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After Sanders takes Nevada, Biden puts faith in South Carolina for momentum

Feb 28, 2020
I don't care who I'm running against I just hope they treat you fairly but congratulations on February 23 President Trump congratulated Senator Bernie Sanders on his performance in the Nevada caucuses but hinted that the Democratic nominating contest it could be a rigged deal. is going to win across the country because the American people are sick and tired of a president who lies all the time with nearly half the constituencies reporting that Sanders appeared to have scored a decisive victory, can they stop him? I don't know, it's not about who I stop which is why I'm running for noon on Sunday, former Vice President Joe Biden, who had a disappointing performance in New Hampshire and Iowa seemed to have come in a distant second behind Sanders, we have Lots of states to go and right now I can feel the


, so Massachusetts State Senator Elizabeth Warren was hoping to capitalize on a strong performance in last week's debate, but appeared to be in fourth place behind the former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Budaj some Democrats are arguing that Sanders is too divisive to be the party's nominee before we rush to nominate Senator Sanders in our only chance to take on this president let's take a sober look to the s


, you can't have someone. with 32% of the vote I think you're going to be the nominee, what about the other 68%, if you're going to be the nominee, follow your rules and get a majority?
after sanders takes nevada biden puts faith in south carolina for momentum
Democrats used to report caucus results, but Nevada ultimately opted out of using an app and the results slowly leaked out. Never do what you have to do. Next, the candidates have their sights set on the South Carolina primary just a week after Nevada Biden hopes a victory in the state could reinvigorate his campaign. I want South Carolina to say that before we talk about who would be the favorite. I believe, however, that if we had the elections tomorrow, your Biden would have another vote, but we are alive and we are going to come back and we are going to win
after sanders takes nevada biden puts faith in south carolina for momentum

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after sanders takes nevada biden puts faith in south carolina for momentum...

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