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Aaron Campbell - The YouTuber Who R*ped & Killed A 6 Year Old Girl

May 05, 2023
I have never before seen a police officer nearly collapse on the witness stand so affected by the siege that he dragged her out of there and into a secluded spot where we raped over 600 people at the funeral home on the courthouse bridge. to say goodbye to little Alicia many pink dresses in her memory as her family had requested first let's start with subscribers on YouTube um First I had a little breaking point in the middle of nine subscribers where I slowed down and not having many subscribers became Something could have been done and more steps could have been taken to ensure this never happened In the early morning hours of 2 July 2018 the lifeless body of a six




was found in the abandoned cows of The Butte Hydropathic Hotel in Rother says I love Butte Scotland by a member of the public too Manhunt had begun after the


's grandfather realized she was not fast asleep in her bed where only hours before her father had left. her to fall asleep with Peppa Pig, but the circumstances surrounding the girl's death would become increasingly tragic if the details surrounding the case began to unravel and the monster behind the murder and aspiring YouTuber would be at the helm of the investigation thanks to the help of her mother this is the case of alicia mcphail the six


old girl murdered in a sad twist of fate on a summer night in july just a quick disclaimer before we continue that this story contains details of child sexual abuse so that's something that does If you feel uncomfortable then feel free to select one of the hundreds of other videos on the channel, as always thanks for your time and let's get on with the case to start this story.
aaron campbell   the youtuber who r ped killed a 6 year old girl
We have to travel approx 55 miles from Rothersey Into the Heart. from Scotland Airdrie a small town located just outside Glasgow and on 22nd October 2011 Alicia McPhail was born to parents Georgina Lochrane and Robert McPhail for the first few months the family unit was strong they were ready for the future but as the third month changed, the couple ended the relationship on relatively good terms, we don't know any deep details as to why that was, but they kept in touch so that Alicia would have a healthy relationship with both parents during the period of her short life she made trips every other weekend since airdrie to rothersey to visit robert when the couple broke up he moved back there to his parents' three bedroom flat and alicia had her own space within the property everything to her she loved it there they took trips to the beach park For swimming, among other activities, she was always away from home, but if for some reason she couldn't go anywhere, she stayed inside and spent time watching TV or YouTube with her father's family back home. at Airdrie, the trips were understandably not as frequent.
aaron campbell   the youtuber who r ped killed a 6 year old girl

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aaron campbell the youtuber who r ped killed a 6 year old girl...

I mean, after all, she went to Rother, for example, for short breaks, but Georgina still pushed herself and did what was right for her daughter. She made sure that her attendance at school was over 100. Any of her daily needs were always in order and at home Georgina pushed Alicia to continue her hobby of creating videos, she also dreamed of doing it sometime. day on YouTube. he knows that and pasta is now made all over the world faster which i didn't get a pasta so you'll be happy for now he'll show you around but this is finicky and that's what's weird if you like this video give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down you didn't forget to subscribe bye the young lady had a bright future ahead of her director Wendy Davey had this to say Alicia enjoyed reading and was a perfectionist when it came to her writing she was a considerate child the one who loved being part of a group and was popular with the students, other teachers talked about her as a bright and bubbly girl who always came to class with a big beautiful smile, but sadly when the final bow for the summer of 2018 that Unfortunately, it would be the last time any of her teachers would see her alive again on June 28, 2018.
aaron campbell   the youtuber who r ped killed a 6 year old girl
Alicia headed to Rothersey to spend three weeks with her father. Her father's girlfriend, Tony McLachlan, and her grandparents. When she arrived, she wanted to go Highland dancing, but when she got to the club for the session, it ended, instead her grandparents organized a trip to Ettrick Bay Beach. She had been to the beach many times before she was a favorite of hers. like many others she had had in the past, but as the day drew to a close, it was time to head back to the three-bedroom apartment where the family spent the rest of the night together for the next few days, summer vacation would be full. fun-filled more days out were key memories that they will cherish forever one in particular was a goal a day on the island Cullum's grandfather Alicia remembers Alicia going on rides having the time of her life then July 1st arrived that day was full of emotions ups and downs, but unfortunately this story does not end as we all would like and it was this day that would not only shake the small communities to say an adri but the entire nation, the day begins as follows everyone wakes up and share breakfast together Alicia is watching YouTube doing the usual thing on her summer vacation morning, but today she returns to her hometown of Airdrie with her grandfather Cullum to attend a friend's birthday party, the only problem is that when They arrive in 24 hours. late but a birthday party is being held at the place in question hey Alicia is one of her friends why don't you join me to join and enjoy the day Alicia attended the party even though she didn't actually know the person whose birthday it was, but since she had mutual friends at The Bash, the parents allowed her to stay after she and her grandfather made the 55-mile journey.
aaron campbell   the youtuber who r ped killed a 6 year old girl
The party was great, but it was finally time to head back to the Island of Butte and drive back. Callum would share one last memory with Alicia that she would stay with him to this day for the entire 55 mile journey. She would hit Callum on the back of the head with a balloon she had acquired from the party when they arrived on a beach in Rothersey. I tried to do it again, but this time she let go and went flying down the bank. Alicia chased after it for a while, but at the end it broke out and they both burst out laughing.
Alicia was taken to the city with her father, Robert. and her girlfriend her Tony, who spent a few hours with her at the local park before her grandmother her Angela picked the trio up. They headed home, but had stopped by a local supermarket to pick up some dinner when they got home. The food was put on the table and everyone ate it. started to wind down and around 10 p.m. Alice was put to bed, her favorite DVD of Peppa Pig was put on the TV partly out of nowhere. 30 minutes later, she burst into her grandparents' room and gave them a big kiss and hug before mouthing the words goodnight.
Grandpa around 11 p.m. m. Callum went to check on Alicia to make sure she had fallen asleep so she could now go to bed and rest easy knowing her granddaughter was fast asleep. This is our Vlog. I am just here. to talk uh um first let's start with the subscribers on YouTube um quickly I had a little breaking point in the middle of nine subscribers where I slowed down and didn't get a lot of subscribers but now I'm getting fast Subscribers I'm already at 21 in about a week so 9 to 16 in a week is pretty good as my dream obviously is to get the same number of subscribers as PewDiePie maybe yogscaster Syndicate just people like that um dont worry guys I'm not just doing minecraft uh, another show is another show, another show, another show is on the way, uh, grammar, uh, you just have to remember that it's hard to get noticed on YouTube and every little and every person who hits clicks on it. subscribe button that helps a lot more than you think trust me so i hope you guys enjoyed the video bye see you later and yeah why am i repeating things guys why am i repeating so annoying Oh I cry, I cry, I cry for you, yes she looked, there were tears coming from my eyes, I cried, I shit, this is the face of evil, though a young Aaron Campbell looks like it wouldn't hurt to fly here for years to come , he would go on to commit one of, if not the most heinous crime in Scotland there is not much information detailing Aaron's life other than the few snippets of information that are widely available on the internet if we turn the clock back to May 7, 2002.
Aaron Thomas Campbell was born in Shrewsbury, England, a distance from where he would eventually grow up. In 2007, his family moved to the Isle of Butte for currently unknown reasons. part of his mother Jeanette growing up, others dispute that what we do know is that Aaron's father Christopher, a supervisor in the oil industry, had spent time away from home quite often due to work with Aaron, his sister and his mother, at home. Some reports say that Aaron and Jeanette argued constantly when he heard I don't want to drink too much disclaimer that he drank quite often in 2014 Aaron Campbell started posting a YouTube where he had aspirations to become as big as PewDiePie one day and he which started out as gaming content in his early days of posting would turn into parkour and Vlog style videos as he got older his lifestyle would start to change and his content would match the fact that as he got out more, he filmed outside instead of staying inside on his computer, although he eventually wanted to go to university to study game design during his time in high school, he was described as a worldly teenager with a great group of friends, not the usual stereotype of someone who would eventually commit the kind of crime he would commit. but once again there was a detail I left out that begins to paint a picture of what was really going through Aaron's mind and while his group of friends often downplayed him being a nervous teenager in hindsight, that's definitely not it. was the case in In 2017, a Facebook conversation took place between Aaron and a friend of his about a true crime document country.
We don't know any deep details about that conversation, other than he went on to say, "Quote I could kill one day for the life experience of the summer of 2017 by Aaron's owner, Mission, he had spent about a year thinking about doing something excessive. , including rape, and when presented with that opportunity, he took it If we take Aaron's word from when he first met Tony, we can get a rough estimate as to the first Domino Falls in this story, he would later say that he and Tony had been friends with benefits in the winter of 2017. However, this claim is believed to be untrue and the relationship between the two was strictly business-related to the drug business, meaning Robert had told people cannabis in the local area not much of an operation but to support his own habit Tony was also involved and since Aaron was the outgoing person he was also dabbling in drugs and alcohol at this time not surprisingly the two crossed paths , the relationship between the two parties soured in February 2018, however, after Aaron complained that the quality of Robert's product was subpar and that Aaron never urinated on the £10 debt he owed him.
Robert, so this is where the story starts to come full circle and believe it or not, for months Aaron and Robert never crossed paths, although there was one occasion where Aaron had almost crossed paths with Elisha and his grandparents, like You know, when Alicia arrived on the Isle of Butte on June 28, 2018, the trio attended Trick Bay Beach when just two days later, Aaron was celebrating that the school year was over and had also gone to the beach to go camping with some friends. together to throw a party at his seven-bedroom house the next day, July 1, the party took place. 15 friends were invited and overall there was a good vibe.
Aaron drank a bottle of Mad Dog fortified wine and shared a bottle of Echo Falls wine with a friend. I got drunk Aaron Rickles I wasn't sick, I was just having fun, however, when the party came to an end around 12:30 AM. on July 2, Aaron's mood changed after arguing with his mother for most of the night everyone had left the party, but a friend had to come back because he forgot his bag when he arrived . He remembers finding Aaron in an emotional state and records that he was feeling suicidal. The friend stayed with Aaron for a while because he was worried, but this friend had managed to get Aaron's spirits back.
I'm going to go get some weed and then I'm going to bed. and do the same while drunk, she was going to contact Robert to see if he had any weed but he didn't bother bothering him because he remembered Yoda's money so he thought he tried to call Tony but she didn't . I replied, in fact, Aaron had tried to message various drug dealers to find some drugs,but because it was late everyone was asleep for some reason again, more than likely because he was drunk, he hatched a plan where he wanted to steal some cannabis from Robert.
He'd already stolen from her once, anyway, even if it wasn't necessarily to his face, so why not do it again? So he slipped downstairs, he grabbed a kitchen knife and headed over to the thieves to steal this stash of cannabis which was caught on CCTV at around 154AM. m. on July 2, 2018, he was heading towards Roberts to execute this plan when he arrived a short time later, the door was open, he didn't even have to force his way in, he just walked in, the Cannabis was about to be his in a matter of moments, maybe just maybe he didn't even have to bring the knife after all well that's not exactly what happened you see it was true that everyone was sleeping and his initial plan was he stole this stash of cannabis but as he searched for the house found little Alicia sleeping in the bed.
The chance to act on dark thoughts that had been going through his head was a moment of opportunity where I thought I was going to kill her once I saw her, so the initial plan was scrapped and Aaron dragged Alicia out of bed in the dark of the room. night just under the supervision of her grandparents, her father, and her father's girlfriend, she was described as fast asleep when she went to the property, but it worked a little because the cold breeze came out, she didn't freak out, though who are you? where do we go now?
I'm your dad's friend. I'll take you home. I'm cold. Hold on. Here's my jacket, although Aaron's small gesture of giving Alicia his jacket may seem nice, but it was actually to give her a false sense of security. We do not know. if Alicia went back to sleep but certainly didn't put up a fight, it was only a six after all, it's not like she was aware of what was happening in the space of the next 30 minutes as they made their way up the coast off out of public view this is where Aaron disposed of his knife and this is where the couple were captured on home surveillance footage although those footage has not been made public the journey would continue along the coast until reaching a wooded area and towards the land surrounding the then at the time he left the hydropathic hotel cause Butte when he arrived on the hotel grounds, Aaron raped Alicia before murdering her by significant forceful pressure to her neck and face, ended with 117 separate injuries, mostly scratches and abrasions, but some other injuries from the rape are so terrible that I don't even want to mention them in this video after leaving Alicia's naked, vulnerable and lifeless body on the hotel grounds.
Aaron left the scene and returned to shore from here. he went to his house and at approximately 3:35 a.m. m. he caught the house surveillance camera of him jumping over a wall 10 minutes later at 3:45 a.m. he made his way back to shore and dumped the clothes in the ocean when he returned seven minutes later he was seen wearing only shorts he climbed over a wall and went back to his house the clothes he was wearing disappeared of course he got rid of them the He saw them at sea six minutes later, he saw them once again running out of the house having changed their clothes and carrying what appears to be a torch, then at 4:07 a.m. he returned to his house for the last time at approximately 6 a.m. on july 2, 2018 callum mcphail woke up to go to work he went to check on alicia to make sure everything was ok but when he did she wasn't there he started frantically searching around his room and when he couldn't Finding her woke Aiden up. the family soon realized that Elisha's bike was still missing in the garden, she had never run away before so they were scratching their heads as to how it could have happened.
A call was made to 999 at around 6:23am. m. the family were now wide awake and out of the house looking for the girl. Angela had posted an appeal on Facebook for everyone in the local area to keep an eye out for Alicia and report if anyone knew of her whereabouts. Sadly, this is how Alicia's mother would do it. found out she was missing, never got a call from anyone, not even informed by the police for the next two and a half hours, tons of residents were out on the streets looking straight ahead and wide open, the police too, even the Coast Guard and helicopter units went out. to assist in the search and around 6.55 a.m. aside from Aaron Campbell, she remembers him trying to call her several times hours before looking for cannabis at 9:01 a.m. m. she got this reply from him sorry never mind then a little chat ensued i want to keep an eye out for rabs come on please yes. what happened she disappeared from the house the police are looking for her and the result of the helicopter oh damn I'm sure she didn't go too far hopefully Aaron Campbell thought he put the war on everyone's eyes and probably he thought his dark secret would never be revealed. in the light well he was wrong as that text message exchange was ongoing, the police only had moments before being informed by a member of the public that Alicia had been found on the hotel floor.
Her family was informed a short time later. Initially, no arrests were made. in connection with the investigation, but maximum police resources were put into it, multiple officers patrolled the streets, parts of the Isle of Buttes were completely cordoned off, and even more officers were involved in door-to-door investigations so that whoever was the perpetrator would not It was a long time outside before they were caught, hopefully Police Scotland had made multiple appeals on social media for anyone to come forward and that's when a woman, Jeanette Campbell, Aaron's mother, came forward with CCTV footage of Aaron moving suspiciously the night Alicia was kidnapped.
Jeanette, raped and murdered, talked to Aaron about his movements that night and wanted the police to rule him out as a suspect. She had a long conversation with him before handing over the footage to the police and asked him if he knew any information about the case or even worse had he committed the crime, he insisted he had nothing to do with any of it and said he didn't know to anyone who might have been the perpetrator, she warned him that the police would find DNA evidence, so if he was lying he'd get caught anyway when the police took him in for questioning.
Still, he remained calm and collected. He told his mother that he didn't know anything and she went to the police with evidence. Aaron Campbell was first questioned as a potential witness. introduced to him, he remained calm and did not act suspicious when spoken to, however by 4th of July with additional evidence presented he would be introduced again as a suspect with new evidence identifying him to the crime and what a surprise. All of his behavior changed and he began to give answers without comment to the police. Various pieces of evidence were presented through CCTV DNA and even phone data analysis the day after the murder.
Aaron had searched collecting DNA evidence on his phone and had also posted an ominous Snapchat to a group of people in the snapshot, he posted a photo of himself pointing at himself in the mirror with the caption found the guy who did it not hard to see So why did the police end up charging him in connection with the investigation? Aaron Campbell would continue to deny the charges brought against him and record what has been cited as a special defensive indictment, in other words, he tried to argue that Tony was responsible for the death of Alicia in court, she took the witness stand and claimed that she had sex. with Tony in a garage on the night in question suggesting that she murdered Alicia and used a condom to plant his semen on Alicia's body.
Aaron's lawyers claimed that Tony was jealous of the attention Alicia received from the family and more specifically by Robert Aaron Campbell answered questions for about two hours explaining the prosecution's evidence while looking unfazed according to a reporter inside the courtroom, but if he didn't guess by now, the jury saw through his lies and then After just three hours of deliberation, Aaron Campbell was found guilty of the kidnapping, rape and murder of six-year-old Alicia Mcphail on February 21, 2019. Aaron was emotionless as the guilty verdict was handed down and he later ruled a sentencing hearing for March 21, 2019 and within that time Aaron finally confessed. to his crime to Dr.
Gary McPherson, a consultant forensic clinical psychologist and social worker, revealed that Aaron told him he was quite pleased with the murder and said it took him all to stop laughing during points in the trial and added the quote that had to close. his mouth closed. The report by Dr. McPherson that was eventually given to the judge before sentencing also indicated that Aaron at the time had cited continued to experience thoughts of killing and having sex with children and having sex with corpses in Scotland people who commit crimes under the age of 18 by law have to have their names hidden from the public domain unless a judge feels it is in the best interest of the public for their name to be available normally news organizations have to file as some kind of appeal for his name to be published and in Aaron's case, his name was made public even though he was under 18 at the time.
Foreigner Thomas Campbell was found guilty of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Alicia Mcphail, a six-year-old girl. but the circumstances surrounding these vile crimes and the manner in which they were committed have rightly aroused disgust and disbelief that this sort of thing could happen. Alicia had just arrived in Butte for a vacation with her father and grandparents and had gone to bed seemingly safely in her own room, no doubt looking forward to what the next few weeks would bring, her father and parents would have enjoyed every minute, while his mother and family would have been counting down the days until they saw his smiling face again. meanwhile you attended a party in your own house you consumed alcohol and then at your own expense to which I will return she went in search of cannabis entered the house and then in her bedroom you took her out of there and took her to a secluded place where you raped and murdered in the most fragile way, the details of that were revealed in the evidence and I do not intend to go over them again, it is hard to imagine the anguish her family must have suffered not only when she disappeared but when the terrible news of her that she had been found dead, that the anguish can only have intensified if that was possible by discovering the extent of what you did to her not only in the weeks and months immediately after, but in the course of the trial.
I have read statements from your parents and grandparents in which they have tried to express their loss and the Void that greets them every day, just as I know that no words I can utter will alleviate that anguish, so I know that mere words are pure deviations from themselves. the effect on the Commonwealth of Ireland was profound, with many drowning to help in the search and the effect on those who saw Alice in the Woods will be long lasting. affected was by the site the contrast between them and you could not be more vivid your attitude was clearly demonstrated by the evidence that you put an image of yourself in a mirror while making a joke that you had found where the murderer hid the arrogance and insensitivity of that is impressive thanks to the dedication of the police and capable forensic scientists assisted by members of the public like those who came forward when they found pieces of his clothing washed up on the shore, ultimately bringing him to justice despite overwhelming evidence against him . you did not plead guilty, but you chose to go to trial, that was your right and I did not increase your sentence for it, however, it is symptomatic of your astonishing lack of remorse, not once during the trial did I detect a flicker of emotion in you and that was also the experience of the professionals who interviewed him for the purposes of the reports to which I will refer shortly. of the truth which was understandably widely reported in the media and which left her open to suspicion at the very least and quite possibly hate, all of which was due to her perverted machinations.
I am very grateful to Mr. McConaughey, who today made it clear that he was completely The innocent Mr. McConaughey has said everything that could be said on his behalf fully agreed with the exemplary manner in which the trial was conducted in both sides of the bar all the issues of fact that could reasonably be agreed upon were agreed upon and the issues were well focused and raised before the jury, as I told Judy after they returned their verdict, the council does not invent defenses but rather present the case on the basis of your instructions, it is obvious what your instructions were and your evidence was completely in accordance with them, although it was a fabric of lies, notgoes too far, so when I say I was surprised when I saw the contents of the criminal justice social work report and the report of Dr.
McPherson, the consulting forensic clinical psychologist, each of these reports contains authorized admissions by you of their fault not only that and this is a terrible thing to say about someone so young but they paint a clear picture of a cold, numberless, calculating, ruthless and dangerous individual. I do not intend to go into every detail of the reports or their admissions since much I think it would be distressing and much of it simply confirms some of the evidence that was obtained, however I think it is right that the public, and more particularly your family, get an idea of ​​the content.
Dr. McPherson noted that you presented his account in fact remarkably absent of any recorded emotion that you told him that in the previous 12 months the mother entertained thoughts of doing anything excessive, including rape. In short, his story was that she had been drinking but wanted cannabis and decided to break into the house to get some. He picked up a kitchen knife because he wanted to protect himself, but after entering, he left the house and disposed of it, returned to the house and entered Alicia's room, among other things, Dr. McPherson records that he told her that there was consumed a bottle and a half of wine between eight and eight-thirty, but did not feel intoxicated although he told the social worker that he was still feeling the effects he is not under the influence of any illicit substance he records that when he saw Alicia your reaction according to you was as follows and i cite a moment of opportunity at any other time in life murder would not have been the conclusion if i had been a year younger i dont think i would have done it all i thought was to kill her once i I saw her she told Dr.
MacPherson and the social worker in some detail what she did you said Alicia was sleepy and woke up a bit more when you came out at one point she asked who you were and where you were going you said you were a friend of our parents and that you would take her home you gave her your top because she was cold I am not going to go into the cold-blooded and horrible details of what you said you did to her but you explained that after you murdered Alicia you threw your blood-stained clothes into the sea you showered and then went back to where you left her to retrieve her phone Dr.
McPherson reports that you told her that for the next few days you didn't care at all, other than being a little amused that the police hadn't arrested him. Two other aspects of his report are worth mentioning. The first is that he told her that he points out that during the trial he did everything possible so that he did not laugh and had to shut his mouth the second is that he volunteered to be quite satisfied with the murder according to all reports that he does not suffer no mental health disorder and in fact does not suffer from any syndrome or disorder of any kind on the other hand he completely lacks victim empathy the social worker observes his cold and calculating manner the only sentence I can impose on him is detention without a time limit in addition of you will be subject to the notice provisions of the sexual offenses act 2003 for an indefinite period, however I also have to specify a period that must pass before you can apply for parole whether you will ever be released will be determined by others but as a standing issue a lot of work will have to be done to change it before that can even be considered it may even be impossible the solitary confinement period is known as the punishment part of the sentence and its purpose is to satisfy retribution requirements and deterrence of the floorboard I will do it in due course with the protection of the public I have taken into account the circumstances of the crimes the content of the reports and everything said in your name I am aware that you are a child incentives in children have to be born in Tenga Keep in mind that they are not yet fully mature human beings.
The best interest of the child is a primary consideration and the desirability of the child's reintegration into society must also be taken into account. However, the weight that should be given to the various sentences and considerations will depend on a number of factors, including the age of the child and all the circumstances of the case, the nature of these heinous crimes, and what I have read in the reports to me. make it clear that reintegration and rehabilitation, while important considerations, are long shots and neither their speedy return to the community will serve anyone else's best interests, however the punishment part will not be as lengthy as it would have been hajib in adult that you sent. affects the path of punishment to 27 years so Aaron Campbell was jailed for 27 years but later in 2019 he went to an appeal hearing and the judge removed three years from that sentence to summarize the appellate judge handed down a new one 24 year sentence because he felt that 27 years would be more applicable to an adult than a child, which at the time Aaron was fast forwarding to 2022 and for these past several years Aaron has not been doing that well in jail to say the least, Reports from late 2019 claim his family has disowned him completely with his mother, Jeanette, scared to visit the prison in case she attacked herself, had been visiting the prison while he was on remand when his name was not public but as far as i know no one since his name has been made public and visited him afterwards only a couple of months since i am recording this video reports surfaced that justice had been served in the prison when


Campbell was hospitalized after a brutal beating at the Palm Out Institute for Young Offenders according to prison sources.
Aaron has been the number one target for inmates since his sentencing and has therefore been too scared to give up his soul while no one he has forgotten his crime and one day in June 2022 the door of his cell was left slightly open during lunch. A fellow inmate then burst through the door subjected Aaron to the beating of his life it was so severe that God had to pull the inmate off of him Aaron was rushed to hospital after a tooth impaled his lip

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