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Abba Behind The Blonde: The story of Agnetha Fältskog | The FULL Documentary

Aug 31, 2023
I wish she could be happy and find someone to make her happy, you know, I wish she could have done that for almost a decade. Agnetta Falskog was the biggest star of the world's biggest pop group, Abba. Sweden's pop perfectionist who topped charts around the world. and sold almost 400 million records, Alba's unique quality was that it is the purest pop ever made. Apples were the ultimate Glam image played by two enviably blissful couples, Annie Fried and Benny Bjorn and Agnita, the part-sexiest woman. I'm sure Freda has long reconciled herself to this, but you know, and yet, she is undoubtedly the icon of Abba.
abba behind the blonde the story of agnetha f ltskog the full documentary
The first thing Anita had was sexual attractiveness. She was very sexy and she didn't know it. She had a great Swedish robot that was constantly talked about in the foreign press and we heard a lot about it in Sweden. An incredible butt. She is amazing. She's all she crawled out of. She was the beautiful


with the perfect bun, but if you thought you knew the truth behind happy faces. and brilliant songs think again this is the


of Abba who has never been told the


of Anita Joy or on tour at all I think she had moments where she thought she was too big, you know something physically with all her size that scared her and you go out and, suddenly, all of her insecurities and those fears that have been building up over the years that show that she wasn't happy because the lighting in the restaurant would be too bright and people would recognize her or and then it would just happen.
abba behind the blonde the story of agnetha f ltskog the full documentary

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abba behind the blonde the story of agnetha f ltskog the full documentary...

Otherwise, you know it would be too dark and she, you know, was afraid of not attracting attention. Beautiful icon for an entire era. She seemed to have it all, but then she slipped into an increasingly lonely nightmare of phobias, near-death experiences. tragedy and as we reveal for the first time tonight a more recent and truly shocking personal relationship, can you imagine? Since I was a child I was crazy about her and now here she was sitting on my lap, it was a dream, today Anita lives isolated. On a remote farm on Ekaro Island, avoiding public appearances and fueling media speculation, last year she broke her silence by giving her first television interview in 17 years, seen here for the first time in Britain.
abba behind the blonde the story of agnetha f ltskog the full documentary
The officers are sad, they are silent, they don't want to talk. For people, she doesn't see many people. I think she's been here most of the time since Abba and she has a big house and a lot of horses and yet she's a pretty lonely woman. Anita's isolation and withdrawal are due to fears, speculations. The reclusive singer's story reached a fever pitch in 2000 when she unexpectedly reappeared in court and Yeta was attempting to obtain a restraining order for a stalker, but in the most shocking twist of all, it emerged that this stalker had also become her lover in a relationship that had lasted two years.
abba behind the blonde the story of agnetha f ltskog the full documentary
I heard about God for the first time about three years ago. I thought he was a crazy person who was stalking Anita and really thought they were going to get married. I think he is sick inside, very sick. Thank you foreigner. I would love to return to Sweden but the situation has to change. I wouldn't want to accidentally bump into Anita again and be involved in another court case. Van de Graaff had been accused of plague and Yeta followed her by telephone in public and bombarded her with more than 80 letters and was found guilty of 10 counts of harassment.
The judge said Gert showed signs of mental disability and he was deported to his native Holland. I have decorated my house in the Swedish style. It is a small bed. I wouldn't mind a wider one. I always have a photo of her nearby. I always want to be able to see a photo of her, as well as a complete collection of memories. Gert also has several letters that she says she received from Magneta. These are my letters from Anietta that I wrote to her. many more than she had written to me often contain touching thoughts private thoughts it was different pain this is a letter after our vacation together our love grows stronger and stronger your eyes your warm hands your soft hug your mouth thank you for a wonderful weekend abroad so how did Pop's former Golden Girl come to such a bleak chapter in her strange life story?
In the second part, we trace the roots of those fears and phobias that would lead Anita to increasing isolation and a dangerously strange adventure that started very tender but became more passionate step by step, I think you all know what I mean. teacher when she was 13 and 14 years old I gave her the opportunity to sing in front of the class which inspired her and encouraged us on April 5, 1950 and yet she was a falskog I was born in the city of Yearn Shopping, located on the banks of the second largest lake in Sweden. Yearn Shopping's original claim to fame was its preeminence in the field of safety match manufacturing.
Wake up, how can I continue with dentistry? I have never had a student as good as Anietta in my class and much less a student who became as successful as her, a precocious singer, pianist and composer Agnita did not stay only 12 months after leaving school she attended her first session recording in Stockholm Dad is a foreigner teenage annietta She then released a series of self-written hits, but was already feeling uncomfortable with her growing fame and struggling with her natural shyness. The first time I met Anita I was at the record company. I was quite surprised by her voice.
She had a clear and pleasant voice. She thought that she had a good chance of surviving in the business if she managed to overcome this shyness, so she went to travel to promote her solo career. She chose to go by coach, but another brush with death on the tour would force her to withdraw. Furthermore, we arrived at night through Sweden, it was cold, rainy and very dark and the roads were slippery, suddenly there was a red light and it braked and the whole coach turned around and fell and Anita was ejected. the window everyone said it was a miracle that we could survive an accident like that and she didn't dare drive after that and didn't want to travel she doesn't travel she never moved and moved next year 1984 Anita suffered another blow when Bjorn He moved to England and Anita was left with sole custody of their children.
Anita isolated herself on a farm surrounded by acres of land on an island outside Stockholm after her divorce from Bjorn. Anita was constantly in the press because she had a series of short-lived relationships with a wide cross-section of Swedish society, including an ice hockey player, her bodyguard and her analyst. In 1987 she began dating American record producer Bruce Gage at home, she was just a sweetheart, you know, she was a great cook and a fun person. person to be with, you know, and you go out and all of a sudden all of her insecurities and what's the word fears, I mean her, these fears that have built up over the years would show you that you know she wasn't happy because the lighting in the restaurant would be too bright and people would recognize her or and then the opposite would happen, you know, it would be too dark and she, you know, was afraid that they wouldn't notice her.
I didn't want to be Mr. Fake God, I know that if she had gone there, she would have been working on her career, probably to the exclusion of anything else because she was jealous of anything else. What's going on with her, I think she's bored, she's out to get it. the passion and spark Auto of first love and when that ends, he moves on with someone else in the late 80s and Yeta had begun what was to be a 17-year retreat from public life while appearing less and less frequently in public in the media. She began to cling to her obsession with privacy and solitude abroad.
Thomas Sonnenfeld divorced after three years, but the worst was to come for Anita. In 1994, her mother died in a tragic fall from her six-story window, according to it was most recently reported that she committed suicide, her father died just a year later, she was naturally deeply shocked, it was a horrible time for her, I don't know if she or anyone could handle such a thing, it was too much, she really worked long hours and was very tired , and that is. when I was in a car accident when I was recovering I wrote her a letter about what had happened I heard a knock on the front door it was her standing at my door with her friend I looked Yeta straight in the eyes it was my childhood dream come true Hello, fortunately thanks to letter writing we knew how to communicate with each other, so I knew exactly what to say.
I invited them to have coffee. A friend was chatting a lot asking questions etc but she might as well have done it. been in the other room I was only concentrating on Annetta Foreign but there was a lot more to it than that yes, for my best yes, she was the first time I had girlfriends before, but I never had sex. I thought she really enjoyed it afterwards when we recovered side by side we told her how it was possible we had found ourselves in this situation she had lived in the spotlight since she was a teenager but fame had intensified her fears and insecurities and her private life had been cursed by misfortunes for a period of 17 years after Abba, the problematic star, retired from public life, she wants to be left alone, I want to be alone, it is true and she is hiding now that they call her the Major Garbo and the Mysterious, does not want to play the game. because it's a game, this business is a game, for the first time in 23 years, the four members of Abba were finally seen together in public at the recent Swedish premiere of Mamma Mia and Yeta, always absent in the publication, the image of Abba had decided to resurface. tentatively in the public eye are their families in 1997 Gert Van de Graaff moved from Holland to Sweden to become Anita's neighbor within a year he had become her lover the relationship lasted two years before Anita broke up with Gert two a mystery to everyone how he could have stayed with this man, but now I couldn't understand him, neither then nor now.
I never really understood why we broke up, so I decided, despite all the security around his house, to go to his house. Ring the bell. I looked at her through the door. face and told her that I wanted to talk to her without opening the door, she screamed, I want you to leave, she made a report to the police where she told us that she had been harassed by Mr. Vandergraph and that he was both visiting her, sending letters and by phone Gert continued calling, sending letters and following Angieta in 2000 he was arrested and taken to court accused of harassment the graphic was arrested first they found him at his house and the two police officers took him to the police station while there were other officers They searched the cabin where he had lived.
Details of the case emerged that sparked a tabloid. Reports from Feeding Frenzy even implied that police had found a bucket of Anita's feces in Gert's house. It wasn't a toilet with running water, it was some kind of bucket that she would throw some grains into. I certainly wasn't saving and Yeta's soft waste, nothing in the investigation showed it was Mrs. Felsco's poop. I just think she can't keep her house in order. I think that was the biggest problem I talked to. he why did you do it and he answered me because I want to live with annetta Feld school I love her I loved her since I was eight years old and then I followed her all my life and I want to live with her I could be a very lonely person Person, she is a shy person .
I have a feeling that he didn't know that Mr. Van de Graaff was actually what I would say was sick from the beginning. He describes his relationship as Romeo and Julia, but in the investigation he talks about Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll Gert. He was found guilty of 10 counts of harassment and deported from Sweden two years later, in 2003, the terms of the sentence had expired and Gert returned to Sweden, where he resumed his attempts to contact Angela, standing in this parking spot, when he We saw, so I blocked, blocked. He walked here and I called the police and I got out of the car I tried to talk to him and he ran me over.
He was back in my car and I was chasing him. I blocked the girls' passes. I went out in the car and took God out. from the car and hit him and held him there until the police arrived after a final court hearing, this time without Anita Gert being deported again. In any case, Mr. Vandergroff cannot communicate with Miss Felsco again, nor see her letters or her phone, if he takes any. contact with Anita then I think they will send him to prison ER foreigner for um from Secrets calcium the boy used to kiss you sings when she leaves my future depends on what happens when my deportation order from Sweden expires and when the contact ban

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