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A walk through Petrozavodsk, Russia, from Staraya Kukkovka to Prospekt Lenina

Feb 13, 2022
ok my name is Dan's atella and I'll take you on a tour of Petrus of what it is. I'm going to


from my dorm in Stata, a cookie cut south of the city to downtown if you're looking at this the future right now coronavirus is the big topic in the news and that's why I may have to go home early. I've been a fulbrighter in Russia for the last year, well I'm not here since September, but I'm planning to go though. home in june even though that's the plan i might have to leave earlier because the world is a bit crazy right now and so i just wanted to take this video as a souvenir because i might leave earlier than expected and i said because honestly i passed a rough time for part of this experience especially the first half was kind of rough and finally i'm finally getting into it and now this might break it so i just want to take a video to remind myself of this anyway I just left the bedroom.
a walk through petrozavodsk russia from staraya kukkovka to prospekt lenina
This is Welcher GT. mic to Dean the famous notorious in Stata a hit Kafka and as you can see this is the land of a thousand lakes here we have the Upshaw's 900 Sarah the biggest lake and it's always fun to ride a taxi here because you have to get up on the side of the road is really quite a hike to avoid this huge giant puddle and there you can see some of the newer buildings in this neighborhood this is starting a coup Kafka again which is part of the chi wacky region in Petrozavodsk and starting a coup Kafka is on the outskirts of the city it's not the furthest region from the center it's Cluj avaya further south and some people live even further away in small towns suburbs like Pizza factory but this is nice far away and people don't come here often I know people who he's lived here for five years he's lived here even longer than ever he's gone for a Kafka coup and of course there's a lot of rumors about it that people say there's a lot of the Roma nies you'll get robbed there's a lot of people maybe not nice and started a cuckoo club but honestly i haven't experienced any of that and i feel a lot of pride in my neighborhood even though there's some negative about it. reputation I think it really comes from the 90's because in the 90's and early 2000's things were really crazy here.
a walk through petrozavodsk russia from staraya kukkovka to prospekt lenina

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a walk through petrozavodsk russia from staraya kukkovka to prospekt lenina...

I mean, I asked some friends about this. I have a friend who lives in Kucha across from that region which is a bit further to even begin. a Kafka jab and he was telling me that at that time in the early 2000s when things were pretty wild in Russia and actually just starting to set in, it was actually a pretty dangerous place to be but now you know that you'll see some alcoholics of course who may not be friendly but you know like a white guy who can pass his


n like i never felt insecure and started that i couldn't even cou Kafka which is fair i mean I don't see why you would. i want it again it's my neighborhood i'm proud of it but i can't say it's like the best place again there's a lot of holes in the road and there's really nothing to do i mean there's some shops there's a magnet of course there's a magnet on every corner in gas greetings where you can buy all your groceries and there are a few other small stores but there's nothing to do and in Stata echo kefka maybe the best is the woods can't you see the 25 coming down the road right now that's one of the two main buses that service this area is the 25 which goes up Aleksandra press P act Aleksandar F Scott then takes you downtown from the east side and goes further up towards I think I forgot it's October for skiing or p.m.
a walk through petrozavodsk russia from staraya kukkovka to prospekt lenina
I ski. I don't know the regions north of the city or south of the city. I know the south very well. I've


ed everywhere, but I don't know the north as well, but it's basically 25 laps. there and devika mile would be my advocate it takes you downtown and then it goes a bit further north and I'm actually not sure where it goes after you like opto vlogs all over the area because there's the train station and that's right in the center and then a little further north is the exit of two logs, which is the car station, it's where many buses that leave the city take you, they pick you up and I really don't know where the one from Vaca goes after that but the devika is wonderful for its unreliability sometimes it comes in two minutes you just get to the bus stop and it's right there other times it takes half an hour I've waited forever for this it's like us so that's why I usually take this route now because there are a few it's a longer walk of course it's abo a five minute walk to the boycott versus a 15 minute walk this way to get to the five trolleys to get to all these different buses is.
a walk through petrozavodsk russia from staraya kukkovka to prospekt lenina
I can take it downtown, but it's much more reliable and this is the popular street. the popular walking street in this area because the one next to it has a highway. Heading to the Lhasa scene, chefs from heaven, yes, but there are a lot more cars there and since there are always puddles, you'll just get splashed with water. I've had that happen to me a few times so this is the preferred route and this is my standard route again this is just my standard route to University I'm walking today to go teach what could be my last class here I really hope that it's not but it might be my last class at pet resorts and it's going to be in tech I'm also excited I'm going to share some top notch memes with t he study and see if we can analyze those memes and also if you guys can share anything of his muse with me maybe translate some


n memes into english so that'll be my class today that's where i'm walking around and then basically just trying to meet a lot of friends and trying to see as many people as i can too there are many wells around here that you can draw water from we are right next to the lake there are many sources of water again corellia i joked earlier that this is the land of many more than a thousand lakes but corellia really is a specie cie of Minnesota from Russia and that there are a lot of lakes here, there are so many sources of water and one of the interesting things is that you can get water only from all these different public wells around the city.
I have never entered it from there. I don't know how clean it is. You'd probably have to strain it and boil it, but it's nice to know it's there. Just in case you know in these tough times of coronavirus and whatever they're building a house here and as you can see in this neighborhood there are a lot of private homes and that's not typical of pet resorts that's more typical of outside of the pet kennels there are also some empty lots destroyed houses sometimes kind of reminiscent of what you call it like a Rust Belt set on the outskirts of a Rust Belt town with some demolished houses some abandoned houses but now you can see an apartment building finally and actually I'll explain more about that in a second but here's one of my favorite signs and Petro Sawatzky to be in the hadoo yes it shows and that's a reference to the performance wheel P us , which is a wonderful Soviet animation that I actually only heard about. it's because i saw this dog all over the place like yeah clever it's a hoodie i saw it all over the place little boats throwing cars at doors and i was interested i was like where did this come from and i looked up the quote and found out it's from sh wheel Gillis once lived a dog and it's really wonderful I guess a fairy tale you know an animation about a dog being kicked out of his house because he's too lazy he doesn't he's not a bad spirit he just doesn't does. he protects the house from a thief and his family kicks him out and he meets this dog in the woods i forget if he got kicked out a long time ago or he just doesn't have an owner but basically this dog who gets kicked out he brings the dog he finds back home a party but basically the dog kept the dog he finds helps him get back on good terms with his family but they set up a kidnapping of one of the family's children and the dog that was kicked goes out to save the boy I'm going to save the boy out of the blue because this is all a setup but then the dog is back on good terms and invites his friend that he met in the woods when he was kicked out for dinner and it's just some kind of nice touching story of friendship camaraderie and how to treat one another and in the end this dog that was in the woods comes back to his life in the woods it's a homeless life but he says yes this is a hoodie so if you need it if it comes up something, visit us and l or you will see I mean, I've seen him again in cars at that door there.
I really like it. I think there's something powerful about multi-key soviet cartoons as they call them more money for fuel and I really like that so now I'm just walking around. that's one of the major crossroads here and now i'm coming off cayenne star diet coke it's a normal cut de cuoco and you can see there a building with one of the typical gasoline salute designs there's this kind of two designs which you will see everywhere in the city and one of them looks almost like a space invader its that one over there and i think it goes back to soviet times they only had a couple main designs they used and why else and i made a poll on my instagram story, which one do you like best, choose your fighter? that or a spiky guy that I hope I can show you during this video and people chose the space invader that was close so it's like 5644 but people like the space invader better and literally like you can look there over and over time.
I'll look at it and then you'll still see some split-level houses we're still in Cocoa Puffs so we're still but you can see split-level houses split-level houses even pretty close to downtown so it's this interesting mix of classic like the Soviet five six seven story apartment building these Novus Turkey as they call them these taller new buildings that are part of the current development and two story houses like there and you know they even mix them up you have this two story and then you have the big apartment building right behind it probably has like 10 or 12 stories in there and you can see the nine bus that takes you to Bianca and you can get to Lotus claps OH which is the biggest mall in Petra suppo rts, come on that bus and ivory.
I've been on the bus a couple of times. I've gotten on that specific bus a couple of times and it's really slow because it takes you all over Petra so upvote but I think it's the best bus to take if you want to get to say Lotus Plaza or Priyanka Durov lianca one of the gas boats to a lot of regions and if a coup starts kafka is south of downtown then dead of lianca is further west of downtown it's on sort of the southwest side of town is this region almost locked down like you got the whole town and then it crosses I think some train tracks and some other things on a bridge and then you have this sort of separate region of Lanka and you I can see magnets in the distance a smaller list of goods or something like a smaller grocery store right here and we're walking right now in the bullets are oviya and you can see in the distance that's the other design i was talking about these two the designs are everywhere in petra vansky's le and this is the pointy guy it's like an arrow and i have walked this route so many times because i really am someone who loves to walk.
I love Gugliotta. I wish we had a good word for it in English, but basically to walk, that's what Gugliotta means is to walk for a leisurely walk. I would never say that I am going to play less of a role, but I will always say, yes, puggle me. I even found out recently that I have on my tinder bio Yahoo Yahoo sheep Agora I'm a person who likes to go out for a walk in the city and I found out when I was saying that to a friend yesterday my good friend Volodya well Yoshi Chilliwack , I'm glad I have boolean parkour to do because that means. how it sounds but if you are a solid yak from google yahoo sheet that means you are like an alcoholic always going to cool the yak.
I say with my I don't know what to call that gesture, but basically you. you know you're an alcoholic you tell your wife oh i'm going to cool down and achts what that really means is i'm going to come find you like 40 with my couple of friends who i also like cool yachts with and just walk away family so I'm glad my Tinder bio is Google Yahoo. she ignored ado chelev yes because he said oh yeah that's normal and don't paste ios utility. Maybe I can this place here. You can see that sign across Navy Elia. they have the cheapest alcohol in town and again this is a pretty standard Russian town atmosphere.
I want to say that there are many pages to contact him in Russian social networks that show typical Russian life and views of different cities and there is this one that is not. a page itself, but there is this page, I think it is a romantic Agharta, I just like to cry and one of its series is only one addressed, but I see in any gorot in any city in Russia and I think that many of these buildings here I see those posts i'm like oh damn that cou It would be my city because of course we have these special designs we have the space invaders here maybe in a different city they have a designdifferent but i've actually seen some pictures there where i think oh yeah that mightI totally know bullet so neuro via on this picture.
I wouldn't even know if someone told me it's good, oviya 25. I was saying it's good, great, and I really like it. I mean, I think these buildings are beautiful. I think the pointy guys. there, a beautiful one, there's this little doorway with all the circular almost Nordic things and I think a lot of it is beautiful, I really find the beauty in this kind of standard Russian architecture, standard Russian life, but it's definitely not super unique. There are probably a lot of Russian cities that look very similar to this view right now and you can see a couple more.
Not sure if I would consider those rocky nobles there but there are new buildings going up usually the novusera key has like the brighter colors are great actually I love these new buildings the novus effect you see. I am also noticing. you know i probably just need a map for this but basically there is a slightly faster way where you walk through a bunch of arts to get to the center but i don't know perfectly and i want to i really don't want to i'll be digressing on this , so I'll take you a bit longer route than my average route would take me, but I'll be able to show you all the goodness of blue etc, yes, and here you can see Sharda MA, I believe in this town there are some Airbus, i'm sure - ma something there's kind of a debate between cities what's the right term to use if you're from st.
Petersburg you say push the enema but if you are from Moscow you say Chartres MA and my Russian tutor my wonderful letter from a friend once told me that in his town what if you cheat? I think it's the Ichi Board. I hope it is. i hope to say inside they are bored of every one of their ichi boards but anyway basically there is a shabbir show my place in a shower MA place because this town is located pretty much in the center between st. Petersburg and Moscow, which I think is a good example of this kind of geopolitical food debate about how we name our food, which is totally ridiculous, but you know I'm still engaged.
I have a magnet on my fridge that says Chevy aroma Nietzsche. shower des moines which is chavira is better than showering a mother so basically st. Petersburg is better than Moscow. I got it when I was in st. Petersburg to study abroad and yes, it's definitely a Novus Taraki style. Nova stood out as a style there, you can see that again there are many geometric patterns like classic Soviet buildings, but these are colorful geometric patterns, while classical buildings are very kind. gray like white gray sometimes a bit darker these have brown squares of different shades of different shades and you can see a lot of standard stores there, some technicians from the hairdresser who like a home tech, opteka, the pharmacy, but heaven, olena, some kind. from like kids store oh and i forgot to mention there sure is a place i was talking about that's the best of my place the best of show in LA place in petra support i've tried my friends alex and eager i think he recommended it to me a while ago and it's called the loot of unemployment.
It's hard. He seemed so friendly. Saracen. I think it's some kind of night in the Middle Ages. night but they have a wonderful Chabert my there you get a big slice for not a lot of rubles I mean I think it's like 150 or 160 rubles for acid and aiya an average severe month that's around 370 grams whereas often it's closer to 200 or 250 even rubles for that amount of food elsewhere and the people there are very friendly there are a couple of guys who work there alternate shifts from Tajikistan to Dushanbe and we've become friends and it's a good chance too to pat me on the back because I actually speak Russian better than them which means I'm probably still one of the worst Russian speakers in town given I'm not from Petra so let's not go Russia but at least I'm better than a couple of people here and you have a bunk over there the main bank I really like that building I often wonder what some of these buildings were used for in Soviet times before you knew the 21st century so I bet that building existed before and it's really There are some interesting ones in fact I'll show you another one shortly I just wonder what it was used for.
I wonder why it looks like that, who designed it, and of course you have Penta. the dolmades leave another peva house from i guess the draft beer basically houses flowing beer and you have these all over the city you have the stamp in my bedroom it's pretty ordinary it's not a bar but you can have a beer there and i think actually , I've never been there so I don't know but I think it's also a way to get around alcohol, stopping alcohol sales around ten because it's not really a bar but you can get beer there and I'll probably take it home . but I don't know, obviously I've never done that, so I'm a law-abiding, law-abiding squeak mallet here and peppers and woods and you've got a giant magnet here.
I showed you one of the smallest baby magnets here. it's nice the mother-father cup this is like the mother ship here and I really like the Russian hyperbrand Let's keep it a market thing you also have a couple of buses here the 25 the 20 to one really like these that always they are merchandised, often have interesting color designs, and in some ways it's more fun than being in Walmart in the US even though it's more or less the same, in some ways there's an added element of fun to being in one of these places though i've never been to this magnet usually if i need a hypermarket i go to slow which you won't be able to see in this unfortunately the video is close it's on however this avenue or i think it is avenue actually i like the apps follow the recipe acting you have ski avenue but you will be able to ski miss ghetts karelian avenue and you will find the slow one my wonderful slow hypermarket and that is where i have been buying some of my things again.
I'm really not freaking out on a personal level about the coronavirus. I mean, you know what it is. I feel like maybe I'm even embracing my new Russian side like it's going to happen. It will continue, but you know. I'm nervous about the social implications. I'm nervous about social reactions. The reactions of society. So of course I stocked up on my Korean girl. I stocked up on water. and slow is where i did that again we just have a few standard soviet era apartment buildings here and there they're all over the place and i guess now that we're 26 minutes into this video i should probably say you know the reason i'm shooting this video, the inspiration for this was a video I saw that an American in Yakutsk, I think he took in 1992 or 1993 and it was fascinating to see what Russian life was like 25 years ago in this city in the far north of Siberia. a sculpture here not sure what it means exactly but it's a cool sculpture ture but anyway i watched this video on youtube so cool to see what life looked like through the eyes of an american like me but it makes 25 years and part of the reason I'm filming these videos for posterity so that in 25 years someone who goes to the Fulbright Program can look at this video and say oh great, this is what a Russian city looked like 25 years ago maybe it's not interesting to them maybe yes maybe things have changed maybe things probably haven't I haven't changed but all I can say is that I'm trying to capture a day in my life for myself because if I have to leave soon, I want to be able to revive a standard walk.
I'm a walking bug of a person guys you should embrace what you killed yeah so I want to be able to relive this but I also hope one day someone finds this interesting maybe what's a Dean shiver but at least just one person will find this interesting and that will serve my purpose so now i'm going to see if i can be at this eight seconds six seconds left i think i can beat it i'm just going to run a little bit the lights don't leave you any room here if you don't cross the street and the light goes off you know the green lights for drivers come on right away so you need to cross quickly but the reason I wanted to cross here specifically is because you'll be able to see that building I mentioned briefly that I alluded to and I know there are some stores there. great ook scheme eásá eat not a butcher shop another a pietà but a diene ski one of the most common grocery stores here though not one of the best their prices are not great and their selection is not great but will do some of them in my neighborhood has changed to what it is I think it's beautifully Elam but it's basically the same store just with a different name and I can't use my discount card there anymore just a little sad I bought a discount card for borodyansky when I first got here time i thought she would be there e more often than me but now i go to the cup she needs 95 90 percent of the time so no need again you see the pointy guys up close and there you can see becca , one of the most popular cafe in pestis both are everywhere and it's popular because it's cheap you can get a cup of tea for 35 I forgot it's 35 or 40 but it's cheap you can get it I love solutions from a mu ago ndo, so just ask for them. something like cream cottage cheese if you remove the liquid and it's used in a lot of desserts here I loved some you can also get kalique because there I'll explain a bit to Khalid's cousin but this is the building I was talking about it's formal formerly a Simeon Soumya, which is one of my favorite names for a store here in russia is see sam yeah he looks like number 7 yeah like me or i guess and then sim young like family so sam yeah sam yeah sadly many of the yaya sims in town and a lot of groce Many general stores have been closing.
I don't know why, but you also have some kind of statue around here. I don't really know what it means, but it's a statute and in the distance you can see the trolley bus. number five the most common trolley for students to ride and the most common Charlie Busta I ride because it takes you right onto his leash nyah in that direction which is again that bus stop I told you about and to i go more often pointy guys everywhere pointy guys point to two guys pointy guys and i study so it's a hollywood hollywood you also have a church in the distance i don't know what denomination that is actually i see it all the time but i've never stopped there it definitely doesn't look like a classical orthodox church so maybe it's Lutheran.
I know there are a decent number of Lutheran churches here because, again, we are close to Finland. In fact, I'm also crossing this here. because I see stolen yet Come on, he stole Samal, who is yet to come, 100 years of the Komsomol and the streets are dirty, of course, I can see a woman cleaning her shoes on the ice, but yes, this is 100 years of the Komsomol , she definitely cleaned her shoes. the snow and you had the opportunity because the roads are dirty. Me, a girl I recently went on a date with, gave me a very good date that I will remember forever. spring is a dream, maybe like the american dream, maybe not fully realized because i doubt you will find that she is so vyas nor would see.
I doubt you'll find a spring clean anywhere here. it releases all the mud, all the dirt and I think that's really a key part of the Russian experience, a key part of living in a Russian city, especially one that isn't street. Petersburg, Moscow - it's just the land that I walked through yesterday. It's like the storage yard. These storage lockers are also very popular. Very common. You will find them all over the city. I'm walking through some mud, you can see my boots, they're muddy, they've been muddier, but I think a very typical Russian experience, something that sums up and really defines my experience here, is just slipping and sliding through the module because again it gets dirty here it gets dirty here it gets dirty here it gets wet and muddy and I think that's one of those things that really if I remember something in Russia it will be one of the things that I will remember I think it may sound silly but it's really a definition the experience of being in russia and maybe even being russian is just walking sliding sliding through the mud you can see other cup needs through your buggy they are everywhere i think different grocery stores depend end up in different cities as i know there isn't too much pizza shortage because our Dixie is here but they are very popular in other cities in st.
Petersburg I always went to DC so mug meetings are kind of petrous from Ott's grocery store and even when my friends and also my friend Daniel who is visiting here from Sierra we were discussing this kind of scenario of nightmare, this is almost a bad Dream in which you have just returned home one day and suddenly it has been replaced by a cup and it is just that being like the contemporary Russian nightmare that contemporary as Kafka asks the history of Russia is that you get home and suddenly it's a magnet and what do you do when youhouse has become magnets i don't know i don't know what i would do if i came home with the gta option no matter dean i started a team cut and found a magnet instead of my brother again you got the 25 going on and here we are starting to go into some of the beautiful classic Petra style buildings of course with lots of dealerships across the street you have to have your Lada too but I'm not going to film this too much because I think it's technically illegal to film it, but basically it's kind of really likes a place of learning.
I don't know the exact legal translation of that for the kids to go and I think it's basically like some sort of military prep almost but again I'm filming across the street because I want to oh too I should show you these are some of the lockers of storage you will see. e them everywhere in the city everywhere again this is like a bangor blue 2d hoc thing you'll see them in any city in russia but i'm going to keep my camera focused on the Lada Center because i don't want to get in any trouble and you'll see here kind of a standard bus stop sign missing room i know over there in the distance there's some kind of natural place called missing room but i've never been there it's like a south part of town i haven't been to so that I really need to get there before it's too late because the gun, I mean, I don't know, I'm not super nervous for my own health, but at the same time I'm nervous that I'm going to have to leave soon.
I know they sent fulbrighters home from Vietnam, from China, from Italy from the hardest hit areas and of course you know I cross my fingers turning over my shoulder knocking on wood as the Russians would, it hasn't been too bad here in Russia, but there's still currently a voluntary eva care order in place for all fulbrighters around the world, so it's pretty dire, at least in terms of the policy, and I'm nervous because this is one of the last times I can walk here. I'm nervous he said I won't be able to see all the pepper props because I have plans because I'm the type of person who loves to walk around town I walk everywhere my favorite hobby more than music more than baseball is walking around town and getting know it up the point that you don't need a map but you can walk anywhere you can find your way without even using a map younger but especially with my dad he is kind of a navigator in my family.
I'm not using a map I'm just walking based on memory and that's really cool I think I know ng a city at those levels knowing where all these OP Chestie's are all the parts stores where Keener land is that's where our deputies are all night the torch burns out in the distance to the left which is where you can book time and play music I think knowing which bus goes through here I think there's really something to be said for that something I really love about getting to know a city and getting there to meet her and that's why I'm sad to have to leave early because I had plans to walk more uptown to see some neighborhoods I hadn't been to. which is basically a college town where there are a lot of row houses a lot of nice fancy houses that you really know it's not like that here that's like leaving a room dnf see these storage lockers but those are some kind of f nicer houses and i wanted to see how the city house looks like in russia i mean i wanted to visit even a few like my friend a little not too strong he lives in a sewage spout ah which is in the north corner of the corner town Northwest and I mean you used the term I think the Petzl is ghetto if it's fair to use that term I don't know al oh I'll consider my use of language later but for now basically I wanted to check that I wanted I want to see what how the most divided up rich and petra from what how do these guys know it's not a rich city by any means so it's not like i'm going to know mansions anywhere it's like they know they'll be closer to moscow but how l The richest, the richest in Petra, so let's keep it simplistic, and how the poorest in Petra said what's close, how do you know this, how do people live here, the different ways people live, I think that's something that is also very important to me and me.
I'm sad I can't get to see any very se Still skiing Gordon or sue lush got off and down there again that's where Revathy sees all night or girl there's some train tracks too so I crossed there before there's a crossing in the distance reminds me a bit of sandusky ohio for some friends in sandusky i should say it correctly not sandusky that sandusky but yeah i can even see a person crossing in the distance and the train is very important in russia , the train is a very important cultural thing because and I am really blessed to have had the opportunity to continue like the fast and nice train, to have a coupe to myself, but also to take parcel cars on the train to Moscow and what is car it is a wonderful experience because you are in this open area. you have a bunk bed and it's like these groups of four bunk beds and then also like these two both avoid Nesta across the hall the common way to do it is there these groups of four bunk beds or four beds there are two bunk beds and four beds total and basically, you get to know the people in your areas because everyone is in this open area, it's a very communal experience and you know I've had some good conversations, made some good acquaintances actually, I have to respond to my new friend, I should say my new acquaintance because in Russia they treat friends differently, as you know.
I wouldn't call every single person I meet a friend whereas in the US I would say oh my friend my friend my friend my friend but basically I have to reply to a message from a guy I met on the train it was an experience funny alpha I don't quite know what they do at more Temasek why would they work so far from home but I met a few of them and I met this guy Alex yeah and basically you know we drink some wine and hang out for a while we got to know each other and i was pretty tired actually it turns out i had pneumonia thank god i caught this pneumonia right before the corona virus became a thing because i think it would have scared a lot of people if you knew i was worried at the time , but you know I was really tired and even with that like we still know each other and we go out and have a good time and I think the Russian train gets this communal experience, just you know, slowly going through the Russian desert with a lots of other people from one side of russia to the other i think it's really wonderful and i'm glad i got a chance to take some russian trains because russians know how to make trains i mean even you know they have hot water for the tea in them have some of ours similar self coiling means some of the audits and some you know yourself and varlets which I think boil and you know they have them in every train car so rushing trains have to do it someday and again you have this.
I'm slipping and slipping I'm passing this month and I'll soon reach one of the main streets of Petra. We are not. I guess it depends on how you define the center. I think some people would say that this is not the center. Some people would say that this is not the center. to say that this is the beginning of the center, but this is still for Aleksandra in Africa, but it is named after the famous hero aleksander Dan, Alexander Nevsky, so if you have any ski projects in st. Petersburg really likes V Main Street, then press P.
I thought it's on a native scale, not exactly the main street here, but it still holds an important place in Russian history and as someone who loves it knows the effect of street names again. I have the five here the trolleybus five my trolleybus and cross my evliya because of course we have Becker we have night Veolia cross all over the city but anyway most of the exciting you have street names and ski I think Again, street names have very important cultural and political implications. I did my go-to article in the post-Soviet sphere on street names and Kazakhstan, specifically the case of renaming.
The bullets allow Manav are for manova. from that to put a skift nasser of Eva and what political and cultural implications we have on who we remember and who we don't remember, and Alexander Nevsky who is famous for defending it from the Teutonic Knights and others. e's memorialize from one of the almost famous soviet movies i think it was an eisenstein movie aleksander nevski is still very very well remembered in russia and we have a part of malcolm skaia across the street a cutting place of hair, a barbershop, another angelica luke intrigue. Elsa is coming but not Reba Julie we are in Lake on Yaga so of course we have more dia Paducah some Reba we have a 24hr flower shop there and they are everywhere for these 24hr flowers. stores I've heard rumors that they also sell alcohol after hours because otherwise what you buy flowers at 3:00 am. as a more military to the left army institution so I'm not going to film that because I want to be legal while doing this.
I don't want to get into any trouble again, so we have the classic part. of the month I'm this guy over there and I have girl girl chic city can be a more modern place and d another Beckett because of course we want to get our sony we want to get our buddy's key for cheap prices and a bus to quran swiss from everyone the places and from the future through the sewage, go down from the south end to the north end. we got it got our here and as I mentioned earlier not only can you get a Matt Becker fountain water gun but you can get coal it's key we can get a Kaleta which for most Russians they say little tail, what you will get a door why would i buy a steam door but in Corellia one of the traditional food actually probably the most famous Karelian traditional food that everyone knows is the Kalika and i wish i could show it to the camera i should have passed by that Becker but it's too late I'm past it basically it's this cake that can have millet or potato or sometimes foiled sometimes other things in the center as well so it's almost like a boat with this very defined , very unique kind of pressing inside and then wit h a full center like a pool in the ocean a sea full of new treasured millet full of potato so that's one of the most popular things I mean I remember when I first came here and I was taking all these introductory classes you know where I was basically telling people about myself when I was when I was a little, you know, asking some students about their lives in Russia, what questions I have about America .
I myself, students often asked me if you tried AK elite. it crosses borshu Craney and our Russian, but that's for another day. I won't go into that, but you know, the border program, of course, I've tried to kill myself. annie. niki me ask me to peel in the freezer because of course that's necessary but then they ask me to try to collect cuts and they always get a little excited just a little excited when I say yes I've tried it in Kalika and really i like Polly because I think Russian cakes, cookies, Russian sweets really like if there are two really good things in Russian food because some of my friends like to make fun of Russian food of course no spices at all You can't find spicy russian food and something like that.
You know some of the menu items are eccentric installations. Do you have holocovers, which is kind of a gelatinous meat dish that you have, so I have kudzu, which includes beets and mayonnaise and like it's different layers of your toppings and these things that they really like? foreigners don't find it that appetizing though i've tried them and they know i enjoyed them i can't say i love them but i liked them but cakes like eat key sauce me though that page three russian cakes is really one of my favorite things in the kitchen russian and of course russian soups you bored silly without cutting a soul nick she i think if russians do great things with food it's cakes and soups and down here you have a part often the difference you should be able to see well in It's actually a bridge a bit further I can basically see from here I don't think you can see on camera but the National Theater yes you can barely see right in the middle Corelli's National Theater I was there once and I saw a performance of all these different nations who live here in the pestle is based on being other values, but on the day of unity not entirely national but as a unit of voyeurs Basically, I think I hope I'm translating well.
All of these translations are only eighty percent guaranteed to be correct, so four out of five are correct, like good dentists and now of course you have a river here. I believe this. it's the loss of the style of the scene but again i'm not sure about that but it's a river it will say it's a river and you have a pipe you can walk throughand we're actually getting pretty close to downtown now it's amazing I know not really even though I live on one of the edge of town and Stata is crazy cut all the way.
Actually I only think it's five kilometers to walk downtown so you know this video has been about fifty minutes and I haven't even been walking as fast as I could and by the way you also have a Lutheran church there and a classic. I really like the green color of this two-story house and some street signs, but anyway, it really doesn't take that long to walk to the center, so I think it's really cool again as someone who loves to walk like a ghoul Yoshi pug or Anu chelovek me not a ghoul Yoshi chelovek but like a Yoshi pug or t'do chelovek I really appreciate being able to walk everywhere because it's actually not that big a city geographically i don't remember exactly how it compares to st.
Paul Minneapolis because it has the same amount, it has about the same population as st. Paul Minnesota, but I think the territory is smaller. I think I'm not sure again because you know there are many apartments. It would make sense if you put a lot of people in apartment buildings instead of individual houses, of course. It's going to have a smaller territory than the city, but I don't have any data to back it up. I remember looking for it at one point and I think it's smaller. I actually compared it to Acton my hometown where 20,000 people live and not 200 something thousand and I think it was definitely bigger than Acton, no it's like two or three times the size of Acton times the size of the earth, but of course it's like 10 to 15 times the number of people in this space so you know the cities here are a little more condensed because you know you don't need as much space if you have a bunch of apartment buildings everyone loves them what do we have here we have mia bill we have a furniture store we have the athletic club i dont even have to translate that and again we are in narnia cross sky we are on red army street so again these names you know russia is in the 21st century, we are no longer in the Soviet Union, but the names of the streets have not changed, but I think it is relevant in a way because there is still a lot of Soviet memory, a lot of nostalgia for Soviet times, that is not to say if F It is better or worse because I think there have been many improvements in the standard of living and a lot of nostalgia is that it is nostalgia and nothing more but the Soviet Union lives here in the memories of the people that every time you know that you have a child born you know that you have like a five year old walking down this street he never lived in the soviet union it was you i know he was born 25 years after the soviet union ceased to exist but words like kudos aren't mere style like red army and then of course soon you'll have Lana in plastic now you've got Lenin in the car press gift Carla marcsa these are still words that will be in people that will be very familiar and again you know you can say ah you know, that's cool, yeah, that's nothing, the street names, what, why, that matters, but I think at the level that we interact with these street names every day, like I always say, oh yeah. let's meet a possible Lenin ah I mean you know what else would I say I'll meet on Lenin street what else would I talk about Lenin in the contemporary world in capitalist Russia in 2020 so I think there's still some relevance and out there you can see K I always thought it was cool because there's, you know, but on the logo there's a circular face and it would seem to make sense that you would call the place okay because you know it's a mall okay okay we're going to be okay , but it's really just called K, which I liked better.
I like that it is an abbreviation. I have another optic. Another pharmacy here and you have the place again. thinking about it i don't quite know why so that's a closed grocery store and spahr was never the best grocery store it's a little more expensive than magnet you know it wasn't the most profitable i think it's better what more divinsky but first it was very good to have supermarkets in the center of the city now we almost have a food desert in the center of porridge pencils we have supermarkets on the university campus we have Dixie and Sigma Sigma is too expensive it is like one of the the most expensive grocery stores in town and Dixie has a better price but not a lot of variety and we also have kind of a girl shortage on the other side of downtown but downtown is almost a food desert when even when I got here there was a place in the maxi mall there was samia samia in buildings like the one i showed you earlier also in one of the buildings on main ave in pres mclennan ah so now there's a lot less like what i re When it comes to grocery stores, we also have thrift here.
I like that. Basically, English to Russian translation is just saying the English word with a Russian accent, so we have secondhand. Secondhand. I hope my Russian accent is good there. I don't know my Russian accents. pretty bad overall, i know i can speak russian pretty well and i'm very proud that i can have long conversations and then go on six hour dates and you know, have long intense conversations about philosophy and everything you know, the kind of great questions of life, but I know that my accent is not very good. I know my accident, honestly, probably sucks.
My friend even commented yesterday that there were a couple of girls in the cafe we ​​were at that kept staring at us and you know. just listening to our conversation I think because my accent appealed to them because you know you hear that weird bad Russian accent of course you're going to listen and you have a bowling alley there you have a solo burger bar solo lub night it's amazing the distance back there and one of the most popular nightclubs and cutthroat prizes - you also have great cake which is my personal favourite. I've had some good nights at cake cool there's also yeley pili and whats the last big emotes but never been to yell ep or biggie anymore so again im sad you know these are some places i might never arrive, but one day I will also need Lucía, a very classic old man. school, you know, I'm not sure if I'd call it an ambulance, but as a medical vehicle, it looks like something out of the military is probably out of the military, but anyway, yeah, I only went once and it was fun, but I don't know I think I like fresh cake.
Fresh cake is a little cozier and also, just from the memories I have, that cool cake I prefer. I'm a cool tourist and we're also in the same kind of general area as bowling. there is an anti cafe called Corcyra it used to be called Hiroshi in this as far as I know but now it's par Here or maybe it's hot now or it's a shame yeah it used to be called car theater anyway not important but I think the cafes from the aunt are something we must bring to the United States. This is as if there is a thing.
I want a type of business I want to bring from Russia to the United States is anti coffee because I know we have some from time to time but we don't have that many and basically the principles of anti coffee the main thing, the bottom line about it and by the way that's Medicine. faculty right there medicine you basically pay for your time there so they provide a lot of snacks they have like cookies and crackers and tea and they have all these games they have board games and video games and you just go you know you go for two hours . pay for two hours to spend your time there, it's an hourly rate and I think first of all it's a fun place to be and it's kind of like you know it's a good place to meet people and second of all it's a good alternative to bars because you know i like bars i like the social aspect of bars who like clubbing.
I like the social aspect of clubbing. I like to dance, even if I dance horribly, but I think it's really important that we have ways to have fun without alcohol too. I think the anti cafe is really still a good role with that because the cafes are not usually open very late and they know they have some music events but I think the anti cafes are a little bit more fun they are a better meeting place and i think it's very important to have a variety of fun options and the city especially the ones that don't involve alcohol because alcohol is fun but you don't always need alcohol i think you have to if you don't know how to have fun without alcohol in life and that's pretty sad so we're almost on the hour and right on the hour you know 59 minutes and 30 seconds we're arriving at maybe the most beautiful Petra fan building and that's not that's not Sookie that's not a to d.edge from Have you seen Leon D.
That's the train station. This is Petra Sawatzky's pasta. Here you ski buggers I think that's the official name for it and let's take a look for a minute it's beautiful as a Stalinist you just know it looks like one of the Seven Sisters in Moscow with the big star on top of you know , at the end of the pointed rod and they were doing repairs for a while on that building, so it's only in the last few months that you've been able to see it in all its glory, but again it's really beautiful. train station and we have a bus stop here this is where i often get off the trolley bus five to go to university and now we are going to the main street this is more gift len ​​enough this is the number of streets a watt momentum you can see there also this is like a main type of a main road you have the signal points in the business sonia if you go to the south and months of mortar plus mosque to the north so this is the road you take this is like the route you take if you want to get to one more moment e dumansky and now this is the lenin press vehicle a beautiful and wonderful press vehicle and enough and you can see all these people walking around it's a nice day outside it's friday and i've been to a lot of these different stores I remember that pushes the bank there I tried to get money from the ATM but they only had five thousand bills which is annoying as hell because nobody likes five thousand a thousand is annoying but five thousand y n no one take those you spend 150 rubles on your like groceries you spend like three hundred and four hundred rules on groceries and no one wants your five thousand ruble bill so i won't go back there so you have the megaphone where i bought my phone plan where i have replenished my phone plan many times let's see what time it is now and I see it's 102 so I have class in 30 minutes so I'll have to leave soon.
You know I'm not sure I need it. The goal of this video is to show you my path to University. You also have this great sign here for sea rocks. It is a place where you can print everything you need. I have the border sign - King Burger King, which is the best, in my opinion, the best fast food place in town because it's cheap. You can get the six deal for 199 rubles which gets you a cheeseburger, small fries, small chicken nuggets. onion rings a small soda on a small sundae all of these taste like six so of course you don't get the large but it's $199 and you can upgrade to a king large like a bigger burger or you can upgrade the size of the fries fries and the onion rings and keep it within about four bucks which is 250 rubles especially at this exchange rate it's even a bit less and this is the main junction before we got to the University before we finished this trip we got 5 4 3 2 1 barely made it through some time and now this is Ma'am.
Pettis of watch, this is a city that I really feel like I've connected with and I really feel like a pessimistic onion. like st. Paul has become my second third whatever X Holmes Petrus votes has become one of my homes and now here is the University we are going to finish our journey finish our walk in the woods and I couldn't think of a better place to stay to do it because I have really had I have so many good memories of going to the Russian class here of going to the events of Slava the organization of international students meeting students from all over the world from Turkmenistan from Colombia from Jordan and you know I have a lot of good memories from this place so here is the building and this is where I will stop for a

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