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ADVrider Baldy and Lyndon Poskitt Q&A Live Stream

Nov 22, 2021
per hour and i was thinking to him where is linden and what so i asked him if they know you and they said oh yeah we know linden so you're a scar yeah it's amazing how many people reach out and contact me and I just go ahead and do my own projects, you know, and I'm completely enthralled in my own projects. that sometimes you forget who's looking, you know people on the outside looking in and that's really cool that some of those people look and you know and I like the likes of Charlie Baum and other people from the fair. they're watching what I'm doing and yeah yeah that's awesome if I would have known in 2007 yeah we're leaving aerospace engineering so it was just a passion for driving and motorcycling that's yeah they attributed it to me. yeah and my dad you know my dad is like he's real good he loves motorsports but he's always been four wheeler he had nothing to do with my dad actually how i got into the two wheels, I just wanted a motorcycle and I only remember my father saying fine if you want that much. you're going to have to save up and buy one and you know he finally built a rebuilt used bike for me for christmas before my 10th but christmas and birthday which got combined because my birthday is december 15-12 and yeah they got it me a ty1 75 two-stroke and it just went from there and I always had all my cycles and yet to be honest I'm not a very competitive person but even now it's not about winning it's about enjoying the experience and just riding cycling and more than anything sharing the experience with other people that's what I found Molly attracted me more than anything that's why I do it so much yeah it's an amazing thing you know we say in the tech industry what cameras on Jeff Bezos is famous for saying a d I think venture capitalists have said that we invest in missionaries, not mercenaries.
advrider baldy and lyndon poskitt q a live stream
We are not doing this for people who were trying to get rich or famous. I have an actor friend who said, you know if you're trying to get famous or rich by acting yourself. If you're not going to make it, you have to do it for the love of acting and storytelling and all that kind of stuff, then I think, I think that's why I love your channel so much. Africa Eco Challenge, you break down in tears when you get to Dakar, finally, about your yes yes yes you're leaning back and leaning over the handlebars only you know, and a few of your friends.
advrider baldy and lyndon poskitt q a live stream

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advrider baldy and lyndon poskitt q a live stream...

It was a long road as Joey had that accident on the penultimate yeah, you know, so broken really when I got the news from Joey because like we were all there we had one more day to go 12 miles down the beach and then find that the rafters accident with the camel was just mind blowing how could it even happen that everything was going so well up until then, you know, starting with five bikes, finishing with five bikes in the top half of the field and, as you know, the bikes in the top ten as if was great everything had been going according to plan but then everything changed to I hope all is well and then we didn't hear anything but I'm so glad we had people like Joey in that position because Joey Evans if you haven't read his book of power tadaka, he won't give up. if there's any way and i said we had sex and the night you'll see in the videos but we had sex the night before the guys got ready to call it a night and we were chatting about joey's bike and it was wrecked it was really wrecked from a bad way and the guys were like you know what we should do he was in the hospital we had no idea if he was coming back and I just knew I said here to get a metaphorical medevac flight out of there yeah yeah yeah and we just said I know Joey and we have to get the bike ready so rebuild it rebuild it and have it ready for the morning he showed up ten minutes before we had to go on stage like literally in an ambulance you could barely walk and he said that tadaka was riding it was like it was an amazing moment and you know we tried to capture it the best we could and in the video series but I mean I can't tell you how amazing it was for To do that with your friends and go through all those emotional ups and downs throughout the race and then go and stand on the podium with the 12 guys that you did it yourself with was just amazing. the night they they know some of them think none of them slept some nights they did everything anyone who knows me knows how I like my bikes and how I like the setup and everything even if one sticker is not unpopular it has to be removed and another Come on you know what that's just me and him the guys made sure everything was perfect and they were guys for everyone to see this those guys that came and did it they did it because they wanted to do it they didn't get paid to do it they got a call from me to say hi i think you would be great on this team I would love for you to be a mechanic or I would love for you to be a van driver I would love for you to be a cameraman or driver of the media vehicle where I had all these roles in my head that I needed people and I called them up and asked them to do it to do and they were there because they loved to do it, they wanted to do it and that's amazing, you know, I mean obviously the media guys get paid Or for doing the job. because they are their business, but the guys, the mechanics, the drivers and stuff came because they wanted to be a part of the adventure and they were the right people for it.
advrider baldy and lyndon poskitt q a live stream
I thought an amazing part of that story is that Joey wrote a book about being in a terrible accident and basically becoming a paraplegic and having a 10% chance of ever walking again, he wrote this book about a parroted car and I cover is what you call it and that book on amazon sells it on your website yes that book on amazon has 24 five star reviews yes and that's what i saw last night and some people say it's the best book they can reading, it's very inspiring and he bumps into a camel yeah yeah and honestly he could create that guy he can create a book out of every event he does yeah yeah it's a bestseller. now his book i think he's over 12,000 books now yeah it's great and that's his job now he's a motivational speaker public speaker keynote speaker that's what he does for a living yeah and you too i mean you're going out there and give presentations here, there, yeah I went to one of yours in New York, yeah that's right, yeah I do, it's something you know I really enjoy doing and it's kind of weird because I look back on my career in the aerospace industry and in the beginning days I hated doing presentations a And things like that at work, but now because it's my passion, I love standing up and speaking in front of people and sharing moments with people and you know what What am I babbling about here?
advrider baldy and lyndon poskitt q a live stream
But one thing that I'm trying to do in this lockdown is spend time on my book because once the book is out then there's a ton of new stuff to share with people that people don't know about racist places yet so that just oh yeah I really need to do it yeah I've seen a lot of them you have a lot of content but you know the other day I was watching you go around Angola and then you have some things to talk about it's crazy yeah It was pretty crazy though. I did another moment crying and I'm gold on my own.
Yes, with wild eyes. are you going to include it in your book are you willing to talk about it here? you said you were in a near fatal accident when you're 13 and I'm fine in 2013 yeah that will make you six years after we met and you ended up in the hospital and the time in the hospital is what convinced you to decide to go to do what you love which is write me I would have thought the opposite would happen and your mom and dad would have said don't write for yourself anymore well yeah well that's what people hear about this like you know Linda she almost lost her life, but Linda almost lost her life. cycle wasn't a motorcycle accident and I was actually running a half marathon and I only got to 11 miles and he would make it but I've done it and I've done it once since it's all good but and I just assumed that you know that i'm fit and healthy and i can go and break this marathon hour and not training for a race anyway and i was busy getting my bike ready at night in the shop and i didn't train properly for the half marathon like i should have them yeah , I just went the day he didn't get paid I was great in the morning and I tried to do my best half marathon time and I don't remember I don't remember anything after 11:00 I remember the 11 mile marker and I don't remember anything after that and it was like anitra dehydration me or something like that yeah yeah Grace and I don't know the technical terms of that but we are yeah yeah the muscles emit the toxin into your blood


and there is but the balance becomes bad that your body starts to shut down, oh yeah i blacked out and if it wasn't for the paramedics yeah only nine days in the hospital and my little girl and while i was in the hospital once i regained consciousness and i was fine again it was a huge eye opener that just says Well if you hadn't gotten to all the things you've worked for and you know I worked hard, I had like eleven motorcycles, I begged for everything I needed, but I didn't.
I don't have time to spend time enjoying those things and that's where the switch was thrown. because suddenly it was about life it became about making time to do the things that are important to me, not in a selfish way but in some ways in a selfish way, but there are things that i wanted to do if i didn't if i died, I never would have been able to do it and all that stuff is gone anyway so you know you have a balance in my mind it was like how do I balance making enough money to have fun and do the things that I need to? to do and that was the tipping point and from that point it was only I think about seven months eight months after that point and I had left the aerospace industry and shortly after that I was traveling the world on my amazing motorcycle but you said mm -hmm, I've been involved i understand where photographers say they do it for love but they don't want to do it for a career because once it becomes a career you lose love and i've seen a comment or two from you where you said well now it's my career and so the pain is going in ed as well as the pleasure yes it's something about balls, for me it's like it's my job now, you know, creating social networks, managing the website, selling merchandise and trying to think of new projects, filming them and share them with the world that everything has become. my job that's what i do now and with that comes things you don't want to do so well and a lot of things you know i have some sponsors you have to keep the sponsors happy you have certain ways to do things you probably wouldn't do and you know this is like in the book I don't really enjoy writing but I know I need to do it for my job for my business that's what I need to do and so on. if this saw all the filming, all the filming that is thrown away, you know and remember that you do again, make another winner. does it at all happens every day when i was riding now in the world i own so all that repetitive movie movie movie come back do it again the camera was set to the wrong setting changed the camera the mic blood we wouldn't do it again the sound it didn't sound right to film it again all the interviews you do and the cuts and everything then put it all together, edit it, work with editors to make the edits look professional and how the need for YouTube yeah it really was a lot of work but I wouldn't change because I look back on my experience and the way it's come about and the way it's always there on YouTube and even today I have people message me saying they just found my YouTube channel and they just don't like it. he liked every day sitting watching my races to play C Series while I'm locked up that for me is one thing that makes it worthwhile I like it I have made him happy and the day someone today i did nothing today to do that but my things made it happen and i dont do what yeah well thats me staying up till 4:00 in the morning tonight with my wife wondering why a screen kept glowing in his bed because he had to see the ecological challenge of Africa.
Only the race is the places. I had to see it all. a lot of user questions that I want to get to, but I had one more question, which is when you know, yeah, someone like Joey gets hurt, that gets into your head. I've noticed you've commented online that you don't freak out and you back up a bit to stay safe you could go faster but then you'd be freaked out man my three days in Morocco following all these great cyclists my heart rate was 150 all the time and I was thinking, oh God, if I fall now.
I'm going to smash that thing that doesn't cross your mind when you run, yeah I mean does that solve the last episode of episode 17 OS fatigue when I was running on the beach? You know everything everyone said like come on just take it easy and get to that limit and you know Joey almost wrote out his chances to finish the race in a camera accident on that beach andit's like a switch everything goes off and it's like you're in I'm in my own little bubble and I know how to hide and it's important to focus and ride now to ride and for me if I go back more than 5% I can tell how I know how to ride 95 and be good fast and how to ride a hundred to go even faster but risky and i know i'm ok if i take it down to 80 i make more mistakes than if i'm at 95 so oh i really prefer to stay in that lace mode when i need to be other and that showed on my last leg I mean I was flying on the last leg of the race and I felt good on it but it's interesting because if we talk about adventure driving because you know it's you and me his adventure racers and the people He asks me, you know you shoot some things in high speed, I shoot some things, I just navigate very slowly, how do you moderate?
How do you know what to do when I'm traveling? ng on my own for 80 percent of the vases to places alone, but I still charge in the rest space in certain situations and it's that I have fun, I like to turn it on and I enjoy it, but I always went alone, obviously you are always very aware of having an accident on your own and those who just watched those who follow me on patreon on my patreon channel will have seen the episode in Tanzania where I had a big accident and injured my knee and I worked my hand and was alone and I was in a place where there were wild lions like and I was in a bad situation and that was the only time in five years that that happened but in some ways I'm glad I did it because I got to experience that moment of what I felt , so I can write about that, but yeah, it's a balance and how it chooses to die when you choose to add to those speeds, you know it's funny.
I was checking out the Ducati 1292 B for myself and I had the street tires because I was riding 600 miles to the power rally, the ADB pyro rally where Jimmy Lewis is and then coming back on the coast highway, so I left the tires on street stalls but then of course I couldn't resist riding with all the guys there 7 or 1 Huskies with their nabis and whatnot so I left the front end wash one time and broke my leg the bottom lower leg and lay on the floor screaming for a while, it was in the middle of nowhere and but one time I stood up and found out I could put weight on it.
I thought you knew something about who I am, so I should. I should go to the doctor and get an X-ray. It looks bad and it swells and changes color and all that happens, but this looks like something. i can ride so i spent the next six days riding and standing on the pegs and doing all kinds of crazy stupid mail tricks my wife says two men with half a brain three men with no brains and so on and then i came back and headed for an xray and of course it was broken but I've done the exact same thing as those no yeah Sonora Valley I was on day three so now a five day valley rally and I was in the top five and yeah it's a drop stupid.
I knew it was broken. as the adrenaline backed up i got back on the bike i realized if i stood up on my heels it didnt hurt as much as a custard in my first name with me the rest of the race standing on my heels and and i finished the race I finished in fifth and it wasn't actually it was weeks later when they got an X-ray yeah yeah I don't know what's up I guess we're born with a low IQ or something so I have several different questions you mentioned to someone just found your series after quarantine the man on ATV is apparently going through your RTP series about a week ago so some catching up to do but I had a few questions yeah one specific thing you're doing to keep up fit while in quarantine or yes can you get out and bike regularly? lately i cant go out and ride a bike here in spain and italy and i posted some other countries now and if you if you are not going out apart from going to the supermarket you are going to get medical attention you will be fined so everyone is locked up we are in the house is not allowed to leave the house so you can't ride a bike you can't run you can't be outside the house so all of a sudden my workout changed to an hour of exercise on the map only off the floor so whatever you can do you know burpees and squats and push ups and crunches and messes and all kinds of things but that's all you can do and so on at home training running on the spot and stuff like that jumping jumping whatever whatever you want yeah well i mean how much fitness is required to do your races, how much training do you end up having to do in a day.
I have big races or I'm traveling in races to places for example, I won't do any specific training, I'll just ride a bike, that's enough, riding a bike is enough training for the muscles that need it and everything, riding a bike day after day is good but when i sped up to like when i was going to dock a 17 and traveled from the arctic circle to the beginning of the daka. I knew that biking every day wouldn't cut it, so I'd go for a run in the morning to make sure I had the cardio. training and then I would also like the strength of the car.
Coastal capacity training and things also during the day in my tent, you know, at night at 10:00 a.m. outside the tent. You really have to be disciplined to do more training so in terms of how fit you need to be it depends on how easy you want the challenge to be because you know the things you are easiest at and I've seen that when I look at the different races I've done and the amount of training I did for each one was definitely a clear correlation the more training is more it's an easier and more fun event so it's definitely worth it even for an adventure you know I would recommend everyone if you want to enjoy your adventure more you know if you consider yourself unfit and you want to go and enjoy your adventure riding and you should try to get fit because it will make a world of difference when you are on the trail yes I mean I have even seen the own but champs say it helps you stay focused during those long days and so so del mana is another question being a spokesperson for the motorcycle community of adventure, do you have different perspectives, point of view, mindset and sport than when you first started your RTP adventure on the spot and probably not on the spot in travel and traveling the world, but the perspective has changed a lot because when I was at a nine to five job with a check coming in every month and not after worrying about the gun coming in because i just got in i just went to work from 9 to 5 and the money came and then i did the what you have to do on a weekend when you travel full time is very different and also a thing than when you normally go on a two week trip on your motorcycle like a vacation with a group of friends when you have that kind of job nine to five where you get the money you know its good for the money you tend to spend a lot of money when you disappear for about two weeks one thing you do when you travel as a lifestyle more is to be aware of how much you spend and the things you do on a trip so it changes the way you look at the trip and if I look at it like I'm the older the biggest challenge for me from asus2 places was making the decision to go and do it in the first place because I didn't I thought I could afford to do it and it was going to be harder than it was naturally when I went it cost me a lot less it was more fun than I thought it could have been and you didn't know it Now it was more achievable than I thought what it was going to be and I think a lot of what was achievable was made more achievable by my presence on social media because a lot of people helped along the way, people contributed and a lot of people supported all the projects that came along the way and, yeah it would definitely look different, like traveling the world, to what I did back then, but I think adventure in Spa and you know, racing and such my opinion probably hasn't changed much because I've told them the same thing as I did before I continued running and continued or doing the same things mm-hmm personally on a related question in the chat channel someone says let's just stop that question second because Camilla bought me a cup of tea and I know everyone says hi yeah how are you?
It's been a year, I guess, since we met in San Francisco. or near the top of the Swiss Alps w Before you were surprised by that, er, yeah, I didn't expect it to be a mess all that time and all I was trying to do I wanted it to be the plan: climb to the top of the point highest in the alps set hers say it hanging around and then ask her so i was on camera and she didn't want to climb to the top we didn't it was like anyway it just happened i gave her brother in law the camp. he got on the phone and said look I'm going to do this you have to film it and he said the pressure was like no you have to do it that's funny how it was, from your perspective, going to the Dakar race this was the last one that just happened filming in january through morocco and even to the car and when you looked at him you were worried yeah i always like to say you care about him but i always feel positive i'm like you know it's all part of the story. no matter what happens there you know it's what he chose to do and i don't want to change it because it wouldn't be the gu and i fell in love so i should just let him do whatever he wants to do and carry on so he would definitely enjoy it and being there for me was like real , you know, because in Africa you see all the contrasts and everything there is. it's not like the market you know around it's raw like that's what you like the body that we've been genuine people around it that the country yeah definitely a good experience Camila actually came at the beginning too and a little thing that happened that it made me realize how good the choice I made in Camila had been.
We were all like it was a really busy day. I was going through a lot of stress and pressure to get all the electronics on the bike to work and the sensors and everything and all the ride equipment and everyone and it came around 2 o'clock and Camilla calls me and tells me they've already eaten and i was like they want me to bring some food now it's like yeah i think that's a really good idea that wo That would be really awesome thank you so much right he said don't worry leave it to me and he comes walking like he's about to a mile from town to where the canvass, five large bags in each hand, throws all this food on the table and then sits down. like these kebabs this like what it was was vietnamese tight and this big banquet and Camilla just had a big smile on her face and I was like yeah that's the woman I want money I have to confess to Camilla when I met you in San Francisco I thought wow I can tell how much she loves Linda and I can see why and then when I talked to Lynn and on skype I could see how in love he was and so on but I thought wow this is going to be hard. long-distance relationship with him running around the world and you in San Francisco and everything, so it's amazing that it worked now we'll see if it's five more 21 days of quarantine in Spain, yes, what are they? 15 days 15 days that you have been locked up in this house, the three of you, Camila and you.
And yes, until now we have survived and we have had a pretty good time. We have come up with many ideas for fun. and things are good, but also doing our job, with the dog the three of us and only in the day we have moments when we say it's time to work, we go happy knowing that the space definitely helps a lot when we got it from everyone you say that you have your own time, it helps a lot, but yeah, it's a difficult, challenging time, but I think it's a great opportunity to know how to say, go back to their families, connect with them, share the love in women, feel a little healthy Yeah, I think that's a good thing for everyone, there's a lot of jokes about being in lockdown and all the people joking about going out for a ride and everything, and it was frustrating because we were one of the first countries in lockdown. to see all the jokes about yes, self-isolation.
I'm isolating myself on my motorcycle and actually people don't really understand how bad it was, but now obviously people know how bad it is, aren't they trying to do? I think they do it in your country. It's so little divided. here in america i think just reading the news i have an extended family who thinks this is crazy just give it to me and be done with it i want to be so yeah ummm including a nine year old father in law who just says he comes out every days he goes out to costco and everything else every day saying yeah yeah i've dealt with much worse things in my life this ain't gonna get me the fluids will get cold soon yeah but he's older he's a game and he I know, yes, and there was.
It's not going to be okay yeah awful okay okay yeah okay we don't need to see you okay okay anyway thank you very much let's have coffee again sometime but I guess you're in London now yeah yeah so back to the question that was there is a question that your immediate hospital oh it had to do with do you have to balance injury concerns when training before a race to haveto go back a little bit in training I think that was the gist yeah if the biggest concern was riding to Dachau in 2017 because I was riding every day and we had a lot of mileage to cover like I was riding with my friend Tony we were doing like three to five hundred kilometers a day, everyone voted trying to train, but it was windy and I could get injured or something, and the whole race would be over, especially when so many people sign up like on Kickstarter to help support the projects. that i have to go online and say guys i got injured you know it would be a disaster early on and i just hate it so it's very very hard to try and make sure i stay fit and healthy and don't do anything stupid i think You know that if you're good, if you understand your level of riding and your riding ability, and you're sensible and try to stay within those limits, then you know you have to be very unlucky to have the accident and it shows by my five years going around the world the only time i got caught and luckily it wasn't that bad and yeah that's awesome that's quite a record yeah yeah so we have and someone else actually Luke is asking where do you think we sport goes In five or ten years you will be at the forefront, what kind of changes will you see coming?
Do you think he's talking specifically about Valley racing? metaphor for sport, what direction do you think it will take in five to ten years? So why don't we say Valley racing, yes, public evaluation. So yeah I mean it's changing a lot now and I think there are a couple of other questions I've seen shots about the new rules in rally racing that was put in place at joe andhaka 2020 in Saudi Arabia where the riders were given the road books in the morning instead of the night before as before to try to eliminate what they cook. Mad Men car, people who are sitting looking at the road books and then like to put little cheetahs in the road books because they can look in Google Maps and search and realize they can personally take shortcuts I think that's something really good because what it does is it removes that element completely and puts everything back in the hands of the rider.
You have to find what they give you in that moment that you are giving it. There's no one else interfering so what happens is that it's like everything the rules put pressure on people who know that the factory teams do everything they can to get their small advantage to win the race, they will do it until they organizations be the governing body like the FIM, take that away from them and that's all they're trying to do. Are they just trying to put controls in to remove that element and then bring it back so it's more of a level closer throughout the competition? again and fair and fair is why it's about as well and in terms of the spa I think you know we've seen a lot of talk lately about safety and other talk about de-powering bikes and top speeds and you know we had a pretty lucky street like two two years with no deaths in the dark hours was seen as a good stretch, you know, and then we had two deaths in Dhaka this year and that's certainly going to play out. open incidents and some major accidents as well and big injuries and that opened up a lot of questions about the spa and how it is changing and it could also be opening up the questions that go into the road books in the morning and not having time to study and everything could be causing more incidents, so there's a great balance between getting it right to maintain the right level of security and also getting the right level of competitiveness, so I think we'll see some changes.
I don't know what those changes will be, but like when they changed from capping to 700 CC and then capping again. dropped to 450 you look at the time everyone complained but now the spa is brilliant and we're all riding 450cc bikes so really whatever I do we're going to make a great sport and it's going to stay a great sport for as long as it's well what makes rally racing so great to me is because it's so diverse, basically it's an adventure, riding on steroids is what it is and it's you in a different part of the world every time you're in a different place the one where you don't know what's coming with what's coming around the corner all you do is ride what the red book tells you to do and it's so much fun and there's no other place like it that's why i stuck with it for so long and yet, yeah, that's amazing.
I think you just answered one of your partner Lian's questions. I hope to pronounce it well. That's a great username. map men um nothing more to say on that or we responded i covered it quite a bit yeah that's what they did to me they're just trying to eliminate and remove the opportunity for that to happen and in doing so they need to put a lot more detail into the word book also because they are also taking away the opportunity for the cyclist to complete the road book, so they are putting a lot more responsibility on the organization so that the road book is absolutely successful.
I mean the talk at the Africa eco race is giving the world books in the morning about this year's race, but it didn't really happen and I strongly believe it didn't happen because they weren't prepared to let it happen in terms of them. 't prepare the world looks like they needed to allow that to happen with no brands and I think if they do that in the future then for me it won't change my thoughts or I would just keep doing the race the way it is. To be honest, if it's from a writing perspective, it's a little easier because there's a lot less work to do at night I can go up to two hours three hours mark in my vow book if I didn't have to do that hi what I would agree and go to bed yes so here are a couple of Questions for me: are there any HR or other data center operations concerns that a TV writer admits to?
Actually, yes, but Amazon supports us. Amazon is going through a pretty quiet fight now with the pandemic because they have the shipping warehouses they got the data center etc. I saw in the last few headlines that they were hiring a hundred thousand more people and yesterday there were six more Cove diagnoses in nineteen in their warehouses and so on and I have to shut it down and clean them out and everything else it's a tough time for everyone and it's a time hard. I have seen you say that you are rigidly deferring to quarantine to support the doctors and yes we owe it to the doctors and nurses. and the de


ry drivers that the people that make things work like this conference coming up now I probably don't know how much more internet traffic there is now than before but people are trying hard to keep things going and I am the internet in our area is much lower which was because people are working from home so it was hard to add any comments on that or yes I think just personally from being in one of the solution countries on the front end of making the decision to close and I think one way of looking at it is that you know some people see it like that, wow, you know, maybe I'm not too concerned about getting it, so closing the lockdown isn't that important.
I think one way of looking at it is don't worry about getting it but worry more about passing it on to others and others are much more vulnerable than we are and I think a lot of people are being a little too selfish just thinking about carrying on as normal because there are a ton of other things that go on in the background that we don't see like all the doctors and nurses like all the people who still have to go out de


ring food to people who can't go and get it themselves and doing all those jobs and going out and exposing those people so if you don't know you have it but exposing those people do it too and then passing it on to someone else it's just not worth it i think the way i saw it was if actually two days before they put the lockdown I had already made the decision to stay at home, so I went ahead in Spain and that decision was based purely on good, I will do everything possible so that the situation does not worsen and if not It's going to get worse and it gets better.
I haven't lost anything by doing it. It's okay. I've been stuck in the US, but I was in a position where I could do that. situation and without a doubt I would definitely ask everyone to be extremely serious about it because if I look I don't know where people are watching all over the world but yesterday and today I received messages from friends in the US hundreds well two weeks ago in Spain we had less than 200 deaths and here we are now with almost 5,000 deaths two weeks later so the ramps are going up very quickly and you know we know the period from you know in being exposed to it to having any symptoms can be 14 to 21 days so I think a lot of places just don't know what's coming but you know I was on a month long vacation in Costa Rica just a week ago with my daughter, her five children that she homeschools and her husband who is family doctor and we were reading more and more about how bad it was getting yeah what's going on scott the doctor we had to go home early because kobe is 19 and now he's fighting it so when We returned An nie and me and the five kids had a flight through atlanta we heard that atlanta was the best airport with the shortest lines and all that kind of stuff the plane was stuck on the way to atlanta when we got to atlanta and we were dealing with five small children who were touching everything we had to go through the passport thing and all that we had to look for our luggage and it turns out that the inspectors had gone through our luggage with their hands we had to go through security the whole thing took us two hours to go through security and then they opened three of our suitcases and we searched them and then we had to get on the train and go through six gates and through the biggest airport in the world and we were all crammed shoulder to shoulder and holding on to metal poles and all that kind of stuff and then the food cart was stuck everything was stuck this was only six days ago and then i got home and then i had to choose i'm 66 and so is my esp I dare and I had to do I live in the garage because I just couldn't no way you know I could know I washed my hands and did everything I could but with all these kids and how busy I was it's crazy yeah and she is now showing some symptoms and has lost her sense of taste and smell which i understand is a big symptom and while we have been talking she has been on the phone with the doctor stumped i don't know its pretty scary and i know people who have had it and they said it's the worst and I've known other people who have had it and they said it's not mild so yeah yeah so when you and Eddie Lorenzo ask when you retire is there a country you'd like to go back and spend more time typing and blast?
The continent that was the most comfortable to travel on, the most enjoyable, cost-effective, and had the most incredible tracks, trails, and views was South America, and to be honest, as a family, as I would, the first place I would return to as a family would be South America. most sure was the amazing scenery especially especially in Patagonia and in the mountains great profitable experiences so yes Argentina Chile I would go back there no questions when I retire I am retired no I have not started it yes sir what you have to keep us entertained keeping a coop store don't hurt yourself one question for both chris and linden what do you think of the trend of ever bigger and more complex, heavy and expensive adventure bikes? can you repeat that again?
Just cut yes, what do you think of the trend? bigger and more flexible adventure bikes, heavy and expensive, I actually feel like the trend is changing now, I think it's actually starting to shift towards smaller and lighter bikes. I don't necessarily say simple because they asked me to or complex so here's my take if you look like KTM they have a seven ninety ten matrix now. I've got the seven hundred, you know there's a big shift to the middleweight bike where the people and adventure was out of the world. always p pushing the big bags big bags big bags i think for me i made the switch to go on my trip around the world i switched to a six ninety rig a single cylinder rig and it was honestly the best thing i ever did and if i did it again , I would go on something even smaller, because it's actually nicer, you can go tomorrow and get to places where you can do tracks and trails that you couldn't do on the big heavy bike, but certainly with ease, so I think there's a trend that will probably say in two or three years people are going to move away from the big 12 nineties 1150 essence 21250 adventure and especially for adventure riding and use something smaller I think we will see those bigger bikes there for like road riding like 11 9 to 12 90's pavilion road bike model for road riding but not an adventure bike to be adventurous it will ride the trails of gravel and it will fill gravel roads but I really don't want to be doing too much on it unless you are extremely proficient and that makes meleads to something else like we all see cool videos of myself doing cool stuff on the 6:19 Chris Burch doing a lot of stuff on the 1090 and 790 and we all just assume oh you I can do those things on that bike but I actually know It takes a lot of skill to do those things on that bike as well, so I wouldn't tell anyone.
I would never tell him this five years ago, but now I would tell anyone. if you are in any doubt about which bike to choose for an adventure bike to do a long distance ride or even a month away then go for the smallest of the bikes you have in mind because it will do it in my nice time and in the other topic we mentioned about intricacies like I think a lot of the things that are coming in like emission controls and safety checks like abs and everything, it's all been brought in by legislation, like EU legislation, laws that come into effect and the manufacturers. they just have to stick to that or I think a lot of it probably wouldn't be there if it wasn't for that and but it's coming and manufacturers don't have a choice so unfortunately I would love to have a cabaret it's 790 without electronics no ABS no traction control nothing because that's how I like to ride it's a row bike actually that will never be available from KTM if I want Lee I have to do it myself and I think that's how the world it really goes and for most people who use these bikes on the road for work and the occasional adventure it's the right thing to do and although for me it probably isn't but for most it's the right thing to do and I think that's what they're doing, they're just meeting the needs of the majority and as a result they're selling bikes and that's a good thing. a risky rider and is known for big bikes.
BMW GS is on the big KTM so o n but I like the smaller bikes. I would like to do small size bikes when I rode the Ducati 1292 for Joel rally organizer Paul rump lent me his husky 701 for a day so I parked and went out with the guys on little roads and trails and had a lot of fun on that bike and even that seemed a little big and tall um people than me KTM 500 and so on and I just love them and that's who I am I'd rather suffer a little on the road and have more fun off road and I'd be in as much danger if I said that when off road day came we had three days in Morocco with all these advanced riders and when off road day came they put nabis on our win nine hundred and we dropped the air pressure and tires to 22 and somehow I they put me in the advance group and I said there is a mistake here you have a you know put me in a different group and they said no you are coming and unfortunately right at the beginning there is very light sand and hair igrosa you know it's like sand and only


could sail it and they said christ just put your weight back steer with the pegs give it throttle to make the point really light and you'll be fine and i did and flew over it heart racing you know with max um and for a few moments i mean all day i was pretending i was confident like london or leigh morrison or somebody but i was taking a big risk in that nine hundred trying to keep those two guys I mean, I was writing it. one hundred percent and thinking if I make one wrong move I'm not going to Costa Rica for lunch with my daughter so I hope someone said in response to your South America thing someone asked you to go to Brazil and what did you think , Yes?
I got to Brazil I spent a few weeks in Brazil it wasn't what I wanted to do I didn't want to go a bit north and do some forest roads and stuff like that but I never made it so but I got to Rio de Janeiro I spent a few days, it was actually interesting. as i spent the days that the two days before i went to vote the police went on strike so it's a very dangerous time to be there and a lot of people messaged me to tell me not to go there but i was like no , i am will so i remember riding a bike it's a book i booked as a hotel like one of those chain hotels i think it was him and i wrote straight to the ibis underground car park straight three and then i went and wandered and tried to enjoy I went and did it.
I had a great time, but it was a really hard time to be the ex. Everyone kept trying to tell me to leave, but yeah, I went to Brazil. Riding adventures on the west coast and on the way to Uruguay I cried there so it was a really fun time. I met some really great people in Brazil. I wish I could have spent more time there, but I was chasing the season to go down. to the south, the south end to the ashe cable, so I didn't have a lot of time, yeah, great, so I'm going to get to some more questions on the blog.
I know we have more questions and we can reach out to UM Motors. I asked him if he goes in and sits on his bike standing in the garage like I do just to feel the saddle and grips. in your hands i have to say no i don't do that i mean one thing i did this this is i made a move to not have my garage as home so actually it's been like that since before i went to races places but my workshop is far from home so when i'm home it's like family life and home stuff and i work on computer so i can't go to garage and garage and my bikes but no i don't I make.
I don't do that but when I walk into my shop I usually look at the bikes and all I want to do is take them out and go hide them but yeah the desert surfer says I'm a big fan of London since I've been following him . the original 950 adventure thread from the start and i'm a supporter of RTP you inspire me to create my own broadcast quality adventure travel feature called chasing a supermoon do you have any tips for an indie tv producer and any recommendations on how to do that companies like a television writer and distributors endorse the series and sponsorship to help it reach its target audience? because I didn't go in with any kind of expectations of anything, I didn't have a plan to get to this point where I'm at today, it just did it and one thing about sponsors you know, yeah I get a lot of feedback.
Are you very lucky to have so many sponsors? You know it's probably about 15 product backers that helped me out. I have sponsors that we are. I've been helped a lot before and those companies that have companies that are involved with help from a monetary standpoint if it was, you know it's not and but in terms of helping people get, I get a lot of questions about this and I even get ns questions like this hey Linden I was wondering if you share all your sponsor contacts with me so I can contact them and get some funds.
It does not work like that. The way it worked for me was the more I gave the more they offered that's how it worked so the more I produced and the more I posted early on and the more unique things I did that and the more followers they got that's when more and more things started to fall. place and it was still a lot of me to go and ask for it, nothing is easy and something that my dad always told me is that they are not going to deliver it to you on plates well, that is also true about this, you know that you have to work very hard and not it's just me too, it's all the people involved in the grassroots to the places there are a lot of different people the editors you know everyone who helped from the beginning you know friends families companies it's been a lot getting to this point and I'm thankful you know that the 95 % of all the sponsors that are with me now have been with me from the beginning or when they first joined you know I really try not to change too much I think I tried to continue to build a strong relationship with them and leave it at that but it's hard, well , how to help someone with that i really think just the goal is to give them you have to give them what they want before they give you anything so yeah it's like when you go and buy a motorbike you have to hand over the d inero before i got the bike is the same yeah yeah yeah yeah that's a good answer thanks so here's an interesting question from michelle banks she says you're a young man relatively by yourself for the big four oh right thanks Michelle, imagine I'm thinking what you want to think about now, yes I'm already thinking of one, yes that used to be old but now I guess it's the new 30.
Has anyone questioned your decision to travel the world in Basel I'm an older woman and they call me, you can't make that trip alone, I say, live for today friend, since you never know what's around the corner, some tips on writing and safety from Banksy Australia, uh, you absolutely know, live for today and because you may not be. Here tomorrow and that's the same for any of us none of us know when our time is up but in terms of you know, in terms of cycling around the world you know and I'll speak from a male and a female perspective because I'm a lot of single women travel also in my trip around the world and who have also traveled for several years and many people say that it is not possible, it is absolutely possible if you put your mind to it, whoever you are and whatever gender you are I think you can to do it and I think the thing to do is be very open and really have no expectations because it will be very different from what you expect because my trip around the world was definitely completely different than what I imagined. being in such a man in different ways and I hope I can fit them into my book somehow but yeah it's the best thing about it it's not just the places you go and the things you see it's how it changes you as a person because I I know I'm a much better person now than I was when I started my journey and I mean in many different ways, like a son to my parents, you know, like a fiancé - laughs fiancé like a friend to my friends I know I am a better person now than he was five years ago and that for me is the best reward of going around the world for five years doing what I've done.
I'm trying to find a closing question, but that's the interesting point because your humanity comes through in all these videos. You go through the local schools. You talk about how you can donate to get more teachers. some of these schools that you visit. Africa and do you know like 100 teachers or a smaller student class size yeah and that if sp told a teacher they could get it down to 30 and how little it cut you know it takes you named your motorcycle after your grandfather your late grandfather you have your mother you have paid tribute to your mother online and you have your father is involved and everything else has evolved is that you yes yes I think you know me how is he involved I mean, I was always one, we're a pretty close family, anyway, my family, my parents, my dad, you know my dad was there for me.
Those five years where I tried out to get competitive in the UK and he was there every weekend with me, you know he pushed me to go deeper and do more and you know I'm not supposed to put my foot down . because that was a shame and i like to do it this way too and he spent five years doing that then when i got out of the unit i got out of college and got a job i became independent i went and did my thing and my way and we kind of drifted apart because he had his job and his life and I had moved and went to live in the United States and had my life and I really liked having my dad in Dachau 2013 as a mechanic definitely brought us together again and it was a great experience and what?
You know there were some behaviors on my part that he pointed out that I definitely needed to lose and I knew it and that was really the beginning of the journey that made me and my mother a bad person, you know? I have always been very close. Is fantastic. He's probably my number one fan online. the day they went to their house because you know when I decided to do this trip, I went to the house and said, guys, I made a decision, I'll quit my job and travel. the world I can tell you now that the answer was not yes excellent I am very happy for you it was totally the opposite because they were also in that position where from 9:00 to 5:00 you work hard you earn good money money is the reward and then you have fun on the weekend you go back to work in the week and they don't I don't see it but now if I ask them now or if they have another child who later came and said hey I'm going to do this I'm sure they would say fantastic because you it will change and make you a better person. so i think i know if you answered the question but there are a few little insights looking at how it was with my parents and how i think things have changed yeah that's really interesting so there are other questions and i know there are a couple for my.
I'm also going to upload to the blog in the article that this live


an answer I'm there so we're not going for everyone else here but there is a question sorry to whoever asked that I can't remember if it was on the livestream rather but it was like you think kovat 19 cha cha ngride rally adventures do you have any perspective on that my only thought at the moment is sure this isn't going to be something that's going to end in a month i think i think it's more likely four six months before we can start to think about getting back to normal and I think you know that seeing all the events canceled and everythingbased on government guidance and advice and also common sense you know it won't turn back on quickly so as you know we've had two weeks we've already been in lockdown we have another twenty days to go and i strongly believe it's going to extend again because the violence is not only going to go away it's going to take time to take control and I really feel from a motorcycle in perspective now is the perfect time to write my book because I don't think it's going to change in the next four months I think we're going to be in or at least and quite a bit in control for the next two or three months, at least in the long term, obviously, then the rest of this year is going to be very difficult because there are a lot of World Championships, you know, if you think about MotoGP and World Superbikes and all that, and they won.
I don't have the championship, but right now I can see it's a cancellation year from that, we just go right into the 2021 season and just use this year as there's a learning point and we try to get through as best we can. we can and then we'll see what comes out on the other side but i don't think that's my opinion i don't know if that will happen but we'll see i'll share my opinion briefly i'm closing and that's i'm a scientist by training and therefore i lean so much by the Fatty doctors of this world who are willing to publish what I think is good science and stick to just the part of the science that we're pretty sure and honest about what we don't know, etc., and I've been so disturbed you know i was a geophysicist during the 80s and i have a masters in earth sciences and all of that we thought climate science was settled in the late 80s when george hw bush gave a lecture on global warming and brought together the governors us passed the Clean Air Act and all that and then 40 years of money to deny this basic science has been crushing to me is it the same to own a site as a tv writer and a few other things I'm owner of Flickr and SmugMug it just kills me to see the pseudoscience going around that the age of social media seems to have brought into the future where we trash these distinguished scientists and elevate the blogosphere and I feel like maybe there is a silver lining to this maybe maybe you know what the scientists I know um I've met the new Bill Gates and the brilliant Larry etc and they've been predicting us for a long time and it's not rocket science it's basic science and we really need to listen to ten to the doctors and the nurses and the basic scientists and that's why i beg you all and i hope we get better i hope we get out of this better and prevent worse from happening in the future yeah it's great talking to you man i just been so what you are one of the best people i have ever met i am a future writer and in the whole adventure community and there is a and that says a lot because there are so many wonderful people in that community and around the world who aman want to keep you safe if it wasn't for you chris i don't know those people or yourself so like i'm a DB biker they put this all together and it's great to know that's the case and you know that it's even you know yeah social media has evolved over time but it's really cool to see some of the old adb and I was involved in back in 2007 and now back on social media and starting to follow me on youtube and putting on in touch and yes thank you for all you have done to r Imagine because many other people who want to see that have had many positive adventures.
Adam sure yeah and I have to thank the mods who selflessly work and know behind the scenes and don't get much credit. they are the ones that started as the regional forums yes and put together the rallies which you and I attend many rallies and they are all put on by local people who are not paid to do it and they just do it for the love of the sport and to the people involved and I go to these rallies in Wisconsin and Nevada and everywhere else and it's amazing you know it's amazing the community of ATV drivers you know we may not be the biggest community but it's wrong well I plan on opening in the US sometime this year hopefully later this year depending on how this undercover thing goes but for sure when it's done it would be great to get there and I venture out of the alley and meet other people and hopefully yourself again and have a good time.
I tell you I have an invite for you so Lee Morrison the stunt coordinator on No Time To Die yes one of his best friends was the director of No Time To Die he's a great guy 41 years old and I got invited to go riding them in vancouver uh-huh when i get the chance so you and me should go there together and write about twenty of us yeah i wanna i'll take all the pictures i'm pretty good at it when lee does all those stoppies and he rolls and that stop is you could do it right next to them and it would be great for pictures and all the crazy things that they do that would be cool i could meet the guys and hang out with them and you would love them too i was thinking you know , so Lee has been a stunt double for Matt Damon and the Bourne Identity he was Laura Croft but mindful of prosthetics and a wig and had to lose weight has driven Harrison Ford on the back of his motorcycle for the Indiana series Jones has done is 32 movies Credits like that is amazing and another thought why we have to have a handsome London there but you might be too tall to be a stunt double for some of these guys.
Laura has it's bold still online. on carpet rose up you have that picture handy they said i don't know if you guys can see it but this is what when i always worked in aerospace i was an executive i had short hair i was definitely not handsome linden when chris no i can't say when are the pics on and when was that how i stopped asking about it i don't see it yeah it's quite funny now you can turn it off pause ok thanks

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