hope everything turns out well for you oh I don't understand your answer and uh I congratulate you for what you do, let's leave it alone the 100 years.
Everyone was absolutely heartbroken to see our oldest contestant eliminated and since he was clearly the crowd's favorite, he couldn't let him go.You've heard each other's stories, now it's time for everyone to decide who will do it. say and who's going I don't know to start with 61 the people on this side of the room have decided 61 after hearing everyone's stories it's time to see who you collectively think should go home reveal the results wow who was 61 That's me , she's a troublemaker, you know what? Goodbye, three more competitors need to be eliminated, it's up to you. I don't know what I'm going to do, we can do it. 46 if it is necessary to do it now. 46 was not very convincing with many of the votes.
They are very nervous, extremely ready to stab my alliance, let's see the results, every vote was for a 40-year-old man. I thought everyone had an alliance, bro, okay, 46, you've been eliminated, I can't believe that happened for the whole 40. The Alliance of years has just imploded, who is next? 6 I can't, let's see what everyone decided W 96 years, good luck and I thank everyone. I'm happy I was on the show, the final vote is coming up 72, do it now. You are ready for the last elimination of this Challenge and this time I am going to ask you to tell me what number you voted for, who you voted for.
I voted for 72, one vote for 72, she is a sweetheart, 72 who you voted for, 41 one. vote for 41 who did you vote for I voted for 72 so there are 72 of us who did you vote for and why did I vote for 41 who has more desires and dreams I will help my twin sister get a house instead of needs that tie up, who did you vote for 72? That's three votes for 72 and two votes for 41. The deciding factor here is who you voted for for 72. Do it now. I voted for 72. That means 72 received the majority of votes. Sorry, you're eliminated. only one person gets that money unfortunately we knew we had to make some cuts at some point now it's time to play the game pay attention to the final contestants time and time again you haven't been able to unanimously vote for a winner and now you have no choice.
I don't like that they're so far apart, especially 56 here doesn't feel fair, so guys, now it's time to reveal the biggest twist in this entire video for the first time since it started, now you can get out of your buckets. Promise yourself that you will not be eliminated and that you will descend into the Giant Cube for your final challenge. Wait. I was in a bucket, like I've been saying throughout this entire video. The decision of who earns this money is ultimately up to you. a time is going to appear on the screen and when it reaches zero, whoever is left in this cube will win the $250,000 and if for some reason there is more than one person, the guys come out, they will notice that Mac and Tariq are holding flamethrowers and I won't hesitate to wrap this money on fire if the timer reaches zero.
Time flies. Good luck. Only one of us will walk away with that money. I feel like there isn't a single person here above everyone else. Amen, it goes from 1 to 100. Everyone deserves this money, they don't deserve it, it's winning the game. Thoughts: If we can't agree on just one person, then we have to find ways to get there. Any ideas on this. I'd rather they told us what to do. Is anyone willing to leave? fair question, just throwing it out there, why haven't we discussed that? Mhm, so none of us want to leave, so I'm at a disadvantage with all of you.
I don't know her story if she tells him. her story that the money is going to burn but my story is me my story is my life I have struggles she has struggles I have struggles so we don't want to share anything or we just do it as we know now we can't share we have 15 minutes we are just killing the time right now time is running out someone has to start leaving now I can't breathe I'd rather leave Don't you deserve to be here like any of us if you're not? Strong enough to sit there and say I can stay.
I don't see how you can expel someone. This is not a fight. It's okay, that's life. Do I want to choose you? No, I don't love you. You're not the one who can't handle it and wants to leave, but I'm not going to let her walk and that's it. The five are still in line. I can literally feel the intensity. What about the range? Election vote. Quickly write down on paper what the ranking looks like this is what it would look like the idea of ​​48 is pretty simple everyone chooses in order who they think is most deserving of the money and whoever appears at the top of all the lists most consistently will win the money, so it would just be one vote and that's it, that's rank Election vote, I'll say we do it, do you want to collect them and count them?
That's what I'm doing, if you want to come and show me, then I'll start writing, okay? we are ready, you have come to a conclusion, yes, when you are ready, feel free to leave. 56 was in fifth place 41 and 64 tied for third place oh my god come on sister I need someone to hold on to anyway and now it's down to 47 and 48 who have had the strongest Alliance in this entire video from day one, but as you know, only one of them can win these 250,000. I came in second place 47, our winner, that's crazy, thank you Jesus, thank you, congratulations. 47 you fought to eliminate other players, you built the strongest alliance and even to the end you fought for those around you.
I'm not going to let her go and that's why 100 people finally decided that's your $250,000 and don't worry about all four of them walking away with $10,000. It has been absolutely incredible. This is crazy. 47. We have one last surprise for you. Come on, mommy, you did it, baby. I can finally help you. You have to help me. This was definitely one of my favorite Videos to film, let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the video being longer than normal. We're testing longer content to prepare for our next Amazon Prime show, which I'll tell you more about later this year.

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