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Abot Kamay Na Pangarap: Is this the END of Carlos? (Full Episode 483) March 25, 2024

Mar 31, 2024
A taxi driver reported that she took Doc Analyn to where Doc RJ was. - That? - That? We will respond quickly. Carlos, you are so shameless! - Don't hurt my daughter! - Let go! Let go! I should hurt you because you are ungrateful! You know you were fine at the beginning, but you fooled us all! You cheated on my mother! How come it seems like there's something you're not telling me? Look who's talking. Aren't you and your dad the ones not saying something? Hey, Justine, stay out of my life... because once I get into yours, I'll take out all your stink and the whole hospital will smell it.
abot kamay na pangarap is this the end of carlos full episode 483 march 25 2024
Your life is not ruined yet. So if I were you, give up please. That will never happen. While I suffer, you have fun. This is not over! And I will take the most important thing in your life! Sir, follow the white car! - Hurry! - Hurry up, follow them! What would your son think if he found out that you were a criminal? Zoey, my daughter. Zoey? Hello? Hello Zoey. Hello where are you? What did you do to Aunt Lyneth and Dad? Zoey, my daughter. Are you sure. As they should. Because you're destroying Harry with what you're doing.
abot kamay na pangarap is this the end of carlos full episode 483 march 25 2024

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abot kamay na pangarap is this the end of carlos full episode 483 march 25 2024...

I'm not the one who destroyed things. It was Lyneth and RJ. But I still feel it. I'm sorry for all the things I did. This shouldn't have happened. But it already happened. Zoey, please tell Harry that... I didn't mean to hurt him or humiliate him. I didn't want to destroy his name. I'm sorry if I was a bad father to him. And I'm sorry if... I leave it. What are you saying? Where are you going? Please just give up. Please. Zoey, I can't go to jail. What are you going to do? What are you going to do?
abot kamay na pangarap is this the end of carlos full episode 483 march 25 2024
Zoey, take care of your brother. You are his only family. Zoey, I love you and Harry. Don't say that. Don't say that! Zoey, you know, I can imagine the three of us as a family. You, Harry and I... but our destinies were different before. I love you and Harry, Zoey. Zoey... Zoey, you're the oldest. Even if Harry is usually stubborn, he will listen to you. He will listen to you. Don't do


to Harry. You can't do


to Harry. You can't do this to me! Just give up, please. I beg you! Just give up. Who is that?
abot kamay na pangarap is this the end of carlos full episode 483 march 25 2024
Is that the police? It's the police! They are here. Is that the police? Please! Please, give up, please! Don't defend yourself! Please I beg you. There! Let's look for it! He is simply here. Salazar, go there! Arrest! Carlos, stop! Give up, Carlos. Don't give yourself a hard time. Hello Zoey. Please don't defend yourself. Please! Zoey, I love you so much. Dad, please give up! Please! Please just give up. Take care of your brother. Bye bye. Dad? Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Oh my God, no! Dad! Carlos, don't give yourself a hard time. Carlos, give up! Dad! Dad!
Dad! Buddy? Go and check. Dude, the goal is not here. The target is wounded. Come on, let's go find it! He hasn't gotten very far yet. Come on! He is here. Carlos, just give up! That? You saw it? - He is over there. - Come on! Lord, it's deep. Come on, let's go down. Mrs. Giselle, they are here. That? Aunt! -Analyn! - Doc Analyn! Glad you're safe! Where are your parents? Oh my God, Obeng! My God, what happened to you? Obeng, Lyneth, did you know that many bad thoughts invaded my mind for fear that something might have happened to you?
Thank God they are all safe. Can you tell me everything that happened? What happened? - Are you in pain? - Aunt Lyneth? Analyn? Where is dad? Harry, your dad escaped. We're sure he hasn't gone far because he was shot. Did you shoot my dad? Why did you do that? He was the one who shot us first. Even so! My dad was alone and there are a lot of you out there! And you shot him just like that. Aunt Lyneth, why did you let that happen? Did you not understand that he is alone? Don't you feel sorry for him?
Shut up! Maybe you're forgetting that your father is a criminal! The truth is that all of his gunshot wounds are not enough for all of his crimes! So please behave properly. Giselle, you shouldn't have done that to Harry. I can't tolerate that kind of attitude, Obeng. It's like Zoey. They act as if they are victims even if they know their parents are guilty. Zoey? Why are you crying? Because? What happened? My dad is gone. I think he's dead. I'm all alone. Harry... Please, Analyn, just go! I want to be alone. But, Harry, I know you need a friend right now.
If you are hurting, if you want to cry or get angry, go. Do it. Shout out all the feelings you feel right now. It's so exhausting! It's about problems and difficulties! I just want my family to live! I just want my mother to be happy! I just want my father to be happy but there are always problems! I just want to be happy! It's so exhausting! I just want to achieve my dreams! Why was I born poor? It's exhausting being a worker! Dad! I hate you Dad! You didn't even think about me. You left me completely alone.
I hate you so much. But dad, I love you very much. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! It's not your fault, Harry. Just remember, I'm here for you. We are always here for you. We are here for you, brother. We're here for you, Harry. It will be best if we all return to Manila. I'm sure Zoey is waiting for us. Wait a second. Aren't we going to make sure Carlos is arrested? What if he makes good on his threat to get revenge on Analyn? Don't worry, ma'am. We have already coordinated with the different nearby police stations and in Manila that is why she can no longer escape.
Lyneth, don't worry. Nothing bad will happen to you. As long as I'm alive, no one can harm you or Analyn. Let's first check her wounds. RJ, thanks for bringing us home. Analyn is in the bathroom, taking a shower...because she looks at how we look now. Me too, I'm dirty. It's okay, Lyneth. I'll move on. Well. Thanks again. Lyneth? I won't let you hurt RJ. If you kill him, kill me too, because I love RJ! Do you want to say something? If there's anything you and Analyn need, let me know. And don't worry about Carlos. I'll let you know if the police have any updates.
Thank you. Okay, I'll move on. Lyneth! Analyn! Time to eat. Lyneth, come on. Analyn! Lyneth! Take a sit. Let's eat. Are you both okay? Are you in pain? How's your head? It hurts? Analyn said you hit your head. Mother, tomorrow you need to have an MRI to make sure you don't have a brain injury. Analyn, it's not necessary. I just hit my head, but I'm fine. The important thing is that I am already home and we are all together. I think I have already prayed to all the saints. It's good that you are both here. Well, for my part I am thankful that that monstrous Carlos is now out of your lives.
So let's eat now. But I still won't be at peace until the police have arrested Carlos. Mother, Dr. Carlos will not risk being seen by people. He will surely hide. And they also shot him, remember? Then he needs to recover, so don't worry. Analyn, promise me that if Carlos ever makes you feel his presence in any way, or if he threatens you, tell me immediately. Yes Mother. Lyneth, don't let yourself be imprisoned by your fear of Carlos. The important thing is that you are now free and now you can start again. Come on, let's eat. Forward.
Let us pray first. Lord, thank you very much for the food before us now. I won't let you hurt RJ. If you kill him, kill me too, because I love RJ! Why are you crying? Aren't you happy that your dad is safe now? Of course, dad, I'm happy. I'm glad you and Aunt Lyneth are safe. I cried because I was afraid when you were in danger. Don't worry, Zoey. It's all over. I just want to take this opportunity to apologize to you... because I was always absent during the time you needed me. It seems I have brought you closer to danger.
Danger? Yes. To Carlos. Since I was always absent, you needed to find someone to vent your problems to. And unfortunately you saw Carlos. Thank goodness he didn't do anything to you. He is a liar and a criminal. He is such an evil person. That's why I feel sorry for his son. His child of him? Yes, it's Harry. You didn't even think about Harry before you did all the wrongs on him, did you? He is so evil. Didn't she even think about his only son? What kind of father is he? Again I am sorry. Justine, please don't leave.
APEX needs you. And you know I need you. Please don't you dare say it or I will resign. Dr. Carlos is still a fugitive. They haven't caught him yet. Zoey, I already told you. Carlos is like a cancer. It is difficult to eradicate. I'm not perfect, but I know, I really know that I can love you like you deserve to be loved. Who is that?

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